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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  March 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> a key hearing for one d.c. firefighter. it could determine the future of the lieutenant being investigated in a controversial death. those lottery tickets and check your numbers. there are at least two megamillion winners. >> some wet weather ahead. jacqui has everything you need to know before you go. good morning, washington. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning
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washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute i am jummy olabanji. >> i autria godfrey. i am kicking myself for not getting a ticket. i would take $200 million. i am not greedy. >> $20 million is fine with me. take $10,000. >> you can buy me lunch. it is a day that we're going to want to have the umbrella handy as we have a little bit of wet weather around our region. take a look at live super doppler. county, stretching up to martinsburg, right along the i-81 corridor were. beittle light drizzle will
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developing. notice the temperatures. they are all above the freezing mark. if you get above a thousand feet, you should see a little icing. that is why a winter weather advisory has been issued until 11:00 four areas west of washington, d.c. temperatures will not budge a lot from our starting point. the best chance of wet weather will come midafternoon through the early evening hours. i will have more on warmer temperatures and sunshine minutes away. right now, jack taylor would take five dollars. we will start things off this morning in decent shape. we like to see green on the map. that is how we will start things off. .70 we will head south on 270 we will see traffic coming southbound. headlights coming towards us remain light. if you are continuing down
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towards the american legion bridge, traffic is moving well between maryland and virginia. into virginia, we will go to 95 northbound into newington. traffic is going away from us. it is light. stays that way from stafford to springfield. the other day. severaleat a roadway times, plan ahead. so far, we are in great shape. students at howard university are being let back into their dorm rooms after a fire on campus. in one fire broke out room. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. up for oneng coming d.c. firefighter after the death of the city employee. >> john gonzalez has been monitoring this one for us. he is live in northeast with what we can expect from this hearing. >> good morning.
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this is the firehouse behind me. and you company -- engine company 26 that has been under tremendous scrutiny over the last several weeks after 77-year-old cecil mills collapsed on the sidewalk across the street and later died. it has been two months since that death. firehouse wille be answering some very tough questions later this morning. specifically, fire lieutenant kellene davis. she was in charge on january 25 camececil mills' family looking for help. none was provided. an ambulance was flagged down, but the elderly man right at the hospital. davis will testify at a board hearing this morning at 10:00. she is not the only one facing possible penalty here.
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according to a report, five firefighters inside the station new that help was needed, but no one ever came out. reporting live from northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a lot to look forward to in the day ahead. >> the mega millions drawing was really good for maryland. >> brianne carter joins us with details. >> we have to start p ooling our cash together and start buying more tickets. if you did buy a ticket in maryland, perhaps you could be a new millionaire. mega millions jackpot winners was right here in maryland. they matched all six of the numbers. if you are waking up this morning and looking at the tickets, the winning numbers are
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>the winner will have to split that jackpot with another winner that bought a ticket at a sunoco in merritt island, florida. here in maryland, someone also matched enough numbers to win a million bucks. we do not know where the winning ticket was sold. get more information from lottery officials and just him -- later this morning. there is a million-dollar winner and a ticket that match all winning numbers. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> just a couple extra. that is all i need. >> a little bit of wet weather in the forecast. the hind it all, you're going to like what jackie have to say. these little angels build in softness.
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--it is time to get a check hey, jacqui, what is up? we just lost the live shot.
