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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ple injured in a house fire in aspen hill. ben eisler is on the scene with details right now. bring us up-to-date. >> the last we heard, the fire was still burning in the basement of the single-family home. one person has life-threatening injuries in hospital and another is in the hospital as well. in the 4700 block of irish street in aspen hill, 50 firefighters were called to the scene of this single-family home. there were significant conditions in the basement. two occupants were rescued from home. one adult male has serious non- life threatening injuries. he was found just outside in front. an adult female was found in the bedroom on the first floor of a home with serious light trading conditions. she was unconscious and not responsive. at this point it is still too
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early to tell what caused the fire. we will keep you up-to-date with the latest throughout the hour. ben eisler, abc 7 news. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa baden in just a second. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning to everybody. not a bad start to the day. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. predominantly low to mid 30's yesterday. today, near 40 for the most part. these are the coldest i could find. oakland at the freezing mark. laurel, 33 along with leesburg and in what, west virginia -- in -- inwood, west virginia. a light southerly breeze this afternoon. increased cloud cover tonight through tomorrow morning but gusty conditions tomorrow. i cannot rule out a stray showers tonight and tomorrow if
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south of highway 3. looking dry overall. in oxon hill even with the structure fire, it is not affecting aspen hill road. i checked with montgomery county authorities. in virginia, everything working in our favor on 66, 50 at gilbert's corner. 28 has been reopened in manassas where there was an accident. we take you to springfield moving nicely is 95. back to you. >> thank you. now moving on to our top story, a guilty verdict in lululemon murder trial. yesterday a a jury convicted racino would of first-degree murder. now she faces life behind bars when sentenced next year. the trial came to a quick end of yesterday just hours after the prosecution rested its case against norwood. we have live team coverage this morning.
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brianne carter has reaction from jayna murray's family and the bethesda community but we begin with jummy olabanji and the end of a long road to justice. >> good morning. it only took the jury? under our path to come up with a guilty verdict. kind of surprising especially when you think of how long the trial lasted. yesterday during closing arguments the state's attorney john mccarthy reminded the jury of the graphic testimony, the evidence they had against brittany norwood and reminded them the testimony given yesterday by the state medical examiner who said jayna murray was alive when she suffered 331 separate incidents from five different weapons including a hammer and a knife. brittany norwood's defense attorney retold his version of the story, saying there was a terrible fight between the two and that norwood quickly lost it. one juror said the evidence
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against brittany norwood was overwhelming. >> what made it such a quick verdict was the number of injuries and where they were sustained and the fact they were sustained while she was still alive. >> brittany norwood will be sentenced by judge on january 27. she faces life in prison without parole if convicted. reporting live from rockville jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. yes today's verdict comes seven months after jayna murray's brutal death. for a family that finely means a feeling of relief. brianne carter continues coverage live outside lululemon store in bethesda. >> good morning. this marks the end of a chapter for jayna murray's family. a very emotional day for her family at the decision was returned by the jury. a decision to convict brittany norwood of first-degree murder if broad hugs, tears, and relief to the family who has been through so much for so long. her family says there were
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trying to find what they are calling a new normal now that the trial is over. her family says hearing the verdict was pleasing. a last seven months has been very stressful. the last two weeks has brought a focus in tighter and numbness but gratefulness to the jury. prices for was fighting for what was right. that helped us through this trial. -- my sister was fighting for what was right. >> the stained-glass window was installed after the crime. the employees and residents in the community will also be trying to return to normal now the trial does come to an end. people reacting to the news yesterday, saying they were not surprised by the speed of the return of the verdict by the jury.
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while they will try to move forward they will not forget jayna murray and what happens here last march, they say. brianne carter, abc 7 news. president obama is in france for two days of meeting s with leaders of the world's largest economies. they will try to find ways to stabilize the struggling global economy, but the meeting is expected to be dominated by the european debt crisis. the leaders are expected to talk about degree plan to hold a referendum next month on a bailout deal to rescue the economy and prevented from defaulting on the debt. more violence between police and occupy protests, in oakland, california. police fired tear gas into a crowd overnight after the start of a bonfire in the middle of a downtown street. the confrontation followed a day of peaceful protests. last night nearly 3000 demonstrators swarmed and then shut down oakland port.
