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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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week. >> the inner loop a the beltway shutdown. we will have a report of the deadly crash that has happened. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, november 4. >> we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> there is some rain far south of the metro area. northern neck of virginia and points south or even south of spotsylvania along 95. south of highway 3 for the most part and in charlottesville. mostly cloudy this morning. cloud cover keeping us a little more. 45 in leesburg, 50 in
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arlington, 46 in remington, virginia. highs in the mid to upper 50's with gusty wind. you'll notice the prince albert of the north at 10-20. sunshine especially by this afternoon. 67 degrees. -- you will notice the wind out of the north. the beltway is closed at georgia avenue. we will pull up a live picture. this is the inner loop at georgia avenue. all lanes blocked between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. they are documenting an accident. traffic being fielded on to connecticut avenue going to east-west highway or to university boulevard. we will get more details at the news desk. >> thank you. a driver died after colliding with an 18 wheeler. >> one of two accidents in that area in silver spring.
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jummy olabanji is on the scene. >> there were two accidents this morning, one after the other. i will step out of the way. the first accident happened before 2:00 this morning near a construction zone area in the inner loop. police are not confirming the construction area caused the accident, just that it was near the accident. they were called and working on the first accident when they're gone to the clock 15 a second accident occurred where driver pressed into the back of an 18 wheeler. an adult man in the second vehicle actually was killed. no word on his identity. this has caused the inner loop of the beltway to be closed. between georgia avenue -- this
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is georgia avenue in silver spring. they hope to have this portion of the beltway reopened within the next hour or so. for now they are asking everyone to get off at connecticut avenue get on to east-west highway and then get back all to the beltway after that. >> thank you. now to the controversy surrounding republican presidential candidate herman cain. one of his accusers want to tell her story. three women, including one for montgomery county, claim that the sexually are asked them. one of them could be allowed to speak publiclyhspeake is accused of staff on his 2004 senate campaign for leaking the story. >> not only did i not delete any information, i did not know. first i heard of them was when i read them in the paper. >> anderson alex cnow works for
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parry's campaign. a northeast d.c. man was arrested in july for allegedly setting fire to a vacant house. he later admitted he was starting at least nine fighters in d.c. and maryland. one of the fires injured five d.c. firefighters. he was seen at several of the fighters snapping photographs and videotaping the blazes. the parents of jayna murray and visited the store where their daughter died and once worked. >> we will again have lululemon and gifts under the tree. >> appearance say that they're shopping trip to the bethesda store is part of a very healing process and says their daughter would never wanted them to get on with their lives. this is a day after a jury found brittany norwood guilty of first-degree murder of killing jayna murray in march. paul caught on camera. the third big fight on a metro
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train in the past week. look at this video taken with a cell phone camera, on the green line during the fight escalated in seconds and there was pushing and shoving. bodies were crushed against the door which was pried open. some passengers expressed outrage after woods. >> why would they act like that? >> i would not what my kids in anything like this. >> this puts us in harm's way. >> make them wwalk. >> metrobus issued a statement. "when such incidents happen, multiple officers are dispatched. it is not possible to have an officer on every train." still ahead -- >> details on a weekend metro track work that will cause delays. >> and the nor'easter last week and is causing more problems in parts of the northeast. what school officials are considering to make up for
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problems keep coming from last week's nor'easter. some school leaders in the northeast are worried they might have to shorten school vacation. it is to make up for days mr.
