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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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respond to this with every available resource that we have. reporter: the victim's identities have not yet been released. as for the shooter, he is local to the chattanooga area. we are following this breaking story and we'll bring you the very latest when it becomes available. suzanne kennedy, back to you. jonathan: a very fluid situation and we will continue to follow any situational developments in chattanooga. stay with us online at for updates that evening. kimberly: we are following breaking news from colorado. the jury has reached a verdict in the trial of james holmes. this comes on the second day of deliberation. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the 2012 shooting at an aurora colorado movie theater. he faces 166 charges including 12 counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors are seeking the death of the and we will bring you the verdict as soon as it is
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read. jonathan: this will make your head scratch if you kitties late -- who play sports. it's from a girl's softball tournament. to death caught on camera. this is the opening ceremony of the event in salisbury. sheriff's deputies say one of the men sent a text message to the other either challenging him to a fight or taunting him. it's down from a previous dispute. mike carter working a getting brand-new information on who these two fathers are. we will have more on abc 7 news at 5:00. disturbing information released in the disappearance of the lion sisters more than four decades ago. investigators say that lloyd welch junior, the man charged, and the sisters were taken to they could be sexually exploited. brad bell isn't that for county virginia with what else investigator's are reviewing. reporter: authorities talked
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openly about what we learn from document yesterday. they believe in 1975 he drove to this property near bedford, virginia on top of the mountain with two big duffel bags that a family member helped throw onto a fire that burned four days. witnesses quoted say those bags's public decomposition. the fire smelled like cremation. the inference is very clear. they believe that the lyon sisters were brought here for disposal. we learn that that is -- the investigation is continuing and it's in fact expanding. they say lloyd lee welch brought the bodies here but other people are being looked at in the sheriff of bedford county is naming names. >> lloyd well-chosen warmed best gators at the systems -- sisters were taken so they could be sexually exploited a him and richard welch. lloyd welch also states that he observed richard
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welch sexually assaulting one of the lyon sisters. reporter: when we come back we will call much more about the very start and clear message that authorities are trying to send to those who of information about what may have happened on this land and elsewhere with regards to the sisters. on taylor's mountain, brad bell abc 7 news. jonathan: stay with abc 7 news and for any new developments in this case. kimberly: former president george h.w. bush is recovering in maine. he is in fair condition after he fell and broke a bone in his neck at his home in kennebunkport. he is a form of parkinson's disease it is forcing him to use a wheelchair in recent years. leon:leon:jonathan: a lot of folks
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getting out and enjoying this gorgeous day. doug: it is going to be absolutely gorgeous like it is right now. everywhere we look. like this you from our weatherbug camera intensity they -- from chesapeake bay. you can see the tree-lined over in tillman island. absolutely gorgeous. it will stay that way to the evening. temperatures are comfortable. it is a comfortable 85 because the air is so dry. 82 in quantico and fredericksburg. 76 at annapolis. the dew point on the temperature would use to measure what exactly the deal is with the moisture in the air. when we get these combination of 80's and dew points in the 50's and 60's, that is how it feels so cool and comfortable. all things must come to an end in they will but [over this quite yet. tonight will be cool and dropping into the 60's. tomorrow
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another beautiful day. see that red line on the left-hand side from chicago and indianapolis? that is a warm front that will bring heat and humidity back just in time for the weekend. we will have tail -- details coming up in just a moment. jonathan: trust church shooting suspect dylann roof will be on trial in july 2016. he does face nine counts of murder and weapon charge. the judge decided to hold off on releasing the police record on the investigation to the news media to give the defense and family members time to object. it has been close to a week since the confederate right was removed from the statehouse down in south carolina. the flag remains a hot issue here in virginia. kellye: this comes as the sons of confederate veterans take part in a national reunion in richmond. jeff goldberg was in richmond and spoke to members. reporter: the sons of confederate veterans have been meeting annually since 1896. as
