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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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for missing >> first at 11:00 -- fast-moving flames and rush to escape with a heartbreaking end. cost a 4-year-old his life. cell phone video shot in
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geagersburg. investigators trying to figure out what happened there while local families attempt to pick up the pieces. >> roz is live with more on what's been an emotional night for residents there. >> just a few minutes ago spoke with a family friend who tells me that yesterday was the little boy's birthday and they planned a birthday party for him this weekend. neighbors told us about this terrifying moments tonight when they did everything they could to try to help their father rescue his son but in the end the flames were just too powerful. >> it's my fault! >> elizabeth is inconsolable. she said she lost her 4-year-old nephew inside the fire. the blaze broke out just after 4:00 in the afternoon at the snyder mill apartments. this is cell phone video. investigators say the fire appears to have started on the second floor and flames shot
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straight up. knabes tell us they felt helpless as the father desperately tried to rescue his son. >> the guy was trying to go through the door but couldn't because of the smoke and fire. he wanted too so badly. he couldn't get in there. >> up on the third floor others were trapped too. >> i saw an old man, his head was on fire and he was like screaming and the firefighter went in and broke the window and actually tried to get him outside. >> some other good samaritans pulled another family to safety. >> there was a lady with two children, she got a man out. i think it was a guy in a chair or something like that reached out and grabbed the children and then got the lady down from the balcony. >> in the aftermath, at least a dozen families may have lost their homes but it is the loss of a child that hurts the most. >> it's a sad day. especially losing a child like that. it's painful. >> two adults and two children were also taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. the red cross is finding shelter
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for about 40 people tonight. firefighters believe the cause of the fire is accidental and damage estimates will top $1 million and, of course, the tragic loss of life. live in gaithersburg, abc7 news. >> roz, thank you. more sad news tonight developing from the virginia coast. the navy confirmed a second crew member died when a helicopter crashed into the ocean near norfolk this afternoon. the search for one sailor still missing. two crew members in the hospital listed in serious and fair condition. >> today has been atough day on all of us. our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones killed in today's trash. >> the helicopter was doing routine training when it crashed. it's not clear why it went down. the crash is under investigation and names of those killed have not been released. >> new at 11:00, a substitute teacher is arrested, accused of driving a sixth grader's head
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into a desk. "the washington post" reports the teacher is charged with assault and cruelty to children. alleged incident happened at northeast washington back in november. according to "the post," the boy's mother has medical records showing her son suffered a concussion. the teach ears status with the school system is not known tonight. >> more trouble for the d.c. fire department. this time a firefighter is arrested accused of driving an ambulance on revoked license. >> allison, the past couple of months several d.c. firefighters have been arrested, some on serious criminal charges. wednesday morning another firefighter found himself once again on the wrong side of the law. engine 33 on atlantic street in southwest washington can be a busy place with firefighters responding to emergencies. the abc7 i-team learned one of the first responders working out of this fire hall on wednesday was arrested while on the job.
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according to this incident report, zraket police officer around 3:15 in the morning pulled over an ambulance driven by firefighter james bunn ii at united medical center in southeast d.c. why the ambulance was pulled over remains unclear but the incident reports states, "upon further investigation, the suspect's permit was revokeford a previous d.u.i. case." the 35-year-old is is arrested and processed at the police district headquarters on the allegations of, quote, operating after revocation. according to online court records in the district of maryland, james bunn ii has had numerous run-ins with the law. in 2013 he was convicted driving under the influence in washington, d.c. 2003 and 2009 and 2010 arrested in prin george's county on the allegation of driving or attempting to drive a vehicle while impaired. >> should have known bet are. >> d.c. resident core kneel wonder if his superiors were aware he was behind the wheel.
