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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this afternoon, friends and rosa left the hastily, did not talk reporters, but they're this 35-year over sentence. rosa did not react at all guilty verdict or the sentence. she stared at had the entire like a zombie. her daughter and son-in-law tearfully in the phase that their angelyn, was the love lives, that no parent have to bury their children. the jurors were choking back tears. of case whereind you almostbeing, want the defendant to be insane nature understand the and consequences of her actions.
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but the ugly truth is that she doingtood what she was a really badt for reason. it was our reason, but we felt she needed to pay for that. aree said that the parents absolutely devastated by all of this. families are devastated. there are no winners here. carmela dela rosa will be sentenced january 6. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. day of protest in the beyond. and well from coast to coast, thousands support of the occupy wall street movement in new york. >> the protesters are upset issues, variety of mainly the economy. here in washington, more than group occupied the streets. suzanne kennedy is live at freedom plaza with more.
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>> i am that what you might consider home base for these demonstrators. here the next four days. they are on the stage. they will be here several days, protesting today. in the last two hours, they took streets,ls to the make their voice heard. concerns over the war in afghanistan and the economy today in downtown washington. we are too big to fail ♪ >> people from all walks of life on freedom plaza, many signs about corporate and under-taxation of corporate businesses. paintermployed house has been looking for work for years. frustration fueled her trip from frederick to d.c. >> they are making way more
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money. we bailed them out and they're making millions. them this college senior has $20,000 of school loans. afraid that if the continues to falter, she be up to pay them off. >> i am terrified. know so many people have already, master's degrees, and i cannot the jobs. terrified about what will happen. this retired federal worker up with corporate fees.and bank fears the financial future. his family is facing. >> i have grandkids. i want them to be able to get a job. i came out of college, i job. college and out of even with a very good a job.on, you cannot get why? isthe sign this woman are the 99%,"we
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sentiments shared here. are demonstrations days atd the next few freedom plaza. group occupied effortscontinuing its at mcpherson square. at some point, they will join down here, modeled that has beenp on wall street. from freedome plaza, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. right now, president obama is meeting with senate democrats hishe white house about bill. after the morning press which the in heat ont turned up the republicans. a vote in the senate could be as soon as next week. the president said lawmakers immediately action to help the economy. >> people really need help right now. our economy really needs a jolt right now. this is not a game. is not the time for the usual political gridlock. the bill includes a tax
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increase for people making $1 million per year. senate republicans oppose that. the president said the bill will by 2% andhe economy nearly 2 million jobs. news on first-time claims benefits is mixed. week to week claims are up by about 6000, but year to year, claims are down. we will get a better picture tomorrow with the government's monthly report. the world is mourning the former apple ceo steve jobs. you did not have to love impactrs to realize the had to. globe, high-tech are popping up at apple stores. in our area, people are talking about how steve jobs changed their lives. cooper has more. >> president obama has often his ipad, andying be no greatermay
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tribute than so many people one thating on a device he invented. he is called one of the great of our time. steve jobs focus on keeping technology simple. >> we call it iphone. >> people are paying tribute to the california native to drop it of college, worried that expensive for his adoptive parents. steve jobsiak and formed apple in 1976. >> they will not be up to their kids away from them. >> kicked out in 1985, he built pixar into a billion dollar company and went back to apple, cancer and a liver transplant toll, but continuing technology until to stepth forced him down at six weeks ago. >> my first computer was a
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iic. >> his friends are technology apple. who love woman loves her iphone. >> this has changed my life. >> he made a huge impact, especially on our generation. >> one washington resident told was at a high school in california. said it was the high school english teacher who gets the attention, wrote for down when he jobs toed his former teacher company. his former jobs was 56 years old. still to come, the war, 10 years later. where things stand going into your 11. >> the news is mixed for your holidaysstores as the approach. >> rep gabrielle giffords today for washington a special ceremony.
