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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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forecast through the evening staying just what we have. temperatures in the 90's. hazy hot humid not rule out a stray thunderstorm. if that happens the better chance to be out closer to the interstate in one corner west of the metro area and westerly winds at 6-10 miles per hour. tomorrow a cold front is getting closer. brings us relief late in the day. still hot and humid before that. then we can jump for joy to middle to the end of the week. with cooler temperatures and the lower humidity levels. that is the latest. back to you. kimberly: that will be welcome. there are a number of cooling centers pope in the d.c. area to keep you safe from the heat. you can find a list by going to our website stay ahead of any changes in the weather by signing up for the text alert. go to then go ahead and enter your cell phone number. jonathan: questions about tens of thousands of dollars. text messages and more revealed in the court hearing for daron wint. he is the guy who is charged in connection with the mappings murders in northwest
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washington. brianne carter has been in court all day long. she had to hear it and some of it is tough to listen to. brianne: after several hours of testimony here, we understand the judge finding probable cause in the case. that happened in the last ten minutes or so. here inside d.c. superior court in a preliminary hearing for daron wint. wint is facing one count of first-degree murder in the death of savvas savopoulos. now we understand savapoulos's wife amy their 10-year-old son phillip and the housekeeper were found inside their burning home back on may 14 in northwest washington. as you mentioned, today in court, new information including that savvas savopoulos and the housekeeper died from strangulation. during the testimony today the lead detective in the case saying wint's d.n.a. found on a construction, lime dream vest found inside the family's blue porsche that was stolen from the home hours after that house was set on fire. along woodland drive. we understand that porsche was
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found torched in the early hours after the house was set on fire. previous information in the case revealed that wint's d.n.a. was also found on pizza crust inside the home delivered to the home while the four were held against their will inside the northwest home. we did get more information today from the defense. they were saying there was no physical evidence linking wint to anything found inside the home. meanwhile, the prosecution came out questioning the lead detective saying that all processing has not been finished when it comes to the d.n.a. in this case. we have learned more about the money. it's believed that an employee was there of mr. savapoulos who brought $40000 there to the home. well today, we learned in court that the detective revealing that $30,000 of that money has now been recovered. now we can follow the development in the case and we understand that daron wint is set to be back in court in september. reporting live brianne carter, abc7 news. kimberly: now to a disturbing
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case under investigation in fairfax. an 81-year-old man arrested accused of inappropriate contact with a teenager. the 13-year-old boy told police that saadollah ghaussy touched him yesterday in the changing room at a community swimming pool. he is charged with indecent liberties with a child. jonathan: we have a traffic alert to tell you about on route 606. this picture tells the tale. this is loudoun county. overturned tanker spilling tar on the ramp on route 28 north. what a mess. the tanker crashed at 10:00 this morning. damaged the fuel tank. the driver suffers minor injuries. but the has math crews are working -- hazmat crews are working to clean up the leak. that area will be closed until 6:00 or later. only the on and the off ramp affected. but there are tie-up nearby for people rubbernecking as they go by. kimberly: marking a new era in relations between the u.s. and
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cuba. this morning the cuban flag was raised at the country's embassy in northwest washington. jonathan: this historic moment doming decades after both countries first cut diplomatic relations. our suzanne kennedy is joining us live near the embassy with more. suzanne: it has been a very long time since we have been able to stay we are standing in front of the embassy here on 167th street in northwest washington. take a look behind me. i will let you see what is going on right now. people are taking pictures of the flag flying here. some people holding signs, choosing to demonstrate outside the embassy. but earlier today, both sides of the street were live with people wanting to witness history. the flag went up at 10:30 this morning. a few hours after another cuban flag was hung in the lobby of the state department. cuba's foreign minister presided over the flag raising on 16th street. full diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba were restored at the stroke of
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midnight. there were demonstrations in northwest with one pirn -- one person being arrested. cubans young and old came here today to mark the day. >> a long time coming. i think it shows a change in relationship to one that is less, less filled with ranker and much more filled with dignity and trust. suzanne: you can see back here live the gentleman took a picture with the flag of cuba in front of the embassy today. historic day for many people. comparable ceremony will be held in cuba on august 14. at that point the secretary of state john kerry will participate in a similar situation raising the flag there. reporting live in northwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc7 news.