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>> whoever he was working for, they should have been more alert. hey, he got caught. >> a spokesperson for the fire department declined to answer any of our questions about this case and would only say that the department is aware of the incident involving firefighter james bunn and they say he's been placed on administrative leave. reporting live in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you, jay. copping out of the deep freeze now but problems like water main breaks persist. dozens of crews spent the past few days making repairs and a lot of homeowners had to spend time without water service. among those affected six families including several babies evacuated out of a shelter in arlington last night. a pipe broke and sprayed water everywhere. but the good news is that temperatures are on the rise and could reach upper 50's by this weekend. good news. abc7 chief meteorologist is here with the news. >> music to my ear, brother, i'm telling you. good weather pattern.
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a couple days to watch out in the meantime. 27 outside at the virtual weather center. looking full screen at the hemingways across the bridge in maryland. time lapse, beautiful images of the ice fairly offshore here. high clouds moving in. beautiful scenes. temperatures will warm up and ice quickly dissipate. temperatures dropping but not nearly as quickly as recent nights and number values impressive, 26 in laurel and bethesda. 27 in northwest washington and through overnight hours and through early tomorrow morning will be partly cloudy, not as cold as recent nights, 17 to 23. flime above freezing tomorrow afternoon and then wintry mix. that's our concern on friday morning and then much warmer weekend. all of the details just minutes from now. >> doug, thank you. in other news tonight driver smashes through barricades and ends up in the washington channel. somehow no one, including the driver, was seriously hurt. tom rousey was at the scene minutes after it happened is
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live in southwest washington tonight. tom? >> allison, folks at the capital yacht club are calling this miraculous. this car is airborne and slammed right into that boat right there. it landed just below where you are looking. the driver was banged up but he's expected to be ok and witnesses were there at the time say he's actually very fortunate. tonight five hours after this happened, crane was finally able to lift the lexus out of washington channel. mason wilcox lives on the boat that the car slammed into. he was at work at coast guard headquarters when it happened. >> i got several phone calls all at one time. and i knew exactly what it was. something happened to my boat. >> he was stunned when he saw what happened to his boat. no one here at the capital yudt club thought this was even possible. that is water and ninth street southwest. he must have come from that direction, smashed through an iron fence. this is a small part, incredible will i hvy but that didn't stop him. kept going from there and went all the way down and smashed through another iron fence here
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and you see where he wound up. >> you heard this incredible noise. >> bill was with a group that ran to the car. >> he said help me, help me while they were trying to cut him out. >> as bad as this looks, boat owners say the driver could not have landed in a better spot. several sailboats helped break the fall and cable attached to the big boat kept the car from plunging into the frozen channel. >> if he had been this way about 40, 50 feet, he would have been gone. he would have been in 20 feet of water. >> mace sen said his boat can be repaired. >> it's just fine are glass and wood. >> he's happen why the driver is expected to make it. >> very much a miracle everything was lined up in such a way his life was spared. >> and back live some guys put tarp up. they were beginning what the onlier expects to be very expensive repairs. as for that driver, police in d.c. say they expect him to survive. witnesses who rushed to the scene believe he had had some sort of medical condition and
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that is what led to all of this. live in southwest washington along the waterfront, tom rousey, abc7 news. >> thank you, tom. outgoing virginia governor bob mcdonald delivered his time state of the commonwealth address tonight. he began with the message to the man that he defeated in the governor's race four years ago. >> i also want to say welcome back, craig. we love you. >> what a moment there for state senator. two months ago his son gus stabbed him and gus killed himself. to high lie accomplishments and apologized for the gift scandal that made him the target of state and medical investigation. mcdonald leaves office saturday. >> jury deliberations resume in prince george's county in the trial of core versus von neil. police say he was running from police in august 2012 when a
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police car spun around and flipped. that crash killed officer adrian morris and injured his partner. >> a dog is kidnapped and owner stabbed. tonight a landover woman is facing serious charges. she's accused of stealing rocky and stapping his owner when he tried to get the dog back. griffin is charged with assault and theft. rocky is back home with the owner now. the owner was treated at the scene noun doing fine. >> an ethiopian artifact given to d.c. back in the 1950's is now missing. the metropolitan police department is asking for your help finding the thieve who took a set of elephant tusks from the wilson building. police believe they were taken some time in august. gave the an emperor sks to the city as a gift in 1954. >> another court appearance for chris brown today y brown said no to a plea deal today. >> we will tell you how they're
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marking the third an is versery gabby giffords that nearly took marking the third an is versery i can only send one of you took to cover the game in new york.
