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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 15, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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sheriff's department former undersheriff paul tanaka turned himself in to federal authorities charged with obstruction of justice. in a scandal that's rocked the department for several years. >> tanaka had a large role in institutionalizing the illegal activity in the sheriff's department. >> the fbi claims tanaka and former captain tom carrie took extraordinary steps to cover up inmate abuse at two jails. in 2011 when deputies learned an inmate was acting as an fbi informant, investigators say they tried to hide that informant from the fbi making it appear he had been transferred out of custody. even changing his name to several aliases so he couldn't be found in the computer database. >> cover-ups, did i versionry tactics retribution and a culture which is generally reserved for a hollywood script. >> already seven lower level deputies tied to the case have been convicted. in a statement tanaka's attorney said at all times, he dedicated himself to serving the residents
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of los angeles county honorably, ethically and legally. amid this investigation, the big man in charge, sheriff lee baca stepped down when asked if bach ca may be indicted investigators wouldn't comment only saying charges will be filed against officials if they can prove a case against them. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. in houston, search crews have found the body of a man swept away by floodwaters. investigators say he was driving home from work early wednesday morning during a vicious rainstorm when his car slipped into a ditch. volunteers trying to pull him to safety but they say the current was just too fast. >> today's forecast calls for a dry day in houston but the rest of the coast facing thunderstorms, harsh conditions ahead for most of the midwest with the plenty of wind driven rain and hail. heavy rain around the great lakes and southern california. >> temperatures parts of the midwest in the 80s. cool 60s in the west and seasonable 70s in the northeast.
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>> another fast food chain taking soda off the kids' menu. starting september 1st at dairy queen, only water and milk will be listed soda will still be available but only if requested. dairy queen is offering healthier options including turkey wraps and bananas. ice cream still the main attraction at dairy queen. >> another fast food chain that will no longer offer soda celebrating a major anniversary today. the first mcdonald's opened 75 years ago today in california. it was originally i didn't know this, a barbecue restaurant and a teen hangout. it was near the high school eight years later that mcdonald's brothers revamped to offer fast service and the rest it history. >> i didn't know the that about the barbecue thing. what is that thing they bring back the mcrib? it comes back every two years. >> big deal. we've done a lot of animal stories here. the star of this next story one of the best we've seen in
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awhile. >> is he baron, the german shepherd and helps his california owners with the housekeeping. check him out. not only does he help help empty the dishwasher he can load the washing machine and take clothes out of the drier. >> you see him dusting, vacuuming. this is incredible. he knows how to push the vacuum around. wow. >> doesn't look like he's getting too far with it but can't complain. >> i wonder if he cooks. we've got "insomniac theater" in a bit. the latest chapter of the mad max franchise and the pitch perfect sequel reviews coming in. >> tom brady fights back after his nfl suspension over game balls. what is next. >> and later our tribute to the legendary b.b. king. just learning this morning about his death. the blues idle and his music unforgettable. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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and now... ...try new move free night. the first and only... 2-in-1... ...joint and sleep supplement. all right. this terrifying home invasion was caught on cam rat in suburban kansas city. a young mother on the sofa a man has her in a chokehold. woman who they thought was a friend yeah stealing her money and valuables, entire ordeal recorded on a nanny cam she had recently installed. police now using the video to try to track down the thieves. >> now to deflategate, the clock is ticking toward an appeal hearing at which lawyers for tom brady will seek to have his four-game suspension either overturned or reduced. >> despite the urging of the players union, commissioner roger goodell is going to personally hear brady's appeal. elizabethler with the details. >> tom brady makes it official
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he is fighting his suspension, the claiming it is only fair a neutral arbitrator hear the appeal. hours earlier, these stern words. the nfl's conclusions are incomplete incorrect and lack context according to the new england patriots blasting the investigation that found "it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the release of air from patriots game balls. brady's agents also on the attack calling the findings biased. >> i think it is wrong to criticize my independence just because you disagree with my findings. >> ted wells, the man behind the 243-page investigation is standing by his report which resulted in the nfl issuing sanctions including a four-game suspension for brady and a million dollar fine for the patriots. and fans, well, they're backing the league.