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closing arguments get underway today in the trial against michael jackson's doctor. prosecutors want to show conrad murray was criminally negligent by giving the king of pop a sedative as a sleep aid. but the defense says jackson gave himself the deadly infection. conrad murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the jury could get the case tomorrow. lindsay lohan has less than a week to turn herself into a los angeles deal. yesterday the judge gave the actress' a 30-day sentence for violating probation, stemming from the jewelry theft case. because of overcrowding she will likely only spend a matter of hours in jail. 44 degrees outside. still ahead on good morning washington shifting strategy. why the afghan war could be over even sooner than expected. strike three form herman cain. another woman comes forward
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accusing the president and candidate of sexual harassment. but first, smooth sailing into
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i until they with gallery 555 dcm. i support the washington metropolitan area artists. -- i am jody at gallery 555 d.c. another day of mostly sunny skies and calm wind.
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no as clear as yesterday. we have some high, thin clouds rolling over yet at this time. a little added cloud cover. still calling it a mostly sunny day. a little increase in the cloud cover later on tonight into early tomorrow morning. 45 at reagan national right now. 41 at gaithersburg, 36 in martinsburg, 34 in cumberland. temperatures are a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. this afternoon, low 60's with sunshine, high level in clouds moving overhead lights suddenly breeze. tonight and early tomorrow morning, increasing clouds. a little gusty tomorrow for the day. possible nighttime sprinkle south of the metro, south of highway 3, so predominantly dry. a few purists out of 3 -- a few of our viewers tonight south of three could get a few sprinkles.
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one lane gets by in each direction at an accident north of old centreville road. 66 is wide open. 395, northbound, build with duke street normal volume growing up to the pentagon. southbound 270 at father hurley, more reliance spotted. the pace is steady from urbana into germantown down to gaithersburg and rockville. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12, for the four degrees outside. coming up, bad news for discount shoppers and for brides. the basement is going out of business. we will tell you when. >> excuse me. >> herman cain's last straw. the republican presidential front-runner faces more accusations. first, lining up for the on-line
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lottery. how to get your hands on
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still following breaking news from montgomery county where two people were hurt in a house fire in aspen hill, along the 4700 block of iris street. plans broke out around 4:00 this morning. rescue crews on the scene say one of the people pulled from the fire was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. there's no court on the condition of the other person pulled out of the house. we have a crew on the scene and will give you a live update in 15 minutes. looking at the day ahead a court date for the two men accused of killing teenager letitia frazier the southeast d.c. young woman missing more than a year, today 23-year-old brian and 17-year-old john will
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be arraigned on a first degree murder charges. prosecutors say that her murder stems from a fight over stolen money. ticking off the holiday season. today the national park service will open an on-line lottery for free tickets to the national christmas tree lighting. begins a 10:00 a.m., 17,000 tickets up for grabs. good luck. the two biggest the pop star's takeover d.c. tonight. jay-z and kanye west will bring their toronto the verizon center. doors open at 6:30. turning to the 2012 campaign, republican presidential candidate herman cain attempts to brush of sexual-harassment allegations and it's turning testy. >> what did i say? >> are you concerned -- >> excuse me. excuse me. >> this exchange during a stop in alexandria comes as a third woman accuses him of unwanted
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and aggressive behavior if when he ran the national restaurant association. a pollster says he witnessed herman cain harassing a staffer during an event at the crystal city restaurant. >> i was actually around a couple times when this happened. anyone who involved with the restaurant association at the time knew this was going to combat -- come up. pimply quit at the time. if she comes forward, it could ruin his white house chances. a lawyer for another accuser who lives in montgomery county says that she will not come forward. proposed curfew for teenagers will be the focus of a montgomery county meeting today. county executive ike leggett proposed the bill in july. today council members will discuss possible exceptions to the perfume. the national cathedral will hold its first event on saturday november 12.
