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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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half at morningside. alexandria 1.37 inches. 1.5 in chantilly. no surprise about the flood warning. there is the larger view of storm scan. the heaviest batches move through now there could be a break but more potential to tv rumble of thunder through the evening and the night. shower and the downpours for the next five or six hours moving through the area. that is the latest. kimberly: we are following breaking news out of maryland. interstate 95 south closed in jessep after a car hit a state trooper. use 29 or 1. traffic is already stuck on the highway. it's getting by slowly on the shoulder. the trooper taken by medi-vac but is expected to be okay.
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leon: days after the immigrant workers raised questions about working on the trump high profile hotel. a high profell chef pulled out of the project. jose andres pulled out after trump put himself in the middle of nationwide debate on immigration. stephen tschida is live at the renovation project and he has the latest on the developing story which could involve a lot of money. stephen: yeah. a lot of march is an understatement. we were able to confirm from the chef he canceled his deal with trump. it go an e-mail from donald trump jr. who says jose andres has no right to terminate or abandon his obligation under the lease. if he defalls we the trump cooperation will not hesitate to take legal action to recover ten years of rent. this is because of the statement over the illegal
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mexican immigrants. the castle getting a trump makeover. a critical piece of the project pulled out. >> i want to say thank you for supporting us. stephen: jose andres planned open an establishment in the new touch hotel at the old downtown post office. after donald trump's inflammatory statements to characterize illegal immigrants as killers rapist and drug dealers he decided he could no longer do business with trump. >> how can you be taken seriously if you associate yourself with someone like that. >> he e-mailed us and said that trump's recent statement disparaging immigrants make it impossible for my company and many to move forward with opening a successful spanish restaurant in the upcoming
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hotel. >> good for him. trump is an [bleep] >> spanish immigrant that just became an american citizen said much of his team is hispanic, as are many of his customers. we caught up with spanish tourists who just dined at one of andres iconic eateries. >> i agree with chef andres. ref getting back to -- stephen: getting back to the e-mail they will enforce the contract to prevent andres opening nil other restaurant in d.c. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. kimberly: right now to another fight. the washington redskins are regrouping on making the case to keep their name. that is after a major blow to the cause in federal court today. brad bell is live at fedex field to explain. >> this matter goes to 2006
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when native american activists filed a trademark complaint. they won the battle. the team counter sued and today a judge ruled in favor of the native american activists saying that the team name is disparaging. the team name and various logos have not lost the trademark protection. the judges order will remove them from the federal register or list of trademarks. the lar who filed the original lawsuit says he hopes it's a turning point. >> the team name is tainted and it will be tainted forever. public opinion will one day sway the team ownership to start new. >> an opinion shared by many including this man wearing a team hat and logo watch. >> i just hope that snyder changes the name. plain and simple. get rid of the conflict. change the name.
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>> if it offensive to one group of people it's offensive to all. >> not all agree. >> i don't think it's a problem. they have had it for 60 to 80 years now. no one had a problem until last couple of years. >> late this afternoon a senatement from the logo letterhead vowing to appeal because facts and law on the side of the franchise that proudly used the name redskin for 80 years. at the bottom of the statement the team name in bold print. nothing really changes today because the judging ruling does not go into effect until the team exhausts all appeal. they intend to fight this till the end. leon: we are tracking tonight a story from wall street where the trading resumes on the new york stock exchange 45 minutes before closing.
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this is after a technical clutch brought the floor to a standstill at 11:30 this morning. >> this afternoon the president was briefed by his homeland security adviser and the white house chief of staff about the technical issues that are currently experienceed by the stockton. they told the president there is no indication that multiple actors involved in the technology issues. >> trading on the other exchange like nasdaq and s&p 500 were not impacted by the glitch that highlight the stockton -- glitch that hit the stock exchange. it could have been worse than that. the problems on wall street started this morning at 15 minutes after that the "wall street journal" website went down as well. the site started to be restored 12:15. this happened after another glitch forced ground stop of all united airlines around the
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country. more than 800 flights were impacted. many were left sitting on gates in taxiways. they said the intentional was interim. diane cho is live at the dulles airport with more on the impact of the passengers. diane: you can see behind me at the-unit ticket counter and the kiosk are empty. we are not hearing the same commotion we did from the angry passengers waiting in line when this one unfolding. the lines were growing as many passengers tried to figure out if the flights would be delayed or not after the flights were grounded across the country. they allowed them to resume flights after two hours.