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a new espn and abc news poll showing 54% of all fans and 69% of avid fans think brady cheated. according to experts in these situations a lot of athletes do appeal and in brady's case they say one possibility is he gets the four-game suspension reduced to just two games. elizabeth herr abc news boston. >> this hearing has to happen in the next ten days. there's no telling how long it will take for a decision. >> they've got a little time. he would be eligible to play october 1th against the colts. it's just a sexy story in a lot of ways. it won't go away the twists and turns. >> coming up here b.b. king remembering the blues legend. he's left his mark on generations of musicians. we have a tribute coming your way next on "world news now." ♪ the thrill is gone baby the thrill is gone away ♪
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♪ the thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away ♪ >> sad, sad news we are just getting the past couple hours here about blues legend b.b. king has died at the age of 89. this just stings doesn't it,
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that voice, that guitar lucille was always with him. his attorney telling us he died in his sleep at a las vegas hospice. >> earlier this month he announced he was in hospice care because of high blood pressure and diabetes. dan harris looks back at his remarkable career. ♪ >> a lot of people think that when you play blues it's only because you're blue. i can play blues and feel better. because blues to me is like a tonic. it's good for whatever ails you. >> more than anybody, b.b. king kept the blues alive, a music born everyone had poverty stricken sosh black culture nurtured in pain but also brimming with sly good humor. b.b. king mastered it. >> i don't think there's any bluesman who has had a bigger influence. >> i think he's the greatest guitar player that ever lived. ♪ >> the blues guitar legend was born riley b. king in a
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segregated is miss delta area in 1925. he worked on a cotton plantation from early boyhood. >> i'm very proud of those days. working on a farm. >> one of his uncles changed had his life when he gave him a guitar. when king was 20 he moved to memphis and worked as a deejay. on air blues boy king sang and played guitar. soon he was discover odd, got his own record contract and blues boy became b.b. >> the thrill is gone away from me. ♪ >> always by his side, his guitar lucille. >> that's lucille. that's my girl. only girl i ever had that never argues with me into there were other women in his life b.b. king fathered 15 children by 15 different women. while still hitting the stage more than 200 times a year. he played for audiences around the world including presidents. >> my neighbor and friend from
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mississippi b.b. king. please come up would you? >> thank you. >> he even presented lucille to the pope. and received numerous awards multiple grammys and the presidential medal of freedom. all for playing the blues like no one else. the music b.b. king once said is really the story of life. dan harris abc news. >> can't help but to move when you hear that music. just sad. >> i grew up with this. i grew up in west memphis of course and b.b. king is everywhere. and spent so much time -- my party at my for my wedding was at his restaurant on beale street. b.b. king's restaurant. he's such a part of the culture. you can't grow up in that area and not have him be part of your life. man, we have lost a legend. will never be another one like him. beverage b. king dead at the age of 89.
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time now for "insomniac theater." two movies opening today. a familiar title with an updated look. >> this looks interesting. mad max fury row, the fourth film in the franchise. 30 years since we saw another mad max movie and the first not to feature mel gibson in the title role. max here is played by tom hardy who tries to restore order to a desert landscape where humanity is just broken. >> 3,000 gallons of guzzling just like you asked. i'm going to unhitch the pod. >> you said a few vehicles in
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pursuit maybe. we count three war parties. >> yeah, well, i got unlucky. >> all right then. critics are loving this movie. currently pulling in a 99% on rotten tomatoes. that's the first time we've done a movie with that high i have rating here. marie rodriguez says this is a huge jet surprisingly fleet movie. every shot is and i summon this word from deep within my inner 13-year-old boy, awesome. >> quite a review. turning now to another film franchise this one not quite as action packed. but the competition is as cutthroat. this is "pitch perfect 2" we're talking about. anna kendrick and the bellas are back. this college a cappella group is taking it to the global stage in order to regain their status. they face off against a tough
2:57 am
german squad but can they overcome their obstacles to pull it together? >> do you need some of my confidence? because i can maybe turn mine down a notch. >> yeah okay. >> let me rub some out. >> oh okay. >> wait. i think you need a bit more. >> it comes from there? okay. >> thank you. >> you need that i'm going to get you the good stuff now. >> i don't want your butt confidence. i don't want your butt confidence. >> oh my. sequels don't get a lot of love from critics but it's doing well. joanna langfield says it may not be perfect but this harmonious sequel still sings. and scott mendal son calls it bigger faster and more energetic than the original and it is also a little better he says. a lot of positive activity here.
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>> this morning on "world news now," train tragedy. investigators reveal disturbing new details about this speeding amtrak train with no chance to slow down before a treacherous curve. as memorials begin for the victims killed. >> this has been a massive effort. it's been painful. >> and the safety mechanism missing from that train that could have saved lives. >> principal punishment. the school guarart who's racially insensitive remark ruined graduation day. >> anybody that knows me knows i did not mean that in a racial manner. >> the crack down days after the incident and her apology. >> talk about a deal. your chance to own then home. it all starts with a check for $150. that's not bad. and the right words to impress the seller. so what's the catch here? it's friday, may 15th.