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it will hold a private service and will install a new bishop of the washington episcopal diocese. the cathedral will be open to the public the following day. making news in america's money, no more running of the bride's. the basement is bankrupt. and like a rock for 100 years chevrolet celebrate a milestone. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> good morning. solving european debt crisis president obama arrived in france overnight for the g-20 summit, a meeting of world leaders. greek economic troubles expected to be at the forefront of the talks. the outlook for the u.s. economy is the fed chief ben bernanke. the fed reduced its forecast for the next two years saying it had overestimated the nation's recovery. our retail icon is closing. syms has filed for bankruptcy and will close its doors by the end of the year. the company has cited the
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economy and increased competition from department stores and online retailers. we have been driving a chevy to levy for 100 years. several is celebrating its 100th birthday today with 50% of its sales outside the u.s. and its on its road to the best year yet. i am rob nelson. someone will wake up to $145 million richer this morning. >> a power-play. >> 1 ticket matched all six winning numbers, sold in connecticut store. no one has come forward to claim the jackpot. the winning numbers,, 14, 34, 39 46. paul colorado #36, power-play number 4. -- powerball number 36.
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>> i would get a place down south for the winter time. we are losing a lot a day like this time of year. by have -- i habeve my blog on line. or you can scan the qr code on the top of your screen. makes it easy. 38 degrees at dulles airport 34 in frederick. a little warmer than yesterday at this time. high, thin clouds moving overhead, helping keep temperatures a few degrees warmer. they are moving from the southwest to the northeast. there's an area of low pressure moving through missouri. that caused the heavy snowfall in colorado and the great plains. we will keep an eye on the cold front as it heads toward our region. not a big impact overall from those systems. we will have a few effects. high pressure moves off surely run today. low pressure slides to our south
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tonight and tomorrow morning. it will be close enough where i cannot rule out a stray showers south of highway 3. the far southern extremity is of our viewing area, south of highway 3, could get a brief sprinkle tonight and tomorrow morning. otherwise, it will be gusty behind a cold front and behind that low. high pressure on the weekends, so a decent amount of sunshine. 62 degrees today, 40's tonight. upper 50's tomorrow. gusty wind tomorrow. saturday despite sunshine, low 50's. lisa baden. newschopper 7 flying over newington, virginia. amount near lorton, a crash moved onto both shoulders. northbound out of woodbrige off and on through lorton, lanes open. out of southern maryland every day we start slowing on route 5.
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the brandywine is open during looks good on 50 in bowie. no problems in southeast washington. looks good past nationals park and looks good in montgomery county and the beltway. why even look at the winning numbers in connecticut? down the drain. 44 degrees outside. next how kim kardashian copes with divorce. the reality star opens up, down under. >> on the next "anderson," i'm a sexually and parliament. >> obama with two live-in or friends. and if something in your attic could be worth thousands. separating the trash from the treasure. you will not believe what this was worth.
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i do want some time to myself. it is the resulwho really tough thing to go through. " there's kim kardashian in australia on television just days after announcing she is divorcing nba player chris humphries. the reality starts in an intuition letter to pull the plug on the 72-day marriage. she and her sister are there to promote a lot of handbags. she says she is hurt by accusations that she got married
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as part of a money-making publicity stunt. jerry seinfeld will be the first guest host on "live! with regis and kelly" he will join kelly ripa for three days. a show has not named a permanent successor for regis philbin. still another half-hour. coming up, shifting strategy in afghanistan. why it could mean an end of combat even earlier than expected. >> jayna murray's family reacts to a guilty verdict returned by the jury yesterday. by brianne carter. details coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a little warmer this morning than yesterday. pleasant this afternoon. a little system was lied to our
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> today has been an unbelievably stressful day. i actually wish that i never had to hear any of these words. >> straight ahead this morning justice for jayna murray. after just an hour deliberating, a jury convicted brittany norwood of first-degree murder. we will have a team coverage of the lululemon verdict. good morning, washington. it's thursday, november 3. i am natasha barrett. we will a check on traffic and weather in just a moment, but we begin with breaking news. two people injured in a house fire in aspen hill. ben eisler is live where it all happened right now. what can you tell lost? -- tell us?
