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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> snow and sleet are covering roads from texas to michigan. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news. >> snow, freezing rain and sleet .
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asare on storm watch tonight the winter weather has the east coast now. we will keep you updated on the timeline of everything. let's get you the latest information tonight. doug, how does it look? >> it looks pretty messy. it is the dreaded wintry mix. it could well be that. that is a big portion of the area. tonight is just rain. it is what rain. all of that will change tomorrow. the temperatures will be in the 30's and lower 40's. and tomorrow it will get colder and drier in the region. the cold, dry air will be in late tomorrow. by sunday, the next element of energy will come up. right now, we are in deep 30's and 40's. temperatures to the west are very cold.
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that cold air will be brought into our area as well. it is a classic set up here. the weather service is issuing a storm watch for sunday for most of the areas. we expect some snow, and enter to. we expect some freezing rain. and we are looking for that sunday afternoon or sunday night. they may be some delays on monday morning. the heaviest ice will be just west of i-95. all of that is possible. we will give you more details soon. that is coming up in just a couple of minutes. creatingorm is mostly cool, rainy weather right now. and that can all change this weekend. icy roads and power outages are possible. many are prepared tonight. our correspondent joins us live from busters.
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-- i'll start. church. trying tof folks out get ready before the storm arrives. is 28 degrees and snowing right now. >> on this cold, wet, rainy night shoppers are taking advantage of the misery. >> i saw good sale. i decided to go. i am almost done. >> they are braving be chill and the damp. >> i am trying to be the rush. >> they are trained to get ahead of the mall madness and debt ahead of all of this heading our way. this headingead of our way.
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codednter he storm has arkansas and tennessee and knocked out howard to thousands of homes. shirtwas outside in a t- and shorts, and tomorrow i'll be ice-skating. >> summer trying to get into the holiday spirit. are trying to get into the holiday spirit. >> i love christmas weather. >> consider this a preview of the first real taste of winter weather. that fireplace sounds really good right now. route seven is very wet right now. keep in mind it will be a lot colder soon, and the roads will be a lot riskier. abc 7 eyewitness news. toyou can count on abc seven keep your ahead of the storm. we are constantly updating the forecast. hours aget details 24
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day on our website. you can also check facebook or our storm watch app. we will be here all weekend tracking the storm. doug hill will lead the coverage. that will be right here on abc seven news. moving on now to other news s after washington, d.c.'s police chief speaks out after disturbing scandal. are under officers investigation for taking advantage of young girls. our correspondent as hero the latest. >> the police chief asked the public to have patience and let the justice system run its course. , patience community is running out. >> whether it is the police or judge, there is a problem. say therety leaders is outrage over why washington dc police officer has yet to be
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charged with misconduct. >> maybe they're protecting them. >> they watched as officers searched the home. they say that the investigators found a missing 16-year-old girl, drugs, and evidence the officer may have been pimping underage girls. the department is still investigating. >> we are actively trying to determine it if this is anything of a criminal nature that we can charge the officer with. maybe the standards are different for the police than the citizens. the communityat is losing faith in the debate -- police department. >> i think the happy i should get involved in this. it could be larger than what they anticipated. >> this comes on the heels on other allegedly conduct this week.
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officer washington was arrested and charged with producing porn after taking pictures of a young girl while on duty. he may soon be released on home detention. >> someone needs to do better. we should tell you that the second officer considers on light duty that he has been on for the last year, while the investigation continues. abc 7 eyewitness news. >> happening now in prince , officers arey investigating a drug bust. activity and found more than 180 pounds of marijuana. police tell us that the drugs have a street value of more than $.5 million. there are a lot of
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investigations and hotels for possible criminal activity. we were at the plate -- we were at the right place at the right time. >> the suspect has been arrested. he faces multiple charges. possession ofthe a controlled integer substance. new at 11 clock, 24 hours after the death of one of the greatest world leaders of our time, nelson mandela, people who were touched by nelson mandela are telling the story. robert joined the flight cooks lane. fromre than 8000 miles washington dc is where he lived his life, but we found his impact surpassing the distance as many remembered. >> the memories of nelson mandela are poignant. he loved people. learned lessons of a life
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lived at peace. this he implanted, live your light. flowers outside the south african embassy. many are traumatized. the former u.s. ambassador says that nelson mandela was more than a head of state. >> that kind of man comes around once in a century. is, if he or she comes around at all. expatriates living in washington dc recalls nelson mandela positive it -- nelson mandela's last visit. >> people were crying. homeland, they
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paid respects to the man credited with uniting the nation. washingtonians are pouring out their hearts. to send to the mandela family, why shouldn't we, in the spirit that he stood for, give opportunities to everyone. >> south african will have a national day of prayer. nelson mandela will be laid to rest in a tiny village where he was born. abc 7 eyewitness news. everyone toe ask stay with abc news for complete coverage. leon harris and scott are traveling to a johannesburg. we will have live reports right here on abc seven.
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new at 11:00, the executive director of the maryland health exchange has resigned. rebecca pearce supervised the exchange. a resignation comes one week after being grilled about the website. the driving rain did not stop tonight lighting of the national christmas tree. president obama light the tree. help light it with a character from christmas -- sesame street. , whyalous news from abc you will see less of olivia pope the season. don't let this sweet little face for you. -- fool you.