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>> from abc news this is "world news now." >> good morning. we made it to friday. >> we haven't made it through friday yet. we're holding on here. but yes it is friday. been a great week with you. thank you so much for being here. >> i really enjoyed it. i'm marcy gonzales in for reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. a tough news week no doubt. we're going to start now with these words from the amtrak ceo. amtrak apologizes and takes full responsibility. yes, those are the words. a statement we just got yesterday. talking about that tragic crash in philadelphia as the final victim has now been pulled from the wreckage. >> all eight people killed in the crash have been identified. the first funeral is being held today for the youngest victim. that's 20-year-old naval academy mid shipman justin sem zer. >> investigators say the train sped up for a full minute before the crash.
3:02 am
karen travers begins our conch from philadelphia. >> good morning, t.j. brandon bostian's attorney tells us his client has been fully cooperating with the police and yesterday investigators said they will speak to him at some point. they say this is not necessarily an interrogation. they want to give him a blank piece of paper and basically say tell us what happened. amtrak train 188 accelerated over the final minute before it derailed. investigators say they know the speed from a video taken from the front of the train. >> 65 seconds before the end of the recording, the train's speed went above 70 miles per hour. 16 seconds before the end of the recording, the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour. >> but then just before the moment of impact. >> mere seconds into the turn we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right and then the recording went blank. >> train engineer brandon boss o bostian will sit down with
3:03 am
federal investigators in the next few days. >> i believe as an result of the concussion he has no recollection whatsoever of the events. i'm told that his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside. >> all eight of the victims of tuesday's accident have been identified. their families grieving their loss. >> this has been a massive effort. it's been painful. >> amtrak says it's continuing to work on repairs around the site but they hope to have full service restored between philadelphia and new york sometime early next week. t.j., marci. >> thank you. we are learning more about the man who was operating that train. friends of 32-year-old brandon bostian say he had a lifelong obsession with trains and he loved his job. they say he talked about trains constantly even bringing back subway maps when he went on vacation. they all described him as a good person. >> brandon was always much more quiet, soft spoken very caring when he spoke to people. very considerate of other
3:04 am
people's feelings and interactions he would have. >> bostian graduated from the university of missouri in 2006. he became an amtrak engineer four years after landing a job as a conductor. >> and the accident now raising more questions about the safety of america's railways because get this there's actually technology out there available that could have stopped this that's what investigators tell us. why wasn't it on the track. >> matt gutman show us this hi-tech system. >> the troubling images of another train derail. ten cars spilling off the track in pittsburgh. in south carolina this train on truck collision and in wisconsin a locomotive catching fire. no one was hurt but they're reminders of tuesday's deadly accident in philadelphia which the government says could have been prevented with existing technology called positive train control or ptc. >> we feel that had such a system been installed in this section of track, this accident
3:05 am
would not have occurred. >> congressman dated that the system be installed throughout the nation's railroad system by the end of 2015 after a commuter train in 2008 collided with a freight train just outside of los angeles killing 25 people. and only a fraction of the nation's rail lines have it. but trains here in los angeles do. we accelerate the train in a simulator to over 90 miles an hour. it doesn't just slow you down it stops you. >> if the engineer was incapacitated slowing it down doesn't do any good. you have to stop. >> this train has positive train control but most in the country do not. the deadline to install the system nationwide is at the end of this year but the industry says that deadline is impossible to meet. matt gutman abc news los angeles. >> arson investigators in washington, d.c. having a mystery on their hands. firefighters called to a blaze at a multi million dollar home. they found four bodies three adults and a child. police are calling the fire
3:06 am
suspicious. no word how the victims died and this mansion is in washington's embassy row just blocks from where vice president joe biden lives. >> a security scare at the white here the president lives. president wasn't there at the time but the white house in lockdown for an hour because a small drone was flying over the park across pennsylvania avenue. the operator was arrested even though it never crossed into white house grounds. most of the city is a no drone zone. this one was about the size of an ipad. the president not at the white house. he was at camp david for a summit with arab allies promising them more military aid to reassure them. the u.s. has an ironclad commitment to its persian gulf allies but he didn't go as far as some of the countries wanted. >> a new audio recording casts doubt the leader of isis has been incapacitated. there were reports abu baghdadi
3:07 am
was gravely injured in an air strike but the recording has references to events after that attack. speaker calls on muslims to either join sifs in the middle east or is taken attacks in their own countries. some experts say the recording does sound like baghdadi. >> nepal's army says it has spotted the wreckage of an american military helicopter. six marines were aboard and there were delivering rice and other supplies to a remote area when it went missing. many of the roads still impassable impassable. the helicopter disappeared on tuesday. >> environmental activists are protesting a controversial oil drilling plan in the arctic ocean. a 400-foot drilling rig was greeted by about two dozen protesters. it's the first of two rigs that will park in the harbor acting as the base for the exploratory drilling set to begin this summer. >> we turn to tom brady.
