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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what can you expect? two major stories that you need to see tonight. a miracle for robert wood, in a little boy lost five at frigid nights. tonight, the celebration after the news that everybody was waiting for. >> there is a god he listens to prayer, and a prayer was granted. >> what the boy's family is saying tonight and something we have not seen since the 1970's, snow in october. captioned by the national captioning institute up first, get ready here it comes, winter weather in october. in a week that has seen snow
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across the region, now it is our turn. for some, we will just get rain, but for others, several inches of snow could come down in the next 24 hours. bob ryan is tracking at all. >> it will be one of those storms that sometimes we talk about north to south surface two but above an elevation. the bufford furniture weather center, the rain is here. -- the belfort furniture weather center, the rain is here. luray, it is already snowing. it is snowing on skyline drive. there are warnings all the way to the western suburbs especially into the high spots frederick county, maryland. later tomorrow, as we go through tonight and tomorrow, we will have a wet snow. the concern especially across the mason-dixon line, up into the northeast heavy snow bringing down trees and power
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lines. around washington, look at the temperatures. because we have an easterly wind, it is bringing an end of ocean air that we will see primarily rain. cold rain in the morning rain mixing with wet snow, sloppy wet snow. about an inch of rain. everything will be gone fairly fast. in the washington area, all rain rain mixing with wet snowflakes, 50/50 chance that we will have wet snow, but nothing in the immediate metro area that will cause problems and not a snowstorm. on the other hand, i will show you where it will be, parts of northern maryland and towards the blue ridge. we are tracking every development as this rare october storm moves in. for live radar at any time, click on the weather cat at
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bob will have the updated forecast and kris van cleave will have the story about the impact of the storm. the other big story of the day, the amazing story of survival. at 8-year-old robert wood was found alive after disappearing five nights. he is recovering at a richmond hospital while hundreds of searchers and his family are celebrating. we have live team coverage with john gonzalez and richard reeve. we begin with richard. >> a dismal night, cold and rainy, but the atmosphere is wonderful. everybody is excited the young boy has been found alive. we want to turn out the lights for a moment and show you the conditions this young man dealt with all week long. tonight, there is a celebration. it was a celebration of joy. >> ♪ praise the lord ♪
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>> i feel like crying. >> dozens of search volunteers, hugging, singing praying. >> we're so happy he is alive. if >> thankful that 8-year-old robert wood is safe and ok. >> i am so thankful. >> since sunday, since little robert became separated from his family at north and the battlefield park -- >> everybody wanted to step up. >> a frantic search, thousands of volunteers. they tried everything. >> i felt compelled to go out and look for this little boy. >> then, friday afternoon about 2:00 a volunteer found robert in a creek bed in a rock quarry in a fetal position but alive. >> everybody's phones started going off. then he was taken by ambulance to a waiting medical helicopter
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and no doubt a joyful reunion with his family. >> just seeing his smile when he saw his family was worth it. >> thank god. >> roberts' father issued this statement, saying that robert is a strong, determined little boy and we never give up hope he would return home safe. we spoke with a searcher. he said he was in the woods found a horseshoe target of words for lock. moments later someone came and told him the little boy had been found. richard reeve, abc 7 news. now from the internet to facebook and twitter, word spread quickly after volunteers found robert wood. the story has an emotional impact closer to d.c. for just about anybody. john gonzalez has bees developments. >> the vast majority of the people we spoke with say they
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actually thought this was going to end it differently. one local parents said it is an eye opener what happened this week but what everybody is thrilled, some still have questions. about 100 miles from where little robert wood went missing residents have been hoping and praying for a happy ending. today, it happened. >> just thinking as child that young to be out there, i am amazed to know he survived. >> people i've been captivated by the search committee turning to the social websites to get out the word and express their feelings. the st. michael society created a prayer chain asking for support. hours later, the status update reads, a miraculous news. this d.c. resident volunteered out with special needs children and the area. am i was surprised he was found alive. i thought of fortunately he would pass. >> she feared the severely
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autistic boy may not have realized the severity of the situation. >> we read books to them, talk to them, let them know they are not by themselves, that there are people like them in the world. >> autism speaks to we did after the rescue, thanks to all the volunteers our thoughts are with the woods family. >> this family from winston salem, kept up the search. tonight, they are amazed. >> they never gave up. that is what it takes. >> among the questions, how did this 8-year-old boy survived six days? and why did he go unseen in an area that was part of the search. ? john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> dozens of people have written to us about this story on our facebook page. "best news i have heard all week. thank heavens from above."
