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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you like today? i hope so. how about tomorrow a stories -- a 2-year-old stories.ig it 2-year-old falls out of a five-story building. a brazen fight turns into an
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attempt on a life. somebody tried to use an suv has a lethal weapon. less than one? >> these days, people who are right things are not rewarded. and an important health alert. captioned by the national captioning institute for arst up, justice father after their 2- daughter was struck from a pedestrian walkway by her own grandmother. outside of the fairfax county courthouse. reaction to the verdict and
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possible sentencing. >> they say that they are yearsfied with the 35- recommended prison term and the that came out the section in. they say this case was a difficult one. as leandro the larosa lefcourt, thing. only one theirfax county jury found of first-r guilty dropping her for off ofold granddaughter tysons center corner walkway. the jury of eight men and four women -- and her insanity defense. >> a criminal defense lawyer. but i disagree with their verdict. think they got it wrong. >> they insisted that she the murder to get back her son-in-law.
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they spoke of their immeasurable loss. lost a little piece of in this thing. that there is no joy in this victory. a family is divided and a little is gone in the hands of a who admittedly suffered from mental illness. i just left james and cat and they are devastated. a scar that will go away. is deep and is forever. >> this sentence is a recommendation from the jury. the judge gets to decide on a sentencing hearing on wednesday with theo agree sentence or to lower it. he cannot raise it under virginia law. events leaves of fighting for his life. the man was killed after police
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hit by an suv on purpose near the intersection of webster street. we have more now on the thisent that led to attack. >> just moments ago, family and thatds told us off camera pronounced dead at a hospital tonight. this all started around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon at the intersection of 14th street and webster st., an argument between two groups of young men that quickly escalated. tonight's family and friends of the scene are back at make sensee turn to of it all. >> he was hit by a car, brushed car, and everybody scattered. >> jacob was in his apartment the melee. i looked out the window and noticed they were fighting. hitting them were the ground.
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911 ande time he called stairs, it was too late. were beatinge men the sidewalk. managed to run down on the someonend that is when in the fight jumped the curb and ran him over. >> i heard the loud noise of the car's price. time i looked out the window, the car was driving away. the room it rushed to help. they tried to survive the but he was breathing his last breath. pedestrians in the area were forced to wait for hours while police look for clues. we are told that the men fled the scene. some ran to his playground that was filled with children at the time. >> i do not understand this. >> police are still here at the
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scene. they are spot in this entire intersection, hoping to prevent more violence night. the other men involved are still including the driver. they're looking for a marooned 2003 jeep liberty. >> thank you. following developments in a has driveny that attention. ofy believe that the parents the missing 10-month-old are no longer cooperate with police. the parents also say that all of their cell phones were taken. police say they have no suspects. commander in afghanistan made some bold .omments steny stanley mcchrystal says that u.s. had a surprisingly
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simple the expectation of afghanistan when it entered. commanded u.s. forces in 2009 and 2010 until he was removed by obama from making it making controversial about the obama administration and. the latestain is the republican scheduled to come here to our region to more. there will be a book signing at the cost of tomorrow at noon. justonditions are the first perfect for of october. something to celebrate and savor. remember what was happening a week ago when we had
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clouds that would not go the cold and chilly rain for the weekend. fear not. there will be no repeat of that. there is absolutely nothing going on for the next few days. but once again, into the 70's. this has kept our temperatures bit, into the 50's. but there is more the same on top. the skyline drive. a will tell you more about the color. movingf great things are on this weekend. i will show you in a few minutes. disturbingup, a thing on a school bus. a child was slapped and kicked disturbing identity of the attacker. the imprints of information you have not thought about -- that may numbers
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we return inwhen 60 seconds.
