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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc seven news at noon, on your side. alison: that breaking news from richmond, virginia. a federal appeals court upholding bob mcdonnell's conviction heard he and his wife found guilty of corruption. breanne carter in the newsroom following the latest in this story.
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>> that decision to uphold the conviction coming down from the u.s. court of appeals fourth circuit. the decision outlined in this 89 page opinion says mcdonald received a fire trial -- fair trial. back in september, juries found them guilty of doing favors for johnny williams in exchange for more than $165,000 in gives and loans. mcdonnell responding in a quote saying i am greatly disappointed with the court's decision today. i have never violated my responsibilities nor disregard of the law. i remain blessed to have the unwavering support of my family and great friends which continues to sustain me. his legal team says the fight for justice is far from over and they say this case is expected
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to go to the supreme court. today's ruling is dealing with mcdonnell's case, not his wife. jummy: police speaking out about a robbery that ended with a clerk shot. our northern virginia bureau chief's life in stafford where police wrapped up a conference. -- chief is live in stafford. >> this was a huge break in the case. authorities were relieved, satisfied that they brought charges in this case. this horrific convenience store robbery that took place back in march of 2014. here is the man who has been indicted by a grand jury in this case. derek sprouse of spotsylvania indicted on six different charges, including armed robbery, malicious -- ovation violation for a felony for child
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abuse. he entered the fast mart and asked the clerk for a smokeless tobacco product. he shot her in the back of the head. he allegedly grabbed the cabinet and took off, but not before shooting the female victim once more in the face. she was able to call 911. authorities received 100 tips and conducted more than 100 interviews before identifying derek sprouse as the suspect. >> since this unprovoked act, the victim has had multiple surgeries, repaired the damage, still having surgeries and constant pain on a daily basis. >> he is currently in jail in north carolina, wanted for charges related to a separate convenience store robbery in kings mountain, north carolina.
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at some point, he will be extradited back here to virginia. at this point, it's unknown when that will happen. jummy: right now, police trying to figure out what happened that led to a shooting in takoma park. they were called to the econolodge on new hampshire avenue around 1:30 this morning. they got a call from a hospital that a man with a gunshot wound walked himself in. he's expected to survive. if you know anything about this case, call police. a major development in south carolina. the confederate flag outside that state capital is now gone. removed around 10:00 this morning. suzanne kennedy has more on the ceremony that had people cheering. >> a historic moment more than a half-century in the making. after decades of contents of debate, the confederate battle
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flag coming down. thousands gathered to witness the day many thought would never come. >> people outside coming to celebrate in protest. >> the flag represents history. the people of the south hating big government and high taxes. it had nothing to do with the hating of people. >> the flag lowered for the last time, direct reaction to the killing of nine churchgoers last month. their families standing by thursday asked the governor signed the bill. >> these nine pence are going to each of the nine families. >> the shock of their death igniting fears debate about the symbolism of the stars and bars. >> a symbol of hate. >> taking people who respect their southern heritage and we
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will kick them in the teeth. >> pushing to remove any emblems from the capital that has a portion of the battle flag. the flak that came down in south carolina will have a new home in the states confederate relic museum. jummy: the city of alexandria looking to do away with flying the confederate flag. they waved twice a year at the intersection where the confederate soldier statue stands on south washington street. the mayor says it's time for the city to take a hard look at whether that tradition should continue. >> in our minds, it's a part of history. i don't think it's something we ought to cherish. >> i think it's wrong they are doing this. jummy: city leaders will consider this change when they reconvene in the fall. taking a live look outside -- finally getting relief from the rain. it's only for today. doug hill has a look at the first forecast.
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doug: the model guidance was all lining up pretty nicely to suggest a first dry weekend we've had in a while here. they give and also take away. 84 and sunshine right now. periodical. -- very comfortable. we are in good shape but it will change. upper 70's to lower 80's and most spots. the levels are down. -- humidity levels are down. all eccentric it a nice breeze out of the northwest. best accentuated by a nice breeze out of the northwest. some clouds and sunshine. later tonight and tomorrow, subjected to an area of low pressure off to the west through indiana and kentucky. showers and thunderstorms and even a tornado watch that area right now. that may bring showers and thunder overnight tonight and mark. -- tonight and tomorrow.
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jummy: it's time for a check of the traffic. a look at the roadways this friday. daniel: good afternoon. we are seeing some getaway traffic before the weekend. taking a look at the northbound side of 395. we have some road work blocking the offramp at seminary road. not too much to worry about. as you head over onto i-66, right as you had passed nutley street from eastbound side with a lane restriction after a vehicle was cleared from the roadway. the westbound side seems to be a little bit heavier. as you head over towards the inner loop here, right on the top side of the beltway, earlier accident. off the roadway. minor congestion toward university boulevard.