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>> macy's announced it's cutting 2,500 jobs. the department store said it's part of a nationwide reorganization and plans to close five stores and open eight more. among those on the chopping block, bloomingdale's in north bethesda. macy's said the changes will save the company about $100 million a year allow it to stay profitable. >> seven is on your side with a consumer alert. the battle is heating up. t-mobile luring customers away from competitors with $650. it announced the plan today. this is latest move under the company's so-called uncarrier strategy that includes eliminating contracts. just days ago at&t offered to pay t-mobile $450 to switch. >> chris brown was back in court in d.c. answering to assault charges and the frenzy followed.
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>> oh, my god! >> i love you! >> once the singer made it inside the courtroom, cameras were not allowed. brown and his bodyguard are both accused of assaulting a man outside the w hotel last october. the prosecution offered both the opportunity to plead guilty to simple assault however, both refused. >> decided no plea because chris brown is not guilty. look forward to coming back when it's a little warmer. >> brown plans to return to a residential rehab facility in california. his next court appearance is scheduled for february 20th. >> we should hear this phrase every time doug hill steps outside here. just like that. >> the first year of a missionary being held captive in north korea said dennis rodman hurt his attempts to be released. he led four other nba players on an exhibition game with north korean athletes. rodman also sang happy birthday to dictator kim jong-un.
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the entire trip was a bit much for the family. >> we were outraged. cannot believe he was singing. >> he was arrested by a tour operator in 2012 of attempting to insight a coup. rozman's said of his recent visits to north korea are way of building relationships to the rest of the world. >> marking the third an rersry nearly hooting that killed giffords jumped out of an airport. the former arizona congresswoman thanked people for their support on twitter and invited the vice president to sky dive with her next time. >> oh,? >> who would have imagined that three years ago? >> incredible. >> amazing. >> shows her courage. she can do it. >> amazing. >> wouldn't want to jump out of anything tonight. >> it was cold.
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>> hey, it's january, it's going to get cold again but in the short term going the other way. it will get mighty warm. at the same tile look at the numbers and time lapse. potomac river and during the day stayed frozen. 31 at the airport. increase in high clouds and that may be one of the reasons temperatures are not falling off tremendously fast during the evening with some of the cloud cover out there. numbers right now starting to fall in the 20's. at 11:00, we're still below freezing. 52 straight hours at reagan international airport, below phrasing. last time it was below 32 was 6:00 p.m. monday evening but will see temperatures rise the next couple days and ice around the area will melt. 27 around the area, 28 degrees in annapolis and as far as numbers elsewhere around the country, it is plenty cold still. a lower gear hanging tough around border states.
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5 below in minneapolis, 2 above in chicago but those are improvements. look at the chill late tonight stilt around the coast. jacksonville at 45, only 35 now in charleston, south carolina. but look at the numbers in context. i know it's been cold but it's 20 degrees warmer in charleston than it was last night. so everything is moving in the right direction. as far as cloud cover, some increasing clouds tonight. high pressure moving offshore. that will allow more clouds to move in during the day tomorrow but it will be cloudy conditions for a while and increasing temperatures with highs about 40. late evening tomorrow, more clouds stream in to an upper level disturbance, wintry mix and rain across arkansas. that will move up overnight tonight until friday morning and chance we may see wintry mix here. let's show you a computer model as we head towards the day tomorrow. clouds at 2:00 and as we take it through late tomorrow night and morning hours friday and see what happens.
