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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  October 16, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and h d, this is abc7 news, "washington weekly", on your side. >> we begin this second half hour for -- with the race for the white house. key numbers were released this weekend showing how much campaign cash the candidates have been racing. president obama is far ahead with $70 million. tonight, david currie reports on how the republicans are fairing. >> rick perry may have fallen like a rock in the polls, but he is the top fund-raiser raking in $17 million millions more than the front runner, mitt romney. herman cain is soaring in the
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polls, he has raised less than michele bachmann. he says that is changing. >> within the last two weeks we have raised $2 million. we are beginning to pick up our fundraising. >> candidates are picking up the nation's and collecting criticism for being out of touch with 14 million unemployed americans. >> if you do not have a job -- >> the latest example comes from the wife of the rick perry. she tried to show compassion on an unemployed man and compared his situation to her son. >> [unintelligible] lost his job because of federal regulations washington has put on us. >> he was not laid off but quit his job at a big bank so he could go campaigned for his father. >> some of these republican candidates are not using the common touch right now. we are seeing the reaction of it. some people say you guys just
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do not get it. >> republican candidates are worth at least $1 million each. blame -- blaming the government may play to the consumers but it could attract those -- those struggling in the economy. herman cain has an interesting plan called 999. some may face more taxes under his proposal. abc news washington. >> those candidates will be debating once again this week. i spoke with the senior editor of politico for a preview. david, thanks for being here. let's talk about this coming week. it is a busy one. we have another gop debate. >> this will be in las vegas tuesday night. anderson cooper will be the moderator. it will be kind of a new format. the challenge is to get these candidates off they're talking points, so they do not repeat the same thing over and over
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again. that can be quite challenging. >> it is a long list of candidates. "saturday night live" is mocking them. it is not unusual to have a lot of competitors, but they have to pare down if they want to compete with president obama. >> right, they noted some of the candidates sitting off in the corners of the last debating table. these candidates may be forced to drop out of the race like jon huntsman, whose campaign is in quite a bit of debt. the same thing with newt gingrich. we may see some candidates drop off on their own. not by tuesday night but in the near future. >> they do not have the money and do not win quickly in the first primary state, they are out. >> right. and you have to have 2% in the polls. some of these candidates are not at that threshold. some of the networks that have sponsored these debates may start screening them at some point. >> president obama began his bus tour to push the jobs bill. i would imagine a bit of a
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reelection campaign mixed in there. >> no coincidence to go into key states. they happen to be electorial which states where he has to win. talking about jobs. i do not think the white house is trying to hide the agenda. it is about jobs, that is what the election will be about. >> virginia to n.c., states that have been m -- by republicans. >> it is also a convenient geographic location. he can hop across the river in virginia go down to south carolina. n.c. it is something the obama team is watching closer. they may have a better shot their than northern virginia. >> things a lot. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> as we just mentioned, president obama will set off on a bus tour to promote his jobs plan tomorrow. he will be on the road three days. monday he will travel to north carolina.
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tuesday and wednesday, he will make several stops in virginia including danville charlottesville, and fredericksburg. the first lady is expected to join him for part of that tour. talking about jobs this week one person will be holding a town hall tomorrow at waldorf at westlake high school at 7:00 p.m., and it will be open to the public. the maryland general assembly will begin a special session on monday in annapolis. when hundred 41 delegates and 147 senators will vote on congressional redistricting plans. they want it to happen before the 2012 of regular session. lawmakers may also discuss the state's structural deficit and transportation issues. the payment of morgan hearing 10 will observe the second anniversary of her adduction and murder. -- the parents of more than organ harrington will
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observe the second anniversary of her abduction and murder. the murder has remained unsolved. the observance will begin tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. in charlottesville. still to come, the secret weapon. a closer look at the presidential candidates' wives and what they are saying there has been cannot. and a look at stores that will top national headlines for the week, including an update on the mystery in aruba. what a beautiful sunday we had. now some changes on the way. how about a big cool down by ♪ ♪
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>> taking a look at stories that will top headlines locally and nationally, a virginia man accused of passing along information to syrian leaders
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will be in court tomorrow for a detention hearing. he is accused of gathering information on anti-government protesters. he is charged with working for the syrian intelligence service. the hearing is set for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at a federal court in alexandria. a court hearing in the robyn gardner case. she disappeared in aruba while traveling with gary giordano gaithersburg. his attorney is trying to get his immediate release. the woman disappeared while snorkeling. police say he is suspicious. he called on the $1.5 million insurance policy on her. another gop debate is says -- is a set for this week, tuesday in las vegas, nevada. it is being held in connection with the western republican leadership conference. seen in is hosting the debate. anderson cooper will be the
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moderator. the audience will pose questions to the candidate as well. it starts at 8:00 p.m.. here is a look at the weekend for the local sports team. the redskins had to n.c. to take on the panthers sunday. dc united has its final regular- season games this week. on wednesday gordon comes to town for an 8:00 the game. on saturday, kansas city comes at -- comes for a 7:30 game. coming up, we are talking about the candidates' wives. we will take a closer look coming up. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male ann ouncer ] it's about asasasy as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway.