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may turn out to have the is remembering steve jobs. he changed the way we communicate. it was 24 hours ago that we he lost his life. people all over the world is at his ability to know public wanted before we knew it ourselves. passers-by at the museum on today's newspaper remembering jobs. >> it is hard to believe he is gone. with the i found being reated and apple computers. imc.ber the -- the imac. >> people know who he is. who bill gates is,
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but they do not understand his philosophy. people no other technology not reallyt they do them portrayed the way steve jobs was. >> breaking down apple's impact hasthe past decade -- apple sold 129 million iphones, 29 ipads, and 300 million ipods -- roughly one for every person in the united states. at last check, we heard that arrangements have not been announced yet by his family. we have a health alert you see if you have an important man in your life. ahead, an autistic child was on a schooleaten bus. the surprising person behind the attack was caught on video. the movement., so much soo grow ♪
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.- takes a new turn called 99% vs. 1% and they have done a lot of attention. a pretty good crowd out here tonight. have started may in new york, but it seems that is here in target d.c. prompted huge displays all over the country today. and even reaction from the president. outside at freedom plaza council let evans that not be easilywill dismissed. thisence that movement will not be easily dismissed. this is what democracy looks like! the marches seem to feed upon
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each other. in austin, they demanded for utility rates. portland, fury over politics usual. money and no one enow! at a hastily called press conference, the president talked the grouppecifically calling themselves the other 99%. are givingesters voice to a more broadbased frustration about our financial system works. of it was also directed the president today for not charges criminal against wall street executives. >> laws were broken in the administration by wall street bankers. action on that. such grand goals, protesters may get the dissatisfaction other than knowing their message has been sent. now they will have to wait and how the world reacts. >> having the message heard is
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the first step. for that to happen, for to be success, it will take being to stay out here as long as possible. they say they will be here weekend because they is the only way to make that capitol hill here's their message. hears of theirl here' message. a disturbing story of an autistic boy being abused. old is on a bedford county special-education bus. is from 2009. a driver's aid is hitting the thenith a fly swatter and later, the bus driver left the the bus to come back and join in. the father has now filed a lawsuit.
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>> one health group is poised to make a record and in shape -- is poisedealth group make a recommendation that will raise controversy. it is to tell men not to get tested for prostate cancer? group believes that it can .o more harm than good treatment theye and then have serious side effects. the report is out monday. galahe grand river in those who are leading the fight to end the devastating effects of hiv. did a great job. i were very and take part in it. was a great crowd. it was a great cause. way to go, guys. wonderful weather. >> you were mr. america, did you say? >> now. [laughter]
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>> it is a wonderful night out there. did you see the moon? it is really bright. got that other that iseople object higher and higher in the night sky. the planet jupiter. even with small binoculars, you what galileo saw through his original telescope. our temperatures on these clear great night for stargazing. this is that wonderful time of the year. let me take you up to sunday river. look at the colors out there in maine.n parts of them fromen see space. look at all of that color on the green,untains, the white mountains of new england. the colorsome of showing up in the nearby polk and nose. it is that time of year. at this part of the country. was really warm. , 88 degrees.orth
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here is that big jet stream way our north. means high pressure. will be the story at all atmosphere.e have domes of atmosphere. tonight will dip into the 40's. tomorrow morning and afternoon, as we begin to get into way west and southwesterly wind, we will get these cool wonderful,these wonderful 1 days. itorrow, in the meantime, .ill be comfortably cool 100% sunshine, all going on thiss weekend. is a great day for the of leaves and other things going on. there will be a lot of things the mall. day, temperatures right on into the holidays. on monday, this is a great time
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. >> the baseball championship pitchers coming more and more the detroit tigers the andes are in game 1. as go back to the bronx. bam. fat and deep right field, 1-0 detroit before most of the fans were in the seats. next batter, there were not wasting any time.
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he drives it into the night, field, back-to-back jack. tigers' lead that baby to-0. right now, they are leading 3-2 that game is in the eighth inning. tiger woods had high expectations in his first game back. almost as inconsistent to day as he was back then. out in california, he missed of 14 today. not get anything going the green. struggled on the green all afternoon. double, two bogeys, and verdi, inconsistent. woods is six shots off the lead. 6 back. i need to put together a good round tomorrow. >> it was opening night in the hockey league. the game was tied at one.
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jacob gathers the rebound and fires the score. fliers go on to win the opener. the cats open at home on saturday night. and it is the high school football thursday. let's start in virginia. this game went back and forth at times. a combined 83 points. brian griffin says, if i am even, i am leading. it so long. stay with high-school football. cougars were rolling. handoff to the vikings' defense. he takes it to the house. chris orchard wednesday. in college football, the -- the yellow jackets are favored by more than two
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touchdowns. are most of the same that won niners games last year. >> we will see.
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temperatures are once the 50's. the tropical storm season is here. yummy weather is coming our way. >> enjoy it. ♪
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