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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he clean-up is going smoothly. we don't know what caused the fire. we are told no injuries to report. so that is good news. hazmat crews the clean-up crews are on the scene here for longer. so if you are traveling on the outer loop you have to expect delays this afternoon. back to you in studio. jonathan: jeff thanks. kellye: also breaking this amazing video from michigan where a crash left a tractor trailer dangling off the side of a bridge. we just learned that the driver was pulled from the cab and appeared to be unharmed. we will bring you more information about this story as soon as we get it. jonathan: more breaking news to tell you about. this is out of new york city. a building collapse in the section of brooklyn. at this point we are hearing of just one injury which is lucky. that was a person walking by when the collapse happened. nearby buildings are being evacuated as the inspectors are checking their stability. it's not clear what caused this collapse. we are keeping an eye on storm watch. there could be rough weather
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ahead. kellye: we want a timeline when we should expect the nasty weather and for how long. dug hill is track it from the storm watch weather center. doug: it's all quiet now. outside the belfort furniture weather center bright sunshine. temperatures in the 80's. this is a wait and see mode. later tonight the flash flooding is possible. the entire area is in green. the ground is saturated from the rain in the past six weeks. anticipation of heavy downpours could cause flooding. to the left is a severe thunderstorm watch. severe thunderstorm warning. if the area of the storm continues to move on the current track i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see the watch extended east. we are watching a strong line of thunderstorms from northwestern pennsylvania to ohio. along the river to cincinnati and beyond. this will move at 40 miles per
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hour. some part of the area could get storms 7:00 tonight. but it will be closer to 10:00 as they pull in the metro area. if it keeps the integrity, the line of the integrity and the storms we could get heavy storms this evening. but right now this is sunshine. 87. warm afternoon. the concerns tonight when will the storms arrive. closer we get to 10:00 or 11:00 the better after the chances of storms than anyplace in the metro area. we have more and keep an eye on the radar to report back in a few minutes. back to you. jonathan: thank you. kellye: the rough weather playing a big role and concerning for people out there right now for the thousands of fans expected at the swift -- taylor swift concert. jonathan: mike conneen live at nats park with what we learn on a storm, an evacuation plan. they don't want to do this but they have to have a man in
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place. >> mike: a lot of the plans arrived at the ballpark. the swifties are hoping this is not a wash out. what fans need to know according to the nats ballpark website, you can bring a poncho rain jacket and collapsible umbrella. 16 inches by 16 inches. not backpacks. no backpacks allowed or selfie sticks no beach balls or large signs. a lot of people are lining up at the nats ballpark. fans are encouraged to wear flat shoes that are comfortable, especially if they have field tickets and if it rains. any cancellation and backup plans we spent all day reaching out on the phones to the concert promoter to find out what might happen if the weather turned severe. the ballpark referred us to the taylor swift p.r. team. we did not hear back in time for the broadcast. swift and other artists will
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pause, delay shows or play shorter sets in case of severe or tough weather. it's also worth noting there is no home game at the nats ballpark tomorrow. nats are enjoying the all-star break. taylor swift has a concert in chicago on saturday. hopefully it won't be worth worrying about the storm will blow over here at the nats ballpark. the gates open at 5:00 p.m. the concert is underway at 7:00 p.m. coming up next hour we have the details on the d.c. fire department role that is in standby mode for events like in this case of an evacuation or emergency. reporting live mike conneen, abc7 news. kellye: stay connected to abc7 news and as we track the weather. be sure to download the storm watch app so you can get alert on your mobile device. this is just in. a 39-year-old takoma park man under arrest charged with distributing child porn. investigators say a search of bradley porter's home turned
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up computers and external hard drivings containing images of child pornography. porter left the area and ended up in knoxville, tennessee, but then turned himself over to maryland police. >> hey, hey hey. don't touch me. jonathan: we are asking questions about what led to this video you are looking at that shows a father in the middle of the argument with a metro station manager. we are told this started because the man's 4-year-old daughter needed to use the restroom. brianne carter live with the video. brianne: this happened at may in the metro station but just posted on social media recently. we understand that the man and his daughter were up on platform getting ready to catch a train. that is when it came back down through the gates to use the restroom inside of this station. take a look at what happened here. the man getting a camera out
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saying while he was recording you can see the altercation between the father and the station manager. the father claims that the restroom was closed for cleaning and asked if the daughter could go in for one minute and wouldn't have an accident. the father claim that the station manager yelled at him. he claimed at after three minutes the station manager let them in toward the bathroom but as they were approaching the manager was flipping out. reaction from the riders who use the station every day. >> metro has to do customer service. having that available is part of metro. something that people don't know a lot about. you should get a bathroom if you need to use it. brianne: we did reach out to metro officials who have apologized to the man. i just spoke to him in the last half hour. he said they did speak to metro and they apologized and offered tickets for metro and he said he would like to see
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them used for those who can't afford the ride metro. the behavior shown on the video is unacceptable to us and appropriate action is being taken. reporting live brianne carter abc7 news. kellye: we posted this and received a hundred comments. jonathan: we'll share the comments -- jonathan: we want to know what you think. join the conversation by going to abc7 facebook page.