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far as modern times go, they believe the opposition to the confederate battle flag at this point feels more sustained and announced than it has in years past. nearly 1000 people are here in a hotel in chesterfield south of richmond for the 120th national reunion. with attendees coming from all over the south to celebrate their southern heritage and honor those who fought for the southern cause. members argued that the mission has been is for presented by many in the general public and they and the confederate battle flag do not symbolize hate or racism. simply pride in heritage. since the fatal shooting in south carolina a month ago, resistance to the battle flag has been strong across the south and across the nation. supporters here are pushing back. >> it bothers me because this is america. everybody has a first amendment right to do they want ensure their heritage and honor the heritage. and people who
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practice tolerance. they are intolerant. reporter: -- sons of confederate essence place for the battle flag he removed from the road. many here worried that monuments could be next. more on that in the vocal opposition to the gathering happening here coming up at 5:00. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kellye: there is trouble for retired pc police officers. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest with the story. what is is all about? reporter: his name is michael early, a retired police officer and one of a number of business owners in northwest that the attorney general is accused of selling synthetic drugs. two of them are here on this block of georgia avenue where i am now. at issue, so-called k2, bizarro and other marijuana like
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substances that authorities say art really dangerous chemicals that people are smoking instead because they do not show up on drug tests. the attorney general says authorities of been cracking down on the sellers of the substances that are harmful including on georgia avenue. retired d.c. police officer michael early signed an agreement with the city to stop and investigators caught him again so they have moved in on him. >> he will never be able to do any business, any business, at that location for one year and of course we are going to be monitoring his conduct to ensure he is out of the synthetic business. reporter: and the two businesses here on this blog have also signed agreements with the city not to sell k2. so far we understand they are in compliance. also, elephant -- at
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a press release today were she introduced a decision in congress that would make it easy or for authorities to go against these drug like k2 even if they change the chemical signatures. authorities would consider them to be still illegal and harmful substances. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. jonathan: montgomery county police investing a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. this happened in silver spring. the intersection still close as we speak. a driver and pedestrian or taken to the hospital and no other information about the crusher victims has been released. kellye: a first for a sitting president. president obama visited a federal prison in oklahoma where he called for a more fair justice system. emily schmidt has more. reporter: presidents often talk about crime but until now no president has every -- ever talked about here in a federal prison. >> week after 5% of the worlds
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population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. reporter: the government says a cost about the $9,000 unit post each inmate at this correctional institute. and it every other federal prison. that is about $1000 more than the annual per capital income everyone else makes in the country. the president says the prison system needs an overhaul, distinction between find offenders who should be behind bars and the young people who need help writing their mistakes. -- righting their mistakes. >> there but for the grace of god. reporter: it gets rare bipartisan support. >> we have a lot of people in prison that in my view really don't need to be there. >> out correctional system apparently is not correcting all that much. reporter: former president bill clinton says the 1994 crime bill he signed me too many prisoners without enough money to train them to be good citizens.
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>> i signed a bill that made the problem worse and i want to admit it. reporter: president obama said the kind of selfies honest were often has three prisoners in a nine by 10 foot cell. a two credit space. assigned of issues the white house says is too large to ignore. emily schmidt abc 7 news. jonathan: coming up at 4:00 thomas still on the run. we are following the chase for the menu draghi police officer -- drag a police officer down the street. kellye: what tlc decided following a sex scandal involving one of its stars. reporter: a major consumer group takes a big step to try to keep these out of kids hands. coming up, what they are doing and what changes are being made to these squishy pod
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why are we watching this again?