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jonathan: thanks. dozen of f.b.i. agents heading to chattanooga this week to investigate the murder of five u.s. service members. kimberly: marci gonzalez explains a journey gives disdisturbing insight in abdulazeez's past. marci: dozens are in chattanooga to piece together like abdulazeez who had no connection to isis chose military facilities as the target. investigators are focusing on this wal-mart where they claim the 24-year-old was joined by two other men as he bought ammunition days before last week's deadly shooting rampage. many paying tribute to the four marines and the one sailor killed. as investigators look for a motive found a recent fascination with powerful weapons highlighted by the video he reposted about ak-47's.
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>> excellent gun. made great. marci: despite the smiles abdulazeez's family described him to investigators as a conflicted young man with mental health issues on the verge of bankruptcy and wrote in his diary about suicide and being a martyr after losing his job in 2013. according to a family representative, the family said their son was on prescription medication and abused alcohol and marijuana. the family is concerned. they sent him to your dan last year to get him -- jordan last year to get him away from friends who were bad influences in the u.s. the f.b.i. looking at whether he was radicalized in that seven-month trip. in response to last week's attack we learned the military is increasing security at reserve centers recruiting facilities and rotc units across the country. marci gonzalez abc7 news. kimberly: a judge ordered the charleston church shooting suspect dylann roof to provide handwriting samples. he is accused in the shooting
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that killed nine parishioners. investigators collected what are thought to be notes answer lists written in roof's hands. order said the handwriting sample was needed to find out if he wrote the documents. jonathan: a confederate flag that flew over the gate at the norfolk naval shipyard is no longer on display. i was blown along an american flag british flag and virginia state flag. but look at this. it shows the four american flags and instead the caption reading on the pump-fake cage didn't on the facebook cage "we are america's shipyard. united we stand under one flag." kimberly: explosive details about bill cosby emerging from a legal deposition obtaininged by the "new york times." that deposition was for 2005 court case where a woman sued the comedian claiming he drugged her before raping her. the court document details his sexual encounters with at least five different women. when asked if one woman was in
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a position to give concept to sex after he gave her the drug quaaludes he reportedly said, "i don't know." three dozen women accused him of sexual assault. the scandal still raising new questions about whether a mural of the comedian should be removed from a popular d.c. restaurant. you know which one we are talking about. jonathan: at the ben's chili bowl location. and sam ford has reaction. sam: at this chili's bowl nothing about bill cosby changed. outside the main restaurant the mural of cosby, also president obama still stands. customers are split over whether ben should remove cosby's image. >> it's wrong. he did what he did. it's wrong. >> now he is defending. he talked. >> you know what? i love bill cosby, i grew up with him. it's hard for me to wrap my head around all of this. i'm okay with it staying up for now. when all is said and done, then chili bowl can decide
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what to do. >> members of the family did not want to talk about this today. however in the past we have asked virginia ali about it. at the opening of the family's fourth restaurant earlier this month. >> we are sympathetic about the recent news. very sympathetic. very saddened by all of that. sam: cosby has been there when the location opened in march of last year. fans came by the hundreds to see him if not the new restaurant. some visitors today said this ought to apply to him. >> in past, after the news broke, i think it's time to take it down. >> but he still has supporters. >> he has done a lot of good. i think he turned around the street. bring things to d.c. sam: in northwest washington sam ford, abc7 news [this issue is getting a-- jonathan: this issue is
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getting attention on social media. we received 400 commentses on the facebook page whether the cosby mural should be removed. kimberly: we want to know what you think by going to the facebook page. jonathan: coming up next for us at 4:00 confusing and frightening moments in an emergency meeting for fifa. what we are learning about the man who threw dollar bills at the organization president. kimberly: the white woman what caused an uproar after claiming she was black back in the spotlight again. what rachel dolezal is revealing about her life since the scandal broke.
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jonathan: and this you have to see. a surfing community stun and shaken by what happened on live tv in a surfing competition. hear about a close encounter with a great white shark.
