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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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that. he focuses on connecting with students. >> i am very proud because he is my teacher. he is the only teacher that is easy to talk to. >> be honest. don't tell your kids that map is easy but never say it is not worthwhile. the mayor said it best -- >> mr. day, this is your day. for abc seven news at five em p.m. at 6is is abc seven news p.m. >> we are tracking wintry weather back to perla renting a holiday travel plans.
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warnings and advisories are now in place in many parts of the nation were snow and ice threatens the slick roads. the weather to the north and west are stark contrast to the mild temperatures in our area. us with whereoins the trouble spots will be. >> let us go to our graphics board because places like oklahoma are under ice storm warnings. we are going to be fine until late sunday when we get showers. ice storms and snow is on tap for the weekend but for us it will stay on the warm side. plenty of moisture off the pacific and eventually to the gulf. the cold front will get here but not until late sunday. as we head to the day tomorrow, we will climb even more. into the mid-60's with a little sunshine.
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>> thanks. construction will begin soon on a casino in prince george's county. maryland gaming officials picked mgm's design for casino at the national harbor. us. bell is very and joins -- there and joins us. >>lects it is -- collects -- it is going to be big. it will cover a large part of this area that they call the plateau. the ceo says he will build something that he describes is both beautiful and iconic. c. it will look something like this. over the national harbor -- a huge casino harboring a hotel and shops. it is expected to bring in more than $700 million per year while paying a 56% tax rate.
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the head of mgm says the casino will be a boon for the region. >> i know how successful this will be that i've have made plenty of commitment last year in terms of construction jobs, permanent jobs. >> that is the argument which won the day for mgm. they elected in their favor. it gives us quality and amenities. collects the second -- >> the second-place finisher is greenwood racing. says theiry ceo place would've been a success and revitalize the community. the project afforded them the unique opportunity. >> they will not challenge the decision. is full steam ahead for gm -- mgm. >> we hope to get something in the ground as early as next year
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because we are shooting for that in 2016 opening. does open, or it is expected that 4000 people will work there. there will be thousands of construction jobs. this afternoon, prince george's county executive issued a statement. it was his push an endorsement which led to today's decision. he says this will be in economic machine for the county. brad bell, abc 7 news. tonight, webc seven are hearing from a man who was shot after a confrontation with an armed security guard in northeast washington. he shot the guard after the 28-year-old man restarted his gun.
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he told jennifer donelan on the phone. >> come on, man. >> the lease to the guard into custody but he has not been charged with a crime. >> a veteran d.c. police officer faces charges tonight. samson lawrence attacked his wife with a metal light fixture, sprayed her in the face with lysol, and threatened to stab her. in the department stripped them of his policing powers after learning of the indictment. man who shot president ronald reagan will soon be able to spend more time outside of a mental hospital. a judge has signed off on a plan to allow him to visit his mother's home in williamsburg
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for up to 17 days at a time. he was previously limited to sending -- spending 10 days at a time there. reportector general finds misconduct within the secret service. it comes 18 months after a dozen secret service agents were implicated into a prospect douching -- a prostitution scandal. the secret service says they haven't lamented 11 of the recommendations -- have implemented 11 of that recommendations. obamaorters asked barack whether he is wrapping up the worst year of his presidency. >> this is the most wonderful press conference of the year. >> president obama tried to hit the reset button before the new year. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency?
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>> i look at this past year and that areas there have been frustration. checks ing background the wake of newtown was a mistake. >> at baylor to pass new gun control measures. leaks about the surveillance committee, the government shut down. the president's poll numbers hit a beating hitting its lowest point yet. even when down the hours for the -- hours after the press conference. >> when you try to do something this big affecting this many people, it is going to be hard. >> at was the biggest mistake he made this year, he says. thousands oft that americans are signing up successfully every day. that is the not -- that is not the only bright spot for the president. >> when i look at the landscaper next year, we are poised to do
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really good things. the economy is stronger than it has been in a very long time. >> with today's briefing and all the bad news of last year, the president is jetting off to hawaii to spend the holidays with his family. senate majority leader a reread missed the final session of the year after he was admitted to the hospital. his office says he was not feeling well. he is under observation that is said to be feeling better. next, helicopter pilots come to the rescue of a pilot moments after a crash. >> a look back at 25 years of history. inside
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>> supporters of mohamed morsi crashed cairo today. he was removed from office and arrested in july. he and the members of the muslim brotherhood will stand trial for espionage. florida police officers say they were in the right place at the right time to save amanda to saveurning plane -- a man from a burning plane. the officers were on helicopter
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patrol when they saw the accident. in moments, they were on the ground pulling the pilot to safety. >> we feel very accomplished that we were able to provide a service that normally is not part of our duty. we are assisting patrol, chasing bad guys, locating people who were missing. >> the pilot was hurt but is said to be doing ok. >> police are investigating another smash and grab burglary in montgomery county. there have been more than two dozen smash and grab burglaries in montgomery and prince george's county in the past month. there was no indication that this latest break-in is connected to those. next, and looked back at 25 years of inside washington. we look at the legacy of a show seen across the country.
