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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> after a beautiful day, more beautiful weather on the way for >> and live and in hd, this is news. we began with news from george washington university. a dorm was evacuated about an high carbonause of monoxide levels.
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fire officials say there are no injuries. a hazmat team is on the scene. now to the other of breaking from prince george's county. a man and woman are dead tonight. police are investigating this murder-suicides. it it happened in chillum and we been following this story since it broke. we are live near the scene. >> that is the breaking development, the fact that the man is now dead. it is the second death from the place rightch took on this stretch of ray rd. you can see where police had the road marked off when they came upon the gruesome scene. the man was lying in the road. he was critically injured at the time from a gunshot wound and by, there was this car. in, they saw ad woman in the car. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators began looking possible murder-
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suicides. to the was rushed hospital. report, he was later pronounced dead. what neighbors had to say tonight. >> the female looks like she's sustained an apparent gunshot wound also. >> was there any gun on the scene? >> if we did recover a weapon. time, i cannot tell you what we found. >> i am shocked. i had never seen anything like that. collects those neighbors tell us to seeingare used some police activity in the neighborhood, but nothing like this. themd surprise a lot of whatthey found out happened out here. police are looking into what relationship this couple had. there was a relationship, the of it and the identities are notan and woman going to be made public. >> thank you.
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new at 11:00. police are confirming that a is a homicide.un someone was struck yesterday afternoon. police believe someone sped away jeep liberty after a street fight. the oocupy movement was busy again tonight. there were more movements in the plaza. has spread around the country and now down to our region. protesters are worried about the situation and corporate greed. more demonstrations are planned for this weekend. speaking of that, it is going to weekend because of all the events in town. it will be a little harder to navigate. taste of d.c. metro is shutting down a few of its stations. we are in northwest washington
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to avoid on the places this weekend. just a few days ago, d.c. given the title worst the country. this weekend, a perfect example. of avesta will of congestion on the roads, but there are also metro closures and some believe that requires more planning. whether it is working, visiting downtown, or in a hurry to get of town, chances are you delayed this week and 3 i am headed to delaware. use matra to get station.ain >> metro crews are on site and at the station. one of three stations in d.c. all green anded yellow trains this holiday weekend. going to be a problem. will be in town. we want you to fix the system. >> while these track repairs rails off-limits morning, a major downtown roads will also be weekend,roughout the
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including constitution and pennsylvania avenue. >> they could take a weekend a holiday. not >> the ongoing protest and the celebration will on route 110 lines and boundary channel drive it 1:30 that afternoon. >> i was going to take the matter on labor day, so it is a pain. >> commuters should add about 30 their commutes. man has to work this weekend. weekend, special occasions, metro is what we need. the city is over flooded with cars. are tons of people. >> the matter says that is the point. a long weekend means fewer computers. the work is quicker ever.cker than example, that used to flip time, now they repair for at a time. the past 17 thousands -- the
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past 17,000 work hours, the injury was a broken finger. the traffic is going to be you just why don't what? it is going to be a beautiful weekend. fromis what we are hearing meteorologist. expect.w of what to you enjoy today, you are enjoy tomorrow. sunday and monday even more. look at these temperatures as we through 11:00. 60 degrees at reagan international airport. our temperatures are going to comfortable for tonight. tomorrow things to winds, high pressure over head. means sunshine. long will the beautiful weather last? showers.ome we will have details in a few minutes. 11:00. comments made about mitt romney at the summiton
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in northwest d.c.. who endorsed rick perry is not aat mitt romney christian. they -- he said he is from a cult. romney has not yet reacted. he is expected to speak tomorrow at the summit. also new to night, we now know where president obama is for histo be appearing tour through virginia. fredericksburg, danville, bell -- charlottesville, and newport. it is all part of his jobs bill pitch. posted on that. come, the doctor on trial. new disturbing audio in the michael jackson that case. >> a suspicious death case has neighbors in tears and
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with many question.