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kimberly: the driver of a pickup truck that slammed in a limousine in new york and killed four bridesmaid pleaded not guilty. romero charged with driving while intoxicated. eight women were coming back from a winery on long island east end when romer out their limo saturday an. the crash is raising new concern about limo safety in general. >> limos are more dangerous if you are an unrestrained passenger. should have at least had that level of protection for all the passengers. kimberly: it is so sad because people rent the cars so they can be safe. romero remains in the hospital and is held on $500,000 bail. jonathan: the former naacp leader outed as white by her parents is now opening up in an interview with "vanity fair." rachel dolezal tells the magazine she lost her job and many of her friends since the scandal broke. but despite that, dolezal says she still identifies as black and believes she never misled
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anyone. dolezal says she may write a book about her experience. kimberly: an election to choose a new president for fifa will be held in late february. this follows the decision by the current president sepp blatter to resign in the wake of a construction scandal. but blatter was in georgia spirits even joking -- good spirits even joking today. >> i can't be the new president. i'm an old president. kimberly: there was a strange moment in the meeting. a comic known as lee nelson threw a handful of fake money at blatter. the security team was called to remove the comic and clean up the mess. jonathan: heart-stopping moment caught live on tv. check this out. instead they caught a white shark. this is in a competition in south africa. kimberly: it makes your hair stand on end. the surfer managed to fight off the shark and escape the
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injury. t.j. holmes has the incredible story. >> he has never had a moment in water as terrifying as this. >> this whole thing played out on live television. he tries to get back on. the emergency sirens blaring. he was plucked from the water by rescuers. >> it kept coming at my board. >> it shook everybody
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including the other surfer in the water at the time. >> he going s going under. i couldn't get there quick enough. >> on land friends including surfing legend kelly slater stunned by the close call. >> i'm halfway between crying and laughing. he got so lucky. we almost watched our friend get eaten by a shark. no damage at all. >> this the area of the world there are four deadly encounters in the past three years. some sharks reaching up to 17 feat long. last month, this 11-footer found gnawing on a cage while drivers off the shore. it could be this surfing legend's last. >> i am happy not to compete ever again. kimberly: now imagine being his mother. she was there watching the competition on tv.
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she told abc news she was so terrified she ran to d like she could save him. jonathan: surfers have a leash tied to their ankle. he said the shark got that rubber leash in his mouth and started to gnaw on that. he watched this happen and the shark said i don't want the plastic thing and swam off. kimberly: the surfer may not every surf again. jonathan: the shock will wear off. kimberly: okay. jonathan: talk about something we can deal with. we have to deal with. traffic. jamie sullivan checks in on monday. slow-going. we have had accidents throughout already. jamie: we have. i wanted to start off with the image that is temporarily unavailable. shot of 395. you can see it. what it was was a disabled vehicle on the 14th street individual. keep in mind we may see extra congestion.
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the alternate is eastbound or heading westbound park long drive is a good option. we have a gas main break between 26th northwest and 27th street northwest. washington gas is on scene but the repair will take a while. this is expected to be closed off for five or six hours. don't plan to use it at all anytime this evening on the drive home. there are no is to worry about as far as the crashes. the earlier disabled on 395. outbound on 66. falls church you are in the 40's. it will take you 12 minutes from the roosevelt bridge outbound to the capital beltway. heads up traveling on maryland at the baltimore parkway.
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left lane is blocked in the crash. you are slowing to the teens. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: i heard from unhappy campers today who were outside all morning. doug: tomorrow is hot and humid, but not to this level. better weather for the middle of the week. but the here and now right now across our area might say hey, nice to get a shower or storm. nothing there. it f it goes to the east, toward east coast like bethany and ocean city, check this out. heavy rain with the flash flood warnings just issued for south bethesda to phnom penh. north end north side park north of there in ocean city. they have had three inches of rain in the past hour or two. more heavy rain. storms are sitting there. no winds to move it. if you have family there there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people along the coast. peak of the summer vacation is scheduled. you know the drill. the heavy rain, the streets fill up with water in a hurry.
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we will keep you advised of the developments there. in our area it's hot and humid. but there is a little glimmer of the good news. a couple of counties are knocked off the heat advisory. still in effect until 8:00 tonight. it will feel like 105. so it dried out a tiny bit. the keep it at 102. it's 92 in fredericksburg. feels like 104 at the moment. that is on the water. isolated storm is possible but not likely. it will be in the mid-80's even at 11:00 tonight. the front will come through tomorrow be. in the low 90's tomorrow. but the and the evening hours,
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showers ahead and along the front. you will see the improvement in front of your eyes. by wednesday, less humid. you can feel the difference in the air. it will be cooler. highs will be 87. the same drill for thursday and friday. over the weekend the humidity ramps up. by sunday and monday back in the soup with the higher humidity level. jonathan: this sneaks up on people. they get out and think it's just a hot day. they don't hydrate enough and they get in trouble. doug: in a heartbeat. your body can't cool itself. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a website known for secrecy hit by hackers. why it is striking fear in hearts of millions. >> donald trump does it again. he is taking the spotlight from the other candidates. but is it hurting or helping? surprising information. we'll
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he's a war hero because he 'cuz captured. i like people who weren't captured. jonathan: told trump's mouth lands him in trouble. this time proclaiming that senator john mccain is not a war hero. kimberly: so you would think it would mean bad news for the presidential campaign. but we might be seeing the opposite here. the political reporter scott thuman live in the capitol hill bureau.