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kellye: muriel bowser say it was a false alarm at the navy yard was appropriate. in a radio interview, she said she is satisfied that the proper protocol was followed after the report came in. jonathan: well right now we are learning new details in the death of a 9-year-old boy in hagerstown brutally beaten for taking a piece of birthday cake. the child's mother, boyfriend and the child's uncle have been charged in connection the death. maryland bureau chief brad bell has more. brad: on sunday dozens gather in memory of a child they never met. 9-year-old jack garcia. beaten to death two weeks ago while handcuffed. police alleged because he ate a piece of birthday cake. his mother's boyfriend robert wilson stands accused of the abuse. the mother oriana garcia and
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her brother jacob barajas facing murder charges for the role in jack's death arrested after booking a flight to california. >> people are shocked this thing is happening. >> the court documents newly obtained by abc7 tells of what a doctor called torture of the little boy. it is alleged he was hand cupped for hours, locked to a chair, beaten with a bamboo sword and punched. punishment agreed upon by the adults in his life to stop the hungry child from taking food. neighbors say he didn't go to school and was seldom seen outside. >> i don't understand how anyone can cause a harm to a child. brad: the court documents say when he took the cake, he had not had anything to eat for 24
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hours and was likely just hungry. in maryland brad bell abc7 news. >> police need your help. take a look at this. this is surveillance video that show the suspect after the police say they held up a business on north second street this was on thursday afternoon. the men had one gun and anyone with information should call police. jonathan: d.c. water is advising the public to avoid water in stone creek due to suer with spill. there they looking at e. coli in the street. it was discovered in an 18-inch pipe. no word when it will be fixed. a set back in cleaning up a sewage spill. officials with the arlington public works found additional
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leaks in a sewage pipe that cracked friday. people and pets are urged to avoid the water in the donaldson run stream below the pedestrian bridge above military road. kellye: a new push to crack down on those operating dirt bikes and atvs in the district. councilmember mcduffy introduced a bill today. samford has more on what the bill includes. sam? sam: sam: it focuses on the punishment for those who ride illegal dirt bike and atv's that has become popular for urban joyrideer. counselmember duffy wants them to face jailtime if they are caught on the dirt bikes that should be licensed and registered like any other vehicle in d.c. or they should not be on the road. this is not just a d.c. phenomenon. the same thing goes on in other cities.
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he recommends starting out with 5 to $250 to 30 days in jail going up to $12000 and six months in jail. >> we are seeing the residents intimidated. and the drivers and the cars intimidated by individuals riding the a.t.v.'s and the dirt bikes. sam: coming up at 5:00 we will hear the other side from people who like a.t.v. and dirt bikes. there is the irk of catching the people on them. reporting live sam ford abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> should have walked away. i'm sorry. jonathan: the exclusive for the first time. we are hearing from a former college quarterback about being caught on camera punching a woman in the face. kellye: flash flooding turns deadly in kentucky. how many people remain missing
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now. jonathan: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. two retailers are prepping for a cyber showdown tomorrow and how you can reap the benefits.
