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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  July 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> it was obviously a very frightening, traumatic experience for her. my heart goes out to her into the families of the victims. but charles severance is not the one who did it. >> the family is deeply grateful to her. what she did his heroic, courageous. i think we should all look up to her because she gave a discussion to the police. reporter: a judge also denied a motion today to set a bond for charles severance saying she considered him a flight risk.'s trial is affected to take lace starting on october 5. diane cho, abc 7 news. leon:jonathan: history gone in a matter of minutes. a fire broke out in a commercial area destroying several businesses. brad bell is with us with more on the investigation. what
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happened? reporter: they are still trying to figure that out. but me give you a lay of the land. it sits at the triangle of land where the potomac and the shenandoah rivers meet. the national park is just down the road. that is with the rivers are. let me show you where this fire was. in the heart of the historic district. you can see for buildings, all of them terribly burned up. we do not know the cause yet. it is under investigation but one of the pieces of evidence we know that they will be looking at is an extraordinary piece of videotape that was given to us by the man who took it early this morning. take a look at this video. it shows at about 3:00 a.m. the first moments of this fire. it is crackling loud. you can hear the trauma and the voices of the people. they are wondering where the fire department is. they caution each other to get away. a woman is worried about getting her dog
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away from the fire. the good news, no injuries to people. two cats were killed. this is a bad fire in the heart of town for the try to be an attraction to tourists. a total of eight is is is lost. they say this is a tremendous blow to the town. >> its harpers ferry. we will survive it but it is very hard. >> when you see them go up like this it is like you have lost somebody cared for. reporter: you can see the top of the building is burned out. if you look very closely can see some wisps of smoke. it is still flaring up every now and then. they have had to bring a fire truck and put water on it periodically. we will share with you a little bit more of the human drama of this story. the pain people are suffering in the sense at the outset of history
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lost. brad bell, abc 7 news. kimberly: something you can never get. we have heard from business owners whose livelihoods are destroyed as well. jonathan: they are hoping they can somehow rebuild. john gonzalez continues the team coverage from harpers ferry. reporter: during the column of the night in harpers ferry flames rip through historic section of buildings. in all for buildings. at least one of them 200 years old. eight businesses are a total loss, including the popular private twins bobpub on potomac street. >> i do not think it would be this bad when i got here this morning. reporter: livelihoods are got almost as quickly as the brick-and-mortar. fortunately, no injuries were reported. the pub has been around for a couple of decades inside a building that dates back to the 1830's. >> it started in the bigger building and it just went to the
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one next to me and in my place. reporter: with a sign in a few blogging covered in sit the owner of 10 fold is trying to literally look at the bright side. >> the sun out in the water. i have gotten some photographs of rainbows. we just hope we can rebuild. reporter: her business is a fair trade collection, proceeds that find their ways and artisans in third world countries. he says it will be hard to replace which you lost. >> developing countries artists and artisans being paid a fair wage. it is a good place. and gone this morning. reporter: on the other side here on high street the damage looks just as bad. there he extensive. you can see inside of the village shop. one of eight is this is destroyed. insurance adjusters have been called but quite frankly it does not look like there is anything these business owners will be able to
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salvage. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. kimberly: you are going to one to stay with abc 7 news and as we follow any development in the fire in harpers ferry. jonathan: fairfax county police of arrested for teenagers for a series of car fires in the little rocky run neighborhood. nearly a dozen vehicle set on fire this month causing $120,000 in damage. most of them were set on july 18. kimberly: we are sorry to tell you they could be more bad news ahead for metro riders. more service cuts in order to speed up much-needed maintenance work on the track. tom is live to explain how it will impact writers -- riders. reporter: it definitely will. you could see track work at the time of the days you are not used to. basically we are entering rush-hour and i am told
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rush-hour should not be affected. pretty much the entire rest of the day and the 24 hour period could be affected by this. this is video from this morning. the administrator for the federal transmit -- transit administration's head metro, you have to find more time to work on track and do safety matters for the system. what that means is metro may have to do track work and angle track in times of the day that folks are not used to. that includes more midday traffic work at between morning and rush-hour. also, potentially more track work overnight and it would start earlier, as earlier as 8:00 at night. he was with the active administrator had to say about metro and how it needs to find some time to do this. >> they are going to have to tackle what i characterize there as the balance between what needs to be done for safety and
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the service levels that need to be provided. reporter: she said she recognizes that metro has to find a balance because riders do not like to see singletracking. they like to see full service on the red line behind me. that drives a limited window every 24 hours a can work on tracks. she is encouraging metro to find sometime during that perdio to work on safety matters -- period to work on safety matters. it will decide what timetable singletrack but that also includes midday track work. and also more weekend track work which we assert we seen a lot of years. coming up at 5:00 you will here from passengers and what they think about what went on today at that metro meeting. reporting live in northwest, tom drorowsy, abc 7 news. kimberly: look at this.
