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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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or a while. clearing out. less humid. 60 to 72 tonight. the cold front, thank you! the cold front is going to move through and bring less humid air and sunshine. we'll check out the weekend for you in a couple of minutes. that is the latest. back to you. jonathan: thank you. d.c. is not the only area dealing with the heat. it's oppressive. new england and the deep south enduring the sweltering temperatures. kimberly: some of the areas don't have air conditioning. at least we have that. we look at the conditions everywhere. marci: another day of oppressive -- >> it's very very hot. marci: -- brutal. >> this is worse than that. treacherous. marci: -- scorching temperatures. >> disgusting. it's hot. too hot to breathe. too hot for anything. marci: a heat advisory in ten states from texas to virginia where it feels like it's in the triple digits. >> the extreme heat buckling roads, igniting power lines and leading to close calls.
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this woman in kansas smashing the window of a car after seeing a toddler in the car. >> i was thinking what if she dies? what if i can't get her out? marci: the girl okay. the care-givers ticketing and possibly facing charges. experts warn there are other serious risks posed by the intense dose of summer especially for the elderly, including those here in new york who are left coping with the power outages. >> we wanted to come back on. we do. >> the hottest temperatures in the big apple in two years bringing stern warnings. >> this heat can be dangerous. >> and plenty of complaints. >> i know that it's like really hot but this is like excruciating hot. i cannot stand the heat. >> many are trying to keep in perspective it was a few months ago they were complaining about the cold. they are looking forward to the slightly cooler temperatures in the forecast tomorrow. in new york, marci gonzalez abc7 news. kimberly: if you want to know
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what the weather will do before it happens stay connected with and abc7 for weather alerts. download our storm watch 7 weather app to get that information sent to your mobile device. jonathan: new at 4:00 a multimillion dollar settlement. the main contractor in the fraud healthcare exchange website paying big money over the mess. kennedy is live at the news desk with the details on this one. suzanne kennedy? suzanne: $45 million is the amount that mir reddian healthcare solution will pay out. it's paid to avoid legal action over the performance. you may remember the website crashed right after opening october 1 2013. the state later added other technology. meridian will pay $20 million up front. maryland wasn't the only state to have problems. oregon and nevada abandoned their state exchanges and now use the federal one.
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at the live desk suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: an appeals court in chicago overturned some of the convictions of rod blagojevich. he is in colorado prison serving 14-year prison after convicted of 18 corruption counts. most of them were on charges that blagojevich wanted campaign money for a job in exchange to promote someone to obama's old senate seat. kimberly: a worker recovering after suffering an electrical shock at the u.s. supreme court. it happened 9:45 this morning. the person was transported to the hospital center and we are told the injuries are life threatening. and it's still unclear to us what caused that shock. jonathan: there is a developing case in fairfax county where a woman's death is now called suspicious. police did find the woman's body near a parking garage on dulles station boulevard. in the hearndon area. the idea has not been released
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but stephen tschida is following the investigation closely. he will have more for us tonight at 5:00. kimberly: we learn that three of the four people killed in a plane crash in wyoming were actually from the d.c. area. the plane was headed to montana when it crashed saturday morning. brianne carter is live in annapolis with more. brianne: well, in the last hour i spoke to the son of a couple that was on board that lane. headed to billings montana, when it went down. the couple is diane and gerald scruggs. speaking to the family members and speaking to the son specifically he said his parents were vacation when the plane they were in went down. just learned of all of this yesterday. still has no information about exactly what happened.