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kellye: the relative of eric garner say the multimillion dollar settlement is not a victory. garn died after a police officer put him in an apparent chokehold. video of the arrest shows garner saying he can't breathe. the family announced a 5.9 million settlement with the city but says it is not enough. >> don't congratulate us. this is not a victory. the victory will come when we get justice. then we want a victory party. kellye: a statin island grand jury found evidence on the officer. jonathan: now to a exclusive for abc7 news. former florida state quarterback de'andre johnson talking for the first time after this video. he was caught on camera punching a woman in the face at a tallahassee bar last month. kellye: he was charged with misdemeanor battery and kicked off the team. michael strahan sat down with
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him. michael: why didn't you just walk away? de'andre: there is no explanation. i should have walked away. if i could do it again i would. michael: were there drinks involved? did you have drinks at the bar? de'andre: no. i'm not going to comment on that. >> the victim suffered bruising under her eye, swelling to the cheek and upper lip. your lawyer said you were not the instigator. the young lady said racial slurs to you. did that happen? de'andre: it doesn't matter. i shouldn't have raised my hand to her. michael: who did you let down the most? de'andre: my mother. she didn't raise me like that. i hurt her heart. >> i cry.
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i don't teach my kids for this to happen. >> when this happened what did you want to say? >> i wanted to ring his neck. >> have you ever been violent toward a woman? >> never. >> ever? >> never. >> johnson says he doesn't second guess the decision to kick him off the team but he is devastated. >> do you believe you deserve a second chance? de'andre: yes, sir. what is on the video is not who i am. >> he has a message. >> i would say to her and her family i am really sorry. to words can describe this feeling. >> he is focused on continuing his education and volunteering at a battered women's shelter. a court date is set this
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month. abc news reached out to the victim who says she has no comment. >> let's check out it's rolling today. >> the earlier tractor truck fire caused headaches. >> it still is. at colesville road is the truck fire you are talking about. the wrath from the northbound 29 to continue to the outer loop is closed. here is the damage. at the beltway delays prior to 95. i will be honest i thought it would be worse than that. southbound 95 is a salad wall of traffic to the beltway. we have a lot of issues in the area. westbound 66. you can see here before the virginia business center prior to 236. the delays prior to 28 to the
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beltway around route 50. fairfax 95. northbound 2234 right lane work for four miles. across the 14th street. no taylor swift tonight so that is good news. there is an accident on the south lane from the left at the south capital street. that is the latest. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. a lot going on. one person dead and seven others missing after flash flooding in kentucky. 150 homes are damaged or completely destroyed in the eastern part of the state. look at what the rain has done. some people were rescued from trees. they climmed up the trees to get out of the way of the floodwater. up to four inches of rain fell last night. more rain expected today. when you see those stories and that video you have a greater appreciation for when we get a
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blip storm through here. kellye: why we have a flash flood watch. doug: portions of northern kentucky crosses the ohio river in an hour. talk about effects here. we have concerned for the rest of the nighttime hour. we have a flash flood watch and that says between now and 2:00 when the watch expires if the storms come in at any point within the watch area could see rapid flooding. that is a possibility. we don't have rain at the moment. this is getting closer to showers popping up from cumberland to romney. more in harrisburg. this is the isolating storm. they are packing a punch. moving east and northeast. our concerns are west. they continue out west, we are
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warming up with sunshine. this is unstable and humid. we are off to the west where it's happening, a severe thunderstorm watch in pink. this is emanating from the strong area of storms from western new york state, to the ohio river. a lot of this action will go south this way. so with any of the storms the biggest threat of the flooding and the high winds. a low chance of tornado or hail associated with the storm. the future cast model suggests at 10:00 it will come through with the main bulk headed farther south and west. with the ground west, it could cause some issues. there could be a shower coming through to give us a nice
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stretch. look at thursday and friday. low humidities. but the high heat and the humidity will return saturday and monday. we will go four or five days 90 or higher. today was beautiful. it still is. i'll go enjoy it for you. kellye: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- donald trump makes a return to virginia for business. what he is saying about his comments about the mexican immigrants. jonathan: receive text alerts by going to then you will get alerts as we
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jonathan: republican presidential candidate donald trump went to charlottesville for a ribbon cutting. kellye: but he couldn't avoid questions about the comments about immigrants. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne: this is at trump winery a $20 million 45-room estate in -- outside charlottesville. today, donald trump came here for the grand opening of the new bed and breakfast on the former fluege estate. he used the event to continue his steady drum beat about illegal immigration and the status of the u.s. economy,
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saying that the united states needs to take back the jobs and put people to work. in a one-on-one interview i asked mr. trump about the controversy surrounding his developing hotel at the old post office and the move by some restaurateurs to cancel plans to move in. donald: they will pay me a lot of respect and not go in. now even wants to go in. they have leases. they can do nothing about it. they can lose hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. suzanne: coming up at 5:00, what mr. trump said whether or not there are illegal immigrants building his hotel in downtown washington. suzanne kennedy abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead for us at 4:00 -- bosses beware. productivity of the employees might be really low tomorrow. we'll tell you about the online shotting event that is called the july version of black friday. >> plus, a small animal at the national zoo leaves staff
4:28 pm
members scrambling for 30 minutes. find out what it was and how it managed to escape comi
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we are on storm watch with potentially fierce weather heading our way tonight. kellye: chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking it all right now. doug: we sure are. it is quiet in the area now i want to point out a couple of things. in the metro area, no precipitation.