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>> it happens. i travel a lot. this is inconvenient. but united treated me well. i don't have complaints. >> if it delayed much more thank now i'm going to get frustrated. diane: united will wave reservation change fees. diane cho abc7 news. leon: the office of personal management being sued over a cyber attack. the national treasury employees union filed suit today and says they violated privacy right of the union members after the data breach in june. the intrusion exposed records of 4 million employees and the union says better cyber curt could have stopped it. kimberly: it is one of the largest churches in the region and going back to its roots.
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today they reinstated jericho, which is the massive church next to fedex field. kevin lewis has the newest information in the case. >> this is a latest twist in the long standing religious squabble. a d.c. judge ruled two former leaders at the megachurch were wrongly removed from the respective posts. effective immediately this pastor seen in the video plus board member meadows are allowed to return to job. they have been without since 2012. he is the son dr. betty peebles that passed away in 2010. following her death a battle over who controls the church campus broke out and peebles lost. thousands followed the minister who went on to launch a mobile church.
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he announced how he would move to restoration at the god or or -- ordained time. the board that ousted peebles isn't thrilled and told us jericho city of praise disagrees about the decision that goes against what the latest apostle established and is appealing the order. we expect them to overturn the ruling to establish the city of praise is and has always been properly governed. this church is wide toed. kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: you know how painful that can be. thank you. chief meteorologist doug hill? doug: get back to the doppler radar. we have this in effect for southern portion of d.c.
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upstream is another batch of moderate rain from the northern fairfax slicing down the same area. flash flood in box area. heavy rain and localized flooding is expected. further update in a couple of minutes. leon? leon: coming up at 5:00 -- >> the message that justice must be served. leon: d.c. police announce a break in the case after a teenager is found murdered in a garbage can. kimberly: later not so fast. what boston museum of science is saying about the virginia teenager we talked to yesterday who found a mistake in a decades-old display. leon: we'll explain behind the wheel in the video.
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horace: i'm horace holmes in northwest washington. with the threat of heavy rain coming, the people in this northwest apartment building are concerned about the condition of their roof. we'll plain coming up
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leon: days after the revelation of a stunning admission by bill cosby the comedian's absence was noticed for the new ben's chili bowl location. cosby's face is prominently displayed on the massive bureau outside the original store as you may know. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live at the new eighth street location. there is a question now about whether the picture is going to stay or go. >> for the moment it will stay leon it appears. this is the opening of the store. you see folks around here. nobody talk about taking it down. unlike the opening of the new ben's in arlington last year this year it happened without bill cosby. >> three. two. one. >> ben's chili bowl!
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>> with much fanfare including the late chuck brown go-go band, ben's chili bowl opened the second restaurant in d.c. with a crowd of customers and well-wishers filling the place on 8th street northeast. absent from the opening was bill cosby who was the star of ben's opening 16 months ago of the restaurant in arlington. hundreds showed up for the ribbon cutting involving cosby, a long-time friend and supporter who is now involved in a sex scandal involving doping women. we asked ben's founder about the scandal today. >> we are sympathetic about the recent news. we are focused on the new show. >> a picture we saw monday before the latest scandal broke was still there today in the opening celebration. the original ben's on u street mural featuring cosby is still
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there. they have not made plans to paint over it. >> i know the family will evaluate the situation. >> do you cut your ties with your uncle or your aunt or your mom or your dad? >> her answer was no. whether that turns outs to be the answer for the family remains to be seen. for now it remains on their store and literature. sam ford, abc7 news. leon: okay. kimberly: horace holmes is getting involved to help.