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duke to power outages from saturday's storm and from hurricane irene in august. many districts had deprived-10 days left -- 5 to 10 days left as of yesterday. 5 flights were stranded on the tarmac at a connecticut airport as long as eight hours. the stock passengers are getting all of their ticket money back -- stuck passengers are getting all their ticket money back as well as around triptych tickets. i was looking at the radar as you do in the morning. i see this giant green gblob come into our area. >> it will not have an impact on the metro area. northern neck of virginia is
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seeing some light showers. basically south of highway 3 this morning. it's not pushing northward. it's moving east and then will move southeast. lexington park and south or in st. mary's county will see a brief sprinkle this morning. we have cloud cover overhead. the white indicates clouds, which are fairly pick -- thick this morning. the clearing line will continue sinking south toward the well today. after lunch time we will see some goals in the clouds, then clearing later this evening. sunshine later on today. the clouds are acting as a blanket. 50 at reagan national, 43 in frederick, 47 in hagerstown 50 in fredericksburg. prize in the upper 50's. 67 or 58. -- highs in the of the '50s. breeze conditions today. temperatures dropping as well. a cold front is moving through
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as we speak. tomorrow, despite sunshine, low 50's for afternoon highs. warming sunday into next week. what's the latest on a rhodes? fatal crash, the inner loop closed between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue pin montgomery county. they are documenting the accident. inner loop traffic if must exit at connecticut avenue. you can get on to the inner loop from georgia avenue. this is a live picture of the accident investigation. the headlights are the outer loop. all lanes open on the outer loop. by the way, a in greenbelt we have a separate accidents on the inner loop at kenilworth avenue exit. in virginia, added to the pentagon, it is quiet. i had to show some good news, too. metro riders could face delays this weekend because of
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track work. red line trains will not between takoma and glenmont stations. free shuttle buses will be available. trains of arlington will single track between foggy bottom and mcpherson's crustaceans. it will take place from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. metro riders will soon have to learn some new station names. the transit agency is modifying names before unveils a new map that includes the silver line. get ready to be confused. navy yard will become and navy yard -- king street will become king street's old town. the new names are 19 characters or less. we will have the complete list of station and on our website >> it is like twitter. 49 degrees outside. >> new developments surrounding solyndra, a failed solar company
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that received a big federal loan. what a house panel decided regarding an investigation. and >>
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the republican-led house panel has voted to subpoena white house records related to solyndra. the california-based solar energy company went bankrupt after receiving a $528 million federal loan. it then laid off 100 -- 1100 workers. last month a congressional investigation found e-mails that the white house knew the company was going under. a third in the string of defeats for president obama's jobs agenda. and infrastructure bill would have created thousands of
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construction jobs, but republicans opposed the bill because of a tax surcharge on the wealthy and spending totals they said were too high. the g-20 summit in france. president obama has promised to help your even as the u.s. deals with a struggling economy -- to help europe. >> g-20 leaders are struggling to respond to the crisis. president obama and others would like to know, but there are questions like what will the future of greece be and will europe be able to save itself from financial disaster? the greek prime minister hopes opposition party will support a bailout deal that's not popular to begin with and there are not many details on what the euro zone individually can do to keep the debt crisis from spreading out of control. world leaders need to know that
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before they can act. the need to know the course of action during negotiations at been put on hold and many are not sure whether you'reurope will be ready before the end of the summit. one broadly held view that world leaders should boost the resources of the international monetary fund. the u.s. disagrees, saying it still unuseuse current funds. world leaders are discussing a draft declaration that lays out how country's rich and poor should act to stabilize the economy. if that document is confirmed it would commit italy taking certain actions that would help this situation. ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> it's going to be a critical day in the greek tragedy. google is considering getting into the tv business. >> now look at that. >> google is considering jumping
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into the cable-tv business. that is sure to shake things up. the global service would distribute stations directly over high-speed fiber-optic lines and might also include phone service, making google a direct competitor with a big cable providers like comcast. "de novo" has a new tablets year toward mobile professionals. -- lenovos has a new tablet geared toward mobile professionals. >> it's a very nice tablets overall for business and pleasure, but not for everybody. if you want to take advantage of the keyboard, this is a pretty nice computer. >> tablets starts at $500. those are your "tech bytes." traffic and weather every
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ten minutes. >> let's talk about justin bieber's baby. >> i cannot take it anymore. [laughter] >> let's talk about weather. it's going to be agreed the day -- a breezy day. 10 to 20 miles an hour during the day. the green spikes out of the metro area, bears a closer look at live super doppler 7 that is a large area of rain in central and southern virginia mainly. south of highway tree and in the northern neck of virginia and towards richmond there's heavy rain. it's not moving our way. it's sliding east and southeast. parts of st. mary's county you could get clipped by a brief sprinkle this morning.
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otherwise we're dealing with cloud cover. the cloud that night act as a blanket, so they keep us warm compared to what we have the past couple mornings. 47 at dulles airport and hagerstown, 50 and reagan national. 53 in annapolis. 54 in quantico. high temperatures will be around 58 or 59. noticed a white all across the screen, click clouds overhead. the clearing line is often are northwest. that will continue sinking south border along with a cold front of the moving through this morning. the cold front will drop are temperatures, held the wind picked up throughout the morning and midday a and clear the skies out into the afternoon. ties in the upper 50's today morning clouds with afternoon sunshine. you will notice gusty wind out of the north. temperatures on the downswing behind a cold front. especially compared to yesterday, it is cooler. low 50's tomorrow despite sunshine.