3:08 am
he is now officially filed an appeal to his four-game suspension. late last night, the nfl announced roger goodell will personally hear his appeal. that is exactly what the players union was hoping he would not do. ryan smith on the story for us. >> tom brady officially fighting back, appealing his four-game suspension for deflategate. the players association saying the nfl and lead investigator ted wells should be confident enough to present their case before someone who is truly independent. this after the nfl report on the matter concluded it was more probable than not that brady was at least generally aware of inappropriate activities to release air from game balls. the patriots also defending their quarterback saying there's no evidence that brady was aware of any actual or even attempted effort to tamper with game footballs. as for the texts between staffers about brady during an earlier game that the nfl cited as evidence of brady's awareness, texts like this it,
3:09 am
tom sucks. i'm going to make the next ball an balloon. the team says they obviously are jokes, exaggerations and sarcasm. one teammate rob gronkowski speak out. >> he's an unbelievable player. he has full support. >> so far the public doesn't appear convinced. in a new sben/abc news poll 6% of an avid rid fans support the sanctions against brady and the patriots 347. abc news hew york. >> turning to california now where state senators there overwhelmingly approved a bill that would make vaccines is mandatory for nearly every child eliminating exemptions for parents who oppose them because of their religious or personal beliefs. the move toward mandatory gained after amacials outbreak at disneyland. >> consumer reports not all sunscreens offer as much protection as advertised. almost a third of those tests
3:10 am
failed to meet claims on the labels. regardless of which sun be screen you choose doctors say it should be reapplied after every dip in the water. some of the top rated sun screens including those sold at walmart, copper tone and banana boat. >> a new study finds vitamin b 3 may lower the risk of most types of skin cancer. the study found a reduction much 23% in mild forms of skin cancer more than 3 million cases are diagnosed each year in the u.s. the study did not involve melanoma though and, of course, that is the most deadly form of skin >> got a real estate deal for you down in texas. in houstonparticular. those wanting to buy a two-bedroom one bath house just sign on the line. you got to turn something into the teacher. >> it's like homework. guy selling the house is now accepting entries, 150 bucks and's say of 200 words or less. the person who writes the essay he picks as the winner gets the
3:11 am
house. >> essentially, i have this right, you're only paying 150 bucks. you have to pay the closing costs but you get the house. the guy who set it up says he'll need about 3,000 applications to part with the house at market value. he's found a way to now essentially pay the house off, get rid of the debt you get -- maybe you'll get it for 150 bucks. >> he got the idea. not the first person to do something like this. i haven't heard of it with an essay before. i wonder what the topic is. >> i think i might submit this thing. >> it's not a bad idea. >> you get the house, 150 bucks closing costs and i'm putting it right back on the market. >> so then am i competing against you in in essay contest? >> yes. >> it's on. >> that's what we'll be doing in commercial breaks. >> we need to submit we need to do this. >> as a team? >> we should. >> we've got good writer around here, don't we. >> hope the neighbors don't mind us moving in. >> coming up here, combining the
3:12 am
goodness of -- i always mess this up. it's nutella. >> nutella. >> nutella. people love the stuff. >> no maer how you pronounce it, it is delicious. >> it's new or nutella. >> nutella. it tastes so good. i don't care how you say it. you're not going to have some? >> i'll try the nutella. >> also ahead, an the uproar over a stay-at-home mom's t-shirt design and one of the biggest retailers in the country. the big fight and we'll tell you who won. >> also in the mix," the loudest purring cat in the world. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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okay. check this dude out. a trapper at a high school in palm harbor florida. he captures an alligator. and look what he does he jumped on his back put some tape over the mouth. he picks the sucker up, throws a five-foot long thing over his shoulders and walks it to the truck. that's a man's man right there. he kept it away. it was near a high school there. all this only delayed the school day by 15 minutes. that dude's a stud. you need him around. >> florida problems for you. school is starting late because there's a gator hanging out there. this dude's like it's nothing. i do this all the time. earlier this week we reported about a skol principal who managed to offend just about everyone with a remark she made
3:17 am
during her school's graduation. the remark has now cost that principal her job. abc's mara schiavocampo with this update. >> graduation cheers. >> graduates you may move your tassel. >> to jeers. >> a georgia principal fired for what many are calling racist remarks during a high school graduation ceremony last weekend. after mistakenly dismissing the crowd before bringing the valedictorian up for his speech school founder nancy gordeuk asked him to sit back down. >> hey, everybody come back. >> when that didn't happen this did. >> look who's leaving all the black people. >> after an uproar from the crowd. >> racist remark. >> new video shows she apologizing soon after. >> anybody that knows me knows i did not mean that in a racial manner. >> later e-mailing patients the devil was in the house and came out from my mouth. now, the school's board of directors says they have moved
3:18 am
to dismiss nancy gordeuk as principal. >> the local naacp says they applaud the firing and while they respect gordeuk's right to free speech they say educators are held to a higher standard. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> coming up here are big corporations stealing from small businesses? they're doing this more than you think. how one retail giant decided to back down after a mom called them out for ripping off her clothing dine design. >> it is fight night with the world still craving an epic match. could an unlikely pair deliver the true fight of the century? holyfield versus romney yeah that romney mitt coming up in our next half hour on "world news now." "world news now"
3:19 am
a mom working out of her garage making clothing she made an interesting discovery.