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horace: they invited us to the apartment on 11th street northwest to let us see this. she began calling a rental office to warn that she feared the ceiling in the suchen of her apartment was about to fall in. after several storms it did just that. the water came pouring through. she and her husband riggedded up the tarp to direct the water out the kitchen window. she said she called the office again. workers came to look but no work was done to fix it. >> tenants are trying to keep the apartments livable. horace: he is an advocate helping the tenants in the building. >> they are not getting any support. they are building a pipe out of plastic. trying to deal with the mold
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on the walls. that is what we saw in the apparent. the water poured in the walls. >> if you came here a week ago, this was sagging down. full of water. so we walked with the headquarters. the management company did end up meeting with the tenants and make promises that action would be taken. we called them but they did not call us back. in the meantime a couple of workers came earlier today and installed this plastic covering over part of the hole. they said they would be back but didn't say when or what they would do.
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leon: keep an eye on it. kimberly: not a good day to have a hole on the roof. >> heavy rain is going over the same areas over and over. that is how we get the localized flash flood warning. this is red light that is 30 stories up. this is next batch of rain. that is why the rain is up. we were in the upper 80's now we are in the lower 70's. but the rain and too much of it. isn't that a familiar song we have been singing. rain after rain after rain.
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this box are the flash flood warnings in effect for maryland and the district until 7:30 till 8:00 p.m. on the virginia side. we watch the rain. even after the heavier there will be more scattered showers around the area. there is a pattern developing here with the moisture where it seems to funnel in a similar direction. across the mountain. this is an issue. we are in upper 80's for the areas not touched by the rain. cooler in the areas that have had heavy downpour. this el, they will be lingering showers u night and the early overnight hours. not everyone will see the showers. the satellite and the radar, the big picture on the rider
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view, metro area. the scattered showers in the larger area. everything is moving east. it may diminish. but my point is there is a threat of additional showers. the future cast takes us to tomorrow morning where most of the rain will stay south and east of the city. tomorrow will look like it's partly cloudy. we will go through the drill all over again. perhaps the s tomorrow could be widespread. a cold front will settle in and we will get a break of having dry weather. the drying trend will start in the metro friday and looking good for the extended outlook. the next seven days. 93 tomorrow. 40% chance for the probability of showers and the thunderstorms tomorrow. friday is less humid.
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this looks that the weekend will stay dry for the first weekend in a lot co.oing up in 25 minutes. in about ten minutes we will look at the weekend in detail. >> good. a look at a plan to keep drivers from passing a local school bus. leon: honoring the fallen. killed in the police and fire games next.
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kimberly: the body of a brazilian investigator who died in last weeping's world police and fire game is head -- last week's world and police and fire game is headed home. carlos silva died in a crash in a bicycle race. jeff goldberg was with the procession today. jess the flight carrying the casket of the police inspector carlos silva departed dulles airport earlier this afternoon. headed back to brazil following a touching funeral procession across northern virginia that ended before noon at dulles. that is the sound of the bagpipes playing as the i was aer silva's casket arrived at dulles airport. officers from the departments across the region saluting his casket. moments of silence in the touching moment that included officer silva's family. it began at 10:00 a.m. where
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his casket was moved in a hearse. the vehicle escorted along the beltway to dulles airport. the vehicle and the motorcycle unit from the agencies around the region escorting that hearse. officer silva was killed last week after a bicycle accident as part of a world police and fire games. he was 48 years old. to veteran of the brazilian police department for 30 years and the father of a 13-year-old girl. we saw the members of the fire and the police department on the overpasses along the beltway and the dulles toll road. saluting as the funeral escort rolled by below. >> we all believe he went the way he wanted to go. riding a bicycle. with a big smile on his face. >> this is what we do for any
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office who died in the line of duty. >> december pit the circumstances, members of carlos silva's family tell member of law enforcement in northern virginia they are touched. kimberly: coming up next at 5:00 -- "7 on your side" iteam investigates after reports of delays in the district emergency response. leon: but first, fall-out over cell phone cases designed to look like guns. >> in the last two hours the d.c. police chief announcing an arrest in the murder of a man found inside a trash can. i'm brianne c
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doug: doug hill back with an update concerning the flash flood warning in effect until 7:30 east of the potomac river. across potomac. flash flood warning in effect until 8:00. 24 is an issue in the short-term and later there are more heavy showers and the storms building west.
