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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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dallas is being monitored for symptoms of a deadly virus. >> it is perhaps understandable that mistakes were made. >> the texas governor says it is unacceptable. the nurse with ebola begins her second night at the nih. makes a newama
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appointment today to fight ebola in the u.s. >> live, from the abc7 7roadcast center, this is abc news at 11:00. on your side. one person is fighting for their life after suffering serious burns in district heights. what is the latest, what can you tell us? how was the victim at is hour? >> still in a very active scene. let's pan around and show you the house that we are talking about. earlier, we were showing you inside of the living room vide window. that is where they believe the fire began. shot aso show you the fi
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we arrived. they believed it started on the second floor. inside they found a 98-year-old man. they got him out of there. -- he did have some burns and some smoke inhalation issues. he was transported in critical condition. in that started upstairs area. they don't know specifically what caused it. they are saying that there was a smoke alarm in the house. right now, they continue investigating trying to figure out what started this fire. there is some good news, we are told that man has been upgraded. now, a relief after an ebola scare outside of the pentagon. health officials confirmed that a woman who became ill does not have the deadly virus. a dallas nurse who has ebola is getting treatment. pham is in good spirits.
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doctors caution that she will not be leaving there until the virus is completely out of her system. she haste the ordeal been through for the past 24 hours, those two and the long flight from dallas last night. pham as described nina settling in here. she is in stable condition. she is winding up her first full , being housed in what is sometimes referred to as the house of hope. -- she is wanting up her first full day at nih. she is quite stable now and comfortable. hamdoctors say that p continues in good spirits. she has a handful of doctors and nurses attending to her.
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it is unclear how long she might be hospitalized. >> we will keep her here until she is well and clear virus. >> there was a massive response to an ebola scare at the pentagon. a woman began vomiting in the parking lot after being on a crowded bus. hazmat teams from two counties responded. the doctors responded. she did not have the virus. the health director says that emergency workers have to treat each case as if it is the real thing. >> we saw today that the system works. were for nina pham, we surprised to hear that dr. -- expects her to walk out of here .n her own, virus free no timetable for when that might happen. >> no plan but we will be watching. an ebola scare tied to the
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loudoun county jail. in inmate who had a low-grade fever has been released from the hospital. she was taken there on thursday out an abundance of caution the cushy and recently traveled to west africa. in dallas at this hour, a doctor is under observation after showing symptoms of the ebola virus. the doctor had erect contact with thomas duncan. texas we heard from governor rick perry about how him the state handled duncan's death. >> dallas health officials confirmed that it's epidemiologist is being monitored for the potentially deadly virus. >> it is perhaps understandable --t the stakes were made that mistakes were made but it is also unacceptable.
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chung is one of several workers under ebola watch. >> she certainly would not have done anything to put the other passengers on that plane or her family at risk. >> vincent's uncle said that health officials gave her permission to fly even though she did not feel sick have a temperature. >> there are no active cases in northeast ohio. >> cleveland how the officials are trying to calm fears. they say 16 people who had contact with vincent are being monitored. none show signs of illness. visitors,munity, our are safe. >> then there is the cruise ship headed back to galveston from mexico after the cdc notified a company that the lab supervisor that handle tested tubes -- had handled test tubes of duncan possible at was aboard.
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>> the cruise ship is expected back in court on sunday. we are told that john kerry arranged for helicopters to land there to evacuate the passenger but the prime minister of belize denied that request. responding to pressure, president obama named a point man to lead the federal response to ebola. the president called on ron klain to be the eblola czar. he's the former chief of staff biden and al gore. >> this is rather an limitation expert. >> republicans resize the appointment saying that klain doesn't have experience in health care or public administration. a dog developer has permission to run trials on a drug that could treat ebola. -- a drug developer has permission to run trials on a drug that could treat ebola.
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to thomas duncan prior to his death. it is one of three drugs used so and anluding z-mapp injection. weather, after several days of dreary, gray weather, we have some good news coming for the weekend. thewith a first look at good-looking forecast. >> looking really nice out there, quiet and drive for the overnight hours. clouds that will not amount to a whole lot. take a look at the temperatures. now, 64 at reagan national airport. dulles at 58, 59, winchester. we had a few clouds earlier but now we are looking at skies that are clear and temperatures will fall by about another 5-8 degrees. if you have plans this weekend to head to the west, head out to skyline drive, washington county
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, the panhandle of west virginia , it looks absolutely beautiful for the fall color change. given another week to a week and a half, it will look beautiful out here. it will be sunny but cool, upper 42 middle 50's. .e have a strong cold front you will deftly need a jacket. >> new 11:00, authorities charles bill say they need your help this weekend. they're asking to help in the search. the uva student was last seen september 12. an organized search is planned for this weekend. for more information and to sign up for that search, go to
11:10 pm charged with is abducting graham. so far, crews have surged more than 90% of the area within a mile radius where it is believed she disappeared. police are investigating a big fight near metro center. one person was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. the fight happened this afternoon at 10th and g street. police took one person, a juvenile, into custody. there's no word on what started the fire -- the fight or the condition of the victim. from a about allegations made against a prominent d.c. rabbi. he is accused of hiding a camera in an area where women undressed. police found a second recording device inside of the rabbi's home. investigators say they found a manual for a recording device disguised as a fan and evidenced that the rabbi used recording devices in several occasions.