4:31 pm
showers and storms building west. this is the mother lode of storms. complex of severe weather pushing south and east. let's give you the story here. a warm sunny afternoon. we will zoom in on the doppler radar. these are the isolated storms that develop ahead of the pack. moving northeast of cumberland and he to morgan county west virginia before long. this line farther west is our concern. the heavier part will push to country. but the ragged part of the line could effect the area by 120:00. a lot to watch in the next few hours. a gnash flood watch posted. we just need thunderstorms to cause the flooding conditions.
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the ground is saturated. we will call the forecast tonight. storms early tonight. heavy rain is possible. the front will go through tomorrow. we will see improvement in the weather. we are watching a storm watch in the weather center and will report to you in a few minutes. kellye: thank you. a wild start to the week. >> workers spent 30 minutes searching for a large rodent that escaped from the outdoor closure. why does it look like a squirrel to me? diane cho is live to explain how it was cap chured. -- cap chured. diane: most people we talk to at the zoo weren't familiar with this type of animal until we told them about it. this is the enclosure where he broke out of last night. he is not in here at the
4:33 pm
moment. he is in a holding area after he managed to chew his way through the industrial stainless steel mesh and escape. they noticed the animal at 7:00 an hour before they closed and notified the staff member. the animal named macadamia left employees scrambling for 230 minutes before they recaptured him. >> a very naughty animal and should be kept in a bigger cage. diane: we are told he is out of the public's view because they want to see if changes need to be made. live at the national zoo diane cho abc7 news. kellye: the task to pay a metro fair with a smartphone is over but there is a
4:34 pm
roadblock. the plan was for an overhaul to start in 2017 at metro stages and buses. the project costs have gone up. jonathan: taiwan clutches $1 million to build a memorial to honor dwight eisenhower in the district. they hope to raise $20 million privately and build support in congress for additional funding. they point to the accomplishment as a military general and president and the support for securing their country. kellye: home grown terror. another in boston. and marci gonzalez explain what is he was plotting to do. >> a former peace activist that was plotting a vicious isis-inspired attack. alexander ciccolo planned to
4:35 pm
set off pressure cooker bombs at a cafeteria on campus. the 23-year-old was motivated in part by the boston marathon bombings. where his father a respected police captain was among those who rushed to the team. the father reported his son to the f.b.i. saying he had gone off the deep end and be a jihadist. >> he was generally quiet. the f.b.i. saying they closed in on him after he bought four high powered weapon from undercover operative and was arrested on july fourth at the massachusetts apartment. inside agents found a pressure cooker bought the day before with other bomb making
4:36 pm
materials. the family said we are sadded and disappointed to learn of our son's intentions we are grateful they were able to prevent loss of life or harm to others. >> he is one of 11 suspects believed to have ties to isis arrested by the f.b.i. in six weeks. jonathan: anne arundel medical center will not hire people who smoke or use other nicotine products. they will be tested as part of the process. if they fail they could reapply in six months. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. they are investigating a manufacturer because of the exploding air bags. the u.s. firm arc automotive made air bag inflators that could mall,500.
4:37 pm
it covers 470000 chrysler town and country minivans from the 2002 models 577,000 optima vans. kellye: if shopping on black friday is adrenaline rush, get ready for tomorrow's amazon 20th anniversary. to mash the occasion they promise big savings with prime day. but as you are about to find out, amazon is not the only retailer in the game. if you don't have a good reason to shop, you do now. >> this is cool. i will be shopping there. >> starting at midnight on july 15 amazon breaks out the summer version of black friday. it's called prime day. and the loyal shoppers who paid $99 a year for free two-day shipping. $30 off on kindles. $75 for 32-inch tv.
