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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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onal captioning institute >> the big story is the improvement in the job market. >> the labor department says 103,000 jobs were added to the economy in september. this is much better, but not enough to knock the jobless rate down. everyone says something has to be done, but the debate rages on over how to do so. this is our top story in the satellite center. jennifer? >> maureen, a maryland company that builds solid rocket motors that the military and police use say they're about to do something that is tough to do -- higher new employees. -- hire new employees. >> a welcome sight in these times, a ribbon cutting. two actually. they opened to buildings today. >> there is nothing better than
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creating jobs. especially in science and technology industries. >> the aerospace systems group plans to add 150 new jobs over the next year to year-and-a- half. >> is great for the local economy. i am excited about it. >> the jobs numbers on friday showed across the district the district added 137,000 jobs in september, but private sector -- but public-sector drops -- but public sector jobs dropped by 34,000. >> i think there was a real fear the economy would be going in reverse gear after the debt ceiling thing in august and early september, but this is welcome news. >> some say this should, fears that the country is headed to add a double dip recession. the national unemployment rate
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is holding steady at 9.1%. that is 14 million americans out of work. >> we have further to go. >> americans continue to ask the question -- where are the jobs? >> as for local success the company is investing in infrastructure, new buildings and machinery. live from the satellite center, at abc7 news. >> thank you. you can keep up on the nation's jobs situation at any time by clicking on the business tab of dc is still filled with protesters and they are likely to stay through the weekend. marched through downtown. there protesting corporate greed and war and environmental issues such as the oil pipeline in texas.
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also, another major change in the schedule for the presidential primary season, this time the state that is traditionally first t-line to pick candidates for the election. this morning i love officials said they would shift their caucus due january -- iowa officials said they would ship their august to january 23. most of the republican candidates for president are at the action values voter summit. one of them, herman cain, is also going to be appearing in arlington. >> it has been dubbed the primary scramble. florida move to mid-january. nevada move to mid-january. the candidates are scrambling to reach out to every voter. today, that included the
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washington area. he went from relative unknown to rock star status in the republican field. >> this is the only human being i would wait in line for. >> former godfather's pizza and ceo herman cain was met by a mob of reporters and voters. and the crash -- in the crush of camera crews herman cain said he was going beyond ethnic lines. >> i believe my campaign can go to virginia. if you have a good solution that appeals to people, it transcends geography. >> all other contenders are in washington for the conservative value of voters conference. they took aim at the democrats for the poor economy. >> you cannot rev up the engine of economic growth by keeping higher taxes on job creators. you cannot spread success by punishing. >> today, mitt romney made the
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case that the citadel in south carolina. >> there is one unifying thread that connects each of these threats. when america is strong, the world a safer. >> in his short time, herman cain has become a contender. rick santorum took aim at him in his remarks. but making the press today comments from rick perry and his supporters. mitt romney will be at the summit tomorrow, and tonight is michele bachmann's turn. reporting live, abc7 news. police in vienna are calling a death suspicious that happen wednesday at home on lakewood drive. the babysitter took the baby to
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the mother's home in reston. fire department has condemned the baby sitters because of code violations. sentencing tonight for a council member. she pled guilty in june. she and her husband were arrested in a federal corruption probe. at her trial was moved to december 9. there was a scheduling conflict. if you were planning to go to bdm day -- to the dmv forget it. they are undergoing maintenance. you will have to wait until tuesday. dmv will be closed on monday for columbus day. new details on events in fredericksburg. >> the price of a home drops
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dramatically. >> and afghanistan tenures later. what trips think of the longest running war in the u.s. history. >> and we're looking at sunshine for the next hour or so and the beautiful weekend. with some rain in the extended hours.