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police are investigating the an 11-month-old boy. he died later at the hospital being with his caregivers. we have the latest. >> residents who live in the the and not neighborhood giver lived are stunned by all of this. police and hazmat units surrounding the house. thisre getting word that little baby boy has died. vienna police continue to keep of this home. >> is tragic whenever a child is involved. neighbors are still in shock of anhe suspicious death 11-month-old boy. this house, home to the care giver, is the focus of a police investigation. >> it is shocking and sad.
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i have heard various things, but child has died and that is quite sad. >> police say on wednesday the the house andt to heror the baby mother's home. something was terribly wrong. >> she was evidently arrive -- hours afterout 48 to be ill.overed >> late thursday, around 11:50, the baby was pronounced dead. time, police, some dressed in hazmat suits, had care givers house, a number of items. >> is a quiet street. nothing like this has ever happened. >> neighbors say the carrier kept to herself. recall her taking the baby with her outside. nobody really not -- nobody imagined an outcome like this. taking care of children, if you do not ,now what is going to happen there is always that worry in about what is going to wrong in this situation.
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>> tonight, we visited the home believe belongs to parents. the police said they did not want to speak to us. they asked us to leave. we should tell you there is no death and noe of any charges so far. >> thank you. still to come, the michael manslaughter trial. what he was demanding from the doctor. plus, steve jobs is laid to
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>> you are watching abc7 news and 11:00. with leon harris, alison starling, meteorologist bob ryan, and tim brant. this is abc7 new sellepan o'clock. on your side. a kansas city landfill is now the place for the search of a missing 10-month-old a lot -- 10-month-old girl. was taken from
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her crib in the middle of the night. juries in the conrad murray heard from atrial tape. was two days after the pop star's death. he was saying nothing works except for something the singer "milk." >> what is this? >> it was a sedative. >> he went on to say he took precautions when administrating propofol. a small funeral was held for steve jobs today. he died wednesday at the age of long battle with cancer and a liver transplant. apple says there are no public
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memorial service is planned. sony is in final talks to buy the rights to be of steve the biography jobs. to pay about $1 million for those rights. some may call it a fitting tribute to steve jobs that one of the product is proudest of demand.ving historic apple unveiled the new iphone 4s 1 day before he died. being called the most an iphone launch of the company has ever had. be available october 14. >> a goodlatte trying to get one. -- good luck trying to get one. we have nice weather on the way. outside right now. mainly clear skies. there is a fog developing to the of us. we will talk about that and a second. along with a dense fog advisory
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that is in affect. made it up to 75 degrees today. the record was 95 setback in 1941. a can still get pretty cold around here. the record low was 34 degrees in 1917. lots of clear skies outside. dew point level for around 50 degrees. it will remain comfortable sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. by thursday, up showers into the forecast. in rockville, a cut to 75 degrees downtown. cooling to 51 degrees at george washington university. alexandria had a high today in the mid-'70s. winchester the same. martinsburg, culpeper, fredericksburg. 80 degrees in minneapolis and 69
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degrees in chicago. on its way as we move into the latter part of the weekend and into monday and early tuesday. look at the radar. pretty boring out there. not anything going on. high pressure over head. skies. all the way to the mid part of the country. chicago, detroit, cincinnati, all clear skies thanks this high pressure. do have a little bit of fog. visibility down to 7 miles. look at west virginia. visibility is down to just 1 mile. the national weather advisory fog advisory. that extends until 10:00 tomorrow morning. from washington county maryland .own to rockingham county we may see a little bit about 0.5 miles.