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30% off select clothing. >> i have tried it before. pretty good. >> if you are not an amazon prime customer, fear not. wal-mart wants your business on wednesday they will slash prices with 2000 online rollbacks on electronics, home goods and toys. >> this has gotten nasty. wal-mart is trying to get people to save their money and not shop on amazon. >> wal-mart will lower the minimum. this is an online push on both sides to get shoppers to spend money when they otherwise wouldn't. not everyone is willing to buy. >> i go to costco to buy my pants. >> tis discounts won't end next week, the electronic retailer best buy has a back
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friday sale. >> tweet us your big bargains using #abc2deals. jonathan, i know you are all over this. jonathan: even if you don't want something you go yeah, i could use that. >> it's great they are doing this. >> it is. coming up at 4:00, it's called a miracle. what we learned after a teenager girl that walked for help after a plane crash in the mountains. jonathan: the reason you are seeing l
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jonathan: this is an amazing story from washington state. 16-year-old girl managed to survive a small plane crash in rugged mountains. then she hiked through the thick forests and miles to safety. kellye: right now the search continues for her grand parents who are also on the plane. they are believed to be dead. >> if there was a reason to believe, this is it. david veatch walks in a rural hospital to be reunited with his daughter after so many feared the worst.
4:43 pm
>> i didn't want it to be reel. i thought, no, not until it's confirmed. i didn't feel like she was. >> after making her way through the terrain for two nights and two days autumn veatch made her way to a trail head on highway 20. a driver picked her up and took her to the store. >> she related she had been in an accident and spent two days walking down a creek that turned into a larger cream river and came across a trail head. found highway 20. waited for someone to pick her up. >> she told even she had been in the plane crash. the store owner said the fact she was up and talking says a lot about her stamma. >> i rattled and shaken by the experience. she hadn't eaten for a few days had a lot to do with it as well. >> she had been flying with her stepgrandparents of
4:44 pm
montana. the flight took off at 4:00 in the afternoon from monday and was supposed to arrive in lynden washington, at so:00 p.m. but it did not. she said she remembered seeing clouds and impact. the fact she survived the wilderness and suffered so few injuries is extraordinary. >> there have been incredible stories in the cascades but this would rank right up there. >> she is an amazing kid. kellye: she really is. that was russ bowen reporting. crews are also looking for the plane. jonathan: apparently the guy who owns the shop she walked into looked at her and said you are not dressed for this weather and where did you come from. she explained she had been in a plane crash. wow! coming up next at 4:00 new information in a beach explosion in road island. the possible cause now being investigated. kellye: "7 on your side" consumer alert. why it's harder to find low fat options at your grocery store. that story is next.
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jonathan: this is just a crazy story and it's baffling officials but we have details in the mysterious beach explosion on rhode island. officials are now investigating a nearby
4:48 pm
electrical line. procedures dug up a power cable owned by the park yesterday and the cable is no longer live but they plan to look another it today. keep in mind the 60-year-old woman lying on the beach on saturday is blown into the air from an underground explosion. try to figure that out. many grocery items advertise themselves to low-carb and gluten-free, which is all rage. but what happened to low-fat? kellye: that is a good question. malt-o-meal -- john matarese looks in a grocery store mystery so you don't waste your money. jop: remember when low fat was all the rage? first time in 30 years that the government report is not suggesting a low-fat diet. but a woman wonders if we are going too far the other far. christina is looking for her favorite low-fat hot dog and not finding them. >> i'm having a hard time finding the products we used to buy. her children like them so she bought ones with lower fat and
4:49 pm
fewer calories. >> we like the hot dogs and want to be conscientious about what we are eating. john: not just the hot dogs putting the fat back in. she likes johnsonville sausage but can't find the low-fat version. same with the texas toast. >> the texas toast product was a garlic toast that we like that isn't available anymore. john: cooking light magazine say low-fat products are disappearing. it blames slow sales as the main reason. now new government nutrition guidelines for 2015 no longer recommend a low-fat diet. they are portraying sugar, not fat as the biggest cause of obesity. chris stillna says she wants some low-fat products. >> it's important and something that needs to be addressed. john: she worries that they are swinging back too far in the other direction. johnsonville sausage makes low-fat offering but the super markets are no longer ordering
4:50 pm
them. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: a lot of times if you ask the supermarket stuff to get something special even has low-fat chocolate milk and you want regular chocolate milk, if you ask them, they will get it for you. kellye: you worrickerried about this -- worried about this, weren't you? doug: i am. 2% milk is what i like. talk about the potential for later tonight. we have one fairly close in west virginia. i will tell you about that. we get over to the weather here. the storm came in and this will tell you the weather story indeed. this is just a line of nasty stuff moving in. area of storm. a big line that may move here at 10:00 tonight in advance of the possibilities we have flash flood watches at 2:00 a.m. let's talk about the weekend. this is the weekend weather outlook. the if you are missing the summer heat and the humidity you got it. it will be 90 on saturday. 92 on sunday.