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we will keep an eye on things and get back to you with an update in a few minute. >> in the last two hours the d.c. mayor announced break in the case of a murdered teenager. brianne carter has new developments after a body was found burping in a crash can. what have you learned? brianne: the police chief saying it's a focus for the agency. tonight announcing this arrest of a 19-year-old. 19-year-old zacchaeus blanding is behind bars accused of killing a man. >> the suspect and the victim were friends. >> june 23 19-year-old heineken mcneil's body was found burned beyond recognition. inside a trash can in trinidad section of d.c. authorities say mcneil was
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shot several times before the fire. chief lanier said it was first believed the death was as a result of a neighborhood feud. but after today's arrest they believe mcneil's death was not a result of the neighborhood rivalry. >> we are jurying the vacant properties around the murder scene. we stepped up outreach in the trinidad neighborhood. >> they are saying today the violent crime is up 1% in the district. no motive by the chief what led up to this. reporting live brianne
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carter, abc7 news. kimberly: new information about the virginia teenager credited with finding a mistake in a mathematical equation at the museum of science. tonight they are saying not so fast wealth spoke to joseph rosenfeld yesterday after they sent him a letter acknowledging the error in the 34-year-old exhibit. but now it says the way it's presented was a less common but no less accurate way to look at the problem. no word if they plan to make the change. leon: that is why you have to show your work. >> right! >> good news for the farns of the show simpsons. here is here is is coming back. kimberly: update on the controversial cell phone cases
5:35 pm
that look like guns. we first showed you them last week. they have a handle that resembles a firearm. tonight amazon is going to stop selling the cases. schumer calls the cases a disaster waiting to happen. leon: a new way tonight to put a stop a big problem in arlington. cameras now mounted on the school buses. they have videos that could lead to $250 fine. >> we feel it's worth action. >> 99% of the individuals who received a violation for running a stop sign haven't received a second. leon: according to a recent survey more than 1800 vehicles illegally pass stopped school buses in virginia on a single day in 2014. that could amount to 330 vehicles passing in a single
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school year. kimberly: we deal with crazy drivers. but the man behind the scheme is a mechanic. he bought a jeep with a tiering wheel on the right side. leon: the irony he could give someone a heart attack and turn them in a skeleton. kimberly: i thought it was a self-driven car. leon: google car or something like that. kimberly: they could do it with that. coming up at 5:00 -- they are helping cancer patients cope. kimberly: later take an
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opportunity to rework history. leon: coming up tonight. get your act together. what the governor says has to change and ho
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doughill is back. there is sunshine and no rain. none of that in the weekend forecast. 88 or saturday. not too humid. 91 on sunday. touch more humid. steamy side through late an. outdoor concert. it will be perfect outdoor weather conditions. if you think about the beach reservations headed there, a good call. isolated thunderstorm chances at the maryland delaware beaches. maybe late storm saturday. a fine weekend. with the temperatures in the 80's
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leon: losing hair missing school, not able to go out with friends. just some of the challenges that children with cancer can face on a regular basis. a local non-profit organization is providing a creative outlook for the kids who express their fears and the angers and the emotion.