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this dog is a hard criminal. what he did, coming up. >>
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>> you are watching abc seven ,ews at 11:00 with leon harris and the chief meteorologist doug hill. this is abc seven news at 11 , on your side. cutting oned it is show episodes for the season. that means 18 episodes will air instead of the original 22. there are rumors that kerry washington and her husband are exciting a baby. and will take a break
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return in february for the final episode of season three. a new drama hits theaters this weekend. arch campbell has a review. >> don't go looking for holiday week's out of the surface -- furnace. it stars christian bale. people live in those hills. i want justice. >> he tries to hold his family together and out of the furnace. he watches over his dying father and his struggling father -- brother. he is a returning war veteran. christian bale goes to prison. when he comes out his father is dead, his girlfriend has left, and his brother is making money in back room bites. -- fight. >> i am going to have to teach a
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lesson. >> sometimes leading to murder, out of the mircette -- furnace tries hard. it feels like an imitation of other better movies. gravity, and prescott, or the hunger games. , abc 7ch campbell eyewitness news. >> i didn't think we were going to get any new stars in march. there is more of an issue with freezing rain. we knew that would be an issue. that will be late sunday afternoon or sunday night. q this morning. about 22 hours ago. -- let's go back to this morning. about 22 hours go. it is been moving from north of
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south. fredericksburg. 39 degrees near the naval academy. below zero in rapid city. five below in minneapolis. it is moving from the south and then to the east. the pressure change because of a lot of things happening in the avenue is there. high-pressure and a couple of low pressure areas are coming in. it is still 70 degrees in raleigh. that is crazy. the front has passed through the metro area. we will get some clear air and some sunshine tomorrow. we have some advisories and some watches to talk about. there is a new storm watch. are concernedes with some of the icy snow falling now and have been you.
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out west.e clearing there are thousands of square miles of when chilled advisories. same areas. it will be to warm up by a few degrees. those areas will get all rain. but everybody else could get snow, sleet, or freezing rain. mostly cloudy in the morning. temperatures in the 30's. cold air. dry air. in the afternoon it will clear out here it temperatures will -- clear out. temperatures will tank. and the blue is some areas of rain in the southeast. there are some warmer temperatures. and some of that could turn to sleet. ice,hen you will see the especially northwest of washington through the evening. the longer it stays below 32,
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the bigger the problem it will be. that will be sunday night, maybe even into the early morning of monday. at the ground level, and then we will get it above freezing. that will be the situation. for a long time we will have ice today with. maybe some snow on sunday, changing to sleet, and then freezing rain in afternoon. and then when warmer temperatures comeback a could turn back to rain. and the biggest concern is that the driving could be hazardous. a wintry mess on sunday. as we get to monday, it looks like the rain will hang around. there is another cold front early tuesday. partly cloudy and seasonably cold air. >> we know you'll be watching that all weekend. we will be watching. good to see you. >> it will be sloppy. >> and looks like a mess. >> let's get a nice warm.
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a game over 500 tonight. those are the teams in the nba. stick around. we will show you another impressive performance. we will show you another impressive performance. you won't take my life.
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>> the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. they are looking for their sixth straight home win tonight. it was the official debut. another great night. they come from down 13 at halftime. they had a lead. left, the buss come back.
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-- bucks come back. they go cold. they lose 109-105. carloskees wrapped up 430 bimanual dollars today -- artie $5 million today. $35 million dollars today. washington's fourth outfielder will make about $10 million. it will be absolutely nasty on sunday, as you heard. they'll be just in time for the redskins game. a are still battling for a chance to win, even though they are on a three-game losing streak. they are still one of the best games in the afc. what are the redskins playing for? they lost last week to the giants. what is your motivation?
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>> this of the last time the group is going to be together. we all know it. ourselves,ing for the teammates, and also playing for the other teams that are out there. we are not going to have the same group, with all 53 guys on the same team next year. we want to play for that. team your the national see the channeling -- challenging draw. ,he u.s. is with ghana portugual, and germany. their chances skyrocket it today to 150-1. they are against a very tough team. football, tomorrow we have college football for you right here on abc seven. .klahoma-oklahoma state
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and then we will have the championship game where duke is playing. >> thank you very much. take a look at this dog. he looks pretty innocent. look at that base. he has a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's whye created the share the love event. thby the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a cechoice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> dogs are often guilty of
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being cute, maybe a little messy. but a husky and south carolina got involved in a real climbed. -- crime. he was caught stealing from the dollar store. it was a general store. police say that he was taking the bones and dog food. they didn't expect to see him when they pulled up. there is a video. his honors as he got off the leash and took off. clinton, south carolina call it the best arrest ever. they even filled out a police report. but that was
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>> we have a messy weekend ahead of us. >> tomorrow will be a nice day. dry and chilly. neither temperatures tomorrow. and freezing rain. we are inspecting cold in the
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snow -- in the morning. it is changing to reason rain in the evening. we are hoping that it will get [ male announcer ] give yourself the ultimate holiday gift!
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