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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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flotation bring some rescuers could pull him to safety. >> to of the people you are looking at in the water appear to have been on board the aircraft that time it went under. >> police and fire crews raised to one the survivors. one person perished in the crash. the pilot and another passenger are reportedly ok. >> really incredible pictures here. he has been identified as paul dudley, the manager at the helipad. he has been identified as the pilots. >> according to authorities, the afternoon started with four british tourists boarding helicopter. witnesses say moments after taking off, the helicopter that 25 feet off the ground before spinning wildly into the water. the exact cause of the crash is not known at this hour. just a short time ago, the new york city mayor held a press conference and said it appeared as though from reports and
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initial interviews from the pilot he was having some kind of problem early on into the flight and tried to get back to teleport but was unable to turn around. officials from the ntsb are heading to the crash site to begin a thorough investigation. >> and no go for chris christie and the race to the white house. >> the governor of new jersey announced he will not run for the republican nomination. he was thought to be a game changer for the party. but tonight we're hearing reaction from the candidates about it. >> it was his decision to stand by his earlier decision -- that kind of clear things up. it would have been tough to jump in at this point. the primary calendar got moved up a month and getting a team in iowa would have been tough. so we have a more narrow field
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unless to exactly will challenge mr. obama. >> now is not my time. >> with that all projections and pleading can come to an end. he said he was reconsidering on monday night but says his priorities remain in the garden state. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me. >> while disappointing to those who love his tough talk, it is good days for mitt romney, who has regained for a runner status because of rick perry's dramatic fall. >> wave your science. thank you. very impressive. >> herman cain is trying to prove he is no fluke. he has seen his popularity quadruple, and part by attacking other republicans. >> i would classify it mitt romney as plain vanilla. gov. harry is more -- gov. perry
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is more plain vanilla. >> so who is the real underdog? president obama says it is him and says he can get the country back on track. >> i need you all to lift up your voice, not just here in dallas but anyone watching, anyone listening anyone following online. >> with chris christie house -- with chris christie out, many will be asking for his endorsement. he said he also does not see himself as a vice-presidential candidate. many people are wondering if it means a new opportunity for someone like rudy guiliani or possibly sarah palin. we are not seeing much when it comes to the president's jobs bill. the democrats won the vote to come later this month. >> also from congress, house passed an emergency funding bill averting a government shutdown.
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the bill will keep the government running another six weeks. the vote sent the measure to president obama and time to vote -- in time to avoid a shutdown at midnight. the legislation gives congress and the white house time to iron out their differences on the unfinished budget work. a hefty price tag coming from the august earthquake could hit the area, along with failing to repair time for the national cathedral. additional repairs will cost $50 million. the total bill will be $25 million. official -- additional repairs will cost $15 million. the earthquake damaged a number of declarations on the cathedral. a divided panel ruled that the district ban on assault weapons is constitutional. the court also upheld some but not all of the district handgun
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registration requirements. the restrictions were originally passed after a supreme court case in 2008. new developments tonight in the prince george's scandal. she pleaded guilty in june to destroying evidence. her sentencing was sentenced -- was set for thursday. the judge requested the delay because of scheduling conflicts. johnson faces 18 months in prison. still to come, a warning shot by the head of the fed. why ben bernanke has serious worries about the economy. and we will show you how the nation's largest toy store chain is helping parents with upcoming gift purchases. an unusual string of crimes is creating some unusual holes in virginia. are you ready for some sunshine and warmer temperatures? we will talk for a great vacation
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>> federal reserve it chairman ben bernanke says the recovery is close to faltering. >> testifying before congress he said the economy is growing more slowly than the fed expected. he said weak job growth is the biggest reason for low consumer confidence. he said the central bank expects growth in the second half of the year to be more rapid than the first, but the economy still faces challenges. >> reason revisions of government economic data show the recession was deeper and the recovery weaker than previously estimated.