4:27 pm
aren't these negative numbers? scott: nobody probably is surprised by the fact that he is making headlines. this is why this is newsworthy. trump is at the moment a legitimate con tepider. despite the controversial comments he is actually doing quite well. it doesn't seem to hurt him in the ring. he is pulling second in plenty of surveys. maybe is why he refuses to apologize. today i sat down with an expert who says that trump is a danger to the traditional republican candidates. >> people look at him and think this is a stunt. but if you think of who he is he thinks he will be the next president. >> if you are another candidate, are you scared of trump? >> absolutely. >> he is polling better than anybody else in the republican
4:28 pm
field. >> people who take him likely are underestimating the republican party. >> ma are the other candidates saying about donald trump? we have it for you. and the surprising poll numbers. scott thuman abc7 news. jonathan: look forward to it. that thanks. still ahead news that is not sitting well with the country music fans. which popular duo is calling it quits. kimberly: doug is tracking dangerous heat that is scorching the d.c. area. when will relief show up? that is coming up.
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kimberly: a scorching day today. jonathan: when is it going to be better? doug: wednesday. not tonight and not tomorrow. the latest information is up until 8:00. in this the upper right there is a warning in the delaware to the philly area. tonight it's still uncomfortable. it's 95 at reagan national airport. show how widespread the heat is.
4:32 pm
these are the heat index value of 104 degrees. it's wishful thinking. it feels like 102 of in norfolk. plenty of stuff. cold front will come to the rescue. the future cast shows tomorrow. later in the afternoon thunderstorms and cold front. once the front rolls through you will see the difference in what happens. flee-database. is the best we can do. jonathan: letting someone else watch your kids is an exercise in trust. kimberly: you do your home wok but i-team found stunning information you won't find even if you look.
4:33 pm
joce sterman has more. joce: finding the right daycare is tough. even if you do what you need to about the background you could still miss problems to impact the choices. there is crucial information you need to know that is kept secret on websites. tonight, we have stunning cases where the daycare providers face serious discipline. but you won't see a trace of that part of their record online. this is happening even in cases where the abuse is alleged. including montgomery county facility now back open for business. after losing license after a sexual abuse case was linked to the home. item talked with the victim's mom who had no idea this information is not made public online. >> we thought it would be
4:34 pm
something they shared with everybody. >> what do you think that they don't? >> it's horrible. joce: tonight at 5:00, the "7 on your side" i-team shows why they don't disclose serious day care discipline online and the strange twist that makes it available some place else. we will show you how to find it for yourself. joce sterman, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you for that. today is the third anniversary of the deadly movie theater shooting in aurora colorado where james holmes killed 12 people and injured others. memorial held sunday for the victims. a message of healing and restoration was given to the community that is working to rebuild what was lost. last week holmes was found guilty for all the count against him. court resumes wednesday. jury will decide if he will be given the death penalty.