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picture-perfect and not a cloud in the sky. what is ahead for tonight and into friday? doug hill can tell is that. doug: not quite finished with this youthful air mass quite yet. we will slowly ramp up humidity levels into the weekend. at the moment absolutely gorgeous outside. a live look from the weatherbug camera in the world, maryland. -- laurel, maryland. a continues drive for the second day in a row. -- dry for the second day in a row. 81 in annapolis and 87 at reagan national airport. when you factor in humidity is low enough of the heat index, it is the same or lower than the actual air temperature. that is what we mean by comfortable. it feels like 81 degrees in annapolis. through the evening we will stay in the 80's and continued with mostly sunny skies and a gentle breeze of the northwest at three to six miles per hour. into the overnight, another clear night. 69 in the
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city in a very light breeze. our outside story continues to be the high-pressure area stretching from portions of iowa and eastward to pennsylvania. that is keeping the storm track to the south. it is only a matter of time before the showers come back our way. i will let you know when that will happen at our seven day outlook in a few minutes. kimberly: if one is not enough. a rabid that has been found in gaithersburg. this bat was found in an orchard on tuesday. it comes nearly two weeks after officials confirm a rabbit bat had been found in an apartment complex and less than a month after we first told you about a woman in that very same complex who had bats in her apartment that tested positive for the virus. tonight, horace holmes will take a look at the bat problems in gaithersburg. jonathan: the senate panel
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approves more benefits for workers from the hacking. they still information on more than 22 million federal workers and retirees. according to the senate appropriation committee agreed to provide them with 10 years of credit monitoring and at least $5 million in liability detection. kimberly: john kerry is getting lawmakers an ultimatum on the iran nuclear deal. he addressed the senate for the relations committee this morning. he was joined by energy secretary ernest monize and secretary jack lew. lawmakers work clearly skeptical. >> i believe you have been fleeced. you have turned to run for being a pariah to now congress being a pariah. >> the choice we face is between an agreement that will ensure man's beer program -- iran's new beer program is limited rigorously scrutinized, and
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wholly peaceful. or no deal at all. kimberly: congress has a six day review. period to vote on the deal. president obama has vowed to be -- veto any bill that will block it. you can watch a national town hall tonight at 7:00 on news channel eight. he will stream live on jonathan: coming up, a controversial fundraiser for the police officers charged in freddy gray's death has been scrapped for now. what it involved that has a venues backing away from it. kimberly: growing calls to remove bill cosby's our collection at this with sony and. -- at the smithsonian. reporter: how bats are the roads in d.c.? we will have the report
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the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v jonathan: a developing story after summit he pulled the emergency door release on a metro train. the video of the train stopping at the plaza station on thursday and moments later you can see a guy open the doors and exit with the child. they guy has not been charged. while the train was stopped
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there were delays moving through the plaza. kimberly: the lawyer who represented the boston marathon bombing is taking on another case. david brock has been traditionally appointed to defend dylann roof, who is charles in last month's trial's in church shooting. the also revisited susan smith the south carolina mother sentenced to life for drowning her two young sons. jonathan: a controversial show to say the least with cans. a baltimore police officer had planned to put on a black face in annapolis another venue has said is not quite a host him. it will not happen. bobby burger says his show is never to raise funds for the six officers charged in freddy gray's death. he did sell 610 tickets at $45. the baltimore police union says it never supported the event and refused to accept money from it. kimberly: people are pushing back against the smithsonian and their message to remove bill
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cosby's exhibits. they released 35 e-mails to the associated press calling for the national museum of african art to down its conversation exhibit, some even threatening to withhold donations. this follows cosby's unseal testimony in which he admits to getting drugs to women he wanted to have sex with. a big jump in drunk driving related traffic deaths. those types of death have been on declined around the country. newly released numbers from 2013 show anyone dui deaths here at home. that is up 26% from the year before. arrests also went up with police booking 17,700 drunk drivers. jonathan: a lot of folks what -- might not mind getting stuck in traffic on a day like today. jamie: if you were stuck in traffic, it was not as bad as it was during the beginning of the