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live tv, it happens from time to time. we will talk about the temperatures. we will get with eileen soon. keeping her eyes out for any of the light rain or drizzle across the region. 35, dulles. 38, d.c. 37 in culpeper. a look at the satellite radar, covered with clouds. some of the light rain or drizzle is trying to get going east of the blue ridge. the weather headline for today, we will have some light or freezing drizzle early this morning. the showers will come after the noon hour today. it will continue through the early think of me. spring comes tomorrow. we also have the cherry blossom festival that starts tomorrow. i just wrote a blog about how the road -- the cold and snow
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could be impacting those blossoms. let's go to traffic right now. jack taylor is at wtop. so far so good as we start things off this morning. the big map remains green. we are in great shape in for genia and maryland. the beltway at connecticut avenue, this is the top side. traffic remains a light. on 66 in virginia. travel towards the roosevelt bridge coming in from gainesville towards rosslyn, all lanes are open. northbound in virginia, we are in decent shape. heading towards the springfield interchange and up to 395 towards the 14th street bridge all remains quiet. >> thank you. another hold up the james holmes trial. anwhy a judge delayed
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>> this is "good morning washington," on your side. tope are checking our stories at 5:14 this morning. if you bought a mega millions ticket in maryland, you may want to check the numbers this morning. a winning ticket was sold. we do not know where it was
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sold. the winner is splitting the jackpot with another winner in florida. not too bad. a trial board will meet today to investigate a death many blame on the d.c. fire department. the board will determine whether lieutenant kellene davis is guilty in the death of cecil mills. no one came to his aid when he suffered a heart attack across the street from the fire station. >> a small fire broke out in a room of a student housing building on 16th street. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> state police are investigating a police involved shooting in salisbury. the man may have hit or drag the trooper with his car. the man entered the barracks and asked a trooper to check a vehicle repair he had made. the trooper was injured and call for help. another trooper responded. it is believed both troopers
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fired their and fatally wounded the suspect. d.c. police officers on alert after a deadly police shorting in -- shooting in northwest. de quan hendrix was killed after he opened fire on them. he is was -- he was wanted for questioning in the death of tykia rp dickerson. -- tykia dickerson. holmes underwent a mandatory sanity and about -- the valuation last summer. prosecutors asked for a new one and the judge granted a. the judge misinterpreted the law by granting that request. weeks of an uneasy standoff, new violence is breaking out in the last hour in ukraine. >> at least one military officer
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is dead and we're hearing that crummy and forces are storming -- crimean forces are storming the military center. the situation is making europe very nervous. serious teste most of european security and the 21st century. >> a ukrainian soldier was killed during an attack on a military base. it is the first death since russian troops seized control of crimea last month. ukraine has authorized soldiers to shoot back in self-defense. incident comes as russians celebrate vladimir putin's annexation of crimea. the u.s. called putin's moves dangerous. >> no one doubts russia's
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interest in crimea. that does not legitimize taking what you want because you wanted. putin claims he will not try to push further in ukraine, but more nations have announced sanctions against russia. vice president biden tried to assure u.s. allies. number ofexploring a additional steps to increase the pace and scope of our military cooperation. u.s.includes rotating forces to the baltic region. >> even though actions could leave russia isolated, putin seems undeterred. planning our august. >> we have to start getting ready for it. >> looking ahead to warmer days.
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he have to get in beach shape for this time of year. we will finally have some nice weather. starting tomorrow, things will look better. today, you will need gambrell up. the umbrella.ed the wind is north-northeast at six miles per hour. we look at other temperatures across the region -- 34, gaithersburg. 36 in frederick. hagerstown, 37. everybody is above the freezing however, there will be pockets in the valleys and at higher elevations where temperatures are around or just below freezing. a winter weather advisory has been issued from frederick to loudoun county down
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through northern fauquier and darius off to the west. things are trying to develop. just east of i-81. be reaching may not the ground, but it is out there. it could possibly cause some slick spots on elevated surfaces. most of the rain comes in late today and into the evening hours. is associated -- it is associated with the storm system. it is bringing wet weather in chicago and snow in minneapolis. theou are heading out from airports, you may have some delays as a result of that. clouds will stick around for the better part of the day. low pressure to the south. high pressure over eastern canada. that is bringing in the easterly wind. it is keeping me cool air nudged up against the appalachian mountains. some the cold air will catch up with the warm air.
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we will notice warmer temperatures, clear skies, and that will stick around at least through the early part of the weekend. we have a couple of nice weather days to look forward to. the forecast for today, expect areas of rain, potential for light, freezing rain to the west. cloudy and cold today. for tonight, we will see some rain in the evening. temperatures tomorrow should make it into the upper 50's. maybe a few spots in the lower 60's. mostly sunny skies. tomorrow looks really good. friday looks better. saturday, i think that temperatures will be warmer. temperatures drop back down on sunday, monday, tuesday, progressively. there is a chance of rain or snow come tuesday into wednesday of next week. as the latest on the forecast. the roads are dry for the most part. how is the commute going? >> it is moving well. no issues to contend with.
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a look at the big map -- no problems or issues on the beltway through maryland or virginia. the wilson at bridge. an example of traffic moving well. no problems. heading north on 395, coming out of stafford passed 395 at seminary road, towards the 14th street bridge, all lanes open. nothing in the roadway. in maryland, out of frederick, a camera shot. you are in great shape down to the lane divide. let's see if we can keep the run going. one town is being taken over. they were not even able to get out of their driveways. >> it is not the snow that has out of their driveways. >> it is not the snow that has them
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you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs?
