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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the prosecution wanted to show them in a power point presentation during park opening arguments tomorrow morning. the judge has agreed. the prosecutors will not be allowed to show the most explicit of the photos. they will be allowed to show some close of the actual crime scene. most of the day was spent a seating a jury. it looks like the process will be complete tomorrow morning. >> it has been a tedious two base to start the murder trial. hundreds of prospective jurors have faced one on one private questioning in the judge's chambers. he describes the process this way -- >> you are looking for people who will not draw any conclusions based on bias or previous exposure to the case. >> the jurors will hear an emotional case graphic evidence. murray was found murdered last
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march. her co-worker stands accused of the trial. to date for the first time, prosecutors revealed that murray suffered injuries from a different weapons including hammer knives, and a rope around her neck. her roommate came to court today in support of her friend and her family. she said she does not want to know too much about how she died, but she wants people to know how she lived. >> she was full of joy. she had a way of embracing who you were. she loved what she did and did what she loved. >> tomorrow morning about 65 jurors will be brought back into the courtroom. expect it will take half of an hour to make 12 of them actual jurors and five alternates and they will get right into opening arguments. >> continue to follow the lul uemon trial on
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>> also developing tonight nearly 1000 people joined police in the search for a missing art -- autistic 9-year-old boy. they are looking all over the park in hanover county for riobbie wood, jr. suzanne kennedy is live with the latest. >> this is the search that is spinning 2,000 acres and two counties. complicating matters is the fact that robbie wood is autistic and has extremely limited communication skills. nearly 1000 volunteers came out today. it wanted to help in the efforts to find it this boy. the painstakingly walked through the woods of both hanover and carolyn counties. the local sheriff's department the virginia state police are all assisting in the search. the woods that are looking in is
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extremely dense with deep ravines and the river runs right through the park. robbie was last seen 100 yards from the river. authorities say they are fairly confident he is still in the park because search dogs have hit on his sense. what is making the search very challenging is the fact he is autistic and yelling to him is not a good idea. he in all likelihood would not respond. yelling his name may actually scare him a way. what they have done is they have given the searchers food such as candy bars so if they do see the young boy they will have something to lure him in. reporting live tonight, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. more problems for the metro system specifically with escalators. the escalators went out again this morning at the bethesda station. this is metro's second-largest
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escalator. writers are getting their chance to speak out tonight about frustrations with it. >> all three escalators went down here in bethesda. that is the second time this has happened in just the last 11 days. tonight the county is one to hold a meeting to try to make sure this does not happen again. >> there is not a single person in the whole system that would not like the escalators to work better. >> for some writers, the broken escalators have become an old story. for others, they have become a joke. >> that is the plan, to get bethesda more fit. to get at the half of a mile of standing still steps. >> all three went down again. while mr. had got up relatively quickly. this also happened on october 14. 8 county council member described them as some of these large -- august escalators in the western hemisphere.
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>> going up is really a struggle. >> tonight the committee will hold a special meeting to figure out what can be done about them. >> they need to get it done. >> council members will question metro. riders say they will believe it when they see it. >> the public will have a chance to voice opinions tonight during a question and answer session. according to recent numbers, at any given time, 40% of matra's 600 escalators are not working. >> i have been to other cities where they have escalators that always seem to be running. >> that meeting tonight at 7: those days 30 p.m. -- 7:30. >> you want to weigh in on metro's problems?
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you can let us know right now of our facebook page. >> former mayoral candidates has pleaded not guilty. he lives in the district, but says his maryland license is valid. the judge told him to get a washington d.c. license before returning to his next court date. >> it marks the end of the violent for decade-long dictatorship. today, gaddafi was buried. it took place in a secret location in the desert. a few relatives and officials were allowed to attend. he died thursday while he tried to escape his home town. investigators are looking into the circumstances of his death. still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, we will show you how one of the largest occupy protests in the country had to be broken up with the use of force.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we are back from a pitch from the campaign try to get the struggling economy under control. >> this comes from rick perry who has slipped to fifth place in the poll. this is a response to herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. we have a look at what the others on the campaign trail are saying about. >> it is the bold reform that is needed to tell to this economy out of the doldrums. it to redo american prosperity. >> his new tax plan out today would lead voters opt for the current tax code or a 20% flat tax they can file on a postcard. his his effort to stop the improbable rise of the rival firm tim kaine. >> it is the biggest role of the dice and can it has put forward
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on any plan. it is a big bowl change but also a big, bold target. >> it keeps the popular home mortgage deduction. >> it is going to produce a very large tax cut for people at the top of the income ladder. is going to produce a significant reduction in overall federal revenue. >> at present something of a math problem. to balance the budget, he would have to cut federal programming dramatically. he wants to cut income taxes even further, slashing both to 9%. >> 9% -- 9-9-9 means jobs, jobs, jobs. >> neither plan has gotten a warm reception. the public is evenly divided on rick perry's plan, both oppose herman cain's. >> we have an update on a
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breaking story we brought to at 5:00 tonight. florida police have arrested 22- year-old delron atchison and vincent gray with connection to last week's shooting on a metro bus. it shows the suspects boarding a bus in washington. investigators believe the two and shot 22-year-old demetrius in the face and fled. both face murder it charges. >> next 6:00, news for potential home buyers and sellers. prices are going up in some places. we will show you where you will find the highest price. >> board of some ran on the way. his forecast after the break.
