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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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woods. search ha live and in hd, this is abc 7 -- on your side. we are following breaking news coming from new york city. that is where protesters are causing some major problems. are live pictures from new marched intosters new york city.
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this latest uproar comes hours between oakland, police and protesters. there have been no problems with protesters here in washington. captioned by the national captioning institute a desperate search through woods for an autistic boy. robbie wood is spending his night after being his searchers are reaching out for help on the ground on the internet. we are live in hanover county latest developments. >> we have a growing sense of we enter the four has been out in the woods. professional certification teams the ground. this effort continues to grow. if -- uc soldiers who have come support.rovide
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the sun set, but some refused to stop searching. they continued to comb the woods a lost little boy. who is autistic, when hiking with his brother and father. days later, some plan to keep looking. >> as long as we can. volunteers combed the also searched along railroad tracks. now understand he probably avoid this area. scared of trains. he does not like the noise. >> we found a dog handlers packing up for the night. the bloodhound's picked up the boys set. -- scent. the dogs could not stick with it. here since theen beginning. >> a short distance from the park, some who joined in the
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search gathered again to pray looking willill find him. somehow they will be back looking again in the morning. gut tellsng in your is what you need to do. child, i would want these people out there. >> authorities hope many more volunteers show up tomorrow to join in the search effort. they say they have no intention calling in the search off. live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this case has received a lot of facebook on page. the official facebook page put a note of our page. --y write
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for instant updates, log onto a first look1:00, some of the evidence resented in the lululemon trial. at the weapons used by norwood to kill jayna murray. some of the details are graphic. are live outside the lululemon store. >> it was a day of chilling images and candid testimony. the defense dropped a bombshell that brittany norwood killed jayna murray during a fight. prosecution painted an even grimmer picture. this is what it looked like store not long after authorities discovered the scene
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last march. was a mess. blood covered parts of the floor. prosecutors claim these are the implements found in the store kill jaynat and murray. a wrench, a box cutter, and a rope. used a heavy metal object to hang merchandise. >> it is hard to imagine, with quantity of different things used, that it could be moment.the is the heart of the case. the state insists this is premeditated. legal team dropped a bomb. they said she lost it. she -- he added, it was not first degree murder. hope is to convict on a lesser charge. after witnessing violence, some
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where it is going. >> it is not an unreasonable reaction. when you are in that zone, to keep going. >> prosecutors say that during that 20 minute attack on march jayna murray sustained more than 300 distinct injuries. live in bethesda. >> thank you. turn to abc 7 for every development in the trial. we will be in the courtroom every day. ontonstant updates, log this woman is accused of
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poison and food dishes and walking away. in her owne stand defense, denying the accusations. a decision is coming on monday. turning to our coverage. mitt romney made his first public campaign appearance in virginia. paid a visit to the fairfax republican headquarters rally volunteers. next month's election is critical as both parties battle for control of state senate. was accompanied by the -- virginia governor. we are on storm watch as have dried up as some showers moved through our region. damp today. some big changes on the way. bob ryan is here with the first look. we have had the showers. we have some patchy fog. some leftover showers. the live doppler. there will be more coming.
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as we go to the next 24 hours, it is chilly. nowhere is there any sign of -- of wintery around here. we are going to be on the that weather. what is going on out in colorado. temperatures. into the teens. years havee these the. there is a lot more going on denver. make the skiers happy. more going on around denver. >> here is video from wyoming. that stake could see up to a foot of snow. officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads. new at 11:00, new insights about the man who became a of greed.
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for the first time, the wife of madoff, talked about her husband. she released a bombshell. she claimed her and her husband commit suicide. they tried to kill themselves on in this was just two weeks after he was arrested. they both faced death threats and hate mail. she told 60 minutes, i do not who eddied it was, we to kill ourselves. -- whose idea it was, we decided kill ourselves. they had been married for 50 years. they decided together to swallow pills. we had.hat he took more. it was not enough. they woke up the next day. was very impulsive and i am glad we woke up. her account is questioned by the
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securityhe private hired to guard them who was night the apartment that until 7:00 p.m. >> i did not see anything unusual. suggest theywould to take a bunch of pills and tried to kill themselves. was last year that mark did take his life, hanging himself on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. told abc he felt ruth to stand by bernie. she went into hiding after went to prison. coming up, a potential curfew compromise. proposal that every parent needs to sea. setback.