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♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok.
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>> this just in. we're getting word of a smash and grab burglary at the columbia mall. burglars broke a window at the macy's store. no word if they were able to get away with anything. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will update you as we get more information. nation, federal agents are investigating a child wang that has been uncovered in california. rang that hasn been uncovered in california. 14 people were arrested in the online child pornography robo. -- probe. investigators say the defendants used a free worldwide network to share their videos. at a sceneot looking from an old western movie. tumbleweeds are taking over fountain, colorado.
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some people cannot get out of their driveway. officials are working on plans to try to clear streets and highways. is something of a living crossword in atlanta that has ended up with police involved. letters -- blank, e, c, h. getting snapshots of it. it was confirmed by twitter. thief turned himself in. they're working with police to determine what charges should be filed. kids these days. a tense situation at adc university. >> the latest after an overnight
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fire forces student at -- students out of their dorm. i must begin my journey,
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morning bang -- >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> check your tickets. there are at least two megamillions winners at home. one of them hit it big. i am jummy olabanji. i am not a megamillion air. i am autria godfrey. let's see if jacqui is. >> i am not.
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this morning, you can bet your money on having a number out love -- having an umbrella handy. there is light spotty drizzle that has been developing in places like orange county, culpeper, northern fauquier, western loudoun county, the panhandle of west virginia. if you are above a thousand feet, some of that could be freezing. aevated surfaces could be little slick this morning. a winter weather advisory has been issued for areas to the west until 11:00 this morning. the metro area, everything is fine. temperature should make it into the upper 30's and metaphors -- and middle 40's. improving conditions down the line in our seven day forecast. let's get traffic right now. jack taylor. here at work.ol
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we threw in money. i decided to pick up a ticket. i looked at this morning and i am here. that tells you something. if you are on the beltway this morning, you are off to a great start. if you did not win, you're going to have to go to work. at least the roads are dry. traffic is moving well. legionhe american bridge, lanes are open. 95 in virginia, coming north down, we had a bit of a bunch up around triangle. far, so good. you're moving north of lauren heading towards a springfield. the traffic tracker has been driving on d.c. 295. no problems to report so far heading down towards the new traffic pattern established earlier this week with the three lanes coming in down on the 11th street bridge to go westbound on the freeway. it has been working out well so far.
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>> thank you. we are glad to see you here this morning. students at howard university are being let back into their dorms after a fire. a small fire broke out in a dorm room. two people were taken to hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation. for ahearing coming up d.c. firefighter after the death of a city employee. >> john gonzalez is live in northeast with the latest on this. >> good morning. the grieving family has said that they do not want to sue or have anyone fired, they just want drastic changes. firehouse. engine company 26 that has been under extreme scrutiny after cecil mills died. he collapsed on the sidewalk across the street on january 25. this morning, personnel from inside the firehouse will start answering very tough questions. .pecifically, kellene davis
5:34 am
she was in charge that date when ily came looking for help, but none was provided. an ambulance was flag down, but the man died at the hospital. davis will testify at the trial board hearing at 10:00 this morning. it is a four member board. they will determine her role in this. she is not the only one facing possible penalties. internal report, five firefighters inside the station that day knew that someone needed help, but no one ever came outside to find out what was going on. switching gears, the mega millions drawing was good news for some people in maryland. carter joins us live. you have friends in bethesda. have you talk to them yet? >> they are still sleeping.