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i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.976006 tty/v kellye: 7 on your side with an alert about something in your home. those laundry detergent pod. jonathan: they look like candy to kids. they will no longer recommend the pots because of
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the rising number of accidents involving children confusing the rings -- these things. they do look like candy to a kid. reporter: absolutely. and the stats are stunning. in the first six months of this year consumer reports found that 6000 phone calls to poison control centers because of these pods. look at them. for kids they are squishy in brightly colored. and said some thing you toss in the wash, kids are getting a confused with something else. the kind of candy they want to put in their mouth. as a nine-month-old, her little boy was full of smiles and curiosity. >> i never for one second thought that would be something he would do. reporter: her baby boy got his hands on a liquid laundry pod right these. >> the next thing we knew he at so coming out of his mouth and he was crying. reporter: her baby was taken to an emergency room. one of
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thousands of kids he visited the hospital in the last two years because of what some call a hazard in their home. >> these are small, convenient packages of some pretty powerful chemicals. when we see kids get into them we see serious problems. reporter: including at least one death according to a study done by a hospital. they founded two years more than 17,000 kids were exposed to the chemicals inside these pods. >>. the warning is not enough reporter: that's why he says the organization today announced it will no longer recommend liquid laundry pods. it is warning families with kids under the age of six to keep them out of the house. >> while manufacturers are taking steps to make up audits safer, we believe at this point the rate of injury is still too high. reporter: her little boy is now a healthy, how -- happy two-year-old that she will not chance keeping liquid pods in the house. >> the matter how carefully you
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watch your children, things happen. reporter: consumers union and consumer reports is already working with members of congress to create some standard several make these products safer. we found out today that the major manufacturers are already making changes you will see in the fall. these casings wilson be made more difficult to break open and also they will add in a bitter taste so the kid puts it in the amount they will not like the taste and it was fitted out. josie sherman, abc 7 news. jonathan: that was such a great illustrator with those in your hands. tlc officially canceling "19 kids in counting." that is after revelations candlelight. he blessed five children's including four of his sisters when he was younger. he'll see has teamed up for an ongoing
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campaign to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. kellye: penn state university football is ditching the practice of putting names of the back of its jerseys. they said it was to pay homage to the history of hands they football -- penn state football. they were added by then head coach bill o'brien in recognition of the players who stuck with the team following the jerry sandusky scandal. jonathan: slow would be when you put out there today. jamie: how about very slow. to get a good idea of how heavy we are traveling on the capital beltway. you can see this is what you have right near telegraph road. we are in bumper to bumper traffic. and earlier accident on the beltway had a lane blocked and everything moved to the shoulder. let's talk about what else we are seeing as far as those delays. this is where the crashes been moved to the side and you still city solid red line. we have
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delays as you work your way a little bit closer towards maryland from virginia, when to get has the dulles toll road. you are in the single digits. as we had towards bethesda you are still in the teens getting to connecticut avenue. on the outer loop they will be doing work starting at 9:00 tonight right at connecticut avenue. as we move to silver springs, good news. we did have a earlier police activity cleared away. they are just reopening right now. right near randolph road. still expect congestion and a lot of people use connecticut avenue as an alternative. this was the only issue we had in that accident near telegraph road moved to the side but there are still delays. back to you. jonathan: we were talking about the weather a second ago. you almost feel this deep in july that you steal something to get some in like this. i was out all morning long. doug: i have been around your more july's then even him and it
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is a rare one in a month like this. we usually get them in september and early october. of course it will not last. it will get blazingly hot and humid this weekend but the rest of today and tomorrow looks good. this from loudoun county and a beautiful sunrise. clear skies for a bit with the dry air but that he was so intense it sped up some cloudiness. a little flat bottom keep us clouds and they dissipate after sunset tonight. any outdoor activity you have land will be spectacular weather. temperatures in the 70's to low to mid 80's. if it was pouring down rain and heavily cloudy in the month of july, these temperatures would make sense. with a full sentence guy out there this is a rare day indeed. a very comfortable 85 at reagan national later tonight with clear skies. we will see temperatures drop between 59 and 69 degrees by tomorrow morning with a light wind. wind direction will be key for the next two days because as it straightens out of the south
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that will literally transport in the heat and humidity. high-pressure gave us a beautiful day today and will slip offshore tomorrow. cannot rule out an isolated storm lake tomorrow evening in the mountains. as we get through saturday and sunday and this cold front is to approach, we get this full onslaught of the high and humidity. temperatures in the low to mid 90's and it will feel warmer than that. that will be the story through saturday and sunday and monday as well. by monday night or tuesday another cold front will come through and give us another little bit of a break from the heat and humidity. 86 comfortable degrees tomorrow and becoming more humid tomorrow night. 94 on saturday and 96 on sunday and a 30% chance of storm since that of the afternoon and evening. a slight chance by sunday afternoon and evening. the beaches look fine as well. cannot rule out a lady shower -- late a shower. in the next seven days seen temperatures hold up that will drop off tuesday in the front comes back up.