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>> police were busy at the side of the occupy wall street protests. police clear the area where the protests took place. the fire beanbags. no injuries were reported. millions of people who lost to foreclosure could be getting help soon. >> the letter will explain to the homeowners the right to ask for reviews of their cases. if errors are found, homeowners could get restitution. bank of america, wells fargo are among those who can ask for the reviews. >> is this a sign that the housing market is stabilizing? home prices are up nearly half of all cities. the index of says it is the fifth straight month of compresses pre the biggest gain
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in the district of columbia, chicago, and the detroit. the biggest losses in atlanta and los angeles. >> toys r us is already in the holiday spirit. it will give reward members 10% back on purchases made from october 30 through christmas eve. rewards members can also earn discounts with a super sabres past. the past gives them more in savings with special coupons. >> we are going to model this one. we will release it and made it january. anybody who did not like today's whether please raise your hand. let me show you what it was like on top of skyline drive. is it that a great picture from the geological survey? they have a station up there that watches the changes in plans and when they change color. it is pete color out there right
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now. let me take you to skyline drive. what a beautiful day. you can watch as it goes through. watch it in time lapse. you can see the beautiful color and the tree that has been changing -- there it is. there is still some color left there. there are a few deer there as well. what a beautiful day. here we are with high temperatures today. up to 68 degrees. our average is 66 degrees. this is just about average. in the mid part of the country temperatures in the 70's today. while we were enjoying wonderful weather, that is a hurricane and it could become a major hurricane. winds at 100 miles per hour p.o. there you can see the circulation getting closer and closer to the yucatan. from here it will continue to
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probably get a bit stronger. it is very near canton as we get to the next few days. some of the leftover moisture could be a threat to south florida. this is the first snow now coming out of the rockies. by tomorrow this time, denver, colorado could be looking at six to 8 inches of snow. stay close to home. to our board and it will be a chilly morning. some clouds showing that. it is possible with a southwesterly wind we might be seeing a few scattered sprinkles. more moisture coming in as we get into thursday with some of the midwest. partly cloudy chilly morning when you head out tomorrow morning. mild by the afternoon with temperatures near 70 degrees. there may be some sprinkles for folks across northern maryland. over the next few days, there is the main chance for some rainshowers.
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some chilly air coming in as we head into the weekend. for the trick or treaters it looks fine on monday. how about 62 degrees? the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. move you forward. >> there are a couple of bad news injuries to talk about. >> this is not good. it seems to get worse every single day we get the news. hightower and cooley are out for the season. we thought cooley would be back in several weeks. he is now gone for the season. the street is now in jeopardy for fletcher. shnanhan does not think the entry is quite serious. it is easy for mike to say.
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fletcher has not missed a game since 1998 and he has started in the last 169 games. keep an eye on him. >> he does whatever it takes to be on the football field. he probably will be limited in practice. it is kind of hard to imagine going out there and playing a game without an. >> meanwhile 37-year-old receiver terrell owens is trying to get back in the nfl. he had an open workout today. not one team showed up. his agent says, he will send the tape to every ball club in the league. he is trying to come back from knee surgery. it looks like he is in great shape. it is easy to play against air. >> did you see this hit? c.j. brown took a shot against florida state helmut 2,. he is ok and is rushed with 300 yards or the past three games.
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he felt that. today, randy also was voiced about his starting quarterback. >> it will be a game time decision. c.j. is fine. danny is fine. we will go out to practice today. they are both going to work with the ones. by the end of the week we will make a decision as to which we will go. >> let's go to baseball. i still cannot believe what happened to the cardinals last night in the world series. it is a comedy skit. who is in the bullpen? who was on first? when they picked up, can you hear me now? the bull pen coach sent in the wrong guy. napoli tattooed it. texas wins 4-2. >> what happened was, twice the
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bullpen did not hear me. i looked up there and mike was not going. i don't know if it was noisy. they just did not hear. >> the big troll has told west virginia that the mountaineers will be accepted into the conference and could become official by thursday. they left did little for the sec. the big east is falling apart. west virginia with a big show of confidence p.o..
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another want just like today. >> a lot of them. >> it will start of tonight. there will be clouds coming in. there could be a sprinkle. more showers coming in on thursday. after that -- saturday and sunday would be like today. >> thank you a la.
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