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the cessna plane left saturday and headed to montana with four people on board. it circled yellowstone national park after the pilot identified the 66-year-old donald from denver was told to climb to 14000 feet. after that, the plane suddenly went into a steep decent. we understand that diane and the pilot were siblings, they were related. the man said his uncle was pating the plane. we understand that joyce bartoo from washington d.c. was the fourth passenger on that plane. the national transportation safety board looking into exact live what happened. reporting live brianne carter. jonathan: the u.s. flag at the white house is now flying at half staff in member of the five service members shot and killed at chattanooga last week. president obama issued the order today to lower the flag following a similar move at
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the capitol. u.s. flags flown on all public buildings and grounds will fly at flag staff until sunset. kimberly: turning to vote 2016. another republican has jumped into the race for the white house. >> i am here to ask you for your prayers, for your supporte, for your efforts, because i have decided to run for president of the united states. [applause] kimberly: that is ohio governor john kasich making his official announcement this morning at his alma mater ohio state. kasich is known for his unfiltered style and policies that are not always in line with his party. speaking of that kind of methodology, if you will donald trump holding a campaign kickoff rally in south carolina today. trump is on the trail for the first time since declaring that senator john mccain is not a war hero. a new abc news/"washington post" poll has trump with a big lead over the competitors
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with twice the support of the close e rival. although most of that poll was taken before the recent attacks on mccain. jonathan: hundreds of taxi drivers awaiting a decision to help them come peat with the uecker and the other -- uber and other companies. growing popularity of the ride share companies is a growing concern for the taxi companies. sam is here to explain. sam: it's in the montgomery county that gave its taxi drivers freedom, a greater freedom in a vote today that is controversial among some. at a meeting the county council faxxy drivers were cheering -- taxi drivers were cheering while the company of the medallions of the passenger licenses were upset. they said with the companies like uber and lift in the county taxi drivers are under
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restrictions so they issued more medallions to form a cooperative. so some are lost out bigs because the drivers can get them for a fraction of the cost. $62,500 for the medallion and now nothing. >> i am very happy. taxi driving occupation. >> you have allowed uber and lift and the other companies in. what will we do with these laws is make the industry competitive. sam: we have more on the story coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". more from happy drivers. and unhappy medallion owners. reporting live from montgomery county, sam ford abc7 news. kimberly: all right. it will make some drivers happen. predatory towing in the montgomery county after if counsel approved to limit practices leading to the
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predatory towing on the private property. including in the bill setting flat rate for towing services. towing companies must staff in-pound lots 24 hours a day so the owners can get their car at any hour. they are also banned from using spotters. jonathan: we are learning more about the accident involving a mark train and dump truck yesterday that was carrying high-rail gear. it was operating on the csx track in silver springs. according to a newly released report a witness radioed truck driver about the oncoming train. the driver tried to get off the tracks but he couldn't. >> it's confusing, i guess, at first. we felt a bump. jonathan: 100,000 pound locomotive on the truck but the driver did walk away. a rider reported minor injuries and it caused delays
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on the brunswick line throughout much of the afternoon. kimberly: vice president joe biden on the mend after a little roughhousing with his dog. the vice president got a penny size bruise on his lower lip playing with his german shepherd named champ. the vice president and champ are expected to be just fine. jonathan: sad news from the national zoo. the zoo just announced that the 12-year-old cheetah died saturday after the smithsonian institute. it was revealed he had a tumor in the abdomen and the veterinarians decided not to perform surgery and the cheetah had been with the zoo since 2011. coming up for us at 4:00. there is new information on the death of a woman in texas jail. the evidence that the investigators released today. >> tonight we are learning more information about explosion saturday night on a federal property. police suspect illegal drugs were being made.
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we'll tell you what new information w
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oh my gosh, it'sithe guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too.
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the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is he. get out of the past. get fiosos. now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v kimberly: we have new information in an explosion at a government building in gaithersburg. jonathan: security officer was injured in the weekend blast.
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and tom roussey has new details. what happened tom? tom: jonathan, we first reported on this last night but we have learned a lot since then. this property behind me here is the national institute of standards and technology. you may have seen it on 270 if you use that interstate to commute. it's a giant campus. just down that road you are looking at right there is where saturday's explosion happened. this is federal property. this afternoon we learned that the drug enforcement agency is investigated what happened here along with the montgomery county police. police tell us they suspect someone was using chemicals to make illegal drugs on this federal property at the n.i.s.t. and that may have led to the explosion. there was a member of the n.i.s.t. police force injured in the blast, treated and released at the hospital. that person they tell me has resigned. at this point again this is
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under investigation by both local and federal law enforcement. no one has been charged. we talk to folks who live nearby. some of who did not hear it but other folks say they heard a big boom. a lot of folks in shock about a property they never imagined was suspected drug-making. you will hear from the folks at 5:00. in the meantime this is under the investigation. no one arrested of yet. but the police say there is a potential that will happen once the investigation is complete. reporting live in gaithersburg, tom roussey abc7 news. kimberly: video released shows sandra bland's jail cell last week in texas. the police say the officer did
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rounds and two hours later she was found hanging from a plastic bag in the cell. coroner ruled it was a suicide. but the county district attorney says it's treated as a murder investigation. the family requested an autopsy. >> we are not satisfied with the explanation she committed suicide. a young woman having just receiveed -- [inaudible] kimberly: bland was arrested july 10 after a traffic stop and died three days later. jonathan: we are learning more about how the two new york inmates escaped from a maximum security prison last month. according to the "new york times," convicted killer david sweat told authorities he escaped from his prison cell almost every single night for several months. sweat said he memorized the way.