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jonathan: duct tape is rolling out for two high school students. kellye: they won the stock at prom scholarship contest. mia and chandler spent about 90 hours on this creation on both of them. they wore them to the chantilly high school prom. jonathan: they look awesome. kellye: they got the grant rise in each will get $10,000 in scholarship money in the school gets $5,000. jonathan: i use it around the garage for everything. you cannot do better than that. kellye: i will have the make you a seat you can wear on the air. jonathan: i will do it. i am in. kellye: coming up, a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. the widening project underway on a busy stretch of highway. jonathan: giving new meaning to angry birds. the seagull that has some drivers running and ducking for
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leon: an update of the breaking news we started the newscast with. we know three marines and a government having killed in chattanooga, tennessee. reporter: here is what we know. sources are identifying the man who was shot in jail today during that shooting in chattanooga. they say his name
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is mohammed abdulaziz. he is 24 years old morning quake. -- kuwait. it is unclear of his citizenship. he is from dixon, tennessee across the river from chattanooga. authorities and if -- say he killed marines and a police officer in the shooting that took place this morning. the gunman was also killed in that incident. identified as 24-year-old mohammed yusuf abdulaziz. what his connection is to those two military locations at which he opened fire this morning that they are saying he is from dixon, tennessee a little bit out of chattanooga. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. kellye: a huge relief coming to thousands of drivers in northern virginia. jonathan: ground just broken eroded mention project. sam
4:27 pm
sweeney is en route 606 with the details. reporter: this is a big relief for a lot of people in the area. route 606 carries about three times the amount traffic right now than it should and that is about to change. this road will go from two lanes to four lanes in the process will help loosen up traffic. helping dulles airport traffic in all those who live and work around the area get to work and the airport a whole lot faster. on the economic front, leaders say it unlocks the potential for many new business opportunities. >> we are on the north side of ellis airport, the only one of the airport that he's goes they can expand. you see wide-open expanses of land. we can track a lot of businesses along the court or but it is gridlock everyday. from a county point of view, we see real growth and the tax base here and around the air. -- airport.
4:28 pm
reporter: construction workers will be on the scene day and night in their asking duties caution and drop your speed to 45 miles per hour until construction wraps up in the fall of 2017. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jonathan: still ahead at 4:00 we will hear from a witness who saw driver dragging a police officer down the street. details on the search for the driver. kellye: right place at the right time.
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jonathan: abc 7 news is staying on top of breaking news. this is video from chattanooga tennessee. for marines and a gunman dead in what is being called an act of domestic terrorism. the government has been identified by federal authorities as mohammed yusuf abdulaziz. we know he was born in kuawwait, but we are not sure of his citizenship. fired at a navy reserve at a military recruiting center. for marines killed as a result of the shooting. it is certainly getting a lot of attention on social media. kellye: brianne is in the newsroom with what she is seeing so far. reporter: we've been reporting -- combing their what people in the area are posting. one coming from ronnie saying "we are saddened by today's news.