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some survivors and the relatives were asked about the group session to ask manage the post-trial emotion. jonathan: clean-up effort is underway in southwest ohio after deadly flooding took place. kimberly: the body of a pregnant mother and two young children were found sunday. as we report, the mobile home was no match for the floodwaters. >> god works in mysterious ways. reporter: a tragedy no one can explain. family of six swept away in the mobile home. >> i can't imagine how she was feeling and what the kids were thinking. reporter: rescue volunteers say the mother took cover in the bathtub with her children. but they could no longer stand. >> i'm sure she did everything she could. she was going through every
4:36 pm
effort to save them. >> i'm still trying to get it out of my mind. i probably never will. reporter: a family friend found the body of 7-year-old gabriel a half mile downstream. rescuers found the body of 5-year-old rose still wearing a life jacket early sunday morning. the children's father and the oldest son survived, found by rescuers holding on to tree branches to escape the current. as the friends and family members work to clean up what was left, the only consolation, they found them. >> we got lucky this time. we found them all. thank god for that. kimberly: that is just so heart-breaking. as you can imagine the red cross is helping people in ohio impacted by the devastating flooding. jonathan: talk about a big turn-out here. overwhelming demand today for the philadelphia transit
4:37 pm
system to just stop selling special rail passes for pope francis' visit to the city. the $10 ticket went on sale at 9:00. in a matter of minutes 250000 tickets were placed in online shopping carts. now officials say the majority of the transactions weren't completed. passes are still available. ticket sales should resume tomorrow. kimberly: look out for fake tickets because the demand is so big. coming up at 4:00 a nightmare for a grand mother. thief steals her car with the grand child still inside. that grandmother warning to others. jonathan: plus a rush to
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jonathan: look at this. someone takes off in a car and there was a child in backseat. kimberly: the child was >> announcer: safe. we have a report. reporter: stealing a car from a new jersey gas station with the 1.5-year-old child still inside. the or deal started around 6:00 p.m. sunday. the grandmother pulling up to
4:41 pm
the station and entering the store and leaving the keys in the ignition and the grand daughter in backseat. moments later the suspect walks up to the store eyeing the car. he sees a grandmother prekoch pied at the counter and -- preoccupied at the counter and makes a move. the grand mother is seen chasing after the car as it speeds away. she spoke to our station wpbi but did not want the identity reveals. >> there is no way he didn't hear me pleading. reporter: police used the signal of the cell phone to track the car location and found it abandoned a half hour later. the girl safely inside. she is back at home and the grandmother relieved. >> i don't care how many seconds you will be in a store take the baby out. take the baby out. >> with the strong words for the suspect as the police try to track him down. >> don't you ever do that
4:42 pm
again. i hope when they catch you they make you regret it. >> abc news new york. >> never leave the keys in the car. kimberly: take the baby out and the keys. glad she is okay. jonathan: no kidding. coming up next at 4:00 a well-known landmark getting tlc. kimberly: making extra cash for respecting out your home. the website that is
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kimberly: a woman is safe thanks to heroic acts by two brothers. that is her car. jonathan: wow! kimberly: the woman's car hit a gas pump in oregon on saturday and burst into flames. jonathan: jennifer donelan spoke to the men who didn't think twice about jumping in and helping. >> she is going to die if we don't help her. jennifer: that is what went through the mind of the two brothers. the women banging on the window yelling for help. >> we have to get her out quickly before the car is taken over. jennifer: another bystander couldn't get the door open.
4:46 pm
>> he got out of the car. left the car rolling. jennifer: still photos show her running to the aid. >> i will break the glass and get you out. jennifer: he took a swing. >> this might hurt but i have to pull her out. jennifer: breaking the glass with his bare hand. >> i punched it and reached reached in and grabbed her by the shoulders. picked her up and took her out. jennifer: moments later video shows the front seat filled with flames. >> it was a test for him. >> he didn't care that the hand shows the battle scar from the rescue. >> the outcome would have been worse. >> fire and rescue called him a hero. >> i was trying not to think and get out as quickly as i could before it got worse. it worked out okay. she was shocked. i saw her later when i was getting attended by the paramedics. she said thank you.
4:47 pm
kimberly: i bet. the sheriff is investigating why the woman drove in gas pump. jonathan: ashley madison's website that help married people have affairs. now it's been hacked. some of the stolen data is posted online. the hackers threat on the release information about customers if their demands are not met. the hackers say they want the site shut down permanently. ashley madison says it is working with the law enforcement agencies on the investigation. kimberly: country music stars shelton and miranda lambert are getting divorced. a judge is expected to end the four-year marriage today. shell top will get the ranch in oklahoma and lambert gets the home in nashville. jonathan: that's a country
4:48 pm
song. kimberly: still sad. all right. thinking of a late summer get-away and not sure you can afford it? wait until you hear a number of people pay for the trip. jonathan: giannoulias will show us -- john matarese shows us what they are doing. john: how do you like a free late summer vacation? people in d.c. and across the country do that. renting out the home for a week and they head to the mountains. >> they redid the front yard. >> joined a growing number of people helping to pay for the vacations by renting out their home. >> we have never gone to a b&b before. >> this is a kitchen. it's newly remodeled. new appliances. >> he and his girlfriend respected their home for $400 a night. >> this is the living room area here. >> which more than pays for their hotel bill. >> this b&b veteran says his
4:49 pm
place less than $200 a night is a steal. >> we are getting three more beds and a full kitchen, a couple of tv's for the price of a hotel. john: sara is renting out the condo. her thinking is she won't be here so why not earn money. >> for me i'm out of town and i have a beautiful space. it seems like a waste to leave it empty. john: does she worry about strangers in her home? not another all she says. she has rented for three years and never had a problem. if you're skittish air b&b will walk you through the setup project. there is an insurance policy if a renter trashes your home and you can read reviews about people who rent the place. first-timer mike is nervous about strangers taking over his home. >> if it works out and a good experience we'll do it again. john: bottom line, check the local regulations before you try to rent your place. you might want to check with the neighbors, first so you
4:50 pm
don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. kimberly: why not pull the criminal record while you are at it. jonathan: or if you're really skittish, don't do it. kimberly: all right. the weather. hot. doug: the heat advisory in effect until 5:00. but between now and the weekend we will get cooler and less humid. then the temperatures will creep up a bit. we are keying in on saturday evening. there is a 5k in crystal city that starts at 8:30. there is a 30% chance of thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening.