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we will check in with doug hill on about what to expect with travel problems and wintry weather. >> of the washington capitals world into carolina with hopes of stopping the hurricanes. 20 ramallah comes that washington -- tony romo comes to washington.
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>> after 25 years, a piece of television history will soon be off the air. peterson andgordon his panel take the final installment of inside washington. rebecca cooper is here with a look of the legacy. this is a show with a national following indicated -- syndicated on television. while gordon is not retiring from the anchor chair here, he is retiring his show. us what was really going on inside washington. for 25 years, it was gordon
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peterson on the hot seat calling the shots, lighting the show, and every week sharing wisdom with his panel of experts. >> this does not work with me. this has been pure pleasure because we have been friends. you people, you like those other people. that agreeingry with someone on issues and liking them personally was unacceptable. >> they have a loyal audience. they reflected on their loyalty to each other including when her first husband was near death. quite as my colleagues would show up at the hospital. when i started to date my beloved husband, they cheered me on. >> the teasing never stopped. described what that
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caused for republicans. the best moments when it was one-on-one and tagteam wrestling. >> behind the scenes and in gordonf the camera, needs as valuable team by his side. >> it was time. you quit while you still have your fastball and some of them had changeups. proving people with different viewpoints can get along, gordon was praised for his famous work ethic. was --ly hand the camera the guy behind the camera was always reported to be the best. you can watch the final episode of inside washington this sunday at 9 a.m. >> i have already seen it.
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quite i will watch it again. collects who was the best wrestler on the team? .? >> nobody pushes her around. it was so much fun. i love them all dearly. and i will miss being with them every friday. you just have to go to the houses to find out. gordon. you, doug hill is here to give us a look at what kind of weather we are going to have over the holiday. >> by christmas day it will be seasonal. between now and then, all kinds of things will happen. we will tell you the tale here as we went through the day with an overcast but there was still a time when the sunshine came through. we were able to hit 60 at reagan
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national. 45 is our average. we are not finished with this -- two more days of above average temperatures. 68 is a record high tomorrow at reagan national. 72 on sunday. record, bothking a are possible and it is happening on the winter solstice when it is posted be cold. we will drop into the 40's tonight. there is a lot warm air still to come. look at the dramatic difference between oklahoma city and little rock. -- ice warnings in effect for oklahoma city. a verythis coming from active jetstream in the far southwest of here. along with that it is pulling moisture from the pacific and the gulf. we had the classic set up for one heck of a mess.
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it will be a fairly small area. rain and ice and then snow. all of that over the weekend. our weather will go the other way. 60's and 70's. the front will make a push on us. of showers a couple sunday afternoon and sunday night and especially into monday, that is when the heaviest rains and thunderstorms will come. it will slowly turn cooler is -- on monday. it will clear out and allow those big chilly high-pressure to comment on christmas eve and christmas day. 72 on sunday. 54 degrees on monday and that high will be in the morning. as we get through the transition day, highs will be in the upper 30's on christmas eve and christmas day. a definite interesting stretch as we head through the next seven days.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. redskins cowboys, big game for london fletcher. he will be in the hall of fame one day and i have said he is a better person than he is a player. on sunday, he will play his final game at home. the final one of his career and i am hoping everyone in washington will watch it. the weather is supposed to be perfect, the dallas cowboys are in town, and don't you believe the redskins will be bawling out further cap and final game? >> it will be his last time. we hope to come out with a victory. we all respect and admire london. itgets shown all of us what means to conduct ourselves as a professional on and off the field. it will mean a lot to london to
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get a wind and to us as teammates. >> the cowboys will be motivated as the redskins. they are still in the playoff hunt. while they are just as up and down as the redskins are, tony romo knows what they have to do to stay alive in the nfc east. >> i think we are a football team that has small margin for error. i think we understand we have to gamea very sound football with little or no turnovers. >> the capitals visit rollie -- raleigh for the first time. 0-2 against are them this year. ovechkin has been between the pipes for both -- for both of those losses. everybody knows that alex ovechkin is having a great year.
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pick upd other guys to the scoring because teens are trying to take him away. they play tonight at 7:30 p.m. the flyers are two points behind the capitals and what a win last night. two goals in the finer -- final two minutes. our global -- our goal of the night -- i know rg iii is taking his activity hard -- his activity hard -- his inactivity hard. what about aaron rodgers? green bay is fighting chicago for the title. the fans own the green bay packers so the entire community comes out to shovel the stadium. they are getting van gogh field ready.- lambeau field they will play football in
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fenway park again. it will be the first time they play at fenway since the 1960's. >> 1968. >> exactly. >>
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>> give us the latest. >> it will be warm.
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tomorrow will be partly mostly cloudy. lay in the day sunday showers. we will get the heaviest day -- heaviest rain and thunderstorms on monday. a developing storm will cause a big problem. >> thank you. abc world news coming up next. >> we avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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