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week. this is 395 near armie-navy drive. about 30 seconds ago they cleared away an accident that it been in place for about the past two hours. i want to talk about the delay still behind where we did have the crash. it was heading south on to army navy drive. a tow truck was there on scene. i knew it was going to reopen soon. about a minute ago it did. 17 miles per hour on 395. if you have to travel on 295 the average in the teens. and pretty typical on the beltway. getting from virginia to marion. -- maryland. as we start with the top side of the beltway through montgomery county, the inner loop will take you through just under 35 minutes to get to 95 in college park. outbound on 66 in the beltway do fairfax about 20 minutes and slow on 95 south and working to wait for the mixing bowl and going south towards the
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-- we don't have any crashes in the d.c. area. we do have traffic lights out. writer 24th street. make sure to treat that as a four-way stop. back to you. jonathan: it was another one of those days were we strongly encourage or hope you get a chance he outside and enjoy. kimberly: absolutely beautiful. doug: enjoy it as it comes and goes because we only have a limited number of days left in the pattern. jonathan: you feel again have to do something on days like this in july. doug: even will be get to the bad is it will just a little bit more warmer and humid this weekend. a nice look at the chesapeake bay. the winds are very light on the waterways here. no small craft advisory's in effect. it will stay crystal-clear like this through this evening. i would not ever give you a little look at the country. see how we are shaping up temperature wise. today is the area from texas all of
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north. rapid city at 92. the heat is building the high pressure that is giving us this delightful weather is steering the weather system. it is keeping the rain and clouds south and west. that moves east in the next couple of days and every thing changes. the humidity serves to build. but we are not there yet. 87 degrees.. temperature at reagan national is 85. 84 in frederick maryland. baltimore, 84 degrees as well. we will see a steady drop-off in temperatures under mostly clear skies once again this evening. temperatures around the midnight hour in the lower 70's and then dropping into the 60's by morning. below 64 in baltimore in the morning. 70 at quantico and 69 in downtown washington. the rain and storms are pushed south. although it out north carolina. the front only go through so far in washington and we get stuck in this kind of zone with repeat showers and storms. that is all
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settled to the south and we are enjoying sunshine and it is only a matter of time, the sunday-monday timeline of the next cold front will come in and put us back in this pattern again. it will be very hot and humid with chances of showers and storms. on the futurecast it looks delightful. the same sort of story for saturday. humidity levels in chip saturday and sunday is back to hot and humid weather with a chance of lady showers and storms. the better chance for showers comes on monday and tuesday. jonathan: when we get a day like this in july, this is rare? doug: it does not happen often especially considering the pattern we've had since may. kimberly: we will take it. thank you, doug. coming up, evacuation and rescues in parts of the west as firefighters battle wildfires. learned what is hampering efforts to put out the fires.
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jonathan: stay on top of any raking news bite signing up for text alerts. go to
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jonathan: several raging wildfires out west eating to evacuations and rescues this week. hundreds of families on vacation at glacier national park have been forced to pack up. and get out
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kimberly: entire near its in california are threatened. randy hit has the latest. reporter: flames raging out of control in northern california. this one leading up treason seconds has burned nearly 10 square miles, destroying this building and threatening hundreds of homes. >> it was really windy from the beginning. the wind was going all different ways. >> i want to get out of here. kimberly: bulldozers are building critical fire lines as while the least the region. -- wildlife flees the region. >> go, dad go. reporter: this one hearing through glacier national art or campers were forced to pack up and run. >> i don't when they die. reporter: the flames shutting down roads. families had to abandon their cars. >> we could not even get firefighters through their. reporter: it doubling in size
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and ours is higher crews continue to battle hot, dry conditions. strong winds up to 30 miles per hour are not helping in here in california the heat is also returning. temperatures are expected to start approaching the triple digits through the weekend. kimberly: it is really tough to see the horses running with the flames. jonathan: and difficult for the rescuers to get anything under control at all. new information and the death of a woman in a texas jail. what police are checking in sandra bland's death now. >> he does and a learn your customers. kimberly: learn how a mail carrier's got instincts about one of the p
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00 on your side. jonathan: new information in the death of sandra land in a texas jail cell. prosecutors say they did not any injuries on land that were -- bland that were consistent with a violent homicide. kimberly: marci gonzalez is the latest evolvement. reporter: today, prosecutors releasing some of the autopsy results, sharing new insight into what caused sandra bland's death in this jail cell early last week. >> they did not find any injuries on this particular