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>> a major milestone in the war in afghanistan today. >> 10 years later and 1500 troop deaths later, we remain there. the war has entered your 11. >> for 10 years, american men and women have been fighting and dying in afghanistan. 1686 dead. 14,342 wounded. in 10 years they have come a
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long way. >> 10 years ago, i was in high school. >> i was working two jobs. >> i was holding paper. >> bair members of the 75th dod in -- they are members of the 70 the prd in louisiana. the roadside bombs kill more u.s. troops than any other weapon. >> the ied's, ," seen a lot. >> nominee? >> well over 100. >> they transform how the army fights and yet taken a heavy toll. >> we really were not prepared for the number of guys we lost. >> including their former team
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leader, sergeant mike garcia. >> [unintelligible] >> recent poll found that one- third of veterans of the wars were not worth that. for these men the memory of those who will not, and keeps them going. >> i want to honor his memory by making sure it gets done. >> it is a long way from over. >> abc7 news. >> up next, the iphone 4s is available for orders. >> as smooth as it can be. we have an update on the weather for us. >> if you did not get enough m.l. be playoff action last night, we have more today. but for hockey fans, it is all about can down
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>> the proposed labor and museum in fredericksburg owes its
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creditors more than $700 million. it file for bankruptcy last month. court papers showed the museum zero was in secured debt to its designer and up to $3 million to other creditors. the museum was never able to open because of funding problems. >> according to the census bureau 65% of americans own homes. that is a drop of 1.1% over 10 years. in the great depression, homeownership fell 2.2%. virginia is having its fifth avenue energy sales tax holiday. today to monday, residents can save on energy efficient heat pumps, dishwashers, and other products. the items must cost no more
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than $2,500 and have the energy start or water since water sense designations. >> if you were having difficulty ordering the new iphone you are nylon. at&t phone lines were also jammed. pre order start at midnight pacific time tonight. and we have a beautiful weekend. >> october, generally the most beautiful time of the year in d.c. we're definitely going to see it. this weekend. >> they prove that. >> and early next week. there are changes on the seven- day. a few changes. that is in a few minutes. take a look. a beautiful sunset. we will look for our temperatures. there is our daytime high of 75
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degrees. average for this time of year -- 71. it was 95 back in 1941. had ever to children's hospital -- 65 degrees. 68 -- 58 out to the west at big meadows. 69 in germantown after a high of 72 degrees. temperatures are slow the cooling is deepening. a reims 7272 degrees. -- from 70 to 72 degrees. across the mid-atlantic head of the beaches, lots of sunshine, stretching all the way over to the mid portion of our country. right now, it is excellent, around 10 miles at dulles and
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dwi. this extends until 10:00 tomorrow. out to the west of those. shenandoah valley. does not mean we do not see fog any immediate metro the biggest chance is to the west of us. their visibility could be as little as half a mile. winds will be out of the east tonight, just over 3 miles per hour. if you liked today, almost every performance. 75280. here is the extended outlook. a promise of a cool down. we have always to go. wednesday and thursday, there will be a better chance for a few showers. had over to -- head over to we have the latest on the forecast. >> the toyota sports desk,
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brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the baseball playoffs and interesting. >> really exciting. they get payrolls now. you have to respect the diamondbacks down 2-0, to rally to their biggest comeback this season. age club has gained one starter on the mount. -- each club has landed one starter on the mound. arizona leads the division series. here is all reject the game between the yankees. papa grande. the tigers silence yankee
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stadium. 23-year-old michael will get to start tomorrow against the carolina hurricanes veterans. and ever is starting -- whoever starting, they are on the brink of a new season. >> the zero capitals -- the capitals are that doing the best not to look ahead. >> we have to start from day one. >> once again, a lot is expected. >> i would rather be predicted to be number one. >> why not? they're back. >> hopefully, i can fit in my role here. >> you have to embrace that pressure, you know. you have to use it to motivate you of a better. >> for all the winning the caps have faltered when it matters
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most, in the playoffs. last week against tampa bay may have been the harshest of all. >> now we wanted more than anybody. >> now the quest for lord stanley's cup begins. >> tomorrow, the real test of the schedule starts. marilyn will go on the road to face georgia tech. >> the best thing you can do is get up to a good start, tried to take the crowd out of the dean. again, is just that mindset. basically, it is us against duty by a dozen people. you like that. it's your competitive juices going. >> and big east conference leaders reportedly met to discuss mergers, and also
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extending the big east. if you are in high school, our high school sports show is on tonight on news channel 8. >> got a good lineup ready? >> yes, a lot of games. >>
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>> whenever you want to do outdoors this weekend. >> if only we had some leaves to break. >> we're not there yet. >> lots of sunshine. a few degrees warmer on sunday. keeping the trend going monday, lower 80's. a bit of a cool down on tuesday. than a chance of showers wednesday. highs will be in the lower 70's. >> beautiful. >> world news is coming up next. >> we will see you back
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