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matt was shot and killed by police. sweat was recaptured. kimberly: you may notice purple line striping for the 95 express lane. the four-inch stripe were added to the inside of the existing white or the yellow lane stripe. the purpose is let drivers know they are about the enter the express lanes and hopefully reduce the confusion and improve driver safety. jonathan: you have time to examine the lines. nothing is moving fast. jamie sullivan has more. jamie: we have a crash in stafford county on route one northbound. all lanes blocked at austin run boulevard. the best alternate is bells hill road. shift to 95. a crash coming in blocking two lanes before route 610. again, this is on 95 southbound. so as we take a look at the delays, at 10 miles per hour.
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this is triangle continuing to stafford county. fredericksburg and stop and go traffic. here is why. take a live look to show you. it's wet. visibility is not the best. 95 getting closer to fredericksburg. just a heads up if that is what you are driving into. that is why you may have delays. we move to talk about the capitol beltway. back to the map. top stretch on the interloop from virginia. in the teens. continuing to 270 to connecticut avenue. once you hit silver springs that is where the traffic is better. no problems otherwise on beltway now. there is volume crashing the wilson bridge in both directions. d.c., 295 heading southbound we average in the teens. near malcolm x., which is typical. no crashes. heading northbound if you have to get to the b.w. parkway, same thing. volume. kimberly: this won't help traffic at all. storm watch again. jonathan: the rain is coming in now. doug: it's scattered.
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i don't think everyone will get wet. it will be nice. cool everybody off. but most of the showers are west and south of the washington. we talked about the extreme rain in ocean city but it's back to coastal delaware. time lapse from the camera in rehoboth beach delaware along the boardwalk. people under the umbrellas eating cotton candy, french fries. the skies darkenedded and then after it darkened a bit it went kaboom. and splash the rain came in quick. but that's out now. blue skies in the horizon, and the people back on the boardwalk. for the next few days the entire beach area is gorgeous. gorgeous here as well as we say so long to the hay heat and the humid. all right. talk about the showers and storms. most south of metro. shower now between safford and dell city to move across i-95 and charles county. moving east, southeast. north of fredericksburg.
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more across the middle pennsylvania. there are more showers and storms and a line across western pennsylvania ahead of the cold front. we will see if they hang together. it's a possibility. so we have clues to mention across the viewing area. isolated showers and the thunderstorms to 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. that is the way it looks. first pitch is okay. but no way to pin point where one cell might pop or pass. keep it in mind. looking good through the evening hours. the temperatures will stay warm. the humidity levels drop tomorrow. 90 degrees for 25th time we have been 9 o or better in washington. but at least it wasn't 97. the farther north and wist you go, it cools off in a hurry. 73 in pittsburgh. columbus a low humidity areas. that will spread in our way tomorrow. fine for a couple of days. the heat index is not bad knot and west. prep to the south of fayetteville, north carolina feels 108. we will be 88 tomorrow. but noticeably less humid with
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a lot of sun and northwesterly breeze. the next seven days shape up like this. comfortably warm and less humid in the next few days with a lot of sunshine. time to get to saturday it's more humid. partly cloudy and 89. typical hazy and hot sunday monday tuesday, lower 90's with a dailys than of showers and storms. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> more of a -- [inaudible] kimberly: an australian surfer has changed his tune about his future in surfing. jonathan: stay ahead of any changes in the weather signing up for the text alert. sign up by going to the enter your cell phone number. anytime the weather changes you will know about it. we'll be right back.