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organs or body parts that were consistent with a violent struggle. the cause of death as hanging in the manner of death as a suicide. reporter: prosecutors revealing preliminary testing showing she may have had a significant amount of marijuana in her body when she died. found with a garbage bag around her neck three days after she was arrested after this traffic stop. >> get out of the car! >> don't touch me! >> you are under arrest! reporter: a bystander recording what appeared to be her on the ground. >> she started yanking away in the kick me so i took her straight to the ground. reporter: bland charged with a public service operator -- officer input in this cell by herself. she admitted she attempted suicide last year. the day after her arrest, her friends getting this message. the voice believed to be bland pollen from behind bars. >> honestly, this whole process
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switching lanes with note signal and all of this. reporter: her family still insist she did not take her own life. the aborted an independent autopsy but it not released the results. marcy gonzales, abc 7 news. kimberly: this certainly has us talking. her arrest is raising questions about citizens right when you were pulled over by police. jonathan: our reporter's book with an attorney about what to do anytime you get pulled over by police officer. reporter: you can pick apart this arrest video down to every detail. an attorney sack smith says that our major smith -- mistakes that both parties. made >> failing to signal is a take a double offense. reporter: even if the officer is not all of the law, the best thing you can do is be polite. >> they are at the scene and that is not the time to argue with an officer. that is not the time to disagree. that is for a court to decide.
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reporter: if things start to turn into a fight, a jury might focus more on what you are doing and not the officer. >> stand right here! >> you want them to critique the officer. reporter: you can see the police officer demanding sandra bal land to get out of her car. anytime an officer asks, and listen. >> yes, they can. the courts have found that that is ok. reporter: if you hesitate in the have to drag you out of your car -- >> once an officer has to get physical with you, it is all downhill from there for you. reporter: if you scratch an officer, that is an assaulting an officer which is a felony. he just went from a ticket to jail time. jonathan: the white house and the department of justice office of community police orienting service are trying to bridge the gap between police and public
4:32 pm
trust. they are hosting a forum today it for was to implement recommendations from the police task force on 21st century policing. that goes on at 5:30 tonight. kimberly: felony stops are not pretty. juries will defend police. jonathan: the way you do it anytime you get pulled over, no matter if the officer is having a bad day is kill them with kindness. the time to argue is in a courthouse, not on the sidewalk. kimberly: moving on. firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire at an elevator shaft at a ups sister beeson center this morning. jonathan: this is from around 7:00 this morning. firefighters say this started on top of an elevator car. they were able to quickly put this out but they did have to remove three skylights to help mentally the building and get all the smoke out of threere.\ nobody was
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hurt. kimberly: let's check in with doug hill to see if we get this whether to cigarette a little longer. doug: when it starts to go downhill over the weekend instrument increase in humidity levels. we here in shape -- good shape. looking out from our camera here. 87 degrees in a few fairweather out. dry air. 36% humidity. it feels terrific out there. 85 in richmond. hagerstown 87. 79 at hatteras. if you have friends or family at the outer banks, they are not happy cow fpokes. it's been one day after the next. the fronts for over our area and we had round after round of showers and storms. well temporarily it is settled in the south. the midsouth
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getting most of the rain. for us, just nice. overnight low as 59 to 69 degrees. still beautiful tomorrow. same deal on saturday. pot and 90 which is about our average high. -- hot and 90. the winds will turn out of the south and becoming hottie unit on sunday -- hot and humid on sunday. plenty of heat and humidity and showers is norms to go around. kimberly: thank you. tom brokaw now jointly fight to honor president. he has signed on to his advisory committee for the dwight d. eisenhower memorial project. they already have the support of bob dole. the eisenhower memorial is still not completed despite 15 years of planning. jonathan: 7 on your side with a study that could change the way doctors treat late stage cancer