5:41 pm
help us not feel all along. leon: this isn't the ordinary art room. they are at the cancer clinic and the room that is filled with the art supplies and toys is part of a arts therapy program called tracy's kids. >> take the edge off to help them feel more grounded. leon: for patients like abby shapiro too sick to visit the clin tick arts studio comes to
5:42 pm
them. >> i am more into art since being here. leon: he used to play lacrosse and now he discovered a new hobby. >> i have been knitting a scarf for a few months now. >> it won't cure anybody's cancer. we are able to help the families and the patients find a by a to get through the experience one day at a time. leon: it's not curing the body. it's curing the heart. they bring the program to four hospitals and the clinics to treat children with cancer. they plan to start a program at a hospital in new york later this year. kimberly: very sweet. thank you. up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the results of a "7 on your side" i-team investigation. >> e.m.s. and fire response time improved after the major changes made this year? i'm chris papst. coming up w
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>> more trouble for beleaguered d.c. fire department. the "7 on your side" i-team investigation revealed the response times to emergencies are still lagging. even after mayor bowser made
5:46 pm
big changes in march. watchdog investigator chris papst dug into the numbers. chris: for the last eight years life for david hooks has been a trouble. in 2007 he was hit by a drunk driver and paralyzed. >> my life changed dramatically. chris: now he relies on his family and full-time aide and on emergency services. last month he needed he in the middle of a heat wave the 45-year-old's body seized up. >> i thought i was going to die. chris: phone record indicates he first dialed 911 at 8:15. again at 8:25.8:28. d.c. fire e.m.s. told the item it has no record of those calls. even though they lasted a combined 12 minutes. an ambulance dill arrive at 8:37, 22 minutes after his first cry for help.
5:47 pm
this with a fire station three blocks away. >> they should have figured out something is wrong. chris: slow response times made headlines. in march two stabbing victims and young boy choking on a grape had extended wait. the boy later died. >> do you feel public safety is jeopardized? >> i do. d.c. fire contributed to the loss of some of the lives. >> kenneth, a 29-year-old e.m.t. in d.c. says the problem that 85% of calls are more e.m.s . but most crews are staffed by firefighters trained as e.m.t.'s who work 24-hour shifts opposed to just e.m.t.'s who work 12. >> i think you are look at fatigue. >> in march, mayor muriel bowser added ten ambulances and upgraded the computer systems. three months later the i-team wanted to know if it worked. this bar represents total late responses in the first quarter of 2015. this bar represents the second quarter. after the changes. a slight decrease.
5:48 pm
but nearly double from just one year earlier. >> i think it is time for a change of philosophy. >> do you agree with that? >> i would say it differently. chris: the new fire chief took over in march the third chief in two years. dean says the biggest problem leading to the delayed responses is equipment. there aren't enough trucks. they are overused and can't be properly maintained. that leads to breakdown, crews out of position. a lack of proper training. he is looking at the options but a fix won't be quick. >> they are responsible for the fire chief. my job is to make sure it happened. the citizens will be the judge of how well we do. >> if somebody has to die, i don't want to be a part of that. chris: the chief went on to say the department is looking to buy more trucks and adjust staffing. it doesn't have a timeline to complete the improvements that he has planned.
5:49 pm
want to see continued progress foremost being decrease in response time. chris papst, abc7 news. kimberly: we know you will keep checking on it. leon: time now for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan watching the roads for us. some of them are wet tonight jamie. jamie: yeah. a lot of them wet. what we are going to focus on first leon is what we are seeing on 95. and it looks a little slow. this is good news. they have had 95 southbound in maryland closed for the past two hours. right near route 32 and 175. due to an accident. all the traffic is getting through at route 175 which is great news. we have bumper to butcher delays. let's move to the ping system to walk you through this. this will mainly affect you heading from baltimore toward d.c. it will take under one hour to get from the baltimore beltway continuing closer to route 32. that is about an 11-mile stretch. nine miles per hour now is your average. take the b.w. parkway if you
5:50 pm
have to get toward laurel and continuing past that toward d.c. as you move to take a look at what we are seeing from the capital beltway, heaviest threat on 395 as well as the corner on the beltway and 66. take a live look at 66. the driving conditions are not the best. you can see a lot of roads spray and very wet roads. the rain is coming down. let's hear more about it. doug: in areas that are getting heavy rain you are likely to get more heavy rain. a line from romney to the same area. and live in claridon up the rows from the studios in the rosslyn section of arlington. at the moment the rain is light. but give it ten minutes and it could be pouring rain again. i have another live look from the weather bug network. live shot from barryville. clark county. very dark skies. another area of heavy rain is getting ready to advance southeast. we have a pipeline set up. two and a half inches or more in chantilly so far. inch and a half total fairly