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kimberly: it can be expensive to hire an attorney. "7 on your side" with a legal panel. jonathan: it's a popular segment we have done before and back again. a great resource. chris papst live in the help center to tell us about this ask the attorney phone bank. a great opportunity here.
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chris: absolutely. "7 on your side" tonight to answer your legal questions. give us a call right now. 703-236-9220. we have ten men and women eager to answer your questions. again legal questions but not criminal questions. we are talking about family issues here. child disputes. divorces. housing. apartment issues. land lord concerns. if you have public benefit questions that you have, legal questions. give us a call. veterans affairs. if you have questions that these men and women are here to help you. they are from a group called a neighborhood legal services program. they are based in d.c. and their job is answer your questions for free. most of the time they deal with low-income people in d.c. but for what we are working on today, if you're in maryland or virginia or d.c. give us a call. 703-236-9220.
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"7 on your side." jonathan: thank you. people will call in. it's expensive. even sending a e-mail. this is all free. still ahead "abc7 news at 4:00". consumer alert for pet owners. the new crime on the rise involving dogs and how to protect your pet. >> metro and the safety culture under the microscope on capitol hill. among those testifying, the operator from the l'
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announcer: "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." jonathan: l'enfant plaza is the incident on capitol hill tonight. kimberly: the operator of the train is testifying. we are wondering how much the lawyer will let him speak. >> you have to wonder. he had graphic interview with the ntsb some months ago emotional interview where he talked about the events in january. we had video of some of the sad images from the day. the ntsb did an 84 page interview with james kerley to testify. he is operator of the train. you may recall he had an emotional plea to the command
4:30 pm
center acing look i have people voting getting sick. let me move the train but there was another train on the platform and couldn't do it. they will talk about the safety culture at metro in the hearing. they will discuss how in that command center that they are understaffed, it's chaotic and filled with distractions. another issue they may discuss is replacement for jails sorrow -- james sorrow the metro g.m. who announced he was leaving. so far no replacement. a variety of issues. but almost certainly that testimony by james kerley will be front and center for many people at the hearing today. back to you. kimberly: a lot of peak will be watching closely. thanks, rich. we want to turn back to the weather because we are on storm watch now. jonathan: some people are seeing the scattered showers as we speak. if you put it on the road people trying to drive. doug hill tracking it for us. how long does it stick around? doug: 8:00 or 9:00 tonight.
4:31 pm
we have chance at the moment. this is the doppler radar mosaic of all the radar on the screen. this shows the heaviest stuff from the south to southeast. big area from the jersey to the tellez shore. second line from this line from northern v.a.t. to southwest and state college in pittsburgh, south of columbus. we will see if it holds together. that is just ahead of the cold front. for the next four hours or so we have a chance of isolated shower and thunder. it's hot. but yesterday it was 97. we are hanging in there. the areas are mid-to-upper 80's. this is a rooftop camera. february 20 the river was covered with ice. got a question for you.
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would you rather have a long hot summer like the one we are having or a long cold winter like the one we just had. check it out on facebook. doug hill. let me know what you think. we have more hot or cold weather people? jonathan: we will talk more about what is coming in a few minutes. did you say you are hot? doug: no. i'm a hot weather person. jonathan: thank you. appreciate it. should the illegal immigrants who are deported and caught spend five years in prison? that is one of central controversial proposals. scott has more on what happened. trump is talking about the immigrant issue. he didn't handle it tactfully but it's front and center for so many people. now there are crimes from people deported that came back. >> it's adding to the focus. this particular hearing. the comments were mentioned in
4:33 pm
the hearing. but this is brought about by the death the terrible murder of steinly in san francisco who was walking with her father. shot by an illegal hearing. this is all about what they called the sanctuary cities. cities around the country that intentionally don't alert the police when someone is done with a jail sentence and is supposed to be deported. lawmakers demand they cut off the funding for the cities. this is the system including family members of the victims. >> a shot rang out. she fell and said look at me help me dad. those are the last words i heard from my daughter! the guy that killed the girl in san francisco had been deported five times and came back five times.