4:51 pm
partly cloudy skies. with the way the atmosphere is configured there will be a 30% chance of the afternoon/evening thunderstorms saturday and sunday. if you are headed to the beaches, it looks good. 81 at hatteras on the outer bank. lower 80's saturday and sunday. if you stay home, here is what we think will happen as part of seven-day outlook. the temperatures are ramping up. we will see a chance of a shower or a thundershower. dryer air moves in at night. hazy, hot and humid saturday, monday, tuesday. there will be storms at the beaching and the mountains. middle of the july on schedule. jonathan: if it's 93 what the heat infection, over 100? doug: here it is. but every now and again we get the first day of the air mass
4:52 pm
and it will feel cooler. the humidity levels go up and dew point go up and we are in the middle of it. jonathan: good times. kellye: check of the traffic. robert altman has details. robert: there is traffic for taylor swift again round two. look at the freeway from the northbound side of 395. they are out of the roadway and this issue is ongoing. route 29 and colesville road. the earlier truck fire. see the remnants to the right-hand side. the outer loop is closed. it's solid to 95 and college park. it's in past colesville road. southbound 95 through 212.
4:53 pm
this is making your way to manassas. that is the latest. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> a lot of excitement online and in bookstores for harper lee's second and much anticipated nol. i'm stephen tschida. the story
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kellye: harper lee vowed never to write another nol. but then we learned about the discovery of a manuscript and the copy of the book is flying off shelves. reporter: for fans of the classic "to kill a mocking bird" the publication of
4:57 pm
another work by another author is something spectacular. >> i read it 15 16 times. i love it. >> they put the new book on the shelf at midnight and the sales continued through the day. >> everyone has read her. most people read her and love "to kill a mocking bird." so everyone is excited to see the new work. >> even though atticu finch apparently changes quite a bit in "go set a watchman." the fans of harper lee are anxious for the read. >> look and the to reading the book. people are interested in the changeup and the difference between the books. >> this remains somewhat of a mystery but millions of her fans such as denise are
4:58 pm
anxious to find out what comes next for the characters from "to kill a mocking bird." >> i asked for him to hold me a copy in march. >> after the long way people are anxious to start reading. some started in the bookstore. stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> hey, don't touch me. >> hey. >> leon: a request to let a child use a bathroom deteriorates to a physical altercation. who started started the trouble? >> i love the mexican people. jonathan: donald trump makes a promise only on abc7. a mountain out of a mole hill? >> it isn't fair. >> "7 on your side" investigates dispute over $38 in unpaid tolls.
4:59 pm
now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. leon: we are watching a powerful storm system move toward us here. our chief meteorologist is in the weather center. what can we expect? >> what you saw on the picture from the rooftop camera is gorgeous now. it will change. a line of storm from the blue ridge and a larger storm across west virginia and ohio. the entire region remains around a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m. it doesn't mean that flood is occurring now but that flooding will be possible tonight and in the morning if areas get intense rain. we have a thunderstorm warning issued over the eastern sections of hampshire county west virginia and in the old dominion of western county. the line farther rest is far more of a concern just because
5:00 pm
of its history. the worst part of the storms is going to go through kentucky and western virginia. the northern section going through pittsburgh now that is lined up west of hagerstown, those systems we have to deal with. the first batch could effect the metro. at 6:30 or 7:00. but then the bigger line could get close to us. we will let you know if initial warnings come through. >> that storm could be a problem for taylor swift and her fans at the concert tonight at nationals park. leon: mike conneen is outside the stadium where the fans hope to stay safe and sound and dry as well. what is the story? >> we aren't seeing many people holding umbrellas or the rain jackets. the sky is


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