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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 6, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning, super tuesday contest coast to coast. >> voters in ten states awards hundreds of delegate. today could change the course of the race, as a former first lady weighs in, calling it the worst campaign ever. and nature's nightmare caught on tape. coming face to face with a tornado. ? >> and report card. an upbeat report on the economy overnight. the rebound is real. and a century of oreos. the world's best selling cookie, born 100 years ago today.
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good morning on this super tuesday, as millions of votes prepare to pick their favorite republican. >> newt gingrich and ron paul are hoping to gain votes. the big contest is between mitt romney and rick santorum. here's what's at stake today, 437 delegates in ten states. >> the battleground state of ohio is under the microscope today. we find scott goldberg there live in a chilly columbus. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. ohio is seen as the most important of the ten states holding contests today. it's partly symbolic. but for rick santorum, it's critical. a loss here could finish his campaign. he had been surging in ohio. only to watch his lead in the polls slip away, placing him in the last-minute dead heat are mitt romney. >> 12 to 1 is the ratio that ve
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we have been outspent. the five pols, dead even here in the state of ohio. >> reporter: while santorum argued he's scrappy enough, romney tried to cast himself as a inevitable republican nominee. >> we have been all over the state, from a to z, akron to zanesville, we're happy to be here. >> reporter: he turned to his wife ann to help. an effect to humanize her husband. >> i don't consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing. it can be here today and gone tomorrow. >> reporter: as the gop field heads into super tuesday with ten states and more than 400 delegates up for grabs, voters have developed largely unfavorable reviews of all remaining candidates. shared openly by barbara bush. >> since i think, the worst
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campaign i have ever seen in my life. i just hate it. i hate the fact that people think domp miz is a dirty word. >> reporter: for better or worse, no candidate will come out of super tuesday with enough delegates to claim the nomination. rob and paula? >> scott, let's fast forward. how are they shaping up in a head-to-head contest with president obama? >> reporter: well in ohio, it looks like an uphill battle for all of the republicans right now. president obama fares very well against all of them. this will be something to watch. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio in november. >> scott goldberg, stay warm today. stay with abc news for all over coverage.
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diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos have our coverage tonight. we'll wrap up tomorrow on "america this morning." the republican candidates have come under fire for not directly criticizing rush limbaugh. now ten advertisers have abandoned his radio show after the disparaging remarks about the georgetown law student. >> rush apologized yesterday for calling her a slut and a prostitute. she talked on "the view" yesterday saying she doesn't want an apology. >> i don't want a personal phone call. the attacks on the air were enough personal contact for a lifetime. >> she says the insults are an attempt to slils her and millions of other women. the u.s. has a strategic
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obligation, says john mccain, to force out president assad and those that support him. thousands of sere yans fleeing the violence and crossing the border to lebanon. what to do about syria is likely to be on the mind of the president. he speaks today, live, at 1:15 eastern. donations piling up this morning for residents blind sided by the twister this is week. more teams from fema head to the area. survivors are struggling to come to terms with their extraordinary loss. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: for residents of battered towns across the midwest and south, mother nature brought a new headache. snow blanketed crushed houses making the cleanup difficult. >> like a one-two punch right here in the middle of all this.
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>> we lived through the tornado, weave live through the snow. >> reporter: this tape shows the monster twisters. >> come on, go, get out, get out! >> reporter: in indiana, a memorial to remember the entire babcock family, including 15-month-old angel, who was the only member of the family so survive. she later died. >> for such a young family, they were so good. >> reporter: in hard-hit harrisburg illinois, some residents see that picking up may help them heal. in dallas county, missouri, one family is take steps to rebuild. they're in the process of finding a new place to live after being tossed from their mobile home. as the family recovers from wounds, cody found something priceless. >> an engagement ring i gave my
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wife ten years ago. >> reporter: word from the white house that the president will comfort residents who were victims of another tornado. time for a look at the weather across the country. any snow left in the tornado-ravaged areas will be gone as some warmer air moves in. snow showers in montana. gusty winds from california to colorado. >> near 60 in sacramento. a spring-like 72 in kansas city. 43 here in new york. 60 in atlanta. 80 in miami. coming up after the break, we're on ipad rumor watch this morning. apple's big announcement coming tomorrow. plus, some rare good news for air travelers. the airlines announcing on-board changes you'll actually like. >> amen to that. also this morning, survival
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story. anan avenue large victi buried for more than 20 minutes. but, there is a happy ending. stay with us.
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well, there's upbeat news on the economy this morning. analysts say the u.s. economy is grows faster than expected. the economists surveyed by the associated press think the unemployment rate will fall to an even 8% by election day. auto sales are booming. consumer confidence is good.
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the housing market is improving. overseas, markets retreated overnight. tokyo's nikkei average lost 61 points today. hong kong's hang seng was off 459 points. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow fell 15 points. the nasdaq 26. relief is on the way for air travelers and night adttendants. the overhead baggage areas will get bigger. and strawberry growers are in a jam. the supply is too high today. prices have dropped about 50% since the first of the year, thanks to unseasonably warm weather. the anticipation is building for tomorrow's apple ipad unveiling. the new tablet computer may be
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called the ipad hd. reports that apple has a massive dhl ship.from china to the u.s. booked in the next several days. all you apple fans, get ready. since many people that work with commuters don't get enough exercise, the mayo clinic has combined the two. it's installed 30 workstations where you stand and they have treadmills instead of a chair. we could do that. next on this tuesday, big changes for the navy. what sailors will soon be asked to do before getting on those ships. and the high school student with some pretty good aim. wait until you see this shot. stay with us. we'll be right back. losing weight clicked for us when we realized we could eat whatever we wanted and still lose weight.