4:34 pm
he had been convicted of seven different felonies. so this can't go on and on. >> so many times have the immigration enforcement seen that happen? how many times has the one thing been killed at the hand of an illegal immigrant who technically should have been deported? we have those numbers for you coming up at 6:00. we will hear what the supporters of the sanctuary cities have to say and why they believe they are so important. we have that coming up in 90 minutes. >> we will look for you. kimberly: police are searching for a suspect in a gruesome stabbing outside capitol hill hill. they believe the man was stabbed a mileway and then walked back to the shelter where he kept the belongs. he was conscience and
4:35 pm
breathing when taken to the hospital. jonathan: more u.s. children living in poverty before the great recession. that is a new report that was released by casey foundation. they found 24% of children lived in poverty in 2014 compared to 18% in 2008. the poverty rates were double among the african-americans. and native americans. the highest in south and southeast. kimberly: coming up next caught on camera. a woman rushing to save a child from a hot car. what she is saying. jonathan: now is the time to ask your attorney. we have a panel of attorneys in the "7 on your side" help center. they are here to answer your legal questions. that is a free resource we'll make available for you. all you have to do is call the number on your screen. 703-236-9220. they will be there until 2:30
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kimberly: this is super dramatic video. we are about to hear from the mother. she rushed to save a mother left alone a hot car. jonathan: it was really hot. the kid was crying in the backseat. the woman tried to use a tire iron to break the window open.
4:39 pm
we have the story. reporter: what you are looking at is a kansas city's woman attempt to save a child. sarah tried to smash the car window with a tire iron. a 2-year-old little girl inside the hot car. accidently left behind by her care-givers. >> she was covered in sweat. like her pony tail was dripping sweat off of it. >> the ordeal lasted three minutes. in her mind time stood still. >> i was thinking when i was hitting the window what if she dies? what if i can't get her out? what is going to happen? what are we going to do? >> i did what i felt was right, hit the window until it broke. >> police ticketing the care givers when they came out of the store. criminal charges may be on the way. >> i don't care if it's a minute or two minutes or 15 minutes, that is too long to leave a small child in a car.
4:40 pm
>> the mother called 911 to report ten -- the child was locked inside. ten child has died after being locked inside hot cars. one died in texas. >> 98.3. >> two weeks ago i saw how quickly a hot car affect an adult body. >> we are dripping sweat everywhere. >> in 30 minutes i went from a healthy body temp of 98.3 to a scorching 105. in a child that can happen in less than ten minutes. >> i want people to see it's okay to step in and help. you should step in and help. >> you should step in and help. she did a great thing. the child's father wasn't there at the time of the incident. he did tell a local tv station he is extremely grateful to the woman and his daughter now is doing just fine. >> i'm the person who sees a child or a dog in the car and i'm on 911. jonathan: no question. when seconds count you don't have time to wait for someone to come. she did the right thing.
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coming up next, a restaurant owner under fire for how she treated a family with a screaming child. how her actions called a social media firestorm. >> get your legal questions answered for free. right now. our ask the attorney phone bank is open. call this number. 703-236-9220. our phone lines will stay hope until 6:30 tonight.
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jonathan: keep an open mind as we go to the next story. a restaurant owner getting heat out of the kitchen. kimberly: because of a toddler that could not stop crying for 40 minutes. what the restaurant owner did next caused a social media fire storm. >> it's better when someone else does it. >> darla neugebauer is the outspoken owner and chief cook at marcy's diner. she is cooking up a storm this monday. but three pancakes served up to a family on saturday is the talk of the town. darla neugebauer admits she nearly flipped her lid after listening to a 2-year-old child cry for 40 minutes. >> i turned around. both hands on the counter.
4:45 pm
point offed to the child and said, "this has got to stop." oh, then the mother screamed at me because i was yelling at her child. you know what, lady? you should have taken the kid outside. reporter: the parents were so upset they posted a complaint on the diner's facebook page that read, "i had the worst experience at this establishment. the owner is an absolute lunatic and screamed in the face of my almost 2-year-old child because she was crying. who in their right mind would behave like this unless you were deranged?" 2.5 million people from as far away as england are commenting on the post. darla is not deterred. >> darla: we all have our opinions. i think maybe mom and dad could have taken the kid out and nipped it in the bud. i'm not a parent. i don't know 100%. i know after 40 minutes of screaming i had had enough. reporter: as for the negative comments from parents, saying they will never eat at marcy's diner again.
