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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hi, livvie. (whispers) where are you? i know you must be angry with me. where are you, mom? but i just wanted to hear your voice. tell me where you are! don't worry, sweetheart. i'll see you real soon. ♪ ♪ living ♪ just enough ♪ living for the city ♪ yeah ♪ just enough ♪ ain't nothing but our city ♪
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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ i pickedt int in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. coldest december temperatures in years and another round of snow may be headed our way. another cold day of bitter temperatures first. abc 7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the timeline. >> cold out there right now and temperatures are still falling. we will probably hit our lowest temperatures before sunrise. 22 in frederick. 23 in bethesda. 35 degrees in downtown washington. as far as other numbers, we
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expect them to drop a few degrees. 18 in laurel, 19 in believe. about 22 inside the washington area. we are looking at not just a cold night but a very cold wake up tomorrow morning. a little bit warmer in the afternoon, maybe close to 40 degrees. we have this wintry mix to talk about. the storm system responsible is quite a ways away from us. it is still over the far southwest. it is going to tap the pacific ocean for moisture. two systems will come with cold air trapped around our area. it will give the implications and how much we expect coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thanks so much, doug. it has been a wild week for weather. it started with snow and it is ending in a deep freeze. jay korff joins us live with how people are dealing with the brutal cold. around theravels
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nation's capital and in virginia, maryland, washington, dc right now, we haven't seen a lot of people out and about. that might have to do a little bit with these brutally cold temperatures. >> it is real cold out here. >> national mall was nearly ,eserted and fort washington drivers opted for the drive- through lane. layers bones in chilling kind of night. >> it is cold, about close to 20? very cold. >> i have to work in it so i prepare myself for it. >> sylvia young spends a lot of time outside when she is on the job so she plans ahead. >> five shirts and two hats. >> it has been a wild week of winter weather. it reeked havoc on roadways and knocked out power to thousands. that was followed by a few inches of snow. now we are dealing with a deep freeze.
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don't like the cold or the snow. >> d.c. residents are wondering what will happen saturday. there is talk may be of more snow. >> you have no control over your vehicle. once you've hit the brakes it is over. >> people we talked with tonight say with i would take cold over snow and snow over eyespot, it is only about -- ice but it is only about mid-december. why in the district, jay korff. be sure and download the abc 7 weather app on your smart phone. about a beloved washington fixture. longtime d.c. quiz show host mac mcgarry has passed away. he hosted "it's academic" until he retired in 2011. the show first aired in october 1961 and is the longest-running television quiz show in the world.
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mcgarry is survived by his wife and four children. mac mcgarry was 87 years old. in prince george's county, a family is dealing with an incredible loss as two sisters are killed in a crash. it happened on the baltimore- washington parkway near route 202. family members spoke with us tonight. asy described both women wonderful people and loving mothers. tom roussey joins us live near the scene. >> what is making this tougher for family members is the driver of the other car had a warrant on him related to a past homicide case. this accident happened behind me on the parkway at the 200 to exit. happened almost at the property line of prince georges hospital center, but there wasn't time to save the women. their family members say this never should have happened. >> i had a feeling that something happened to somebody but i didn't know who it was. >> the adams sisters say they had a terrible feeling even
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before they learned about an accident. >> i wish it wasn't nobody that i knew. it turned out to be somebody that i did. >> this picture of kiana wiggins was taken yesterday. her 34th birthday. she and the three others in this infinity had been out to celebrate and were headed home shortly after midnight. she didn't survive. whoand husband cj wiggins only suffered minor injuries were raising four kids. >> a good mother, good honest wife. devoted to her kids. i just feel for her kids. >> also killed, kiana wiggins's sister angel barbour who had a two-year-old daughter. >> i am devastated to what happened. five kids out there don't have a mom. >> charles wiggins is cj galleons's father. he was too upset to speak on camera. he and the adams say learning
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about the driver of the other vehicle is making this even harder. terry trice and his female passenger left the accident scene. trice had ahey late warrant for a probation related to a homicide. say seth debose was the fourth person in that infinity. he remained at the hospital tonight. they say he is in critical condition. as for terry trice who was wanted on that warrant, he is still here at the hospital too. he is in custody. live tonight, i am tom roussey. >> thanks. 11, new information about an american who vanished in iran seven years ago. an investigation reveals robert levinson was working for the cia on an unapproved mission when he disappeared. family paid levinsohn's $2.5 million to head off a revealing lawsuit. three veteran analysts of the