4:32 pm
he was someone reach weeding -- re-tweeting. we continue to see similar themes here throughout twitter as we continue to look through here. "when the people we called heroes are gunned down in the backyard, do we call our up session with guns america." that is from courtney mckinney on twitter. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much and we will continue to follow up any developments in the shooting. it is a very fluid situation. stay with abc 7 news and abc 7 kellye: right now the search continues for those behind both incidents. around 1:50 this morning a police officer been a traffic stop in oxon hill. as he walked towards the car, the driver sped off, hitting the officer in causing him to flip onto the hood. the officer
4:33 pm
suffered minor injuries. the driver was last seen heading towards d.c. in a vehicle some would what you see here on your's green -- your screen. it is a super output -- outback. jonathan: let's turn our attention for a manhunt underway for -- he was stuck inside the carbon the suspect took off the many crashed into a tree. john gonzalez has more on the officer's recovery in what we know about the suspect. reporter: the suspect's car struck the tree right here. it landed right here in the front yard of his home. you can see the tire marks in 20 of broken glass here in the grass. the woman who lives here actually ran after the suspect. we want to show you something down the street to put things in perspective. way down the road we placed an orange cone 100 yards for much -- from us. that is how far the is prince
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george's county police officer was dragged. police saying this happened around 5:40 yesterday afternoon. the reason for the stop is still unknown but police say that while the officer was talking to the driver of that two-door gray sports car, for some unknown reason the driver sped off with the officer still stuck in the door. we spoke to a neighbor who witnessed the entire thing. >> i was on the phone and i hear all of this. a car had crashed up over in their. when i first came out, the lady was in a pink blouse and she was walking up the street at the corner after them. reporter: police are still searching for the driver. the officer who was not been identified is expected to make a full recovery. john gonzales abc 7 news. jonathan: let's turn our attention towards the weather.
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if you are making dinner, you might want to go outside on your balcony or patio. kellye: doug hill has the forecast. doug: nothing much. it is wonderful out there. comfortably dry. in straight through sunset and beyond it will be very enjoyable. tomorrow , a little bit more humid late in the day. in mclean, virginia the langley school -- they're camera often gives us great sky shots in today's no exception with a beautiful sunrise. the heat of the day and the low-level moisture topped up tonight. no clouds tonight. 85 right now at reagan national airport but with the humidity so low it feels very comfortable. 80 degrees in now can's -- in elkins. so for this evening it will be partly cloudy and eventually clear. sundown at
4:36 pm
8:32 in temperatures will fall into the 60's. tomorrow, back in the mid-80's and it will be slightly more humid. that will return humidity and over the weekend will become -- will come the heat to go with it. 96 on sunday with the heat up there with the climbing humidity level and it will feel warmer than the thermometer indicates. will be a 30% chance of showers and storms on saturday afternoon. we will look at the next seven days in just a little bit. kellye: some retired d.c. employees found themselves on the rank of financial collapse from a mistake that was not their fault. jonathan: for the past two decades the treasury department has miscalculate in the retirement and now the feds want the money back. reporter: imagine organizing your entire life around a monthly retirement annuity that after 20 years you find out that you annuity was paying you too much i do all the money back. that is exactly what is happened
4:37 pm
to hundreds of retired d.c. employees. this is a story you only see on abc 7 news at 5:45 tonight. after two decades charles feel, retired firefighter, has held his family's life run his retirement annuity. he has seven children and 18 grandchildren. he just learned the treasury department this cap collated his retirement and now they want a big chunk of that back. to $6,000 -- $26,000. and now he may not be able to relax. >> even if i owed $26,000, i do not mind paying you back. you take it back at $100 a month. this is ludicrous. reporter: coming up, a 7 on your side investigation and report. what is being done to correct the mistake that has the
4:38 pm
potential to have significant financial impact on people in our area. kellye: coming up at 4:00, a sales fail. how amazon is
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jonathan: the maryland board of public works has delayed a vote on possible job cuts until next month. the governor made a proposal to cut 63 positions in the department of public safety and correctional services. it would save the state about $3 million. it turns out that angry birds is not just a game or something you can play on your phone. some drivers are now dealing with a protective seagull in a parking garage in cattle. -- in seattle. kellye: when people walk in the lot, she comes after them. >> i'm going to watch and try not to be an object of this attack. kellye: county officials are meeting with experts to see how to deal with these bird problems. jonathan: just a cracker with you. coming up at 4:00,
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kellye: police in austin texas
4:45 pm
are looking for a venomous pet snake possibly linked to its owner's death. grant thompson was found unresponsive the white marks on his risk in a store parking lot. he went to -- into cardiac arrest last night and died. they say he loved his pet. >> he liked a lot of interaction with the kids, whether it was the birds of the snakes or whatever it was. the pythons. it was just a love of his and he tried to human decay that through the kid -- to the kids. kellye: an autopsy is trying to determine if he was killed by a snake bite. jonathan: he had a pet cobra? the firefighter who tackled the thief in texas is talking about his heroic action. watch this. the firefighter gets pushed out of the way and the kid has a knife in his hand in the firefighter says wait a second.