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outside. downtown right now the winds continue to blow. it is breezy outside. let us take a look at what went on earlier today. 71 degrees at reagan national airport. it is cooling to 66 degrees now. 11:50 in the evening, 66 degrees. still relatively mild for this time of year. the weatherbug world headquarters the wins heading out of the west. -- the winds heading out of the west. 56 in arlington, washington lee high school, there was a high of 70 degrees. in a few hours these temperatures will fall into the 50's. 62 at dallas. 64 manassas. culpeper up 64 degrees. a cold front to the north of us.
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it will drift to the south during overnight hours and the day tomorrow. a few more cloud in the forecast. some will stall across central virginia. it will retreat northward during the overnight hours tomorrow and tuesday. it will do that as the atmosphere becomes more unstable. we will have a chance for thunderstorms. by tuesday night into wednesday. all the rain associated with the cold front will fizzle out during the overnight hours. it remains across central pennsylvania to new york state. the next 48 hours will show a good deal of sunshine for the day tomorrow. more cloud will take shape as they move through the day tuesday. it will lift to the north and then a stronger cold front to the west. that will give us the final punch of cold air, cooler air wednesday, thursday, and friday. the seven-station just a second. upper 40's to suburbs to mid to
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upper 50's for the district overnight. tomorrow sunshine and cloud cover for the afternoon hours. 70-75 degrees for a daytime high. here is the extended outlook. looking great tuesday with showers late day. wednesday not so great. the big cool down, thursday and friday only in the upper 50's. 10 degrees as you head into the mountains. check out the color change. not so great this year in town. that is because we had a very dry summer and a very wet fall. a lot of trees are shocked. we are getting close of color here and there. >> thank you steve. coming up next, they are already making strong statement in
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including their spouses. could they make or break this race? in now on the women behind the front-running candidates. -- sharon now on the women behind the front-running candidates. >> they are often called the secret weapon. the wives are being deployed. >> when i hear 999 i want to call 911. >> the wife of rick perry has come out swinging this week, saying her husband has been brutalized because of his faith. >> i think the debate have been unfair. he has been the recipient of errors. >> romney has been on the campaign trail. >> if they do not pick him, that is their stupid mistake not mine. >> she talked about how he held her fight multiple sclerosis. >> he said, i do not care if you cannot put the dinner on the table anymore. i will eat cereal for the rest
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of my life. together, we can still do anything, and you will be ok. >> the husband is often accused of being cold. >> voters look to a candidate and say, how good is his or her decision making. one of the snap judgments we make is about the spouse he or she chooses. >> newt gingrich's wife promotes a children's book. the wife of john huntsman on the view. >> it is a joy. >> so far the new wife of ron paul, she does not campaigned with him because the house falls apart without her. the biggest mystery, the wife of herman cain. >> you will be seeing her but not in a regular basis. this is very demanding. one thing about my wife, she is 200% behind me.
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>> he says she does not like the spotlight. with the iowa caucuses around the corner, she may be forced into it.


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