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areas of snow possible move west of town. wintry mix, 5:00 a.m. and rain south. temperatures warm up a bit. probably changing into a little rain before it comes to an end. nice change tomorrow. finally above freezing. up to 40 in the afternoon and upper 50's to near 60 degrees on saturday after we have wintry mix friday morning. warm temperatures saturday come rain. still be mild with clear and breezy weather sunday, 53 and 50's monday and tuesday. and "good morning washington" will give you an update for the weekend forecast. >> it will be a nice break. thank you very much. >> you have been working phones all evening. >> absolutely. i'm telling you rumors swirling. trying to ad between the lines and see what's going on. hoyas stumble through providence and wizards pick up momentum through the big easy
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>> the washington redskins would like to hire jay gruden as their new head coach. according to gruden's agent bob lamotte, there's now a as soon as of urgency. lamotte told me he interviewed with tennessee yesterday but here last night, met with the redskins all day and his agent just told me he is working right now. he also told me that gruden knows bruce allen very well. they got very serious at redskins' park today. gruden was scheduled to with minnesota tomorrow and then the detroit lions friday but gruden agent also is said tim, this will not last long. it will all happen quickly. and when i asked if gruden would sign with the redskins he said very coilly, you never know. but right now i can tell you, his agent is working and it's getting late but it's getting early too. wizards traveled down new orleans to play pelicans tonight. washington going for two wins in a row. five of the st six on the road. this team continues to grow. let me take you back to the big easy where john wall made it
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heart. forced the turnover. nene back to wall and bam, he goes down hard. john wall all right. got foul and points and scored 20 with 6 assists. pelicans close the gap but this is nice. wizards win 102-96 and now it's on to indiana. let's go to college basketball. georgetown hoyas played providence tonight. 6'10", 380 pound josh smith did not make the trip because of academic concerns. hoyas could have used him because providence had its way in the paint. he ruled the middle without smith there to stop him. bass led all scorers with 21. bheet the hoyas and g-men 0-2 on the road, 2-1 in the big east and 10-4 overall. let's go to charlottesville. red hot west virginia? wrong. 22- run to start the game. broadman set the tempo, knocking down shots and led all scorers with six rebounds and a couple assists. 74-51. keep in mind demon deacons are
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coming off their upset win over carolina but that's a big win for virginia tonight. for soccer fans, how about this! tel aviv on the attack. high ball 50 yards through the angle and azaki with the bicycle kick. holy soccer, good luck, goalie. that has to be the best of the year. citing control, big time. bicycle kick and baseball greg maddux and tom glavine and frank thomas have been elected to the hall of fame. doors open to the three new members july 27th in cooperstown. but again i'm telling you the redskins had a great meeting with jay gruden. just talked to his agent. he's still working. it's getting close. >> i'm impressed with your phone skills man. >> on fire. sense of urgency. >> you got it! >> all eyes are also tonight on the c.e. serks and most on this rare lamborghini made with massive tv's but there's one gadget new parents
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>> so tech junkies are drooling over new devices at this wook's consumer electronic show in vegas and among high-tech cars and tv's is a gadget catering to the needs of the younger demographic. look at this. it's called smart onesy created by mimo and features tiny censors measuring breathing
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rates to pus and temperature and body position. data is sent to a smart phone where parents can then monitor them. if the baby is hungry, onesy can even send a remind are to warm up the bottle. if it changes a diretty diaper, i -- dirty diaper, i might by it. otherwise, d
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>> gradually warming up. >> absolutely. next seven days, it will be impressive. 43, maybe wintry mix on friday morning. little snow and freezing rain and then on the weekend, rain but temperatures 60, 53, clears out sunday. mid-50's through monday and tuesday of next week. very nice change in the weather pattern headed this way. >> you know it. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> all righty. thank you for joining us. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. [ male announcer ] now that you've got all the best gadgets,
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sofia vergara from "shameless," emmy rossum and music from yuna. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hang on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for being here from far and wide to


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