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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a flashlight. >> we are having a ball. >> she is laughing about her snow day, but patients will be tested out here in the community. one thing we are going to see if no lights. the power is still out here. it was on briefly and then link back out. tens of thousands of people in frederick county do not have power. temperatures are dropping. the utility company has not issued an estimate on when restoration will be complete. .bc 7 news press one more note. more than 50,000 power customers in maryland are still without power. thousands more are in the dark in montgomery county and washington county. the problems in northern virginia have already started. there are only about 100 customers without power. that is despite a quarter inch of ice.
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wayemperatures headed our will not do much to melt away the ice. doug hill joins us now. we have a look at the forecast. tonight aboutned frederick county, washington county, areas with heavy ice. the cold front will come through and power disruptions may occur. the ice coated trees and the heavy winds. we will get a view of the half-hour. it was a nice quick trend. we can show you the ice totals. 5/10 of an inch. lighter amounts as you get closer to the city. that is going to disturb temperatures. 33 and big meadows. bunker hill road 39. 36 mile per hour wynton monger help.
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areasre headed into these in maryland. as you wake up to temperatures in the 20's, chances of no on the weekend, we have that included in the forecast. storm that coated ice area is nice --in stretched across a wide area. we will have a live for are coming up from boston. voiced hisfamily frustrations against the 80 fire station where they ran for help. is the same fire station where family members of cecil mills said that firefighters refused to help that he lay dying from a heart attack right across the street from that station. we spoke to chief ellerbee. he is outside the heliport -- headquarters now. >> identity to the chief. since this incognito
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thing began more than a week ago. he did agree to talk to us today. he addressed the situation. it occurred at the engine 26 firehouse. it was something that he does not believe represent this fire department. this incident is one that i consider to be regretful. it is not something we will run away from. it is something we will deal with. >> the fire chief is now speaking publicly about the january death of 77-year-old cecil mills. he had a heart attack across from the fire station. his daughter and several others said that no one came to his aid. stain theould not entire membership of the department. it is something that we will acknowledge and address. we have good people in this department. i do not want them to feel bad about coming to work.
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>> he also said that he personally knew mr. mills. he said that they were fellow shriners in the organization. mills had a high position in the organization. the family of cecil mills is holding a news conference tomorrow morning at the site where this happened. it is being led by attorneys of the cochrane group. it suggests that the city may be facing a significant loss in. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> former anne arundel county executives are leaving convictions. he wants to run for public office again. he resigned last year after he was convicted of misconduct in office. there were allegations that he forced his secretary to empty handbag. a special appeals court heard his case.
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>> more than a year after d.c. councilmember marion barry refused interviews, we have now learned that he will be released in june. the incredible story of marion barry. it will look back at his rise to becoming the d.c. mayor, following a truck scandal. secretary of state john kerry says that his current job will be his last top in public life. he has no plans to run for office after he steps down. ift came after he was that kerry would run for president in 20 68. the 2016. he became secretary of state a year ago. storming up, the winter that has paralyzed parts of the nation. >> more changes on the way for the building where people were killed at the navy yard.
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>> russian security forces take a major step toward keeping the
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>> security concerns are high just days before the olympics begin. russian security experts say that they have killed the mastermind behind to recent bombings.
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two bombers hit the city in december. attacks on a train station killed 34 people. investigators think that the bombings were the work of islamic separatists. billy jean king will not attend the winter games. mother is teresa leal and she needs to give her family at this time. appointed her to help the delegation. she is openly gay and has been a critic of of russian law. aus hockey player will take things place. -- kin's place. greg the building where a gunman killed multiple people will be getting a new name. it will also be renumbered. officials are renumbering the building -- renovating the building.
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>> immigration overhaul appears unlikely this year. republicans want to wait until next year when they may control the senate as well as the house. this comes as the head of the congressional budget office told a house committee that an overhaul could boost the economy. freezingite house is -- for anything -- freezing praising cvs branding tobacco sales. it will eliminate an estimated $2 billion in revenue for cvs every year. president obama said -- >> abc 7 news at 6:00, half the nation is buried under snow and ice. the impact of that winter weather. >> we will check in again with doug hill on when we can get
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another ballot overwintering weather. is national signing day for high school athletes. playizards are looking to against the top teams from
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>> this morning's eyes and cause big problems at local airports. hundreds of flights were grounded at reagan national, dulles international, bwi. those flight cancellations were a problem neck. over to airports across the country. the storm pounded the country all across the northeastern corridor. >> boston took a real hit this time. >> that's right. there is almost about nine inches of snow today and it is still coming down. in many parts of the country, the big dig out has begun. miles, mother nature giving the south then the northeast some/. -- some snow and slush.