6:30 am
>> the fire is under control but one male and one adult female have been seriously injured. one of them has a life- threatening injuries. two firefighters that conducted the rescue were injured as well. i will step out of the way so that you can see. shortly before 4:00 a.m. on iris street 55 crews were called to the scene. 55 firefighters remain on the scene. there was a significant fire in the basement. one adult male was found just outside the front with serious non-life-threatening injuries. the female was found in the bedroom on the first floor dallas with serious life- threatening injuries unconscious, and not responsive. -- on the first floor of the vetera. >> the fire is under control and
6:31 am
injured persons have been transported to a local emergency room. we are looking into the cause and will be back in this neighborhood during the day so we can keep residents informed. >> we will keep you up-to-date with the latest iraqi offer from aspen hill. ben eisler, abc 7 news. traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> very good thursday morning to you. a few degrees warmer now than yesterday at this time. not a bad start today. overall another pleasant day. comfortable this afternoon. 44 degrees this morning in mclean. northwest d.cleesburg, 34. 43 in alexandria. highs today in the low 60's with a lot of sunshine. i expect high, thin clouds to be rolling over the true today.
6:32 am
tonight and tomorrow morning, an increase in the clouds as a system's life to our south. that could cause a brief isolated showers out of high with three -- highway 3. despite sunshine on saturday, low 50's. any issues on the roads? >> a snappy trip on 270 moving nicely at montrose road. it's good out of germantown and gaithersburg and rockville. 95, delays off and on from woodbridge to springfield. normal troubled times to the wilson bridge. and it looks good through southeast. brittany norwood was found guilty last nights of killing jayna murray apple because the lululemon store in march. her conviction came after days of grueling and graphic testimony. it took jurors 50 minutes to find inova guilty of first- degree murder. jurors said they reached a quick
6:33 am
decision because she and most of her injuries while she was still alive. >> this was a hard case. these were difficult fax to listen to and to judge. -- facts. >> this comes seven months after the brutal death. that means finally getting a sense of relief, for the family. brianne carter is live outside that bethesda store with reaction to this verdict. good morning. >> good morning. this marks the end of a chapter for dakotathe murray family who has been through so much. it was the most timand emotional time. the jury's verdict of first degree murder brought overwhelming tears hugs, and relief for the family, of jayna murray. >> hearing that we got a first- degree murder verdict is very
6:34 am
pleasing. >> the last seven months has been very stressful. the last two weeks has just brought the focus in tighter and numbness, but gratefulness to the jury. >> that is coupled with sorrow backs-- that her father called the new normal. >> the new normal will come in time. >> employees of lululemon store in bethesda are also trying to find some normalcy. a crime that happens inside the captivated this community, so much so that some people like richard dudley felt the need to be in the courtroom. >> the state's attorney did a wonderful dog convincing the jury and me. >> the community will try to move forward. residents say what happened to jayna murray will never be forgotten. >> i'm glad that she was found
6:35 am
guilty. >> ask for the victim's family, as to when they will return back home and begin looking for a new normal, they have not even begun because they did not expect a verdict to come back so soon. president obama has arrived in france, where international leaders are gathering to focus on the global economic crisis. mr. obama and his european counterparts are worried about in greece and domino to a debt problems. c'mon bradley is live in northwest d.c. with details from day one of the g-20 summit. -- tamon bradley. cannes is the host of a big film festival every year, and this year is the site of an
6:36 am
economic meeting. the president and other world leaders will try to stabilize the global economy. a debt crisis inc greece loans over the meeting. world leaders are infuriated after a move by the greek prime minister and has sent markets down. the average 401k plan lost a significant amount of money in just two days. european leaders have cut off all financial aid to greece until they vote. abc 7 news reporting. the white house is reportedly considering a change in strategy in afghanistan. a senior official says the u.s. military role could shift from combat duty of advisory and training. other options are under consideration as well. last year the president
6:37 am