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a little breeze tonight through tomorrow morning. the wind will subside with high- pressure. sunday, warning back up a little. early to middle part of next week in the '50s. -- 60's. set the clock back an hour saturday night before bed time and change the battery in the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detector. there was a terrible accident on the inner loop of the beltway at 1:40 this morning is being documented right now. inner loop closed between connecticut avenue ended georgia avenue. they are changing that right now. they will start letting traffic gets through. this is all that is left of that documentation that started at 1:40 this morning. now traffic is able to travel between 270 and 95. this is at georgia avenue. let's change cameras to see if
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it is backed up as far as old georgetown road. no, that looks pretty good. in virginia, everything is smooth sailing across the potomac river. looks great. not only the 14th street bridge, but quiet on the keyboard, memorial bridge, and roosevelt bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22 49 degrees right now. >> alex ovechkin against carolina. you'll hear what's being said in the locker room, coming up.
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over folks. me your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. crashing back to earth against florida state last night's. falling 38-7, terrapin's losing.
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>> representatives for nba players and owners are prepared to resume talks on saturday and as they were to find a resolution to the work stoppage. this as reports surfaced yesterday that a group of about 50 disgruntled athletes are considering a move to decertify their union. union president insists his fellow players are united behind him. >> we will see. a month's worth abilities and games of already been cancelled. >> now tim brant. >> the capitals are in carolina to play the hurricanesthe. alex ovechkin gonna dance to the other night. he did not handle it very well. it got national attention. his teammates are trying to play it down. >> what happens in here stays in here. we are a close-knit family. >> the redskins are still
5:27 am
getting set for sunday's game against the 49ers. the redskins have to be embarrassed about zero capitol last week, giving up 10 sacks the buffalo. it's either the offensive line, coach is not making adjustments quarterback holding on to all too long. >> i am not a point to put numbers on whose fault it was but it was not all one person's fault. everybody had their part in it. john haston get rid of the ball. >> the redskins and capitals making corrections. . -- john has to get rid a ball. 5:27, for the nine degrees. the news continues at stop the clock 30. >> we could see new developments today in the herman cain controversy. a decision that is expected concerning one of the woman
5:28 am
accusing him of sexual harassment. >> the inner loop of the beltway is reopened after being closed several hours after a fatal lack support. jummy olabanji in silver spring with the latest on investigation. >> low pressure system passing to ourselves, cold front this
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 5:00 burdick, expect a lot of focus today on the national restaurant association. it will decide whether one of the women accusing herman cain of sexual-harassment scandal public with her story. >> breaking news. a deadly crash shutdown the
5:31 am
inner loop on the beltway. those lanes have reopened. we are live on the scene with breaking details. friday, november 4, i am kendis gibson. >> i am natasha barrett. adam caskey has your forecast. >> a cloudy morning outside, but not much rain. farther to the south is where the rain drops are, near richmond and even the northern neck of virginia and points outward. we are dealing with cloud cover this morning as a cold front moves through town and an area of low pressure if passes to our south. heavy rain approaching the tidewater region. mainly morning clouds and gusty wind. morning clouds are keeping temperatures up. 50 reagan national by now, 54 in quantico, 53 in annapolis. highs in the upper 50's today, becoming partly cloudy by this afternoon behind a cool front. we will see some sunshine, gusty
5:32 am
winds out of the north. a lot cooler behind a cold front tomorrow morning temperatures in the 30's, afternoon highs barely over 50. arming on sunday. -- warming. leaving the american legion bridge, the mormon temple, to get through silver spring and college park, if there was an overnight fatal crash. that's gone. all traffic is now moving on the inner loop between kinetic its avenue and georgia avenue. it has-- connecticut avenue brookland georgia avenue. no complications on 395 to and from the 14th street bridge. looks good on the george washington parkway. this picture is north of reagan national airport. now to the breaking news on the inner loop. a car slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler killing the driver of the car. >> it was one of two accidents
5:33 am
in that area in silver spring. the inner loop reopen moments ago. jummy olabanji is on the scene with an updated. >> good morning. about 10 minutes ago state police reopened all lanes of the inner loop of the beltway, which is good news for drivers. i want to show you the tow truck that was involved or rather the truck that was involved in this crash. police toted it -- towed it here. around 1:45 this morning there was a crash, silver spring your georgia avenue on the inner loop the beltway if near a construction zone. state police are not setting a construction zone caused the crash. they were investigating the first crash when 30 minutes later a second crash occurred. that's when a car smashed into the back of this 18 wheeler that we are next to. one of the passengers -- we
5:34 am
don't know if it was the driver -- skilled. it was an adult male. inner loop of the beltway was closed several hours. that has reopened. they have towed away all the cars to the shoulder where they continue to investigate the accident. they have not released information as far as the conditions of anybody else in the car. we will share that when we get it. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. now to the herman cain controversy. today the national restaurant association will decide whether one of his accusers can go public with her story. >> all eyes will be on this day. three women have accused him of sexual-harassment and ones of them lives in montgomery county. tamon bradley is live in the west d.c. with more. >> supporters of herman cain are firing back, refusing to abandon their candidates in the controversy over sexual-
5:35 am
