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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> scattered showers on doppler radar. a chance hd, this is abc7 breaking news. in from los angeles deathrnia, where the at 8 salon has risen to eight. are several new developments since the story
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broke at 5:00. >> nine people were shot. survived and that their is fighting for life. about theare talking of events.sequence >> this unfolded in the town of beach. our first look at the suspect. up his button-down shirt as they took him into custody. >> when they pulled his shirt up, they realize that he had on vest.etproof the best off. >> police say the first shots the middle of the afternoon. the gunman walked into the salon firing.ted in >> we are unsure if he shot entrance and people, as they were shot, ran in seeking cover or shelter, but we have fatalities throughout the salon. >> seconds later, he got into away.r and drove not get far. >> the suspect was taken into
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custody within a half a mile of this location. onlylieve he is the suspect at this time. he got on the ground and they him, put him up against the car. pulled out body armor. and magazines. he had cargo pants on so they took magazines out of his pants. >> at last check, the name of suspect has not been released. word that the the victimsone of have been involved in a custody fight. new at 11:00. it an alert for every parent as was attacked on way to school. she was forced into an inn -- into a car at an intersection on blake lane and polymer street. >> residents say what is most the age about this is
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of the young victim. it allegedly happened right here at 6:30 in the morning. and what this young girl has times.zens of this time it had a terrible conclusion. the 16-year-old girl was grabbed by a man as she walked to school. morning aterday around 6:30. she was walking along blake lane she noticed a man standing on the corner. he began talking to her and into his police said -- police say she -- police say he grabbed started walking away. i would be very freak out and stay away from people after that. the community atmosphere. this mother talks to her this type oft encounter. girls especially need to be vigilant. my daughter will walk to school as well. what i warn them about all the time. >> this woman is scared herself
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walking in the area at night. lightingis very poor in the back. the kids come out and beat me. >> according to a police report, to young victim was able free and run off. >> i have a 21-year-old daughter. her to go outlow at 6:30 in the morning if it was dark. >> police believe they are his mid-or a man in piercing is on his eyebrow and left eye. -- left here, rather. interesting detail about the car this man was driving. , four-door with a on board sein. we are on a storm watch tonight. our meteorologist has the first lot. >> a little bit of fog, earlier
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this morning. become a bite has of some thunder -- because of some thunderstorms. look at these temperatures. reagan national had fifth -- at 65 degrees. the rain we had earlier moves off to the east. areas of fog by early morning. expect for the rest of the work and school week and for the upcoming weekend? i have my extended forecast few minutes.a we are learning some more about a suspicious arlingtonin an neighborhood, just a short distance from a school. the fbi has spent the evening and pvcating how a gun filled with metal objects buried near patrick henry drive. the story first broke at 5:00. we are live at the scene. >> police are still on guard. you can see the police take up.
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cordoned off tonight. was in these woods where at gun and those pvc pipes were found. the fbi worked the scene for hours. agents canvassed the neighborhood near the spot where made thection crew discovery in the morning. this photo shows a member of the bomb squad removing what looks box with the but of an assault style weapon sticking out. >> it is a shock, especially for this neighborhood. >> when the construction workers gun, theyt was a the fed's. pipemebody was making bombs. >> the middle school was locked briefly while investigators determined there were no explosives present. there were trying to determine was buried inse area. they also asked residents military personnel live nearby. >> machine guns, that would be a
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military weapon. collapse while the investigation in thiss, the people no morehood hope weapons are found. >> i cannot imagine any of my neighbors owning a gun. >> we expect the fbi to be back early tomorrow morning, going through this area to not anye whether or guns or pipes are buried there. interesting, the more young men and women are making that may have parents reading easier. iphone hits stores in about 24 hours. [ female announcer ] at,
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condoms the first time they have sex. also, the percentage of actually having sex is than in 1988. it is in the low-forties right now. 51-60% of teens said they were having sex. former presidential candidate john edwards is making get his charges dropped. he accused federal prosecutors case with political motivations. campaignused of using cover up an affair. the former north carolina expected to go to trial in january. a solemn remember is for the american military. the 11th anniversary of the attack on the u.s.s. cole. survivors and relatives of those
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killed took part in a memorial at the u.s.s. cole home base. 17 sailors were killed. 37 others were wounded while it was bombed while refueling. the man planning the attack was arraigned next month charges that could carry the death penalty. a story for anyone looking to buy the new iphone. >> is it worth buying? >> temperatures hardly moved at all today. [ speaking french ]