4:46 pm
i knew a wrestling move that will hurt you a lot more than hurts me. grabs him around the neck and frozen to the ground and falls on top of him and get the knife away from him. the video caught all of it. the firefighter with the guy in a choke hold and held him until the police got there. >> i think he is focused on the lady. i can control this. i tossed them on the ground and landed on top of him and stunned him and i was able to get the knife away and threw it out of his reach. jonathan: when a 200 pound man falls on top of you that will stun you. he said he did it because it was the right thing to do. he has style points to go with it. that was a good move. kellye: a different kind of vandalism to tell you about. cruiser been removing adult toys from power lines in several portland neighborhoods. jonathan: i don't know how are granted tell the story at 4:00. as joe douglas explains the toys in question are too graphic to show on tv.
4:47 pm
reporter: one adult toys are found hanging from power lines and portland it is workers like these guys with the taken down. their job is tough enough but i have to tell the story without getting in trouble with the fcc. i asked judy and her daughter to helping out as one of the toys was hanging above us. describe it to me in a way that you can say it on tv. >> i probably don't want to tell you what it looks like because it is pretty graphic. >> it is like a toy of the male anatomy. i have two boys and six grandsons so it is nothing new to me. reporter: while she finds it amusing, alter not laughing are the utility company and the city of portland. the a been removing these things for the last couple of weeks at least. no one has come up with a definitive number but the city and pge say several have been taken down. >> i would leave them alone. wide spend the money on it.
4:48 pm
i imagine they should be removed because of i had young children or if i was with people who are particularly prudish it can be upsetting. reporter: folks at the power company say they hope this. send. at worst, their safety and reliable -- reliability issues. and there is time that the groups at this been removing these which is not cheap. >> he portland weird. jonathan: it keeps portland weird for sure. joe douglas i'll that for us. that was a lot of pixelation you saw. since that was broadcast on our sister station in portland, amending alex -- a man named alex settlement asked -- said a woman asked him to leave them around town is a joke. he admitted he would do it again if he had the
4:49 pm
chance. kellye: let's move on, shelley? -- shall we? jonathan: seafood restaurant in new york is leading the nearly century old lobster live. look at the size of his fellow. jordan lobster bar says they're used to seeing huge crustaceans but this one is huge and rare. it weighs around 23 pounds. there is no exact way to tell a lobster's age but they guess he is roughly 95 years old . >> we got them from one of our fishermen in the bay. he did not tell us. we looked and opened it up. >> i've heard of these enormous lobsters so it is a real treat. >> it is cool to watch it and look at it. jonathan: when you see something that old people say let it live. he said he will donate the
4:50 pm
lobster to the long island aquarium. kellye: seeing that does make me a little hungry. jonathan: when they get that old in big bear not that good. kellye: nominations for the 67th annual emmy awards were announced this morning los angeles. jonathan: "game of thrones" received 24 emmy nominations. it also made history with two african image and women earning us for lead actress in a drama series. viola davis for "how to get away with murder." -- and anthony anderson with the nomination for best lead comedy actor for "black-ish.: andy samberg will be the host. kellye: rumer willis is putting new dancing skills to good use.