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tomorrow, the was will mark anniversary of the war in afghanistan. america's troops and allies afghanistan in response to this id tambor 11 attacks. of the september 11 attacks. >> 1700 u.s. troops have died the war began. if president obama has said will end bytions 2014. 7 on your side with an drop on mortgage rates. the average rate fell to 3.94%, in history.ate
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the average rate for a 15-year is 3.26%, also a record. the falling rates have done boost home sales or refinancing. looks like it might be a gloomy holiday season for retailers. new numbers show projections of of inflation, stores about - 1% from last year. experts blame the weak economy uncertain job market. bankamerica customers are access their accounts days ofafter a couple of weeks problems. officials say the increase will toe it easier for customers navigate the site. the upgrade is only 60% there could be more problems. next, a special ceremony for astronaut mark kelly made more special by the presence of gabrielle giffords.
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>> another beautiful day. tells us how much have thiswill gorgeous weather. ready topitals are the yanks-tiger's plan a classic. sports is coming up. ♪
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in retirement sermon with a twist today. astronaut mark kelly was his duties in the navy and just second time since an attempt on her life, giffordsoman gabrielle washington. scott thuman has the story. >> flashing a brilliant, a proud giffords looked closer -- much closer to the retirement for her husband, pastor not mark kelly. -- astronaut mark kelly. vice-president joe biden spoke, kelley. captain
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he said to his still recovering wife, you make me jealous of your true grit. something in that arizona water. it was not since the triumph. that we have hill seen gifford, her hair longer, mood uplifted. it is not everyday that you of courseexamples --id it joe biden, of course like this, said joe biden. >> his number-one priority is to be by his wife's side. >> he needs to stand by her side. and i congratulate them both. >> or is no word if giffords run for office again. the couple is working on a memoir, supposed to hit shelves month. thuman, abc 7 news.
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>> nice story. what a gorgeous day. >> october, when you are in the summer, now we have beautiful days. enjoy them while they last. first up, mount airy, spectacular. not a single cloud. the dome of high pressure to stack up in the atmosphere, suppressing the cover, eventually warming up. beautiful evening, a beautiful sunset coming up. 62 rockville, 62 vienna, 64 lanham, the load to point means that it is comfortable as well. -- the low do point means that it is comfortable as well. this point in that october, it but it ist and chile, cool.g
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gaithersburg, fredericksburg 68, 67 quantico. weather to the degrees and1 caribou, maine. warmer temperatures to the west, the centralhrough warming into the 80's. those are the temperature is we expect over the weekend. los 70's tomorrow. about 80 degrees saturday, lower 80's sunday and monday. then we slowly start to cool off wednesday ofay and next week. there are no weather features to about. about them.alk it is just high pressure, nice weather, and we have the warmer the south,ion from southwest, potentially changing. week, someof next could form in the deep south, and that will eventually moisture into our area. the next seven days, beautiful
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friday, sunny, pleasant, low 70's. weekend, 79 saturday, sunshine, but 80 sunday, a clouds on columbus day. the toyota sports desk, your localyou by dealers -- moving you forward. getting ready to rock the red. >> are you ready for hockey? the nhl season starts tonight games.ree carolina andplay phone booth saturday night. the coach was saying this that now that the preseason over, the roster is the regular season number, the attitude has changed, people morph serious and focused. >> the butterflies get going. when you are flipping channels tonight, you know that here we go again. this is what we live for. i am very excited about it.
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baseball postseason has been terrific. different.uld be no one game, detroit-n.y., the the americano championship series. those hopes and millions dollars, coming down to one game. mound.ster on the outscored theve tigers this season, but what can we expect it tonight? >> it is one game. will somebody could get a good bounce bad bounce, dramatic home run, error. i cannot predict that. the diamondbacks tied the milwaukee in arizona. roberts had a grand slam. the first to home game in arizona postseason history. the ball was jumping out of the stadium. diamondbacks win.
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game 5 is tomorrow night. maybe st. louis will take score with them to milwaukee. at this guy. animal kingdom. the squirrel came across home oswalt threw the p itch. tiger woods off to an inconsistent start, just trying to hold on. tiger starters with a birdie, at bogeys, then even par the next eight holes. thatollege basketball, season around the corner. it was media day for the annual t classic. the coaches were there. is chomping at the to showcase the terps.
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>> could individual work sessions, conditioning. looking forward to coaching them. the naval academy this afternoon. navy plays southern mississippi this weekend. the leading rusher on the team suspended, not because of breaking rules, but because after way that he acted air force. they are held to a higher the naval academy. ♪
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sunshine, warming trend that through the weekend. in the butt of grain the middle of next week. of next week. [ speaking french ]
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