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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with breaking news tonight. a bus collided with a car this evening in a commuter lot in
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waldorf. the driver of the car is fighting for his life. police are saying the bus driver is at fault. >> the bus had just finished dropping off passengers to this parking lot in front of me. it pulled around, came to the intersection. there is a stop sign. police said the driver went right through it. the big commuter bus was on its way to st. mary's county. it had just pulled out of the parking lot just a few yards away. there is a stop sign at the intersection but police said the driver went right through it and crossed into oncoming traffic. >> the vehicle was traveling northbound. the bus pulled out and the vehicle collided in the middle of the bus. >> it was right when the people are getting off from the d.c.
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and going home. >> the driver of the car is listed in critical condition right now. no one on the bus was hurt. no charges have been filed, at least, not yet. for instant updates on this unfolding story, let's go to we just learned late tonight that police will be returning to clarksburg tomorrow to continue their search for a missing 11- year-old boy. there are new details in this case. montgomery county police are building the case against the man accused in the disappearance. he is also accused of the murder of williams' mother, jane mcquain. >> in charlotte n.c., courtroom, curtis lopez ways -- waived his extradition rights.
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he could return to maryland to face that murder charge. we have also learned a lot more about this case. on october 12, montgomery police found jane mcquain dead. she suffered from apparent stab wounds to her back. authorities also stated a week earlier, a witness saw a man later identified as her estranged husband loading a television box from her vehicle. on the very day jane mcquain was found dead, charlotte n.c., police responded to a traffic accident involving her vehicle. she claimed she was driving her boyfriend's mother is a vehicle and stated that her mother's name was jane.
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the next day police tracked curtis lopez to this of auto lodge in charlotte -- econo lodge in charlotte. authorities continued to surge in heavily wooded areas for 11- year-olds william mcquain. he was last seen two weeks ago. >> detectives have received information that has pointed this portion of the investigation in that direction. it is not a hunch. >> the search for william mcquain resumes on tuesday morning. as far as the extradition of curtis lopez depending on how maryland authorities decide to bring lopez back, it could be a couple of days before he returns to maryland. so what rights activist said
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the princeton university professor will not be facing charges after being taken into custody outside the u.s. supreme court. he and 18 others were arrested yesterday after refusing to leave the area. it is against the law to protest the signs on the court grounds bread he joined the anti-work group october 11. a special election is being held tomorrow in prince george's county to replace leslie johnson. she was forced to resign last july after pleading guilty to destroying evidence in a federal corruption probe. her husband also pleaded guilty in that corruption case. the polls will open tomorrow at 7:00 and will close at 8:00. president obama will be in virginia tomorrow as he continues his three-day bus tour that started in north carolina today. the white house says it is
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official business. critics say this is nothing more than a campaign trip. >> in less than 24 hours, the bus tour will take president obama to virginia, about 65 miles south of richmond. >> too many people are looking for work. to many families are looking for that sense of security that have been slipping away. >> the president is on a three- day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. the economy is the most important issue. mr. obama's approval rating is 35% on that issue. in a recent poll -- when it comes to voters who trust more to create jobs, he has a 15- point lead over congressional republicans. the president have a trillion jobs bill hit a roadblock. senate republicans oppose the
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bill as a whole. the white house now says it is fine with a piecemeal approach. >> maybe they just cannot understand the whole thing all of bonds. we will break it up into bite size pieces. >> the our -- tour kicked off of what sounded like a campaign rally. >> republican say it is politics as usual. >> we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaigning. >> it is time the president came off of the campaign trail. >> and john mccain went on to question if it is appropriate for the president to be traveling on the taxpayers a dime. mr. obama says the first order of business is to get congress to act on the $35 billion needed to rehire teachers and firefighters. first of was the national monument, now it is the national
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cathedral. it is a team hunting for all those parts in the north and south tower is. following last august earthquake. engineers say the cathedral is structurally sound. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen november 12. the weather for tomorrows inspection should be pretty good. let's get over to doug hill. we have had a gorgeous stretch of water. >> -- weather. >> let's take a look at temperatures around the air right now. -- from the area right now. 56 degrees in springfield. right now, low 50's to low 60's. the cool spot is frederick at 48 degrees.
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a nice day tomorrow, low 70's. then comes wednesday. the developing area of low pressure. how much rain and when will it leave? still to come -- >> two possible conductions near logan high school. i will tell you why parents and students are worried tonight. >> tragic accident, new questions about the race that claimed the life of champion driver dan wheldon. giuliana rancic announces she is fighting breast cancer. we will tell you how it was discovered. ♪ ♪ [ cellphe rings
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police are investigating a new possible abduction attempt in fairfax county. two more girls reported an incident very similar to last week's abduction attempt. both took place in oakton.
