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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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week after 21-year-old jamyra gallmon was arrested in connection with the stabbing death of the d.c. lawyer. now, according to neighbors, they tell us that the two lived together in southeast. our tom roussey in that neighborhood tonight. he spoke to a neighbor who says that they never had any problems with either of the two women. now, david messerschmitt was found dead in a room at the donovan hotel back in february. according to court documents, messerschmitt used craig's list to set up a meeting there at the hotel. according to those court documents, gallmon went to the intentions of robbing messerschmitt. but ended up stabbing him. we understand that she's expected to be back in court later on this week. we have learned that dominique johnson is expected to be here in court tomorrow afternoon. we are continuing to follow these developments here on abc 7 news. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> good to have it that much further behind us. one more piece to the puzzle
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being done. maureen: that sentiment echoed across boston today as the jury finds dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts against him. this means the boston bomber is now eligible for the death penalty. the jury reached its guilty verdict after a day and a half of deliberations. it found tsarnaev responsible for killing three people and injuring more than 260. his lawyers tried to save him from the death penalty. they argued he was influenced by his radicalized brother tamerlan killed in a shootout with police. tsarnaev's sentencing begins next week. outbursts from protesters who crowded a press conference in south carolina. the protesters constantly chanted over the police chief of north charleston. at issue michael slager the white officer caught on camera shooting and killed an unarmed black man running away from him.
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slager is now charged with murder. today, the chief spoke about how the incident has affected him personally. >> the honesty comes from my heart. i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw. maureen: the mayor of north charleston announced today that slager has been fired and he ordered body cameras to be worn by every police officer on the force. right now, a silver alert in the district. d.c. police need your help finding 87-year-old john kelly. kelly was last seen in the 1600 block of savannah street southeast. he was wearing a burgundy colored suit. if you know anything about him, call d.c. police. and let's take a live look outside at this day of colder temperatures and cloudy skies. and the stormy weather is not over yet. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with a first look at the forecast. doug? doug: very quiet outside the
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belfort furniture weather center cloudy and cool and damp. we're watching showers and some thunderstorms getting closer and closer to the metro area. but the number of lightning strikes diminishing every time we look near the lightning counter. winchester to front royal west to culpepper. that's one line of very heavy downpours as smaller lines ahead of it moving into the western suburbs right now. we'll look for showers and thunderstorms probably about 7:00 moving into the city into the metro area. definitely having an effect at the beginning of the nationals game but much larger picture shows a much bigger area of rain. this is all being propelled to the south and east into this cooler and damp air. that will take the starch out of it all and giving rain to it. later tonight, talking about drizzle and any lingering showers will come to an end. we'll see brighter days ahead. happy to share that in a few minutes. maureen? maureen: thank you doug. congressman chris van hollen has won the endorsement of rushern baker in his bid for the u.s. senate. van hollen is running in the democratic primary to succeed
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the senator barbara mikulski. she's retiring after 40 years in congress. baker said he's known van hollen for decades and trusts his judgment and leadership. >> i'm endorsing a person that understands prince george's county. maureen: congresswoman donna edwards is the only other declared candidate in the democratic primary. other members of maryland's congressional delegation are also considering senate bids. a teachers union in maryland is urging lawmakers to reject a tax credit. the proposed credit backed by governor hogan would help businesses that support private school students. the president of the maryland senate -- rather the maryland state education association calls the break a vulture scheme. hogan initially pulled back on money for education and state employee pay to address a budget deficit. fairfax county residents got their first chance to comment on school funding at a public hearing today. supervisors are reviewing the 2016 budget passed by the school
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board in february. the $2.7 billion budget is $56 million more than this year's. the school board is now asking for an additional $14 million. another public hearing will take place tomorrow afternoon at the fairfax county government center. still to come a kidney donation to marion barry sparked a legal battle. and tonight, first words from the lawyers representing the late mayor's widow. and discrimination case out of nats park. why three former ushers are now suing because of their work schedules. but first, the mounting evidence against russia and the sensitive information the hackers may have seen.
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maureen: new questions tonight after a technical glitch left thousands of people without power. the problem at a power station in charles county caused yesterday's outage that left people stuck in elevators and a dark metro stop. we spoke with energy experts today. they tell us this outage exposes the vulnerability of the electrical grid to attack. the d.c. area has preventative measures in place including backup power at federal buildings. new accusations tonight that the russians hacked the white house computers last fall gaining
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access to sensitive information. political reporter scott thuman is live on capitol hill with new developments on this cyber intrusion. scott? scott: well maureen, to be clear, the white house is not confirming or accusing the russians in this hacking case. however, at least two national network news companies say that u.s. officials are pointing the blame at moscow. either way, it is a growing threat. they say it is a serious concern and lawmakers here on the hill say it means there should be immediate action. >> based on the amount of scrutiny this has received by the white house and other national security agencies i suspect there are well developed theories about that. scott: new theories do abound over who hacked the white house computers last fall and what exactly could the culprit see. some question if the president's hourly private schedule was compromised. >> not going to talk about the information directly related to the president and his schedule or his e-mail.