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not expecting any significant metro tomorrow. morning hours, i should say. here is our futurecast. not a whole lot. you districting a little bit toward the west. clear nights as we move into night and even monday night. forecast as we move overnight hours. temperatures will fall into the '40's. otherwise, clear skies. tomorrow will be a beautiful 75 with high temperature of degrees. when will be out of the just about 5-10 miles as we move into the next seven days. some showers in the forecast. light showers on tuesday. cooler weather by wednesday and thursday. slightly above time of head over to wjla for some
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here is our chance on some items belonging to the most famous white house gate crashers. auctioning off some items. about wedding rings, sculptures, bathrobes, even their underwear. they have filed for divorce and spokesman called this an attempt at closure. >> he wants to get herself out of the house. >> it is all yours. do-or-die in the national league. two great games today. high drama in milwaukee and philadelphia. have the highlights and tell you who will move on.
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[ schreiber ] if you did an internet search in the greater detroit area, you'd see bad news. companies are closing and houses were being foreclosed upon. however when there are negative things going on there is also opportunity. and for people that look for it like dave, they see the opportunity and they say i can make a difference here. there's a constant stream of negative news, about economics, and whatever.
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and so it's nice to inject some positive news coming out of ypsilanti. it's motivation to make you want to do something to help out your town. so my friend corin, who is the manager at the ypsilanti food co-op, sent me what she thought was a grant for a solar project. turned out it was a very low interest loan. so it kindf sparked my interest and then i did some searching. i was able to actually find a small $6,000 grant from the state of michigan. but i have never done solar, i didn't know square one about how it was done. we bought panels, we figured out how to do it, and that was our first system. we needed to monitor the power and be le to track how much was coming in and out, and i did find products that would do this for us, but those products could cost thousands of dollars. you know, we didn't have a thousand dollars. we invented a way to read utility meters for essentially free. ♪ my goal is to see a cloud. and i want to see a nice smooth solar graph and th i want it to dip a little bit and know that a cud just went over the solar panels. my wildest dreams is to have 100 locations in ypsilanti,
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all on solar ypsi, all being tracked in real time and ypsilanti would be the place to come for solar information. when i started, i was searching and i was looking in ten or twelve difference places, and so now we have a website where information has already been collated so someone can search on solar, find this site and hopefully have all the information they need. it's just amazing that you see people inin far off remote villages in like mongolia, you know? they're looking for solar power, for some information, it's there for them to find. it has happened, you know. it is so cool. ♪ >> and the toyota sports desk -- localt to you by your -- moving you forward. big-league baseball getting next roundy for the the playoffs.
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two decisive game 5. arizona diamondbacks first as milwaukee brewers. going into the 10th inning. remember morgan when he was with the nationals? now he is a hero with the brewers. the middle. is your game winner. brewers move on to the national league champion series a 3-2 victory. a tight one in philadelphia. outs in the bottom of ryan our grounds out to second period that ends the game. eliminate the phillies. be st. louis and nlcs.kee in the leon loves it. hockey. tomorrow night is the opener for washington capitals against
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the carolina hurricanes. the big question is whether ovechkin will play. he just got back from moscow after the death of his uncle. the coach said he will give him it is feeling.ow we will see. tiger woods fighting to make open.t at the fry's he had a terrible day today. there is for birdie. that put a tiger at one over. that finds the bottom of the cup. shot 83 under for today. he made the cut and stands at the tournament. seven strokes back of the leader into the weekend. it is friday night and that football takesol center stage. they match up here.
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this is one of the top players country. him do work. he picks office pass and he is gone. goes the distance -- 70 yard touchdown. a secondbring interception back for a td too. teddy roosevelt hosting wilson. gets the ball and goes right down the middle. he is in the end zone. wilson wins 26-12. for more high-school football to our sister station. wait for a couple of minutes. right after this newscast. wait for a couple of minutes. right after this newscast. >> highest patent role
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anniversary. 20 years ago today, we went on the air for the first time. seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we have covered issues like politics,tion, sports, and weather. news channel 8 -- we give our congratulations to them. >> a lot of familiar faces. >> speaking of interesting and big things, take a look at what have on our web site right now. i did not write the headlines, update on the updraft. it is very strange. here is the extended outlook for the weekend. beautiful weather on the way. next chance for showers is tuesday, wednesday thursday. >> get outside and enjoy that weather.
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