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students and parents from oakton high school received an e-mail about this latest attempt. >> the most recent incident took place here on friday afternoon. tonight, we do not know whether this incident on the earlier one or belated. we do know that parents and students are worried tonight. oakton high school, students and their parents got a warning. but they send an e-mail morning about -- >> they send an e-mail warning about the incident. >> a girl says a man approached her, started a conversation. he asked her to get into his car. when she refused, he tried to force serbs. -- force occur. friday afternoon, two girls walking home from the school encountered a man. they say that he used the same ploy to engage them. since they heard about what
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happened, they yelled at them and took off. >> i am a very concerned about it. a lot of kids walk up and down the road, they are on their way to school and the dark. >> police have not determined if it is the same man or a mere coincidence. >> i think the girl was smart about screaming. it is crazy. it is scary. >> the investigation continues tonight, the authorities and school officials are advising any students from oakton high school to be on guard. we are following new development about alleged fraud and kidnapping ring that was uncovered in a philadelphia basement. saturday, a landlord found for mentally disabled victims were apparently being held prisoner. police have uncovered as many
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as 50 forms of identification. the suspect linda weston, and three others may have used them to steal the victims' identities. the mother of a missing kansas city baby says she was dropped and may have blacked out the night her daughter disappeared from home. deborah broadly reported their 10-month-old daughter missing october 4. he returned from work to find the house unlocked and the baby gone. the couple is represented by the same defendant that defended in the natalie holloway case. the racing world is mourning the loss of dan wheldon. he died sunday after that crash at the las vegas indy300. one friend says dan wheldon was
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in his prime. >> he was having the best time of his life. >> some experts said there were too many drivers on back track with too little experience. an autopsy report says he died from head injuries. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. he was 33 years old. giuliana rancic says she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. she is 37, says the tumor was discovered during a recent mammogram. she was undergoing a round of in vitro fertilization when her doctor suggested that she get screened. she will have six weeks of radiation therapy. she says the cancer was detected early and her prognosis is good. she grew up in bethesda, maryland. the bangles performed live
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on "dancing with the stars." ricki lake had a really good night. if you want to find out who gets eliminated tune in tomorrow at 9:00. if you want a look behind the scenes, go to i love 1980's music, i have to admit it. >> it is all good. >> no a's in the weather. >> there may be some 70's tomorrow. -- there are no 80's and the weather. >> there may be some 70's tomorrow.
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look at the right-hand side of your screen. today, there has been a noticeable change. we think we are approaching peak color over the next couple of days. if you have any pictures of great fall colors, send them our way. 52 degrees in chantilly right now. one more stop at the district george washington university, 61 right now. 69 was the highest reagan national airport. -- high at reagan national airport. it is 13 degrees cooler in frederick and it was last night 12 degrees cooler in manassas. there is some chilly air to the
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north and west. the cool air is headed in our direction. we are watching to features on the weather map. we will be in the 70's tomorrow. and then the cold front swings through. this minister does not look too impressive now but it will move -- and this moisture does not look too impressive now but there will be a fair amount of rain on wednesday. we will have two areas of low pressure. maybe an inch of rain or more in parts of our area. as a result, we will see a little bit of sunshine to the day on thursday. the big changes will be gusty
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winds and chilly temperatures. here comes the rain on wednesday, may be an isolated thunderstorm. a lot of clouds on thursday and clearing on friday. >> we have been easing into this nicely. >> there is a resolution and the handshake. wait until you see this. the quarterback controversy in washington is not clear. mike shanahan says he will make an announcemen
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and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. rex grossman is the top of the league today it would four
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interceptions and a loss to the eagles. everybody is asking, who will be the starting quarterback on sunday? the interceptions were not his fault, but he threw the pass is and he gets the blame. rex grossman has a history of turnovers. >> you cannot get up -- you cannot give up on somebody because they had a bad outing. that is not something that should be passed. >> rex grossman is one of the most inconsistent quarterback in nfl history. the bottom line here is i he is down at the bottom of the quarterback rankings. >> a first of all i will use a facts.
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[laughter] do not believe all the stuff that you here. >> come on, man. a lot of folks are still talking about the post-game handshake. there will not be any fines but holy cow. he gives a hard handshake and a slap on the back. schwartz does not like that. the two almost go after it. >> i have been in fights with john before, too. -- jim before, too. >> how many did you win? >> our paly of -- play of the
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day comes from the pan am games in mexico. she forgets where she is and the dancer goes into the pool. i have to give it to this woman. she came back out and continued to dance. she got back up and finished the retain. finally, 163 yards broke a record in college park. he will be the starting quarterback this week for the turks at florida state. -- terps at florida state. >> i think mike shanahan can run for office now. it's gonna be a casual
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things are changing. >> we have a nice day, then some rain. here is what is going to happen over the next 24 hours. wednesday, there will be rain, maybe thunderstorms. cooler on thursday, only 62 at best. friday saturday, sunday, monday, and others strength of beautiful autumn but -- strain of beautiful autumn days. >> gorgeous.
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>> thank you for joining us.
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