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he is charged with six counts of voyeurism and the number go up. how residents are dealing with high wind, rain, and storm surge. even the president gets into an embarrassing situation. mr.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> a man who posed as a cap driver. prosecutors said that he dressed up as a woman and convinced riders to hand over their atm cards and their pin numbers. instead of withdrawing his fair,
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228,000 dollars from his victims. but they had about $10,000 taken from my account. >> a judge ordered mitchell to pay back the money that he stole. some of the victims know that they will never get their money back but they believe that justice was served. even the president isn't th immune from everyday life. he revealed that his credit card had been declined when he was trying to use it. in newened when he was york on a recent trip. so, what happened? michelle hady, hers. i tried to explain. i can pay. askortunately, they did not
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of the man who has control of the drones for his id. the bank suffered a major cyber attack that compromise of 76 million accounts. we don't know if this is one of them. a new way for you to skip the line. to orderallows you drinks using a smartphone app. this is what the plan to expand sales over mobile devices. it accounts for 40% of their sales in the u.s.. this rolls out in portland later this year and it should be available here by 2015. people in bermuda are in for a long night as hurricane gonzalo moves over the island. it is a powerful category two anrm with winds at 110 miles hour. most of berma is without power now and it could be that way for several days. people in low-lying areas were told to move to higher ground. >> i know that bermuda is strong but this is a strong storm.
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>> travel has been suspended until the storm passes. in last hurricane hit back 2003. you are watching the numbers go up from like 100 miles an hour down to five miles an hour. data, it wasve about 120 miles earlier today, sustained winds. then about an hour and a half later, down to five miles an hour. take changes on the way. this is coming to an end. that is the good news. take a look as it moves off to the northeast. another five hours or so, the storm will be history for bermuda. tomorrow morning, they will wake up to a lot of sunshine and it looks like a warm day. hardly any clouds in the sky at all. this is our live network.
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this is in st. george, bermuda, 73 degrees as our and the reason with wind gusts up to 95, they have passed the midnight hour. wind gusts at 55 miles an hour. they will settle down over the next few hours. improving conditions on the way as the storm tracks towards the northeast. we have mainly clear skies, temperatures, 64 degrees. the windsor out of the south southwest. the southwesterly winds, that is the key to the forecast. as the cold front moves through, we will look for a change in the wind direction and that will cool down a lot for the second half of the weekend. 75 degrees, that was our high today. the record, 86 set in 1938. temperatures across the board generally in the mid to upper
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60's. 58 in martinsburg, 55 in manassas. this is the cold front that will arrive here late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. behind it, northern wisconsin, minnesota. we are talking temperatures in the upper 30's. high-pressure overhead, that will remain in place. however, this cold front that moves on through will change directions. the clouds will increase late tomorrow but i'm confident this cold front will go through drive. this means waking up to sunshine sunday morning. these northwesterly winds allow temperatures to fall into the upper 40's sunday morning with daytime highs only in the middle to upper 50's. high-pressure early in the week. some showers by tuesday, wednesday of next week.
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there is our forecast for the overnight, mainly clear and cool. we will start off with a good deal of sunshine. by the late afternoon, the clouds will increase. daytime high, mid to upper 60's. upper 50's on sunday, beautiful weather to head over to skyline drive. we stay cool with temperatures in the lower 60's, nighttime lows in the 40's. it is about that time. we are due. at least there is no snow. keep it that way for a while. >> we are talking hoops. some hoops madness on the college level. looking to improve the pass rush. looking to improve the pass rush.
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speeds of our downloads our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job of posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fas that is up to him. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your
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local toyota dealers. the wiz hosted the charlotte hornets, a big part of the backcourt. last week, against, the hornets. the one hand or. up 18-10. perfect example right here, get the down low. was 20 and eight. the hornets get the win over the wiz. 96-86. the skins will look to protect against the titans. a big focus this week for the skins has been on the pass rush. the leader, ryan kerrigan, six and a half on the year but this week, kerrigan said it has to be more than just him if they are going to turn this around. we can talk about this team
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all day, but where we are, it is about beating the guy across from you. >> quicker, more quickly, more consistency. >> trying to get there, and less than two seconds. we get in the inside. match first midnight gives up, this is how the 1971. tries to pull, off the routine. later, it is robert carter. there was pitch black in there. a little high school football, some hard-hitting out there. laid fourth quarter, the game tied and the receiver sweeps.
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with the jets. into the end zone, woods goes on to win this game, the final, 28-21. the terps host iowa and the navy is at duke. 3:30.tate and records at on saturday, just sit on the couch, grab some chips and some dip, watch football. >> that is what this time of year is all about. do it. now i have to find a way to get a camera over to l.a. fitness. i want to check out this dunk i heard about. check this out, folks. we're talking about christmas eve and though it hasn't hit halloween
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who got sick at the pentagon does not have the virus. springfield town center open for business. and steve's forecast. you can read all the stories that like it or not, it is time to start thinking about christmas. for thursday,et
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december 4. thousands people come out to see that display. if you want to go, you have until 10 a.m. on monday to sign up for the online ticket lottery. tickets, of course, are free. for li
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>> you have got the good word for the weekend. >> bright skies tomorrow morning. a cold front late in the day. that will drop our temperatures. at least the sunshine will be out sunday. getting breezy. went out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour. that could feel cooler in the 50 plus. >> with the skins on sunday. >>
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ll cool j. from "fury," michael pena. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from tinashe featuring schoolboy q. and now, live and in person, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i'm glad you made it. glad you're here safe and sound.


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