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they have cleared that crash out of the roadway. 95, the getaway traffic -- slow traffic from the fair tax cut he parkway to route 123 -- f airfax county parkway. that is the latest. back to you. jummy: we want to get to some breaking news. we've learned that jw marriott hotel has been evacuated. members of the sorority are therefore a convention that someone smelled electrical fumes in the lobby. we have a crew headed that way. as soon as we hear anything, we will venture to let you know -- make sure to let you know. the mother of two missing children found not competent to stand trial. she was in the courtroom this morning and she found out her
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mental status is still in question. >> after a brief hearing, the judge decided today for a second time that catherine is still not competent to stand trial. she is undergoing treatment -- she walked into the courtroom today handcuffed wearing a blue button up with glasses and her hair pulled back. she seems indifferent and emotionless. a doctor says she remains incompetent and dangerous. the children were hardly mentioned. sarah and jacob has been missing since september. extensive searches have turned up nothing. toggle -- hoggle will not say where the children are. >> it's hard. we thought she was in prison. i am talking to her and i think this is a process. >> we are hoping with further
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evaluation and treatment, she will be competent to come before the courts and discuss further the case and hopefully lead us to a conclusion in this matter. >> the judge here said adamantly that if and when she is deemed competent to stand trial, she is to report to the courtroom where they will set a trial date. the next status hearing is set for september 80. -- 18th. jummy: new york city celebrating our countries champions. you are looking live at the u.s. women's national team parade playing out in the big apple. the entire country celebrating the five-to win over japan -- 5-2 win over japan. this is the first women's team to march in a victory parade, tickertape parade in new york. robin roberts is hosting the event right now.
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congratulations to the women's team. just when you thought it was safe -- the new danger and beaches along the east coast and the one thing you need to know. is it another panda pregnancy? with the national zoo is saying. a massive hack attack -- the new scope of the government data breach we have not seen until now. doug is talking about the rain and forecast. the news at noon continues
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jummy: an officer injured in the world police -- is now out of the hospital.
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he was one of the officers seriously hurt in a cycling accident during the games. that accident also killed a brazilian officer. he was rushed to fairfax hospital before going home to canada. his wife says he is on a long road to recovery but is walking. that massive data breach of the federal government is worse than originally thought. the obama administration now says more than 21.5 million people were affected, six times more than originally thought. most of the people impacted had applied for background investigations. mark warner is calling for the head of opm to resign. to the national zoo, mei xiang's ultrasound is here and the verdict is too soon to tell. pandas can experience pseudo-pregnancies when they show signs and symptoms of a pregnancy but they are not
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actually pregnant. the plan is to wait and run another test later. the zoo will share updates as soon as they happen. you can take a look at this must-see video -- smoke and flames arriving from a manhole in philadelphia. an underground transformer blew up yesterday. that forced the evacuation of several buildings and shut down several streets. 100 customers lost power for couple hours. no word on what caused that transformer to explode. first, it was shark attacks. now, an entirely new problem at the beach. the portuguese man-of-war. these creatures look like overgrown jellyfish. the tentacles are some 30 feet long. this thing is pretty powerful and can kill. they are washing up by the dozens. people have seen them from north carolina to new york with three children stung this week alone. >> they can really hurt and
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probably kill a kid. >> if they are on the beach till the lifeguard, don't touch. they can stink him even when they are dead. jummy: warm ocean currents and strong winds seem to be pushing these tropical water dwellers closer to the eastern shore beaches in record numbers. a lot of people heading to the beach this weekend. we have to watch out. doug: absolutely. they are nothing to mess with. it's a rare occurrence to see them on the east coast. the beaches look ok. it won't be a totally dry weekend. by the weekend, things change. the beautiful picture from the national harbor, gorgeous blue skies and couple temperatures. -- comfortable temperatures.
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dry air and a nice breeze. currently 84 degrees at reagan national airport. 77 in gaithersburg. the air is dry right now. we have a nice breeze out of the northwest continuing to filter in the dryer air. it's not going to be warm and comfortable saturday in many parts. an upper-level storm system has developed -- this disturbance moving east, producing showers and thunderstorms and a few tornado warnings. most of the energy will pass south of our area. it will take a while. overnight, there could be showers and thunderstorms. how much we see about tomorrow remains to be seen. looks like the biggest threat tended to be just to the south of the metro area. we will get sunshine later in the afternoon. still on track to have a
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good-looking day on sunday. a few random showers late this afternoon and this evening. early in the morning, this will come through the area again. most of it in the morning will be southeast of the metro area. a lingering shower into the afternoon. for this day, sunny, breezy, pleasant weather. for the weekend, chances of showers and storms tomorrow in mid-80's. low 90's today. a pretty good leaping -- pretty good-looking weekend at the beaches. weatherwise, the water is warm and there should be -- the air should be warm. jummy: the paint has barely dried. one high school will beginning rid of its brand-new logo. -- be getting rid of its
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brand-new logo. they're asking the school to take the logo off the floor. the league says it knows the design was well intended. the school hopes the new floor will be finished by august. sports stars bearing at all. the espn maxing body issue -- magazine body issue. that is nationals star bryce harper in nothing more than a little bit of dirt. coming up, a curtain call for one of america's most beloved actors. a look at robin williams debut on the silver spri screen for the last time. the warning about pain relievers.
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that story is next.
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jummy: we want to take you back out to new york. you can see the bleachers in the front, they're waiting for the women's national team to arrive to celebrate their third world cup win. such a great day at the big apple. seven is on your side with a health matters alert. the fda is changing warning labels on popular pain relievers like advil and believe. -- aleve.
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it's the latest step in the fda's ongoing safety review of the drugs. this change on the labels is a subtle but important. robin williams fans are getting a chance to see the actors last dramatic movie. boulevard is a story about a closeted gay man having trouble hiding his love life. the movie is hitting nationwide next week. it premiered at the tribeca film festival in new york. its release was delayed after williams committed suicide in august.
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jummy: the weekend is not going to be perfect. doug: today is nice though. often the west is this disturbance in the atmosphere. potential is whether. -- potentially severe weather. parts of areas can get storms overnight. it will still be warm and then a beautiful day sunday. early next week, back in the same pattern. hot and humid weather with showers and storms each afternoon. jummy: thank you. we'll see what 4:00. -- see you at four clock. a live
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