4:46 pm
darla: i'm sad about that. it's their loss. reporter: you wouldn't do anything differently? darla: absolutely not. it stopped them screaming and got them out and made my customers and the staff very happy. reporter: seated in the diner this morning a family visiting from colorado. told parents anted restaurant owners who see both sides when it comes to someone yelling at their child. >> well, that was still very inappropriate. i would have preferred she would have said to me you know, can you take your child out of the restaurant? you can't scream at other peak's kids. >> you have to have them step outside for the conversation. so you don't make a scene. jonathan: we both have kids. all the parents throughout would agree with us. 40 minutes is excess i. when it goes by five minutes you have to console the child or give them a hug. but 40 minutes. kimberly: sometimes an outside party has more influence than mom or dad does. jonathan: i'm sure it got the
4:47 pm
kid's attention. how about this though? there have been rumors of a possible protest outside the owner, but the owner who i like. she is fun. she responded ask if the demonstrators would prefer pancake or muffins. she is a giver. kimberly: without wine. now to abc7 consumer alert. dog flipping on the rise. that is when the people steal pets and then try to sell them online. houston woman said her yorkshire terrier named sushi escaped through a hole in the fence right after a dog identical to sushi advertised on craigslist. the owner tried to confront the seller without success. seven months later another popped up and they took a micro chip with them to meet the seller and we realized this is sushi. i said this is your dog. >> the experts say if your dog is stolen check the online
4:48 pm
adds and alert authorities if you spot your pet. have your micro chip information handy. jonathan: check out the photo of a bear having an unusual afternoon and snack in florida. the bear dragged 20-pound bag of the dog fad to the shade of a tree and said this is where i'm going to catch out. go for the bag. have dog food. the guy across the way took video the whole time. he went into a food coma. he looks happy. he didn't even eat all the dog food. >> that is a big bear. a huge bear. stretched out. just laid there. jonathan: like pass ta it expands in the gut. the bear didn't eat the entire bag and left some for the dog whose owner got the bag and locked it back up. kimberly: that is how i feel after a nice italian dinner. want to take a nap. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a health alert for you.
4:49 pm
there is the an wall edition of the best hospitals. kimberly: topping the list is massachusetts general in boston, followed by the mayo clin in rochester, minnesota. john hopkins tied for third with the ucla medical center followed by the cleveland clinic and the women's hospital in boston. jonathan: a new study found becoming a dad is linked to gaining three to five pounds. dads. not the mom. dads. the northwestern university study followed more than 10,000 guys over a 20-year period who found a typical 6-foot man gains 4.5 fans after becoming a dad -- 4.5 pounds after becoming a dad. non-dads lost a pound and a half over the same time period. >> they get the exercise to take care of themselves. jonathan: that is the problem. think of it. much of the weight gain due to mindless eating and skipping the workouts due to exhaustion. but parents need to think of their own health the way they
4:50 pm
think of the kid's health so get outside and walk the child around. kimberly: but if it means that dad is helping out and not playing golf, that is good. jonathan: but dad should play golf -- kimberly: it worries me that you didn't put any pounds on. jonathan: i stepped outside with the kids. ran around with them. had fun. kimberly: how time flies. britain's prince george turning 2 tomorrow. jonathan: can you believe it? relees the photo of the -- releasing the photo of the dad. it was taken in at the christening for princess charlotte. adorable too. kimberly: it is cloud cover outside. it feels like there is a blanket. doug: we are getting the sun break. we will get rid of it late tonight. better days ahead. let's talk about the weekend. what is coming our way. saturday and sunday, by then the humidity levels are coming back. the short-term word is the next few days are delightful.