announced a combat mission in afghanistan would end by december 2014. more violence between police and occupy protesters in oakland,., overnight police fired tear gas into a crowd after the start of a bonfire of the middle of a downtown street. the confrontation followed a day of. peaceful of last night nearly 3000 demonstrators swarmed and then shut down oakland, port. closing arguments get underway today in the trial against michael jackson's doctor. prosecutors charged conrad murray with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly giving the king of pop a sedative as a sleep aid. but the defense says jackson gave himself a deadly dose. he faces four years in prison if convicted. the jury could get the case sometime tomorrow. 6:37, 44 degrees. still ahead, herman cain's harassment accusations. another woman comes forward. a presidential candidate loses
6:38 am
his cool. a texas judge who handles child abuse cases is caught on camera beating his daughter. first, another
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yeah. captioned by the
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national captioning institute 6:40, time for traffic and weather of every 10 minutes. doug hill, how are you? >> pretty well. temperatures warmer than this time yesterday, thanks to cloud cover and a southerly breeze. let's talk about numbers across the region, ranging in the 30's and '40's. 41 in hagerstown, 41 in gaithersburg, mid 40's in the city 38. we will have some high clouds at times through the day. a fair amount of sunshine as well. we will keep an eye on heavy clouds and some rain well to the west ahead of a storm system. however, the track of the storm will push well to the south of the metro area. there's a storm center that will pass through early tomorrow across southern sections of our viewing area, the northern neck,
6:42 am
extreme southern maryland with a few showers early in the morning. very busy tomorrow, clearing back up. highs in the low to mid 60's today in some spots. improving weather as that system moves to the south. more and a couple minutes. good to see you. new accidents eastbound 66 near 50. this is the georgetown pike. applying over an accident right now apparently. you can see police direction. there's a detour now leaving dranesville all the way to towards eventually the madera school. out of columbia to get into a silver spring, if we take 29 at lockwood drive. traffic get away from us this
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they third woman has come forward accusing republican presidential candidate herman cain of sexual-harassment. -- a third woman. another day and another element. she did not sign any paperwork apparently because there was no settlement. she never made a formal complaint. >> that's right. she is complaining of similar behavior, but i don't know if there are records of the times that she formally complained about this. the numbers don't appear to be moving in herman cain's direction. three women have told organizations that they were
6:46 am
subjected of this behavior. there was a complaint by radio host in iowa that a couple of his staffers were the subject of inappropriate comments. >> he is a rick perry supporter the radio host. >> that's right. he's very conservative. maybe to tell a woman that she is pretty if she's not, maybe he would consider that offensive. the national restaurant association clearly paid one of these women to resolve these complaints. >> i heard somewhere herman cain talking about maybe something he possibly said to one of his accusers, talking about how she is a short woman standing next to me and i commented about that. >> e-mails said one of them, "you are about the same height as my wife." and someone may have taken offense from that. we are hearing a significant amount of complaints from
6:47 am
different women. it has to be more than one comment. some of them are alleging a pattern of behavior, comments from him. i don't think it's about one remark. >> we will keep reading what you write. thanks for being here. this disturbing video apparently shows a texas family court judge beating his daughter: over and over again. it was reportedly filmed in 2004 and uploaded to youtube a few days ago. the daughter said she posted it after being harassed by her father. the judge has been suspended while police investigate the incident. learning more about an alleged terrorist plot based in georgia. four men, all 65 and older, are still under arrest, and charged with planning to use a lethal toxin targeting georgia. officials down there said the men had also discussed the spring -- sparying it from an
6:48 am
airplane in d.c.. >> we have to stay on top of people that would do harm to the government. >> they allegedly targeted, a bucket list of government employees, politicians, corporate leaders, and media members if they felt needed to be taken out. montgomery county is preparing for winter weather. they are taking part in a deal today to see if they are prepared to handle a major storm if we have one this winter. if you are hoping to snag tickets to this year's national christmas tree lighting, today is your chance. the on-line lottery begins at 10:00 this morning through 10:00 a.m. monday. the lottery includes 3000 ticket receipt and your chance at 14,000 standing room tickets. it's for the december 1 tree lighting which is right around the corner. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. are you going to the christmas