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i am eagerly awaiting to find out. we are in bethesda, but we do not know where the winning ticket was sold. that has not been released at this point. while we are here in bethesda, that does not mean the ticket was sold here. someone in maryland is waking up a million of this morning. if you are just waking up this morning, here are the winning numbers. the winner in maryland, they're going to have to split the $400 million jackpot with another winner. there was another winning ticket sold at a sunoco in merritt island, florida. here in maryland, there was also a million-dollar dollar ticket that was sold. someone matched enough numbers to win a million dollars. we will be looking for two very lucky people later today to find
5:36 am
out where the tickets were sold and who those people might be. thank you. coming up next, an alert every woman needs to hear. >> there is one disease to keep an eye on as you age. it trumps breast cancer. i grew up with three brothers,
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-- marches is him matt -- national kidney month. is national kidney month? >> yes. something else. give me a second. it is a red cross day. lots of good organizations. >> we talked about how all time affects women more than men. how pretty is a going to be today? >> not very. and as may be a three on a scale of one to 10. it will not be terrible, but you will want to grab the umbrella. for thelways prepared weather and for more information
5:40 am
of what things are like, we sent eileen to loudoun county. most of the drizzle is a west of you. you are in leesburg. how are things? >> it is cloudy. temperatures and a leesburg are above freezing. i have a reading of 41 degrees. seems a little bit high, but it does not feel that cold. it is humid. 66%. our weatherbug network in leesburg, catoctin elementary, 33 degrees. no rain as of yet. belmont ridge middle school in leesburg, 34 degrees. the temperature above freezing. that is good news. heading farther to the west, especially elevations a thousand feet or higher, there may be patchy, freezing drizzle. yesterday, we were in ashburn. we had 10 inches of snow.
5:41 am
look at the snow that lines the streets in leesburg. hardly anything. fortunately, i do not think the freezing drizzle will cause too much of a concern in leesburg and points east. we will keep you posted. for more on the roads, we turn to jack taylor. >> so far, so good. without any of the precipitation, we should move well in the outlying areas. shape as youd travel the big map of the beltway. the traffic tracker is riding along to 95 along the 11 along the 11th street bridge. have no early issues. a camera in maryland on 270 southbound. getting a little heavy now.
5:42 am
all travel lanes are open. roadways are dry. we love to start things off that way. >> thank you. groundbreaking study this morning. it has to do with one disease doctors say is more of a threat to women than even breast cancer. >> man versus nature. why troops were called in to bomb a river. kerri: kerri the sparkle® fairy here.
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>> a fund raising effort is underway to help the daughters of a single mother that was killed last week. jamie raleigh was jogging -- jamie rowley was jogging when a car hit her. >> she would be so at peace and , thato good about that
5:46 am
her daughter for taking care of. they were her life. she would do anything for them. >> paisano's pizza will donate a portion of its sales if customers rid -- mention rowley's name. no charges have been filed. the man being investigated for three unsolved murders in alexandria has a bond hearing in wheeling, west virginia. charles severance was arrested in wheeling on felony gun charges unrelated to the killings. he has not officially been named a suspect in the murders. his attorney says he will fight extradition back to virginia. >> d.c. police officers are on alert following a deadly police shooting on k street northwest. we obtained a memo warning of a possible retaliation after the shooting of daquan hendrix. he is wanted in the death of tykia dickerson. she was found shot in her
5:47 am
apartment in northeast last month. >> we are learning more about the deadly news helicopter crash in seattle. the pilot was in one of the worst situations possible. slow, flying low, going and had just taken off from a raised heliport. the pilot and photojournalist both died. another person is in critical condition after the helicopter crashed onto their car. to the malaysia airlines a mystery and another possible clue. >> radar data shows an unidentified lane just minutes after the transponder signal was lost. this morning the u.s. navy's most advanced surveillance plane has joined aircraft. they're scanning off the western coast of australia. the rescues coming,
5:48 am
effort continues to get difficult by the day. being a humanup eye that spots any sign of the missing flight. in thousandsedle of fields of haystacks. some a malaysian fishermen say they saw the plane in almost the exact spot where it was said to make a change in course. >> they said it was flying low, louder and bigger than any plan they had ever seen in the sky. radar picked up an unidentified plane on the night of the disappearance. a roughly fits the current search area. people came to a viewing gallery to write messages showing support and hope for the 239 people on board. [indiscernible]
5:49 am
>> overnight developments in the crisis in ukraine. we are getting reports of crimea's self defense forces forces on thene's sea. it is the first since russia took control of crimea last month. ukraine has authorized soldiers to shoot back in self-defense. europe is nervous about russia's move to annex crimea. more nations are issuing sanctions against russia. >> a health alert. and older have a one in six chance of getting alzheimer's disease. there are twice as likely to develop the disease than breast cancer. that is the finding of our boards -- a finding of a report. it affects more than 5 million
5:50 am
americans and two thirds of them are women. coming up at 6:00 on good morning washington, a truck nearly takes out sheriff's deputies. we will show you the close call. a drink shared with a class of fifth graders as part of a history lesson has parents fired up. >> a new spin on a corn dog. why it will cost you $25. >> carlson this way. it's a goal. >> the power play comes through withhe caps as a score to the it -- score two and beat anaheim. the caps keep fighting. they are tied with columbus for the eighth and final playoff spot in the east.