harassment allegations. herman cain supporters are rallying around their man. the controversy over the decade- old sexual as the delegations continue. a new web video bikes a group supporting the independence of his campaign portrays the story as racially motivated. >> we are getting a high-tech lynching of a beautiful man. >> it closes with a racially charged moment from clarence thomas' supreme court confirmation hearing in 1991. since the story broke on sunday, herman cain's campaign claims that it raised $1.2 million, almost half as much as it did in july august, and september combined. >> the only thing we have seen this week is that people are doubling their commitment. they are getting more involved, because they are so angry at the national press. >> political analysts say the allegations and not derailed his run for the white house, but
5:36 am
spotted has been tarnished. >> his attack with nine lives. in a very quick amount of time he is used at least seven of those. >> in iowa, his supporters stood up for their candidate when faced with questions from voters about the harassment controversy. >> i think there's a concern about it, but i really think that he is above so much of this. >> the lawyer for one of his accusers has asked the national restaurant association for permission and to put out a statement sharing her side of the story. if we could get a decision about that later today. reporting live in northwest washington, c'mon braon abc 7 news. montgomery county man accused of killing his estranged wife and her son is being held without bond. 45-year-old curtis lopez appeared yesterday in court after be extradited for north carolina.
5:37 am
jane mcquain was found dead inside her home in germantown. the body of her 11-year-old son william was found in a wooded area a few days later. authorities believe a baseball bat was used to kill the young boy. a popular capitol hill are will reopen in a few hours. it has been closed since a fire broke out in june. the owners rebuild the kitchen and repaired other smoke and water damage. supporters raised $4,500 to help employees put out of force by the fire. 5:37 now. we have raised it to one degree. 50. >> still ahead a verdict could come down as soon as today in conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. what both sides had to say during yesterday's closing arguments. >> a judge is catching heat for what he did on tape. why he will not face charges of beating his daughter. >> another ta
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i'm executive director of sitar arts center in adams morgan where we provide arts education to young people in d.c. regardless of their family's ability to pay. find out more our website. good morning, washington. friday morning, 5:40.
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we have areas of rain far south of the metro area. for the most part, cloudy this morning. the wind will pick up and we will have sunshine this afternoon. temperatures moving down. notice the area of green indicating rain south of fredericksburg, south of montross along and south of 64 in central virginia. point lookout getting a light sprinkle early this morning close to 50 degrees to start the day. upper 50's this afternoon with sunshine after lunchtime. partial clearing later on today. north wind at 10 to 20. temperatures to mall near 50. low 50's tomorrow afternoon with sunshine. looking good into the weekend coming up sunday into next week. the commute is better. inner loop had an accident before georgia avenue. that's gone. if things are moving on 95 between rich and and baltimore
5:42 am
at normal speed. looks good on 270. 66 between centreville and the beltway. looks good out of leesburg aspirin, ruston, tysons. normal travel times to the wilson bridge. green light on 50 in maryland between annapolis and new york/kenilworth ave. this is 270 live. headlights are southbound. there are more of them, but the pace is steady. looks good all the way to 495. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42, 50 degrees. >> coming up, afraid of michael jackson's doctor is in the hands of a jury. more on what was said during closing arguments tested. >> amazing video from milwaukee. this man set a record by jumping over moving cars. we will tell you what for a great
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tonight at 5:00 a behind-
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the-scenes look and the national zoo. someone asked to purchase, plan, and grind and mix food. more complicated than any restaurant and the tastes are just as finicky. who is in the kitchen? find out at 5:00. who should lead the jericho city of praised certain land over? hundreds of members valid in support of their pastor, a son of a the church founder who i'd last year. he has been helping lead worship service for the past 20 years. the six-member governing board has been trying to oust him. >> we ask the members of this church will not tolerate this board is trying to search for new pastor when we are to have one. >> we love our pastor. >> board members refused to talk with us last night, the church
5:47 am
members say they have been told that the board wants to replace him with someone who has more education and experience. >> a jury is set to begin deciding the fate of michael jackson's doctor. conrad murray trust with involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death. prosecutors say he killed jackson while the defense places the blame on jackson. expense four prisons and lewis's medical license if convicted -- he could spend four years in prison and could lose his medical license. there's a video sparking outrage. >>hillary adams was 16 years old at the time. she september knowing that her father would beat her. she ssaid that his response was so what. her father is a family court judge in texas. >> i just wanted somebody to see
5:48 am
a and demi this was not right. glad i was able to and grow up and move on past this. >> i did nothing wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing. >> the judge will not face criminal charges because too time has elapsed. after being flooded with e- mails, a texas judicial panel decided to investigate. >> recent violence may be to a backlash against occupy wall street movement. people in oakland, california, are cleaning up after violent clashes between police and protesters earlier this week. the violence has led some to believe that the movement is being hijacked by. protests against corporate greed and economic inequality in other cities has been fairly peaceful. we are used to hearing about people setting new records but a bill lockyer man holds one that could be hard to beat. -- but a milwaukee man holds one that could be hard to be. he holds the guinness world record for the fastest time to jump over three moving cars.