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>> this is crazy. >> as the storm sweeps north, it has left a back breaking clean up in its wake. all the northeast is coded in heavy wet snow. in indianapolis, people dug out from 18 inches. >> one side was not cover, but once i was covered. >> several states have declared snow emergency is. rock salt supplies are running low. after this life. it is covered. if you do not have four-wheel drive, do not be out here. >> the a's set a new record in pennsylvania. i have million homes and businesses were without power. roof of his apartment building was crushed it. >> there is heavy snow. it is not going to collapse.
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it is the route that was destroyed. >> a nightmare at the airport. 3000 canceled like left many -- ts left manyigh passengers stranded. when the storm clears, brees for another blast. the third in h or the whammy is expected this weekend. behind a door made another blast of bone chilling winds and are air. 64% of the country is covered in snow and ice. that is the most in a decade. reporting live from boston, abc 7 news. more coming? >> in upstate new york, they will have a few weeks of cold pattern. for us, the only snow we will get this weekend is just a little bit. let's get started. i will give you a time lapse. this is great false. -- great falls.
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you can see a little bit of ice on the trees. look what happens. all the ice is gone is temperatures time. these guys starting to clear. sky is starting to clear. i was hanging on trees a bit longer. our concern is farther north. they are getting the heaviest ice accumulation. there are strong gusty winds. there will be melting occurring. temperatures will drop. these weasels start to pick up. will start to pick up. there will probably be more power disruptions. temperatures are 39-33. there is one third an inch of
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ra reported. we will drop into the 20's. there will be more cold air headed towards us. this air will modify a bit. it will be cold the next two days. lows in the 20's. below average for early february, but not brutally cold. we will see a continuation of colder than average weather around. gusty winds are moving in ahead of a high-pressure system. it will be a nice system. when the weekend comes, there has been some should that there's been some chatter about a major storm coming. we see some unsettled cloudiness on saturday and sunday, and there are only a few small chances of snow. the resumption of cold weather for early next week. >> and now between a sports desk.
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brought to you by your loader -- rock you your local toyota dealers. >> how about this? >> bay street. the wizards were trying to do tonight. their third straight game. it's time the wizards realized how did they can be. washington has lost 16 straight ball games. dickstein against the spurs. they have not beaten these first since 2005. the wizards are going for the hat trick. >> we are obviously better and works. . -- more experience. the chemistry is better than the last game. obviously we would like to pay them back. be the third to team from the east.
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lance evenson of the pacers. what a spectacular shot. high off the ground. he went down, awkwardly making the scariest play today. injury, buter back the pacers one. gary injury, but indiana beat atlanta. day for highigning school athletes. alabama has the number one recruiting class in the nation. the terrapins did well. they got a high ranking from espn. they are number five in the nation. say hello to damien prince. he made his announcement. depicted terps over florida. terps overhe florida. he will be with some of his classmates.
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dematha high school had 20 athletes find. -- signed. this man shuns maryland football. >> i wanted to be the best i could. as a person and a player. i believe that florida state offers me that. >> he is a good one. the celebration continues. people turned out to salute the seahawks. seattle continues to live up to its reputation. it looked like they were recruited by another country. great day for seattle. $2000. it was priceless. a regular-season trip to chapel hill north carolina. they got a rude goodbye. in the firstead
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five minutes. the terrapins could not recover. maryland outscored for the rest of the game, but they could not close the deal. they lost to north carolina. let's go to hockey. the caps loss to the islanders. spinning acrobatic save. past.ld not get it a sensational play. the cap play again tomorrow night. another note on national signing day. virginia tech got a good class. they get into the top 20 in the repeating class.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00, it was the years ago today. pictures have really been seen before. pictures of the beatles from a magical night in 1964. join us at 11:00. >> that was before my lifetime. [laughter] >> we still have ice problems to deal with. >> we still have strong gusting winds.
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unfortunately, there may be disruptions to power. we will have lots of sunshine. we will have a nice day on friday. there may be light snow on saturday and sunday, but nothing major at all. we will talk about that at 11:00. >> we will see you back here at 11:00 tonight. have a great
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welcome to "world news." tonight, terror warning. travelers to the olympics told terrorists may try to hide explosives in toothpaste tubes on the plane. our pierre thomas working the breaking news. power hit. power lines falling under the snow and ice, as two-thirds of america tries to drive across frozen roads. movie shooting.
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the older man who shot the young father in the movie theater appears in tears, today. what police say he told his own wife in the moments after the shooting. a good evening to you on this wednesday night. we begin with the developing story. a new terror warning for american athletes and fans descending on sochi, russia. 48 hours before the olympic games, the u.s. government announced new intelligence information that terrorists may be targeting planes with explosiv explosives smuggled onboard inside tubes of toothpaste. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has the details pouring in right now. >> reporter: has the olympic torch made its way into sochi today, a new warning from u.s. intelligence put commercial airlines on notice. terrorists may try to use toothpaste containers to smuggle explives onboard planes.


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