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scott: and the white house insists no classified information was breached. >> we have an unclassified system and we have a classified system. that was a secure system. we do not believe that our classified systems were compromised. scott: some news agencies are reporting that russia is believed responsible. kremlin dismissed the allegations telling the news agency russia today we know that blaming everything on russia has already turned into some sort of sport. regardless of who is to blame how can a repeat be prevented? just last week president obama created new legislation to sanction cyber attackers and on capitol hill lawmakers this month will debate a proposal to protect u.s. companies from lawsuits for sharing cyber security information with the government in an effort to ward off any attacks. a spokesperson for the national security council tells me that they at this point and when this hack occurred back in october took this on with immediate "evaluation and mitigation."
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in other words, they say there are no other problems currently. they also though were supporting that legislation. we just talked about here on the hill that would help defend against these so-called cyber intrusions. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman abc 7 news. maureen: thanks scott. a record gift for the smithsonian's national museum of natural history. a lover of rare gems has given $13 million for science education initiatives. the gift by crlean wright whitney is the largest education gift in the museum's history. whitney is a professor in washington state. she also donated the color changing whitney alexandrite gem on display at the museum. still to come at 6:00 -- >> three former ushers at nats park say the organization discriminated against them because of their religious beliefs. i'm stephen tschida. that story for you next. maureen: and the potential for storms. doug is finding out the worst of it and taking a look at the changes to your weekend
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forecast. tim: and i'm tim brandt inside of the ballpark. if you're on your way down bring a sweater and carry a coat. it's chilly and damp. ball pairs want to get this one in and jordan zimmerman will be on the hill as abc 7 news at 6:00 con
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maureen: breaking news from petersburg virginia, where there is an active amber alert for 4-year-old kalela. she is believed to be with phillip ketter and love sharif. they are believed to be driving a black nissan altima with north carolina tags. if you see them you're urged to call 911. marion barry's widow is suing the woman who gave her late husband a kidney. cora masters barry says kim dickens is using the late mayor's name for financial gain. >> doesn't mean that his image can be used and exploited by anyone without the permission and authority of the estate. maureen: the attorney for masters barry says dickens is using barry's image to raise money for the charity. dickens donated a kidney to
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barry in 2009. he died last year at the age of 78. three former ushers at nats park are suing the washington nationals. they say the organization discriminated against them because of their religious beliefs. stephen tschida is live in southeast washington to fill us in. stephen? stephen: the three ushers retired federal employees, they're men in their 60's. they say the organization discriminated against them because their religious beliefs prohibit them from working on friday nights or saturday days. they are seventh day adventists. they say back in 2013 they informed their superiors that they could not work these scheduled and the team accommodated them. then they say abruptly at the end of the season they were summarily fired and they say it's because of their religious beliefs. they maintain this is against a law that's a violation of the civil rights act and they have
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filed suit here and some fans are sympathetic to their cause. >> we do have freedom of religion here. and our religious -- our religions should be observed i believe. >> i feel as though they were wrong because of their religion. they were wrong. stephen: now, the three men, the three plaintiffs in this case are seeking $300,000 in lost wages and punitive damages. as far as the nats a spokesperson issued a statement saying that the team rarely responds or not in the practice of responding to pending litigation. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. maureen: if you're driving to any ballgames at nats park this year we have a reminder. ddot says it will enforce parking at meters around nationals park during ballgames including sundays and holidays. temporary signs should be up in time for the d.c. emancipation day game on april 16th.