3:20 am
one of her designs was being sold at target and she didn't authorize this. >> no. so after targeting target for ripping off her design the store made a fashionable change. here's abc's near carlin ski. >> melissa is the stay-at-home mom who took on target and actually won. >> you work so hard on these designs. i screen print till my body aches. >> she runs a business out of her garage and this is her best seller. so when friends started sending her pictures of a seemingly identical version at target she was stunned. >> it's shock because it was almost surreal seeing it there in a store i shop at. >> it didn't take long to find it. here it is at this target store. >> after abc news and others covered the story, target took notice backing down saying they've been in contact with the vendor and are in the process of removing the t. even so we found the shirt still on sale at target but watch what happened when we tried to buy it.
3:21 am
>> so we can't sell it. >> true to their word target wouldn't sell it. it doesn't always end like this. dan brown inventor of the bionic wrench told david sears copied had his tool with a version made in china. >> it's a knockoff. no question. >> sears says they didn't steal anything. they're litigating. as for melissa, she says new orders are flooding in. neal karlinksky, abc news seattle. >> okay. middle of the night people hungry. up on the desk here, we went from original designs there. this is an original. >> completely off topic. >> no, no no, this is the time of the morning. >> you just want to eat. >> how is it? >> tim hortons sent these over for us. >> nutella doughnuts. you got doughnuts with a little chocolate on top. nutella in the middle. you can't beat this for a late night heart attack. >> huh-uh. >> they're going on sale today. yes? yeah.
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that's it. good job. nice coating. and get this one next.
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all right. we've got the mix here. keep eating >> are you going to eat that. >> you don't have enough doughnuts? you need that one too. >> let's put this up. you're not going to believe this. i can't believe this is legal. you've heard of the mma fighting. but multiply that. this is five on five. this is happening in russia. it's an all out brawl. you're going at it. a team wins you're taking each other out up with by one. one of your people taps out or knocked unconscious, then the guy that was beating him up can help gang up on another guy. you're taking everybody out. coming to an arena near you. this is in russia. my goodness that's bizarre. can you handle this with the doughnut. >> i'm going to introduce you to the loudest cat in the world. >> cats are quiet. >> this has been certified. check it out. so when this cat purrs it
3:26 am
reaches 67en 8 decibels an official reading so loud that the owner says she has to turn the tv up when the cat starts purring. >> they need to get the cat checked. >> it is polka time. >> a world premier polka for you ♪ politics and foreign war all the weather all the scores that's the world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night, you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants, so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance hey ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal. >> the world news polka. here is what i found about polka. the polka originated in bow hemoia in the 19th century. the word polka means polish lady. the "world news now" polka means the weekend is almost here. ♪
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♪ i've got a gorgeous singing voice ho to i don't like to gloat ♪ ♪ your voice is great it's just a shame it hasn't reached your throat. >> siri are you mocking me. >> once a week on abc ♪ that's the world news polka. who cares what the bosses think, they're a goofy crew and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do hey ♪ ♪ when they yell it's last past three. >> tell them hey it's news to me. >> that's the world news polka. they make us work the graveyard shift that's why we go for broke so why not tune in abc and join our little joke. >> five whole days every week we're here with our tongues in cheek and the world news polka. have a great weekend, everybody.
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this morning on "world news now," deadly speed. new details from the feds investigating the philadelphia amtrak crash. why was the train speeding up instead of slowing down seconds before going into a dangerous curve? >> airborne threat at the white house. the security scare as a small drone creates a huge uproar. the swift lockdown, the take-down, and the lowdown on what is supposed to be a no drone zone. >> caught on camera, a fisherman's scary plunge into the water. he couldn't swim and the guy who came to the rescue diving in along with his gopro. >> and later, political fight. why would mitt romney take on legendary fighter evander holyfield in the boxing ring? the explanation and the fighting words in "the skinny" on this fry, may 15th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you all on this friday.
3:31 am
i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm marcy gonzales. reena ninan is on assignment. we begin with the search for answers in that deadly amtrak crash. the engineer expected to speak with investigators any day now. >> but we now know the train accelerated. it was speeding up for a full minute before it derailed. the ntsb says it's unclear though whether the speed was increased manually by the engineer. >> the eight people killed have all been identified and amtrak is now helping victims with funeral and medical expenses. abc as david kerley is covering the investigation. >> we walked onto the tracks. eight lives lost here. amtrak asking us not to focus on the mangled first car where most of those were killed. investigators said the engine's camera recording shows the speed increasing from 70 to 100 miles an hour in the last minute. the brake is flipped just before the corner. >> mere seconds into the turn, we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right.