4:51 pm
behind the front is cooler. but less humid, less humid. over the weekend the humidity will creep up. the temperatures will creep up. time to get to sunday afternoon and on monday we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. deal it today and tomorrow. wednesday will feel cooler. jonathan: the humidity levels will fall. kimberly: do you think it's not so bad. doug: if the humidity is down it's good. kimberly: thank you. time for a check of the traffic. jamie: this is near seven lost road. volume. the intaped outer loop of the beltway. to get out of maryland to the bridge there is a disabled vehicle. no crashes but disabled yes. i want to focus in on the gas main break. we move to the map.
4:52 pm
p street in georgetown closed off between 26 and 27 northwest. police are saying five to six hours is what they expect to get the work done and completed. in falls church we have a gas main break. blare road westbound is blocked off. the police are on the scene as well to direct traffic. the heaviest spot on the beltway from van doren to the wilson bridge on the outer loop. everyone is squeezing to the right. you will see delays that
4:53 pm
average 9 miles per hour. at 270 we have accident activity. we are on scene. nothing is closed but the lanes are blocked. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- helpers of all ages braving the heat to work on the most well-known
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4:56 pm
kimberly: she has not released a book in decades by harper lee is proving she can lure readers. in the new book "go set a watchman" sold 1.1 u.s. copies in the u.s. and canada. the publishers stunned the readers when it revealed she wrote a second novel. she long said, "to kill a mocking bird" would be her only book. the latest book was finished before "to kill a mocking bird" and set 20 years later.
4:57 pm
i reread it. jonathan: like the "great gatsby." kimberly: got to reread them. jonathan: works through heat to beautify arlington cemetery. >> good afternoon. more than 400 volunteers to help out kids to senior citizens and veterans themselves. a lot of the kids came from across the nation. they are here to plant and some are even here to put a caption on the trees. arlington national cemetery without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the nation. one of the most beautiful square miles. no one can question is that. there is room for improvement. that is why they come in each and every year.
4:58 pm
for that i want to bring in the president of the landscape professionals. tell me why this is important especially for the kids. >> this is a way to give back. that ez are the children of the landscape professionals giving their time to beautify the place. they are doing their life's work. >> thank you so much. despite the heat the kids will come back. adults work to the other part of the cemetery and they will be back as well. they come from 35 states. this is the 19th year. i'm sure the cemetery will be happy to have them next year. reporting live, sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: the g.a.o. checks up on the lunch system to see if anyone is gaming the system. they didn't have to look far to find a violator.
4:59 pm
>> the serious violations are kept hush-hush. "7 on your side" shows the parents how to uncover the dark daycare secrets. plus, selfies hit the presidential campaign trail. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> this heat is sticking around. let's get to doug hill for a look at the heatwave. hey, doug. doug: it's still hot and humid tomorrow but the temperatures and the heat index values will be lower. it's hot and sunny. the heat advisory for the places in orange. this doesn't quite meet the criteria for heat advisory. plenty of heat and the humidity to go around. 95 at reagan national. 92 in fredericksburg.
5:00 pm
94 in baltimore. factor in the moisture content. it feels like 104 degrees at the reagan national airport. 103 in fredericksburg. 104 in midshore. feels like 101 in frederick. through the evening hours we don't see anything on doppler radar. yes, fine for the ballgame. hot. 94 to 90. drop by the first pitch at 7:00. stay in the 80's throughout the game. the relief will come tomorrow. approaches 72 to 78. muggy. tomorrow we will get a cold front. showers and storms and then we do better. that is the latest. leon: rush to beat the heats for millions in our area until you eng land as well. sam ford picks up the coverage live from the pool. sam: we are at the baniker pool. there are a few folks here. quite a few people coming here. the pool opened


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