6:49 am
tree lighting this year? >> i don't know. i've been to a lot of them and it's always fun. sometimes we have sleet and sometimes sunshine, so anything can happen. only one storm to keep an eye on right now. that will pass to the south of washington. let's start with a satellite and radar composite and look at the clouds moving overhead. as we go through the day we will have quite a bit of sunshine coming through the clouds. it will be at least 60 degrees. we are tracking leftovers from the storm. it's still pretty good circulation. there was a blizzard a couple days ago in the plains. the track will move south. the storm's center tracks to the south, pressure hangs on a little longer before moves off the coast. we will see more noticeable increasing clouds overnight tonight especially in the district and points south. through the early morning to borrow the storm system may hit the southern fringe of our viewing area along with a cold
6:50 am
front and could give a few sprinkles the extreme southern maryland, the northern neck, fredericksburg, middle peninsula. sunshine during afternoon breezy, cooler. as far as what's wrong to happen today, starting in good shape with temperatures in the 30's and 40's already. mid to upper 40's to the south of the metro area. tonight, becoming cloudy. temperatures will stay fairly comfortable in the 40's. through the day tomorrow clearing a few sprinkle. then breezy and a nice day. adam caskey will have more in a couple minutes. how was the accident on georgetown pike? not>> not so good. strictly road is where police are on the scene of an accident. -- stickkley road. georgetown pike, vehicle off the
6:51 am
highway. police are coping you get through one at a time. back with more [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule demands doing more in less time. which is why we've developed innovative learning tools like our mobile application and phoenixconnect a worldwide academic social network. it's part of our commitment to you and why last year we invested over 1 billion dollars in our students to help them successfully balance
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tonight at 5:00, an age-old debate within the african- american community. skin color. a new controversy regarding discrimination faced by women of darker complexions. many say it's dividing the race.
6:54 am
a special report tonight at 5:00. brittany norwood faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. she was convicted last night to a first-degree murder in the death of jayna murray. murray was killed in lululemon store in bethesda seven months ago. jummy olabanji is live in rockville with details. good morning. >> good morning. it took the jury, six men and six women, just under an hour or to find brittany norwood guilty of first-degree murder. this was really shocking after days of testimony. closing arguments yesterday the state's attorney john mccarthy called brittany norwood and actress and a manipulator and reminded the jury of the testimony given by the medical examiner who said jayna murray was alive when she suffered 331 separate interests. douglas wood, brittany norwood's defense attorney, said this was a terrible fight that ended when
6:55 am
brittany norwood simply lost it. the jury sided with the prosecution and convicted her of first-degree murder. one juror said the evidence was overwhelming. berdi nowata will be sentenced on tenure 27 by a judge. she faces life in prison without parole. -- brittany norwood will be sentenced on january 27. two people taken to the hospital after an early-morning house fire in aspen hill. one person was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. no word on what started the fire. president obama is in france to meet with other world leaders about the state of the global economy, but the g-20 summit is expected to be overshadowed by the european debt crisis. closing arguments get underway in dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. michael jackson's doctor is accused of giving a deadly dose of propofol anesthetic propofol.
6:56 am
the jury could get the case sometime tomorrow. a last check of traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> normal volume in maryland. 95 270 70, of southern maryland. in virginia, 66 eastbound accident at 50. 28, north of old centerville road as an accident, one lane and getting by needs direction. georgetown pike there's an accident off to the side with police direction. low 60's this afternoon. sunshine with high, thin clouds. breezy tomorrow and cooler on the weekend. 53 on saturday, sunny skies. thanks for watching. "good morning america
6:57 am
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