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cia were forced out and seven others disciplined. the team of analysts had no authority to run the operations. the white house said he disappeared during a business trip. days before the one-year anniversary of the deadly shootings in newtown, connecticut, hundreds gathered at the national cathedral. they included the parent of a teacher killed at sandy hook elementary school. live at the national cathedral. >> those newtown families have asked the media not to mark the somber anniversary in their town. some of them to travel here to the national cathedral to be part of this vigil designed to draw attention to the issue of gun violence. ♪ kingnger-songwriter carole lending her voice to the chorus of hundreds gathered at the washington national cathedral to mark the one-year anniversary of the newtown massacre. they are relatives of victims of
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gun violence from our -- around the country. goddard who survived the virginia tech mass shooting and russo whose daughter was murdered in the newtown massacre. >> we are here today with a common goal of remembering our loved ones. and seeking to make our world a safer place. >> december 14 last year, a 20- year-old gunman shot his way into the sandy hook elementary school. he shot and killed 20 children and six teachers he for turning the gun on himself. many here are frustrated. they had hoped newtown would prompt changes in gun control laws. it has not happened. advocates urge the families not to give up. >> i believe that the forces of love are finally greater and stronger than the forces of hatred. i am counseling persistence.
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promisedent obama had the families significant movement on gun control reform but he couldn't get congress to go along. the white house has shifted its focus to mental health, pledging $100 million to try to prevent these kinds of shooting sprees. >> thank you. lamar alexander's former chief of staff made his court appearance today. ryan loskarn is charged with producing and distributing child pornography. his home was raided by federal agents on wednesday. prosecutors claim loskarn try to throw a portable hard drive out the window. he will remain in jail until his next court date on monday. congress is one step closer to passing its first budget in four years. the bipartisan budget agreement passed the house tonight by a vote of 332-94. the two-year agreement prevents a number government shutdown. it replaces the next round of sequester with revenue from its
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increased airline fees, future spending cuts and requiring new government workers to contribute more towards their pensions. it advances conservative policy and moves us in the right direction. >> we think it is a small but important step in what we hope is a return to regular -- up, the houseping passed a one-month extension of the farm bill and the defense authorization act. the senate is expected to pass the budget bill next week. if it does pass the senate, the president says he will sign it. is upmega million jackpot for grabs. someone could win $400 million. it is the second highest jackpot with the game. you can see the winning numbers tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news at 11:00. still ahead, kerry washington.
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>> and an interpreter call a fake is on the defensive. >> and an interpreter call a fake look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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newsu are watching abc 7 at 11:00, on your side. >> nasa is scrambling to figure out what is wrong with a cooling unit on the international space station. wednesday, one of two system used to cool equipment on board shut down. engineers expect a bad valve. it -- s suspended say after an astronaut nearly drowned when his head filled with water. developing news out of north korea. the government announced kim jong-un's uncle was executed. the government calls jaeng song thaek a traitor saying he try to overthrow the state. his execution comes days after he was removed from his post accused of corruption and womanizing. a surprising conclusion to the trial of a montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. she pleaded grippy to second- degree murder.
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closing arguments were set to begin. she says she pushed johnson to his death after the tomb i got into a fight. the couple married eight days earlier and were honeymooning in glacier national park. >> the family is very thankful for the outcome of this case. it was very emotional. in federalcharged court because the murder happened in a national park. she could face life in prison when sentenced in march. the south african simon which interpreter called a fake is on the defensive. he says his poor performance at the memorial was due to a medical episode caused by his schizophrenia. the interpreter became visibly irritated and refused to sign when asked. [indiscernible] they say i am speaking rubbish. if i were speaking rubbish and
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there was nothing being done and only now something is being done and i must again -- >> questions about security. he told a johannesburg newspaper he was hallucinating and hearing voices during the ceremony. on the same day the fcc is talking about allowing cell phones used in, the department of transportation begins to profit -- process. the department is considering a ban citing concerns from airlines travelers and flight attendants. the fcc is seeking public comment on plans to expand cell phone use on airplanes. actressnor for scandal terry washington. she received a asked actress nomination for the golden globes. list of 20adds to a nominations. she was nominated for an emmy and an image award this year for scandal.