3:32 am
and then the recording went blank. >> the ntsb still has not interviewed the engineer. 32-year-old brandon bostian whose attorney says he is banged up and has little memory of the accident or why the train was traveling at 106 miles an hour, twice the speed limit. >> i believe as a result of the concussion he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events. i'm told that his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside. >> bostian was in the cab in the front of this hi-tech engine. on the left the throttle handle to increase speed. a red alerter button the engineer has to hit a couple of times each minute or the engine goes into emergency shutdown. on the lcd screen in front of him, a speedometer which would tell him how fast he's going. to the right, the red handled train brake, push it forward to strop the train. would there have been a warning? back on the left side, the positive train control system that will warn of speed violations and even stop a
3:33 am
train, but that system is not on the tracks where amtrak 188 derailed. you think at 80 miles an hour, this train could have actually made this but at 106 it couldn't? >> i don't think so. this corner itself would have a capability of having a train be able to go around it, it would be rough at 80 miles an hour. but it cannot go higher than that. >> the engine involved in the derailment is still here. you can see some of the damage it suffered on the roof. amtrak is hopeful that these rays will be reopen by monday or tuesday at the latest. david kerley, abc news, philadelphia. >> amtrak is now facing its first lawsuit stemming from the crash filed by an amtrak dispatcher who was in the last car heading to work in new york. bruce phillips is still in the hospital after suffering a concussion, brain trauma and spinal injuries. his attorney says amtrak is to blame whether it was operator error or mechanical failure. he's seeking at least $150,000.
3:34 am
>> a california man is facing charges for flying a small drone near the white house. drones not allowed anywhere in the nation's capital. it's a no drone zone and the incident comes after a series of security concerns there. abc's pierre thomas with this story. >> the threat of another drone flying onto the white house grounds led to a massive response from authorities. including hazmat teams and a lockdown at the nation's most famous address. the drone was flying here in lafayette park about 100 feet in the air. the secret service detained the man flying it. they say it never made it over the white house fence. >> they chased him. it was a dog that kind of put him down. then they put him in handcuffs. >> a short time later authorities discovered this tiny drone about a foot long equipped with a camera and crowed by a tablet. but small or not, the secret service and other agencies are swarming at the slightest hint of a security threat after a recent spate of breaches in the nation's capital. it was only weeks ago a u.s. postal worker flew a gyrocopter through restricted air space
3:35 am
over the washington mall and onto the capitol grounds. another re-creational drone landed on the white house lawn last january and the secret service is still addressing security concerns after this man jumped the fence and made his way inside the white house. the drone issue is so new, there are really no serious charges on the books. we're told the suspect faces a citation, the equivalent of a speeding ticket. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> and this sad breaking news. we are getting into the newsroom just a short time ago, blues legend b. b. king has died. king had -- that guitar. you know that sound so well. right? b.b. king had been in poor health living in a hospice in las vegas. the career began back in the late 1940s. he continued to perform and record actively until recently. he did slow down somewhat in the past year or so. he still had hundreds of performances. he had hundreds of hits, 15 grammy awards, b.b. king dead at the age of 89.
3:36 am
>> patriots quarterback tom brady formally filed an appeal of his four-game deflategate suspension about an hour before yesterday's deadline. last night, it was announced that nfl commissioner roger goodell will personally hear that appeal. the nfl players union had asked for a neutral arbitrator to hear the case despite the ongoing drama, it is clear brady maintains the support of his teammates. >> he's an unbelievable player. he has full support. >> the patriots released a harsh criticism of the report that led to brady's suspension yesterday claiming the nfl deflategate conclusions are incomplete, incorrect and lacking in context. brady's appeal hearing has to take place within the next ten days. >> the search for a man swept away by flooding in houston has ended with the discovery of his body. investigators say he was driving home from work early wednesday morning through pounding rain when his car slipped into a ditch. volunteers tried to pull him
3:37 am
away butut they say the current was just too strong after an extensive ground and aerial certainly his body was found later down stream. just outside houston a flood warning in effect for the city of humboldt. the river crested a foot above. flood stage expected to recede very slowly. national weather service says at least moderate flooding is likely for the rest of the day. >> the houston area gets a break in the today's forecast but the rest of the gulf coast could be in for some thunderstorms. win driven rain and hail pounds much of the midwest. look for heavy rain around the great lakes, montana and southern california. >> muggy 80 degrees temperatures across the south and parts of the midwest. cool 60s in the west and seasonable 70s in the northeast. animals in the news now. cue up that "jaws" music because some great white sharks have been sighted off the coast of southern california. at least six sharks have been seen between five and six feet long. lifeguards are telling paddle boarders who often go in the
3:38 am
water near there, yeah, you might want to stay away. probably good advice. >> you might. >> in pittsburgh, you want to stay away from a guy named bernard. a bear is on the move today. now, there's bernard. lurking. he's been hanging out in the area for about a week now. >> neighbors say he's not hurting anyone. they've been feeding him apples, strawberries, potato salad. >> do you recommend doing that? do you feed the bears? >> again, not a great idea. but making a little picnic for him. they were told to keep doing it to keep bernard close by so they want him to hang around? >> well, that's not a good idea according to folks at animal control. they're bringing in a trap and plan to get bernard inside take him deeper into the forest which is his natural habitat. hmm. so you're not supposed to feed like a stray dog or cat because it will stick around the house. >> same deal for the bears. >> we keep that on stand by. "the skinny" is coming your way. mitt romney, evander holyfield fighting. why? also the actor set to play jackie kennedy.