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>> a student is killed. residents worry this might have be
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, bob ryan, and tim brant. this is abc 7 news -- on your side. we are learning more about a who was shot and killed apartment. a marine, was killed early yesterday morning. found 50 miles from campus. john gonzalez is live with the as police search for his killer. like this 24-year- a lot of potential. a multi-marine and athlete. twice, once in the head, while walking around this complex. a robberyieve it was bad. was here at the apartments from campus that
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wasstandout student murdered. >> if he went out to eat, he would pay for everybody. >> police are patrolling this large apartment complex. they believe the 24-year-old was botched robbery. >> he always had a smile on his face. he was definitely a very welcoming and warm person. played in the u.s. marine bugle corps. was athletic, a member of the baseball teams. his teammate was with him in sunday.his past >> the last time i saw him he was playing in the gospel choir. i said, i will see later. >> his former marine is as a gentle and caring soul. sure why heare not was in this complex, which of students.ds >> he greeted me whenever he saw
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me. passionate about what he did. >> i encouraged him to go to howard university to play .ootball >> friends tell us he did not live here. students did. police found his cell phone and other belongings here at the scene. no id and no luck. tonight, no suspect. >> thank you. new at 11:00, a new twist in the curfew controversy. one council member says curfews not the answer. he is proposing a littering and. >> it is a tool for police -- a loitering ban. >> it is a tool for police. arguing it could to racial profiling. neither is a done deal. be debated in the
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coming weeks. 7 is on your side with a study about lung cancer screening. a new study shows chest x-rays cancerhelp prevent lung deaths. those who had annual x-rays are as likely to die of lung cancer. provide are said to .ore detailed images are interesting images. people celebrating halloween a early. held, kicking off around 7:00 a.m. there was dancing afterwards. the theme was "through the decades," 65 years. had to be fun out there. the weather cleared up. better dancing in the evening and then this afternoon. a quarter inch of rain.
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women get some of this wet have to be always careful. we get some of this wet always have to be careful. is that a christmas tree? outside, our current temperature washington is a chilly 59 degrees. a lot of folks here about snow. this weekend. it will be chilly. the earliest snow we have had in washington, october 20. is live doppler. are in washington. still a few leftover showers this bit -- a more to come. talk about the precipitation. here is where it is really going on. we will take you to colorado. there is denver. it is still snowing. there are some spots about 12 snow to 15 inches of snow. at denver. is the current temperature,
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in denver. us, there is that ripple in the atmosphere that came through more rain and i circulation out to our west. that is that area of low pressure that will be moving to the north. behind it, the jet stream will be diving to the south. maybe a storm forming. the future will be much colder air into the weekend. i wanted to take you and show on in aspen,oing degrees. the ski slopes are alive. rina has diminished. be taking it near cancun. still some heavy rains that will bypass south florida. meantime, overnight, some clouds. here is our future test. we will be seeing more showers
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into tomorrow morning. those showers will be moving off the morning. comes in.tch be moving as we get into friday. friday and then some rain left over for the weekend. no snow. showers likely in the morning. maybe some afternoon showers. temperatures only into the 60's. there is that risk of some rain showers. snow around washington. are excited about it. then everything moves out. it will be cold on sunday into chilly for the trick-or-treater is on monday. it is big time. are leaving the country. i have the latest. the dog days of summer are behind us. this dog took over in international soccer.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. londonngelo hall and fletcher held of practice. all will try to play on sunday. they worked for the script for game. puzzle played in toronto. they are a six point underdog. they know what is expected. >> that is what we have to deal with. rightfully so, we have not changed anything over the past years. are in that same type of pattern. think guys know what it takes to win games. we have a strong locker room. we have to continue to work hard consistently and
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turn our way. >> they need to turn it around against buffalo. to held an open work of. up.dy showed offer has been made. is from the chicago rush of arena football league. game 6 was postponed because of some ugly weather. it was not that bad. the good forecast is the difference. call.ll made the be played tomorrow night at 8:00. game 7 will be on friday night. ron washington knows there is no mother nature. >> if you are able to play, you play. antsy.not getting we just have to wait. that is it. >> the national's general manager says they will wait toil after the world series
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about whonnouncement manage the national. johnson is sure to be back. players respect him. is a no-printer. -- no-brainer. soccer dog, have you seen this. the dog took over. the fans loved it. security was anything but. the players had no chance. essentially, -- eventually, the dog left the field. that is all, folks. that is a red card. nba and the players association met again. they are still far apart on issues. to getreed they have work and work to meet until a resolution is at hand. get on theying to
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court. a few days away from telling.
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some animals that an early halloween treat. they were given pumpkins' earlier today. goodiese filled with
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is the chill is going to be on. -- the chill is going to be on. ready for some more rain? here is what is going on. we are going to be seeing a lot sunshine for friday. over thee chilly weekend. there may be some snowflakes.
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