5:51 am
it would be nice to see them go to the playoffs. the wizards are playing on the west coast. the result was not good. they fell to the kings in overtime. 117-111. -- tim brant shows us how a change of venue is helping. >> we start with the hoyas. the game was plane in a gymnasium on campus. mack d was rocking. we pick it up in the second half. inbound pass, look out. behind the back. 34-32. hoyas down two. 10 for 10. 32 points. 11 rebounds. the g-man rolls over west virginia. 77-65. fans, rg iii got
5:52 am
everyone's attention. he said he was not going to where the brace and he is a rehabbed enough. went from a rookie quarterback rating of 73.2 two a sophomore slump at 40.1 with the injured knee brace. difference. a have a great day. overa's military planes an ice pack river. they just bombed it. creates flooding concerns once it starts to melt. they jumped 24 bombs on the river. -- dropped 24 bombs on the river. we're going to just a blowup winter and make it go away. >> we will see more springlike
5:53 am
conditions starting tomorrow. its headll try to rear again by the early to mid part of next week. in the meantime, temperatures are above freezing. that is a good start. we have a little bit of moisture and drizzle near the shenandoah valley. it is ridge tops that we are concerned about. anybody above a thousand feet or so that could see a little bit of icing. the rest of us, nothing to worry about. and an umbra law -- grab umbrella for the showers later today. temperatures will be flat today. with theee cloud cover easterly influence. today, few of the light, spotty showers trying to develop. a lot of it not reaching the ground. it could just coat the limited surfaces. that is why the advisory has been put into effect.
5:54 am
satellite and radar picture will show you the showers on the backside of the system. that is the next thing that is headed our way. of arctico big blast air associated behind the system. a kind of tracks on up to the north. today, high pressure keeping us in the cooler sector. eventually, the warm air catches up to each other and a behind the system, it will get better. we have a little sunshine to look forward. a light spotty drizzle or showers possible this morning. this afternoon, more widespread showers will be expected. this will impact your evening commute. tomorrow, hello sunshine and hello spring. forecast today, on the cool side. for tonight, we will see clearing conditions. tomorrow, a little breezy, but mostly sunny and warmer. willeven day forecast feature 60 degrees on friday. saturday looks nice. a few showers and then it is the downhill slide and we start all
5:55 am
over again. let's get the latest on the roads this morning. jack taylor. what is the word? >> we are off to a good start. no problems as of yet. we will see if we can keep it that way for a little while. great shape through maryland and the beltway in virginia. .ear river road, south of 270 no issue. in virginia, 66 eastbound coming in past 123 from gainesville into the beltway, all lanes open. a little heavy traffic near 50. not causing any kind of a huge delay. the traffic tracker is writing up 295 between oxon hill and eastern avenue. of the pentagon, continuing towards the bridge and the district, all lanes are open and traffic has like the volume. -- light volume.
5:56 am
>> one story that you do not want -- that you will not believe. landedgh school senior himself with 150 scholarship offers.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> groundbreaking is set for a mile long waterfront development in southwest, dc, and it will be
5:59 am
located on the washington channel from the fish market to fort mcnair. it will include residential and office space, hotels, and waterfront parks. good news for all of you "house of cards" fans. the maryland senate voted to increase tax audits that keeps production in the free state. they would've to increase the tax credits from 7.5 million to $80 million. media rights capital pushed back its filming schedule in anticipation of such a move by lawmakers. this next story is really just incredible. >> a florida high school or had his pick of the litter of colleges. chad thompson signed to play football for the university of miami but the scholarship they offered him was just one of 150 he received, that is because for all the skill he has on the field, he has plenty of other towns, too. ♪
6:00 am
opportunity to show i have ability -- not just football. >> trumpet, pn oh, by the way, just two of the nine instruments thompson was offered scholarships for. he fell in love with music at the age of three and credits it to his leg grandma's gospel collection. i would like to play one instrument. >> a round of applause for those parents. >> good for him and good luck in school. we have another hour of news, and it starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute it turns out, it was not a fire drill that forced some howard university students in the cold overnight. >> lust, what a hearing today means for the future of the d.c. fire lieutenant in charge of the firehouse investigated in the death of cecil milk. >> we will have to get past some rain beforwe


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