5:49 am
if he was inspired to slip and jumped -- flip and jump when he saw bruce lee movies. his sons have been featured in a movie. crazy. >> i have done some crazy stuff, but nothing that crazy. just going out to do some car hopping. [laughter] >> not for me. >> let's take a look of the weather. >> thank you. >> let's stop forecast. [laughter] south of fredericksburg we have a few showers down 95 especially near richmond and points outward, central and southern virginia being where the bulk of the moisture is. much of its south of highway 3. spotsylvania getting a sprinkle right now.
5:50 am
you are on the extreme northern periphery of the band of rain that is mainly situated in central and southern virginia. northern neck getting a few sprinkles. that will not amount to much. probably under a 10th of an inch for those of you and spotsylvania. if it's not moving northward to the metro area. it's moving to the east and southeast. it will move out of your later this morning. 50 degrees canal district, 47 at dulles and hagerstown. 45 in gaithersburg, 48 in lexington park. tabard running above average for this time of year because the blanket of cloud cover we have overhead. the clouds are shown in white on a satellite picture. notice the clearing line to our northwest moving into pennsylvania, new york, and ohio. that will continue moving southward along with a cold front. we will break into sunshine later on today after lunchtime. the cold front moves through this morning. an area of low pressure continues to pass to our south east. cloudy through the morning.
5:51 am
the wind will increase later on today. later this morning into the midday, gusty wind out of the north. and you will notice the sunshine breaking through the clouds after lunchtime. highs in the upper 50's this afternoon. because of the cold front this morning, cooling off even further tomorrow. starting saturday off in the 30's. despite sunshine will make it to the low 50's tomorrow afternoon. by sunday, starting a warming trend began in the upper 50's. mid 60's next week. no issues on the road. everything is open around the beltway, good in virginia as far as interstate travel. a little more action and volume starting to grow on southbound 270 of frederick into montgomery county. slow traffic on 17 east in meyersville with of minor crash. looks good american legion bridge between father hurley
5:52 am
boulevard and the beltway. traffic moving at speed. 95 and b-w parkway and between washington and baltimore, you will not be disappointed. looks good on new york avenue kenilworth avenue, south dakota ave. central avenue po over to east capital street or kenilworth down to eighth streets looking good. back to you. >> thank you. at 6:00 this evening you will be thanking me because my singing will be stuck in your head. >> we need a new song. starbucks is getting married. >> and more american men are calling the their parents who makes. >> linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. >> good morning. i cannot say i'm a fan of justin
5:53 am
bieber, but this story is interesting. for a growing number of young american men, their childhood bedroom is now their new bachelor pad. the percentage of men 25 to 30 living with their parents has increased by one-third in the past five years. that is blamed on the bad economy. women continue 3to be less likely to live with parents. more young women are getting college educations and may be less likely to be unemployed or lose their jobs. investors today looking at the big october jobs report from the labor department. we have stock-index citizen of that little changed. starbucks is growing stronger profits and results. sales climbed 10% in the fourth quarter, helped by sales of its new bistro boxes and increased lunchtime traffic. and festive red crups.
5:54 am
november 15, expect announcements on events and items for the holiday season. that's from starbucks. live and bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. 5:54, ♪ ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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creativity to a new level. while reporting on a woman accused of driving drunk while nearly naked. >> your mind runs through all kinds of scenarios and wonder what it was to have a woman driving 120 miles an hour or wearing virtually no clothing. what we know is when the officer ordered her multiple car, it must've been awkward. >> i feel sorry for the photographer. >> will with the microphone? -- where was the microphone? >> i guess that was the real video. a reporter decided to go short lists on tv for historic, not something you see every day. -- decided to go shirtless. >> it is a ratings month on television. [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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it had a 6:00, a partial beltway shutdown after a diplomatic car crash overnight. we will have live coverage. -- ahead at 6:00. >> the sexual harassment controversy continues for herman cain and supporters rally around him. >> the latest unemployment report. good morning


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