4:51 pm
she is making her broadway debut x month -- next month. her father, bruce willis, will be making his broadway debut in "misery.' jonathan: doug has his own type of whether nancy likes to do -- whether danceather dance. doug: pretty sad looking actually. let's get started with the weekend weather outlook and it is fine here to start out. tomorrow similar to this one although a little bit more humidity will be in the air late in the day. 86 degrees and no surprise here, the high heat and humidity ganged up on is on saturday and today. 94 on saturday. 30% chance of rain. we think it will be an isolated storm possible. it will feel somewhat warmer than the
4:52 pm
mid-90's. as far as saturday evening, we been telling you about the third annual d.c. burger bash right down the road from our studios. right at gateway park. bragging rights for the best burger around. temperatures will be in the 90's and through the evening hours start to drop into the 80's again. a slight chance of isolated shower or storms. friday, saturday, and sunday looks fine. it is summertime and you tend to get isolated late day storms. temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. touch more humid further south in the numbers on this weekend looking much cooler at the beaches and they will be locally. we give you look at the next seven days. 94 96, it will be hot and humid again. we will get a little bit of a break by monday night and tuesday with a cold front and then will start to warm up again. 89 degrees is our average high. hot and not that much above what it normally is at 92.
4:53 pm
jonathan: at dances did you do the mule kick? doug: i actually took also lessens -- hustle lessons. trust me, you do not want to see that. jonathan: coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, customers call it a sale fail. amazon responding to
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jonathan: now to amazon's sale fail. backlash over its prime day. kellye: so many people were disappointed by the discounts and the products being offered. for some, amazon prime day was more deals with black friday ended up feeling like a april fool. the sale for prime members paying the $95 a year fee disappointing to some amazon
4:57 pm
shoppers. they took to twitter calling it unhappy prime day. amazon fail. >> the deals came and went so it was hard to know exactly what was available. kellye: deals like a $115 40 inch tv and half off digital cameras selling out fast after the sale went live at midnight on wednesday morning. one tweet get a misleading promotion and asking where is the stuff we want even prompting some to hit you to put videos like.this >> other customers complaining that some deals were not deeply discounted enough. and that was -- what was on sale was outdated in weird. like 47% nail clippers for an oversized dog. in an oil to promote your growth. like red hots? they were banking on it selling this five pound bag for $13. one person eloquently summing up the experience for
4:58 pm
many. amazon prime day is like shopping a garage sale. the go in with high expectations and walk away with more junk. kellye: even though many shoppers were disappointed with amazon prime day, the company was not. they sold 34 million items, more units in the biggest black friday ever. that is it for us at 4:00, abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> this is a breaking news alert. leon: bullet holes middle the front door of the navy recruitment center in tennessee and investigators are attacks on to military facilities and tennessee and active the mystic terrorism. we know for marines are dead and the gunman also dead. in the last 45 minutes we learned his identity. we know he lived not far away from where the shootings took lace in chattanooga. suzanne kennedy monitoring developments in the spring situation for the abc 7 satellite center. what is the latest?
4:59 pm
reporter: we know the name. he's being identified as a homage you said abdulaziz. he was born in kuwait. it is unclear if he was a u.s. or kuwaiti citizen. a heavily armed abdulaziz allegedly oaken -- opened fire at to military locations. it was around 10:30 this morning. the shootings took place over 30 minute period. the two shooting scenes are about seven miles apart. eyewitnesses say at one location between 30 and 50 shots were fired. >> what we do know is that somebody brutally and brazenly attacked embers of our armed services and that officers of the chattanooga police apartment and hamilton county sheriff's apartment responded immediately. they were able to make sure that no further loss of life happened. reporter: the victim's identities have not been
5:00 pm
released. the fbi is the lead investigator and they were trying to figure out what is connection is to this to military locations and why he would open fire on them. right now authorities are in the neighborhood where abdulaziz lived in hixson, tennessee. a few miles across the river from chattanooga. they are looking at that location trying to figure out more information about him. this is a developing story and we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: abc 7 news reached out to several local military installations in the wake of today's shooting. we wanted to ask if they are heightening security here. several said they would not comment on the topic. joint base meyer said it is not rate -- increasing security but base personnel will be vigilant. abc news is digging deeper right now to uncover facts on the act of domestic


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