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is it raining yet at nats park? doug: no but looking very much like they will get some rain probably around 7:00 before first pitch. if they're patient, thee to get it in. a lot of ground to cover here on a wednesday. this is our almanac page. 52 and 48. chilly high and low at reagan national and that 52 degrees happened just after midnight so most of the day, it's been in the 40's to near 50 degrees. 64 and 45 the averages this time of april. now, right now it's 50 degrees at reagan national. we've been sitting on 50 degrees for several hours in a row with the winds continuing out of the east-northeast to 10 miles an hour. just how gray and damp and low the clouds are at this hour. we've been watching the rain all day long. i came in this morning, then, this cluster and line of thunderstorms is across central and southwestern ohio. it's been racing eastward. it's encountered this very cool and damp air mass. it's pretty much diminishing the intensity. still one lightning strike in the past 15 minutes. the heaviest rain will pass just to the south of the metro area but these showers, even though
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they're diminishing will pass through right about 7:00. that's why i said we have some hope once the line continues to diminish and move through, things might be ok at the ballpark. here's the big view. the heaviest storms left over are a little farther south and the air is a little warmer. we're in good shape here. going forward, a couple of showers, drizzle tomorrow and then friday, a whole different weather pattern. cold air in the northeast. wind off the ocean. that's why we're colder. back to the west and south it's very warm. 82 in greensboro and raleigh. warm temperatures to the west. this is the difference between being on the north side of the cold front and the south side but everything is going to change late tomorrow and friday when the warm front turns around and heads this way. for the moment we've got these little disturbances in the atmosphere rolling around that frontal system. some of it very heavy. some of it extremely severe across portions of missouri into illinois. as we get through tomorrow evening and the front starts to lift to the north, we'll start to see the pattern change. still chilly tomorrow. damp and dreary. but tomorrow night, the front moves north and by friday morning, we break into warmer
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air. it will become breezy. we'll get some sunshine and head close to 80 degrees. if we get enough sunshine during the day when the cold front comes through, possibly some severe storms. definitely widespread showers and thunder and some could be severe. check it out, the forecast for tonight. cloudy and chilly with more periods of rain and drizzle. for the next seven days we'll see the big warmup on friday. look at that. 55 tomorrow. near 80 degrees on friday with some sun and good chance of afternoon and evening storms. clearing out for the weekend. still mild. upper 60's to near 70. beautiful on monday. next chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. maureen? maureen: thank you, doug. tim brandt is out at nats park where the nats are facing the mets tonight. no rain yet so you're safe, tim. tim: no rain yet. i'll tell you this mo, it feels like the winter classic out here. that's how cold it is. coming up in sports we have the caps. we have the wizards. they're both in action tonight and how about the nats? looking for their first win in 2015. it's all coming up in sports
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tim: welcome back to the ballpark, everybody. the nationals looking for their first win of the 2015 season but to get that they'll have to be able to deliver with runners in scoring position. they didn't do that monday. they went 0-4 against the mets in the opener with runners in scoring position. however, they are throwing jordan zimmerman tonight and that's big.
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zimmerman is 4-0 in his last five starts against the mets. he's looking -- his last outing of course was here in the regular season last year. he threw the no-hitter and razor sharp in the playoffs. nationals still need him here tonight. >> i say no-hitter last year was pretty incredible because he's been a consistent force for us you know throughout the last couple of seasons. >> jordan has done some really special things. he's just been very consistent the whole time. you know what you're going to get when he goes out there and, you know hopefully he'll give us one of those performances tonight. tim: let's talk about basketball for a second. wizards play the philadelphia 76ers tonight and have a chance to make some franchise history for the number of wins in the regular season. now, they're playing the 76ers in philly but they'll rest john wall tonight and they want to make sure he is well rested. they have five games left before the playoffs start. and randy wittman wants wall and nene to sit out tonight and get some rest. the caps are home tonight against the bruins.
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huge game. the skate around this morning, caps seemed focused and very confident. they know what's at stake here. with just a handful of games left, the ice. this is the first home ice in the first series is at stake in this game. the bruins are trying to get into the playoffs. so it's a great matchup with playoff implications. >> mentality doesn't change. mentality is still play our best hockey. still lots to play for. we want to get home ice. that's not secured yet. islanders are right there and pitt is right there. we want to have home ice in the playoffs. tim: meanwhile at the masters today, how about this? jack nicklaus stole the show in the par 3 tournament. on the fourth hole 130 yards. this will land past the hole but then watch it and enjoy. oh a magical, perfect masters moment! jack nicklaus 75 years old. like remembering the past greatness with the ace on the par 3 fourth hole, the golden bear, the story today as it dropped into the hole.
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oh my. golden bear bringing back memories. big story here is the nationals, they play the mets and they're saying the rain will hold off. we're hoping to get it in. field is in great shape. it drains well and believe me when i say that the nationals want to get the day in. forget the rain. they want to play and get the bad taste of monday out of their mouths. maureen: what are their chances? doug: let's talk about what we're seeing. diminishing line of showers. heavy rain south of washington but the showers just to the west to the left of the screen are diminishing. i think the showers will pass through between 7:00 and 7:30 over the district and over nats park. they should be fairly light. later during the evening, steve rudin will keep his eyes on warmer temperatures and thunderstorms friday and cherry blossom stuff at 11:00. maureen: on the way. almost here. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. have a good night.
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tonight, the breaking developments. the officer charged with murder. this evening, what we've learned about his past after that stunning video. shooting a man who was running away after a routine traffic stop. new questions about the stun gun, was it dropped beside the victim after it was all over? did anyone perform cpr? tonight, the officer behind bars as we learn of two other investigations involving the same cop. also breaking tonight, from boston dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all counts. will those same jurors now sentence him to death? the severe storms hitting tomorrow. the tornado watch. the super cell spotted in the last 24 hours. and tonight, the school bus overturned children inside. ginger zee is right here. the heist. dropping down into an elevator shaft to steal hundreds of millions in jewels. and the new controversy tonight


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