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>> he says lawmakers must avoid deep spending cuts that could impede recovery. he said they could eventually cut more spending than the 1.5 trillion dollars sought by a special panel. a financial program could help millions of troubled homeowners. individual homeowners it -- it will be determined whether a murderer should be reimbursed -- it would be open to borrowers in some state of foreclosure in 2009 or 2010. the government estimates 4.5 million borrowers could be eligible. good news for cash strapped parents -- toys r us is expanding its layaway program. they started the layaway program for big items in 2009. but starting on october 15th you can put almost any item on layaway. a pilot program launched
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today to streamline the airport security projects. they're testing the pre check and it should give which allows passengers to use security alliance with less intensive screening if the passengers agreed to release personal data to the government and at the airlines have time. they say it's the first effort to move toward a more risk- based, intelligence-driven screening system. thieves leave a dangerous situation behind. the case of the missing manhole cover. the redskins pack their bags and head out for some well- deserved rest and relaxation. but the eagles are waiting for them when they get back. the baseball playoffs are starting to take shape. there raise and
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i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. we're back with an unusual
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string of thefts in fredericksburg. >> the suspect must have some muscle because the stolen items are manhole covers. we have more on that bizarre and dangerous theft. >> who is stealing manhole covers? >> fredericksburg has found it sells in a holy mess. six manhole covers the one in the last two weeks. luckily, there have been no serious accidents. >> guiding someone has a lot of time on their hands. >> each one weighs 75 pounds and it takes a crowbar to pull them out of the ground. recycling places will not take them. police say that these probably try to sell them to a place outside the city. >> people bring it medal in the cash in return. >> because they are so heavy, a costs ahead --
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>> it is not an insignificant amount of money to replace them. >> they say you ever stolen targeted the downtown area but they are still looking for the ace in the hole. they have yet to get any leads on the suspect. >> it is dangerous ridiculous, and you are taking a chance at causing a lot of accidents. >> what will they think of next? gorgeous weather today. >> just for you. it is going to get better. if you have been longing for several days of sunshine and perfect temperatures, we've got it. in bethesda at the country club, a beautiful afternoon with a fair amount of cloudiness during the day. this is the time lapse. it lines up with a nice clearing trend underway.
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on the board 70 and 51. it has been a while. 70 and 51 in the books are the official high and low on the books. same number in lexington park. these temperatures are impressive because in gaithersburg it's 17 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. over the next few days, temperatures do all little up and down. toward the weekend, the warmer air from the west will work its way back in. we're not going to hit the high 80s. stretching almost to the canadian border. we will get a taste of the in the upper 70's. that is where we will be on saturday and closer to 80 on sunday. it's all due to a large area of high pressure building in from the central plains reinforced
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during the workweek. by pressure will be in charge of the weather pattern through the weekend. future cast shows it's moving through the air tomorrow and a cool front comes down tomorrow afternoon to close off a bet on thursday. on friday, it will warm up into the '70s. that will pump up the temperatures to the upper '70's. here is our express for the day tomorrow. sunny and warm in the lower 70 tomorrow afternoon. then just soak it all in. we have sunshine now, with up and down on the thermometer and a warming trend saturday, sunday into monday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. they are not going to lose
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this week and they're coming back well rested. the redskins held their final practice and believe me when i say after mike told them to get some rest, he said we still have 12 games left. last year, the redskins came up to face the eagles on monday night football. the eagles' lead at 28 to nothing after the first period. the redskins should be thinking we can't do that again but they know they're going to get philadelphia's best shot. >> they've got the dream team and that hype about them. we are going to definitely be prepared for that. we will see what happens. >> a terrific in it -- horrific injury last night. a dislocated ankle. it is season ending. look at him that incredible pain
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tolerance. tampa bay got good positioning. 35 yards and tampa bay beat indianapolis 24-17. how often do you see this? a miraculous rally to the playoffs and then it's over. they expended all of their energy to get there. that's what happens in florida. the raised trying to manufacture some runs. here comes the throw, here comes rodriguez, nails into a third plate. but this day belonged to the texas third baseman. for-2 rangers texas advances and tampa is sent packing. the new york yankees are on the
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ropes. bottom of the seventh he says eat them up. solo home run. tigers take it for a series lead, the best of five -- that is a 5-4 win last night. the commissioner says he won't let a late start to the season. both sides know it's going to take time to get ready, but there are players and union reps today. both sides are light years apart. the owners want a new salary- cap. they lost $300 million last season but no word on the compromise. the caps and penguins are teaming up to raise money for the russian hockey players killed in the plane crash last month. the rivals meet on october 13th and will wear commemoratives patches and autographed jerseys
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to auction them off and the proceeds will go to the families of the hockey players [ speaking
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new information on the deadly helicopter crashed in new york city. one person was killed and four others were injured. the helicopter went down in the east river at 3:00 shortly after take-off. the victims are believed to be british and australian citizens. the ntsb will hold a news conference at 7:00 tonight to brief reporters. we will have the latest information tonight at 11:00 and on a quick reminder about our latest facebook contest -- a getaway to the outer banks. >> it should be a nice trip.
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your chance to go to north carolina is on our facebook page right now. just become a fan and enter on the left-hand side of the page. we will announce the winner on friday. good luck. whether wyse, call it luck, call it what everyone, but we are ready of the cold, damp, and drizzly weather. mostly sunny with temperatures at or slightly above average. 71 to 75 degrees. sunshine and warm temperatures, warming up to near 80 on sunday. not a single raindrop in the next seven days. check out and click on the blue water tap. we will have more on this beautiful string of days at 11:00.
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abc world news is next.
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