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you didn't get nominated for a golden globe did you get nominated as one of my favorites. i want you to improve this weather. >> it is a brief deep-freeze. we have got the wintry mess here -- this is a nasa satellite. you see d.c. at the bottom of the screen. look at the lower side of maryland. you're looking at snow cover on the ground. that is what we saw on this crystal clear day. not much melting today. most areas never got above the freezing mark even with full sunshine. the snow reflects very effectively. not much melting. temperatures are heading down. 21 at this hour in gaithersburg. in dulles they were a bit colder. we are in the teens and lower 20's. i think you will want up with
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temperatures in the mid teens to lower 20's inside the beltway. 21 and pittsburgh, 18 in detroit. these are a couple of degrees warmer than they were at 6:00. it is not going to get a whole lot colder. as the center of high pressure moves off tomorrow, we get a little bit warmer. still clear skies tonight. if you are not doing anything, go outside for a bit if you want. take a look. you may see some meteors. the meteor shower late tonight. there are some clouds to the south and west. starting to see evidence of what is coming our way on saturday. energy in the southwest picking up moisture from the pacific ocean and also from the gulf of mexico. it is starting. you can see how dry we are here. two storm systems develop. one will go to the west and one will go to the east. it will pull down a fair amount of dry air.
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we have the mix potential there, snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain briefly. it will be rain. everything is on track here. increasing cloudiness tomorrow. precipitation probably getting -- beginning late morning. our computer model predicting snowfall here. 1/10 of an inch. further north and west it will be a real snow. for most of the region, not so much. we will ramp up tomorrow to the 30's and near 40. our average tomorrow is 37. let's give you a forecast for the next several days. a mix of snow far up north. clear on sunday. breezy, about 42. a bit colder on monday. very pleasant conditions throughout the middle of next week. good-looking stuff weather-wise. >> you would think these cold temperatures would cool some of
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the emotions going on about the redskins. >> shanahan is frustrated by the rg iii decision. number one and number two playing high school hoops. number one in the acc basketball standings? number one in the acc basketball standings? comiard to say no to the oppor
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the maryland basketball team continues to search for an identity. the coaches getting gray hair with some of the decisions. the terrapins are in first place tonight. they will stay there until new year. but me take you back to maryland and boston college. what a night for wells. boston college couldn't stop him. he was taking it to the rack, using his quickness, controlling the game. funny to point in the second half. he ended with a career-high 33 points. maryland beats boston college
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and goes to 1-0 in the acc. it has been a long season for the redskins. you wonder how this can continue to be such a dysfunctional organization. it seems like it has been that way since dan snyder bought this franchise. mike shanahan put rg iii on the show. met withyle shanahan the media to say he had zero involvement in the decision. he is frustrated. next threerd, this weeks, there is no quarterback controversy. he believes rg iii should be playing right now. >> like i said, i would like to finish this out. --time you're a coordinator i can't finish the year without a starting quarterback. it would be good for robert. that is my opinion, but i understand they have concerns. i do agree with what they are saying. if he did get hurt, that would be devastating next year. that is a fact. >> the redskins are headed to atlanta this weekend. the wizards play their tomorrow night. they're looking for their 10th
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win of the season. icicle basketball tonight. -- high school basketball tonight. joshua reeves takes it right to the rack, slam dunks that. defense was big for the panthers tonight. curtis jones, how about this? 71-51 over st. john's. holy nike, the shoe that michael anden -- michael jordan wore online auction today, $104,000. remember that game? chicago won 90-88. jordan gave the ball boy the shoes. he kept them in a safety deposit box. he said he will use the money to pay off his college loans but $104,000 for the shoes that jordan wore in game five of the 1997 playoffs. in baseball, the nationals made it official today.
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he is 32 years old. he has been a gold glove and all-star. can't wait for baseball season. bring it on. warm weather in florida. >> remarkable. that is true. shopping doing holiday
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