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" finally a good story to report. thanks to all the volunteers and to god." now turning back to the store much coverage, the snow is on the way. it is rare and unexpected, particularly before november, but this could prove to be at the very least inconvenient, may be dangerous. kris van cleave is live in a rockville with more on the impact. >> what was really remarkable today, a lot of people learned about the fact snow was in the forecast when we told them that was in the forecast. i guess when you hear october you don't think snow, but that could change tomorrow. >> what? >> oh, yes a rare october snowstorm it is coming at us. the chill already in the air at the rockville town center as the cold rain began what could become a white-covered weekend.
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that is supposed to be leaves blowing and goblins. no snow. >> i am not prepared. >> this person had to borrow this winter coat before leaving the house. >> mother nature is confused. >> or maybe old man winter is getting here early. >> either way, people are gearing up. in d.c. and prince to a discount, is no drill, hundreds of snowplows making sure the kinks are worked out before the flights fall -- in d.c. and prince george's county. >> today we are showing we are ready. >> in hagerstown, where they could have 5 inches or more of what heavy snow, we found only a few people getting ready. >> people are not expecting it. >> we always have candles and
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flashlights, but i did not do anything extra. >> pepco says they will have crews ready to respond. the real concern is that what heavy snow combined with the fact there are still leaves of trees but a lot of weight on the trees which could bring trees down. we all know that means the lights start going up. live from the montgomery county mobile newsroom and rockville, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. when the snow arrives we want to see your pictures. please share them out and the videos that issue at we will post them on line at an air them during the newscast. disturbing new testimony in the lululemon murder trial. two employees at the adjacent apple store testified they heard yelling and screaming coming from inside the bethesda store.
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one of the employees said it sounded like something heavy was being hit or dragged something grunting. high-pitched screaming. the employee described yells for someone to stop. britney norwood is accused of killing john emery last winter. the trial in the murder resumes monday. she is accused of killing jayna murray. the main hall of union station is closed as workers check for damage to the ceiling after the earthquake this summer. a small piece of plaster fell and hit a worker who is doing fine. the contractor is working on the repairs. at the main hall will be closed through the weekend. it will reopen monday. a new alert if you are a bank of america customer. a big announcement about their chance to charge a debit card fee. plus, just a few hours away from
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the arrival of the first snow of the season. bob will update the forecast. >> tickets at the university of maryland. where does the school ranked nationally?
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an abc 7 i team investigation that you want to see if someone you know attends the university of maryland. the school makes no bones about cracking down on illegal parking, but judging by the numbers, is the school gouging students? john gonzalez has the report. >> the school says it is definitely not overly aggressive because they only use about eight or nine people to enforce the parking at over 19,000 spots on campus, but we compare the numbers at the university of maryland with other major universities around the country and the numbers were not even close. walk around the campus at the university of maryland and it
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will not be long before you see these, lots of them. >> several times over here. that in several cases, three or more parking tickets on one windshield. >> it will not be long into the conversation before you hear this. >> i get a lot. >> the senior has received more than $1,000 worth of parking tickets while studying at maryland. another $15, hit with the latest pink slip mama's before chatting with us. polls and reviews conducted by college prowler says that the university of maryland issues more parking tickets than almost any other university in the country. >> i have already gotten three parking tickets. >> the 75,000 citations the university writes each year are among the most in the nation. it is a $75 fine for parking in a non permit area, one of the steepest. >> they are $75 each.