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>> you are watching abc7 news at harris,en the leon starling, bob ryan, and brant. this is abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. a crackdown on the flash
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mobs we saw last summer leads to a spirited battle between teens and lawmakers. the issue of a countywide curfew of people agitated. >> we are live in rockville students take a stand at a town hall meeting. about it. >> this is the second ever town hall here for students. controversial curfew table.l on the them a chance to speak out. >> i would like the council to why they- to explain that have the authority to override the constitution of the united states. >> more than 100 kids showed up in force. the concerns raised from economical to curfew. >> it will make businesses in the silver spring area lose a money. >> teams are not known as big spenders after 11:00 during the week or midnight during
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weekends. on a better argument. >> the bill would force teams go home to a halt -- before a loving god on weeknights and midnight on weekends. about policeerned targeting minorities. targeting us or profiling us. >> you care more about your results than crime and think this will actually solve the problem. some council members -- ected the outrage >> i would be grateful if you that to our county executive. his >> others stood strong in their the bill.r >> is asking a fairly modest sacrifice. >> at the same time this meeting on, another meeting in silver spring violence. that motive -- that meeting was
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by a number of high- crimes, including a involving 70 you that ended in a stabbing. >> thank you very much. new reviews on the new iphone. they are mostly positive. the new york times and wall journal praised the phones and you a voice command system. answer questions about even your schedule. some reviews complaint that the offer enoughs not new features to upgrade. officialsow, metro theiralk about replacing fare structure. may replace the cards with open payment system. doing so requires the agency to their rate plan. there are currently 44,000 combinations for their costs. is accused ofman
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acking into the e-mails of johansson, mila kunis, lera.hristina agui the access photos and schedules. convicted, he faces years in prison. the weather tonight. a dreary evening. >> but it is warm outside. out of the ordinary. now we have a little bit of fog that is moving in and could problems tomorrow morning. the washington monument, you can barely see the tip of it. is beginning to thicken the early into morning hours. some areas are down to 2 or 3 of the visibility. look at the high temperatures today. reagan national airport -- 66
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degrees. the morning low was 64 degrees. our temperatures only moved by 2 degrees the entire day. time of year is 70 degrees. we are right in between as 65 degrees. had out to wintergreen virginia , 57 degrees. they had a lot of rain today. about 0.5 inches in elkwood. 62 degrees in the district. temperatures have not moved. 65 degrees in dallas. cooler air just in the northwest of us, where it is in the 50's. indianapolis at 59 degrees. feel a little more humid out there. dew point levels in the
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lower-'60s. the showers will linger. a little bit of a lull in the between 7:00 tomorrow morning to noon. visibility is already beginning in dallas -- in and washington national. here is the futurecast. atshould be looking thunderstorms. into the day on friday. when you see the extended outlook, things are going to improve, saturday and sunday. temperatures tonight are in the upper-'50s to lower-60's. here is the extended outlook. a beautiful weekend ahead, saturday and sunday. highs in the upper-sixties to lower-'70s.
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showers will come on tuesday of next week. >> thank you very much. doll look now, but here comes the philadelphia eagles. a maryland basketball team meets the press. a great night in baseball.
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ball home for the out. on, cruz h, with two thus it wide open. texas winds. tomorrow, game 5 is in detroit. milwaukee at st. louis. easily.scores say lewis wins it 4-3. newspapers, talk radio, and fans , callingafte reid for his job. billy has lost four games in a row. has trouble. their quarterback is way off his from one year ago. it is not just the coach. they have vowed to turn the
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around and play the eagles football sunday against the redskins. redskins expect their best. have got to expect to pet -- they are theg to play well, do dongs they're supposed to it. >> that have so much talent, they are eventually going to get get on a roll. if we want to take advantage of opportunity. >> the redskins are expecting their best. the maryland basketball team nighttheir night friday -- opens the season friday night midnight madness. they were asked if they're starting the season with a chip on their shoulder. >> my guys have worked hard. consistently, across the board, a lot better. have gotten a lot done. there is a chip on their shoulder. on my shoulder, too. to be ase not going bad as everybody thinks. and nba players and owners
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when is this train going to go away? afternoon, we may some thunderstorms. is going on with our outlook. look at the weekend. it will be a little cooler, lots of sunshine. >> perfect weather. that is it for us.
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