5:51 pm
common now in areas that get repeat rain. we call this pattern training. this is steering the rain. winchester, marshall fairfax and part of the city. we have nod warnings up. virginia side in arlington and south arlington county. alexandria. till 8:00 p.m. maryland side until 7:30. if you look on the map from southwestern to centreville it's more heavy rain coming in the same area that have gotten drenched so far. the storm scan larger view. in the 70's with the rain. we head through the evening hours and the rain could continue on again off again to early morning hours. tomorrow we hit 90s. more showers and storms and it finally clears out for the
5:52 pm
weekend. that is the latest. what is going on in sports? report: nats trying to avoid the broom and the well against the reds. gio gonzalez takes the pound to try to pick up his fellow starter max scherzer after a rough outing. denard span will sit out because of a back injury and sit out this weekend's series against the o's. waiting for span to see a back specialist before they put him on the d.l. the nats can't stay healthy. >> i don't know if i remember a team that has been hit this hard. but we have light coming. guys are getting healthy. we have the all-star break coming. we go from there. >> in hoops summer league is upon us. a former terp hoping to crack the wizards roster but a team that is stacked with talent in the backcourt it won't be
5:53 pm
easy. wells has been relishing the atmosphere since he was a child. >> to be around the atmosphere brings dream come true as far as you are have an opportunity to be on the team. something i dream about ince i was a kid. robert: wells was the undisputed leader for three seasons at university of maryland. the hard-nosed play and the clutch shot-making helped maryland return to the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2010. that is over now. at least in his eyes. he is challenging himself every day. ngry and i want a lot more out of myself. robert: he went undrafted in last month's draft and the chance to make wizard a team loaded at guard are slim. but he will go full blast every time on the court. the same person you see in college. polish up skills and go out and do what i can.
5:54 pm
>> he has heart but it will be tough. why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006
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kimberly: we look at why segregating the memorial facing resistance. >> small town getting bigger by the minute. >> town in red white blue. when it comes to race some hope that the history can be color blind. >> it's surprising. >> the town world war i statue hit by a car. now struck by controversy. the soldiers that are listed separately. >> colored soldiers. >> he took the photos of the memorial and he is now on a crusade to change the preface that all soldiers are equally honored. >> but owes object to any
5:58 pm
changes. >> this put neighbors at odds. >> giving him -- >> this is about respecting the fellow man. >> if you say the names albert beattie, ward brown and charles butler, no one recognizes them. everyone is on a crusade to have the three men recognized. while the local politicians lean toward a new listing all soldiers after fa betticly it's cause -- alphabetically it's causing delay in repairs. the fate is undecided. kimberly: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side.
5:59 pm
leon: first at 6:00 a severe weather alert and the heavy rain brings problems to the area including a flash flood warning for some. we start you off with the latest information from the chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center. doug? doug: we are watching rain and more heavy rain from the west to the metro area. start off with a look at the radar here. show you what we are watching. we have seen for the past couple of hours heavy rain. pop-up west of the metro area to front royal. it travels in the same direction of the southeast. heavy rain with the flash flood warnings in effect until 8:00 for alexandria southern arlington county maryland side until 7:30. more heavy rain getting ready to move through the metro. this extends west in the foothills and the mountains as the rain keeps forming and moving south and east. almost two inches in oakton. andrews an. i and a half. lesser to north and south of the metro.
6:00 pm
we have a storm watch 7 mobile app that is volleyball in -- available in the android market. leon: it's a chaos day for technology after three major computer glitches left people on edge across the nation. the airline price across the country and around the world. after that a computer problem shut down trading at the stock exchange. the "wall street journal" website crashed as well. sam sweeney is monitoring this for us in the satellite center. any indication if all of this or any of it is related? sam: well, that is the big question tonight. how could three major u.s. companies suffer severe computer meltdowns within hours of one another? the department of homeland security and the white house both say these are not connected and they are not cyber


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