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you're looking at a narrowly averted tragedy. an avalanche in utah that nearly killed a snow meebler. 'tissen black triggered a slide that buried him under for many than ten feet of snow for 20 minutes. his friends were able to dig him out. >> he was quick on his feet. drivers in the southwest face gusty winds. wet on i-5 from portland to san diego. slick on parts of i-80, 84, 90 in the cascades and rockies. some airport delays possible in l.a., san francisco, las vegas, and salt lake city. back to the news this morning. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is at the center of a growing fire storm over an apo
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aapology. >> in an abc news exclusive, general john allen says it's the right thing to do. >> why wouldn't we? why wouldn't we? this is the central word of god for them. we didn't do it on purpose. we should apologize. now we get on with the relationship. >> he says he's hopeful the anti-american period will soon be over. he's doing his best to see that it is. navy sailors reporting for ship duty will soon face drug and alcohol testing. most sailers will blow into a breathalyzer before going on duty. others will undergo random tests. the navy is eliminating discounts on cigarettes. a trip to the hoover dam turned into a terrifying situation for tourists. the tour bus caught fire as they were leaving.
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the driver, a tour guide and 59 passengers got off the bus before it was consumed by flames. well, the lucky winner of a $336.4 million power ball jackpot is going public today. rob, if it's you, i'll know if you don't show up for work. that winning ticket was drawn on february 11th in rhode island. if the winner opts for a lump sum payout, he or she is going home with $210 million. >> i could make that work, i think. i could make that work. former world series hero lenny dykstra has been sentenced to three years in prison for grand theft auto. they said he scammed auto dealer ships by trying to lease and then held high-end cars. he face federal bankruptcy charges as well. this sunday is selection suntd. these days, college hoops is all
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about get into march madness. we get the details from espn news. i'm chris cotter with your espn news update. college basketball conference tournaments, you win, you're in. you lose, you're going home. we go to the southern conference. davidson dominated the league all season long taking on west carolina. cochran with the layup. closing minute of the half, davidson up one. they make it more with a three-pointer. second half action. under 25 seconds left. western carolina, down four. sumler with the three-pointer. in the extra session, motumbo with the layup. there'senjoying the game. second overtime. davidson, lead by two. last chance for the cat, a mounts. davidson wince, 93-91 in double
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overtime. they're going dancing. west coast conference, gonzaga taking on st. mary's. matthew dillavedova gets tied up. a three-pointer could tie the game and send it into overtime. that's just what they do. though, one last chance for st. mary's. can he sink the shot? he cannot. we go to the extra session. gonzaga down two. a upper missed. the gails win. the west coast conference tournament. gonzaga will also mostlily head to the ncaa tournament. a quick shoutout today to baizele smotherman. >> he grabbed a rebound, throws up a long distance hail mary.
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boom. in it goes. >> his great shot was not neeed the end. the team won by, yep, three points. mike tyson, has he found a new career? and would you watch a reality show starring tim tebow? and a milestone for the classic american treat. the oreo turns 100. that was me trying to be discreet
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all right, welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse" this morning. question here, could tim tebow be the next bachelor? >> the denver broncos quarterback so famous for taking a knee in prayer has been asked to be on the abc reality show. the host said tebow accepted but he threw water on it last night. >> former heavy weight champ mike tyson making news. >> iron mike is coming back. this time as the headliner of his own variety show at the mgm grand. god help us all. the show is called undisputed truth. set for a one-week run in mid april. it's billed as a no holded barred presentation of mike's story. tickets start at 100 bucks.
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a great show. a michigan grammy is dealing with an aggressive stalker. she can hardly make it to her car. that's the bad boy. a 25-pound gobbler named god zil la. >> he's taken over ed that's yard. when a friend came to help out, godzilla went after him, too. she needs to show the turkey who is boss out there by shaking an umbrella at him. happy 100th birthday to the oreo cookie. we have some on the set to help us celebrate. just two, that's haul that's in the budget. >> do you twist or --? gi >> give me one. >> a whole lot have been sold. do you twist?
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search great grains and see for yourself. and updating the day's top stories. the biggest contest so far for the republicans who want to be president. 437 delegates are at stake today. we know what barbara bush thinks. not wanting to completely surrender the spotlight, the president holds his first full news conference of the year today. aid is pouring into grief-stricken tornado survivors across the midwest and south. the residents trug struggle to clean up. a quick look at waer now. warming up in the midwest and the south. some high winds from california to colorado and west texas. and finally this tuesday morning, britain's prince harry meets royalty of a didn't sort today. in jamaica, he's getting
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together with national hero, olympic sprint eer usain bolt. >> reporter: forget partying like a rock star when you can party with a prince. straight from belize to the bahamas, everyone seems to be wild about the prince. >> more noise on this side. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he's dancing. drinking. and dazzling crowds along the way. >> he has green eyes. >> reporter: does he? >> well -- >> green or blue. >> reporter: wearing casual clothing and dancing shoes, he tested local rum and beer in belize. looking more like a local than a
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prince. >> the girls were screaming for him like a pop star. >> reporter: he's arguably the world's most eligible bachelor. the reigning miss bahamas is calling him hot. all his prince charming aside, he's playing a serious royal role. he's representing his grandmother, celebrating the queen's 60 years on the throne. where she's still considered head of state. the island-hopping prince is on a ten-day jubilee tour. he brought energy to the royal walk-about. >>. >> reporter: he also visited a mayan temple. his brother settling into a new marriage, and duties as the future king, his prince harry the world seems to be watching. >> he may have a life of leezier.


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