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>> looking at schools with a similar number of students and parking spots george washington issues just 21,000. ucla issues about half the members of citations. ohio state with nearly double the students come up still issued with fewer citations 40,000. >> i got there at 7:00 for and the parking ticket was there. >> the head of canada's transportation says a lot of tickets are given to the same five letters. >> generally 80% of the tickets are issued to 10% of the folks. >> he said that heavy enforcement is needed to make sure that those who pay for permits have their spots. college prowler gives maryland a c-grade what it comes to overall parking, with a parking permit costing $400. you would think 75,000 tickets per year is a lot. the record 15 years ago
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150,000. live from college park, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> wow. 7 on your side. bank of america may be reconsidering its copper sealed debit card fee charges. they may allow customers to avoid the fee as long as they comply with other banking rules including maintaining a certain balance or having direct deposit or using bank of america credit cards. the news comes on the same day that most major banks announced they will not be charging debit card fees. bank of america at announce their five other monthly fee last month. -- bank of america announced their $5 monthly fee last month. talking about snow? >> are you ready? >> absolutely not. >> i did not think so. people in west virginia, even if front royal, even leesburg, gaithersburg later tomorrow, they may be doing that. outside, we have corinne.
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i think primarily a rain event in washington. what snow at the end that is about it. almost 2 inches of rain, october 30-31, 1925. the radar and washington, the rain has moved in. this is the time lapse from skyline drive. there is the snow, the first snow already falling. look at the temperatures right now. one of the features, the water temperatures of the ocean this time of year, still mild, 60 degrees at a city. as the storm comes up and draws any of that warmer ocean air in especially on the coast and in washington metro area, we will keep it more rain. nonetheless what the weather advisory affecting over 20 million folks from the mid- atlantic up into the northeast.
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here is the wave in the atmosphere. the storm beginning to develop that will move very close to it as we go through tomorrow. there is the rain. by noon time tomorrow, moderate rains, already breaking out. here is the rain/snow line on the future-cast. i think this is pretty on with this event. behind it, as the cold air gets drawn in, some of the snow tries to comment. by this time, 6:00 in the evening,. but everything is gone. anything in the immediate metro area will be slush. but the mechanic could have a couple inches of snow, 5-10 inches of snow in the blue ridge. it will be cold. temperatures in the 30's, but above freezing. no i sing it with this, more slushy. there is a risk of power outages on the mason-dixon line and
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towards winchester. for the marine corps marathon sunday in washington, left over deafness. it will be cold sunday morning. good news for trick or treaters and i will be updating everything. we will keep you posted 24/7. >> i think the runners like that kind of weather. >> hot cocoa. sunday's game for the washington redskins could make or break their year. they have to slow down the high- powered offense of the buffalo bills.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. game 7 of the world series in st. louis a great series. it was tight early then the cardinals broke things open. bottom of the first 2-0. the cardinals with two on david freese connects. we are tied. at bottom of the third adam credit -- alan credit the disch. it is gone.
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the cardinals do not look back. the st. louis cardinals are the world series champs, winning game 7, 6-2. the nba labor negotiations went from hopeful to hopeless today. just yesterday there was bought -- there was talk it was nearing an end. besides get back together today and david stern came out discouraged. he canceled all games for the month of november. >> it is not practical possible or prudent to have a full season now. we held out that hope together, but in light of the breakdown there will not be a full nba season under any circumstances. >> will we get any part of the season? the redskins are a turning point in their season as they travel north of the border to
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toronto to take on the surprising buffalo bills. they're running back, fred jackson, is a bad man. he is one of the top backs in the league. he is big fast, and the redskins know he is deceptive, too. >> he is shifty. he is a lot more stout like in every down back. we know that we have to be mentally prepared. > bailout of high-school football action. if you want a complete wrapup, including the match between two top five teams each turn to it news channel 8 and watch high- school sports.
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snow on the way, the top trending story upon also robert wood found alive. but that is all at w [ male announcer
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