4:51 pm
but by saturday and sunday making the advance plans for the outdoor activities plan or a partly cloudy day. humid and 88. noticeably more humid on sunday. 89 with a 40% chance of the afternoon thunderstorms on sunday. if you think of the beaches they are getting nailed with the heavy rain. this really does look good around the area. wrap it up for the next seven days. the key for the next few are the lower humidity levels. temperatures are close to the system averages. a lot of sunshine. sunday monday tuesday, back to the same old stuff. hot and humid the showers and the storms. we will keep an eye on the showers and the thunderstorms in our area now and give you a
4:52 pm
live update coming up. jonathan: nothing extreme. doug: nothing severe. kimberly: time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with the tangled details. jamie: of course! we are starting off with a crash. the good news is this is an accident but it is over to the side. it's not blocking any lanes. heading out of the city on the freeway 395 southbound. right before you get to the 14th street bridge. you are averaging 13 miles per hour. i want to talk about virginia. all lanes are still blocked. the crash, the best option is an alternate. bells hill road. switching to 95. you see a solid line approaching 610. if you pull out you can get a better idea of how solid the backup is. this is only averaging 8 miles per hour. we will show you the traffic. this is a good idea of how heavy we are.
4:53 pm
a lot of this volume is due to the accident. as we move back to the maps focusing in on the capital beltway. the heaviest area from virginia to maryland. crossing american legion bridge working the way closer to river road. that is really the only slow spot and a crash on 95. we havees
4:54 pm
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kimberly: "7 on your side" on your -- kimberly: "7 on your side," every evening. we have a panel of attorneys ready to talk to you for free. call 703-236-9220. phone lines are open for 6:30 tonight. jonathan: when do you hear "attorney" and "free" in the same sentence? never. kimberly: except for "7 on your side." jonathan: this is a surfer who was out and a great white tried to take a nibble. he had an encounter but he is now home in one piece in australia. kimberly: he is talk about the
4:57 pm
scare seen around the world and joking about why the shark may have targeted him. >> fear of his life. leaving pro surfer nick still shaken up. >> i have a scratch on me. >> now home in australia. >> opening up about the close encounter in a surfing competition in the waters off south africa sunday. >> i felt something behind me. i jumped on my board. then just sort of came up. >> the shark biting through the leash and leaving the three-time surfing champion and the surfboard untouched. the close call terrifying for friends back on shore. >> we almost all of us almost watched our friend get eaten by a shark. >> his mother at home watching it all live on tv.
4:58 pm
>> we wanted to just pull him out of the television. >> now he is back home to reassure her in person that everything including his sense of humor is fully intact. joking about why the shark may have chosen him. >> i fished before. maybe that is why. >> sharing a message for that great white. >> thanks for releasing me. kimberly: i'm talking to leon who has joined us here. after the close call, he said his surfing days were over. you might have heard him say it yesterday. jonathan: smart man. kimberly: he has changed his tune. that is it for us at "abc7 news at 4:00". "abc7 news at 5:00" with leon harris starts now. leon: the discovery after a woman's body near a local parking garage leads to question about the last moments of her life. a heads up for airline travelers. brace yourself for headaches. unhappy workers could disrupt your plans. hit by lightning and hitting
4:59 pm
it rich. we will introduce you to a man who is really good at beating the odds. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: all right folks. tonight. relief on the way. a cold front heading toward our area that could bring rain and break the heat wave for us. chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by in the weather center. what is the word? doug: south of the metro area we are asking showers and the thunderstorms. outside the weather center, it's cloudy at the moment. let's get to doppler radar. st. mary's county, the lower shore. that is where we are finding showers and the storms. there are a few areas closer to metro washington. we are seeing some showers pop up. moving across the charles county. couple others to the west. we will keep an eye on that. just a fairly light showers right now. it's part of a bigger picture. the hot and the humid air
5:00 pm
south of washington, cold front from the state college pennsylvania to new england in a rag tag low line of the showers from pittsburgh. so over the next few hours we have shower chances. then the skies will clear later tonight. it's hot and humid but not oppressively hot and humid. no heat advisory. 90 in washington. it feels like it's 98. the values are somewhat lower than they were at this time yesterday. so through this evening; an outside chance of isolated shower or storm this evening. laterment to the winds will start to come out of northwest, it will become next humid. we will drop to 72 by morning. that is sweet. we talk to the morning -- weekend in a few minutes. leon: that almost sounds too good. people have been figuring out how to beat the heat since the weekend. marcy's diner picks up the storm watch team coverage now live in springfield. she has a look at how some -- diane cho picks up the storm watch team coverage live in springfield. diane: many


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