3:39 am
>> but first the case of mistaken identity that dates back three decades. a man convicted of a crime he did not commit and how he found justice and freedom. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by clearasil ultra. brought to you by clearasil ultra. you get used to stale odors in your mudroom. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze air effects works instantly to eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to. smells like a field of awesome in here. so you and your guests can
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lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click ♪ a lazy day of fishing in at a lake in tennessee turned really dramatic when a man on a boat fell into the water. you see it there. a man wearing a camera jumped in after him and able to get him to safety. the guy who fell in couldn't swim. and he wasn't wearing a life jacket. so as we head toward summer, a little hint. if you can't swim, maybe
3:43 am
consider wearing a life jacket. >> huh. that's odd. i guess the guy with the gopro. he was just flipping himself fishing. >> just happened to have the camera going when it happened. i know. >> well, no hard feelings, the word from a man who spent decades behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. >> in fact, he says he feels sorry for his accuser. we get this story now from abc's linzie janis. >> michael mcalister reunited with his mother and sister after spending nearly 30 years in prison. the governor of virginia granting the 58-year-old an absolute pardon wednesday. >> what are your immediate plans? >> go home and eat. >> and i'm ready to cook his dinner. >> the wrongful conviction due to mcalister's uncanny resemblance to another man, norman bruce derr. the crime? the attempted sexual assaults of a woman in this laundry room inside a richmond apartment
3:44 am
building back in 1986. at the time, that woman identifying mcalister in this photo lineup but shortly after, derr was convicted of a string of assaults in the area and he recently confessed to this crime, too. mcalister telling us he's moving on. >> i'm feeling overjoyed. i'm so happy. i've never been this happy before. >> linsey janus, abc news, new york. >> good for him to be happy. how can you not be angry? he just lost half of his life. >> i know, unreal. >> under virginia law he could be entitled to compensation. he says he hasn't had time to even think about that. he's so happy to be with his family and spending time with them. >> my goodness, 58 years old, half of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. that's just -- coming up here, evander holyfield is coming out of retirement. he's going to fight another guy who is coming out of retirement. mitt romney. didn't he retire? he retired from politics. now he's got a new gig as a
3:45 am
boxer apparently. >> i guess so. the actress chosen to play jackie kennedy on the big screen, we'll tell you about that when the skinny, it is coming up next. that when the skinny, it is coming up next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> fight night, folks, here on the skinny. a lot of people let down by the mayweather/pacquiao fight. they were underwhelmed. but we've got another match. this is going to leave you -- well, i don't know if we can promise. >> don't oversell. this is boxing legend evander holyfield taking on of all people mitt romney. >> yes, that mitt romney. former presidential candidate who is used to losing. well, he weighed in last night. staring down the four-time heavyweight champ of the world the two have been going at each other ahead of the fight talking a lot of trash. listen to this. >> i don't have much of a right hook but when i get somebody's ear, i can be pretty formidable. >> you don't throw punches but i'm too quick, too agile for him. mitt, you can't run, you can't hide. come get your whooping. >> all right then.
3:48 am
holyfield has the experience. romney should have the crowd on his side. the fight takes place tonight in his home, his new home state of utah in salt lake city actually. >> romney is not risking his face getting punched for no reason. it's for a good cause. it's charity vision. that's an organization that performs surgeries for children curing blindness. this is very cool, very fun. they've been having a good back and forth going. it doesn't matter who wins. mitt, pulling for you. >> sticking with sports new york giants o'dell beckham junior was just revealed as the cover star there he is, of the new madden video game. he's still not the most famous beckham in the sports word however. >> of course. even though he's now retired, david beckham, you know he still turns heads everywhere he goes. that beautiful, beautiful man. last night he was on jimmy kimmel live taking ridiculous
3:49 am
questions from kimmel. the answers however made perfect sense including which fruit he could kick the farthest. >> as long as it doesn't explode, grapefruit. >> what is your favorite spice? >> posh. >> you made the right choice. cinnamon is not going to hit you over the head with a frying pan. >> definitely not. definitely not. >> fantastic. what you're seeing there, kimmel challenged beckham to take an ugly selfie. he actually, they say he seemed to pull it off. but i don't think it's possible. >> listening to you in that introduction to that sound bite, i don't think you think beckham can take a bad picture. >> that's what i'm saying >> i've been sitting here with you all week. that is as worked up as i've seen you get all week. >> i'm a fan, please. >> you went off script there. >> can you take this next read. >> he is a beautiful man. >> see, you agree. >> he's a beautiful man. >> but you're not getting all like --
3:50 am
>> i'll turn to natalie portman. all right? i can't do like you did over her. but she has her next acting gig. it's lined up according to variety. 33-year-old academy award winner will play jackie kennedy onassis. the film project called "jackie" will be based on the former first lady's days following president john f. kennedy's assassination. >> insiders say it talks about the days when she became an icon, winning the love of a nation even though she's lost everything. it is not only biopic that -- it is not the only biopic that the harvard educated portman is slated to act in. >> she's going to be playing supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg in an upcoming film called "on the basis of sex," which tracks ginsburg's various struggles for equality throughout the course of had her career. >> showing her range there. >> she has range. >> a shoutout to our girl, ginger zee. >> love her. she's our resident weather nerd around here.
3:51 am
we say that with respect. >> she would love that. >> she's been all over the world lately, climbing in caves, swimming with jellyfish and made it back home in time to play celebrity "jeopardy!" her competition bellamy young from scandal and josh gatt from "frozen." our girl did all right. >> he's the emmy winning comedian seen here. ginger. >> who is sarah silverson? >> who is sarah silverman. >> bellamy says who is sarah silverman. >> silver man, yes, you're right. sorry about that, ginger. >> that's okay. >> don't give me your sorrys, alex you know what she was say. she's very charming and almost got away with it. later she recovered and nailed a daily double. >> bellamy young was ahead of ginger and josh for final "jeopardy!" which nobody got right. the question was who is oprah. something everyone in tv needs to know. >> for ginger, she took home $10,000 for the susan g. kommen west -- whoa!
3:52 am
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>> all right. it has been a busy news week here for us, no doubt. we have been talking about this train crash that leaves many unanswered questions. mother nature also a lot to talk about, and we've had some very severe storms this week. >> the scandal surrounding air pressure inside footballs and a dancing hero's question of a lifetime. it is all here in our friday rewind. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> suddenly, the car just got tossed. and then the moment of chaos. people all kind of tumbling around. the car's dark. you know the kind of moment you're not sure if this might be it. >> two family members of our community have fallen.
3:56 am
and we need to grieve with them and we need to pray with them and for them. >> my decision is not based on emotion. rather, this decision is based on the facts as they have been investigated and reported to me. >> an officer from lake mary police department was flagged down by george zimmerman. he reported he had just been involved in a shooting. >> there goes the school. there goes the school. >> just mass destruction. you couldn't really see anything. it was raining. we could hear people hollering for help. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. >> my answerer would be no. >> the balls weren't the big issue. it was the way he continued to conduct himself once everything was found. >> the nfl is serious about not messing with the integrity of the game. >> patty. >> hi, yes. >> hi this is barack obama. >> had you. >> you yeah, it is. >> no way. >> way. >> would you marry me?
3:57 am
>> if you need a good wedding band, i know one. >> we have that on film? like we can back that up? okay, done. >> all right. well, we are stuffing our faces because that's what we do best. it is national chocolate chip cookie day. >> uh-huh. >> these are from our friends at double tree hotels. they always have them for their guests. today they're inviting anyone to come in, grab a free cookie. a nice deal. they brought some for us. we're fans of that. >> you don't have to have a reservation at the hotel. you just walk in and get yourself a free cookie. >> all about that. i'm going to be hanging out there all day. >> all right. if you want to find marci later, she'll in the lobby of a double tree somewhere. >> classy. >> nice. you going to keep the same dress on? >> so they know how to find me. >> you might want to change the dress if we just see you hanging out in the lobby of a hotel all day.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- deadly derailment. investigators sifting through the wreckage. a new clue now about the train's acceleration moments before the crash. as the last victim has been found. we're live at the scene with the very latest. and breaking news the search for an american military helicopter appears to be over. where the wreckage was found overnight. a cargo train heading down the tracks. an 18-wheeler in the path. legend lost. the world says good-bye to the king of blues. this morning, remembering the great b.b. king. ♪ the thrill has gone away ♪


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