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patients. researchers found that nearly half of all terminal cancer patients are given chemotherapy in the final months of life, even know there is no chance of a curing them. the hope being that perhaps those tumors will shrink and the patient will be in less discomfort. this brand-new study found this. it is just the opposite. it says the chemo had no with that -- effect on the cancer in the quality of life only got worse. kimberly: another reason to turn up the smartphone. the link between it and depression. researchers tracked the habit of 28 people all around the country, ages aged -- 19 to 58. predict with 86% certainty of the person suffer from depression because people who are more depressed moved around less and use their cell phones more. 28 people. jonathan: that is not what i call a huge study. coming up at 4:00, a major project in southeast is been completed. how it will benefit
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the river. >> i have never seen that many before, ever. kimberly: a nightmare for drivers. how an invasion of logs shut down an entire
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kimberly: mission complete. the ladybird machine is completed the two-year and or .5 mile journey to the river tunnel system. this is really cool. jonathan: why it is great news for the district. reporter: this has been years in the making. the tunnel boring machine is slowly emerging on the ground as we speak. probably wondering what is ladybird and why should you care? $2.5 billion project is all about cleaning up the river pollution in the potomac. ladybird is a train size boring machine that will help with all of that. it is 100 feet underground. it is been cutting its way through crating a tunnel for the past two years. the purpose of all of this is to essentially not to have to resort to pouring billions of gallons of sewage and storm water into the river when it rains. it will instead be channeled through a 4.5 mile
4:40 pm
tunnel to a local water treatment plant. >> the anacostia flows into the potomac which flows into the chesapeake. we all interested in the viability of the chesapeake. it's in bad shape right now. this contributes to the cleanliness of the chesapeake bay. reporter: it means that eventually the potomac river will be swappable and fishable -- swindle and -- swimmable and fishable. leon:jonathan: a major retailer at the center of a lawsuit. how the numbers are not adding up on some merchandise. kimberly: feeds are ready to
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kimberly: test in. the men accused of dragging an officer with this car is now in custody. danny harvel was arrested this afternoon. the faces second-degree murder charge. the officers were trying to talk to him earlier this month when he drove off. the officer tried to
4:44 pm
stop him but his hand got entangled in the seatbelt. the officer was dragged for more than 100 yards before the car from the hit a tree. harvell then ran off. jonathan: we all know the roads can cause wear and tear on your tires but a new study is breaking down how much every dryer -- driver pays because of lousy road conditions. kimberly: it has to be hundreds or thousands. sam ford has the details. reporter: if you ask d.c. area drivers about the conditions of the city roads -- >> they are terrible. it is that simple. i don't care where you go. >> a lot of potholes. we have lost all caps. -- hub caps. reporter: a research group finds d.c. summer in the middle for road conditions. 32% of washington area roads are in
4:45 pm
poor condition. 24% good condition. the worst roads are found in san francisco, los angeles, detroit cleveland, new york. more than half the roads are poor as opposed to nashville, minneapolis, orlando, in phoenix where most are in good shape. this is something that motorists in the d.c. metro area should be concerned about. a cost less to invest good roads than bad roads for the average motorist. reporter: we invented an auto repair shop to hear their story. shock and suspension and damaged flat tires and damaged rims. reporter: the study estimates we pay an extra $621 a year for repair and parts because of bad roads. it could be worse. all areas have some bad roads and if you hit one, it can cost you. >>
4:46 pm
sam ford, abc 7 news. kimberly: the philadelphia post man is in very hot water. he is accused of not delivering 22,000 eases of mail. prosecutors say they found the mail at the home of the mail carrier. wonder what he wanted to do with it all? it was best be delivered between may 2014 and this past january. if convicted, he could face up to six month in prison and a big fine. jonathan: maybe he just decided to take a day off and not deliver this today, tomorrow, or the next few months. we have a good story about mail carrier and alabama. she noticed a man and i checked his mail in a few days so she went to check on them. kimberly: what she discovered has people calling her a heroine. reporter: sissy cartwright has been delivering mail for 20 years. >> when you have been on here that long uses, lender customers.
4:47 pm
-- you learn your customers. reporter: a man and a mail and days, she knew something was not right. >> i decided i needed to check on him. reporter: the house sits way back off the road. her kind gesture ended up being the life-saving move. she found the front door open and 66-year-old tommi hope injured and calling for help. >> i'm glad i found it when i did. kimberly: he had been down for 10 days following a bad fall the left with roque and bones he was unable to answer his phone. he kept hydrated by drinking from a bucket of rainwater and used as to get ice cubes from the icemaker. >> he had to be a strong man to have done some of the things he did do to survive. is just amazing to me. he was being put on the stretcher and he looked at me and he said sheri, i knew sissy
4:48 pm
would come. she saved my life. and she is definitely earned her title as a hero. reporter: mail carriers like sissy cartwright even i have for customers a live alone. >> he called me his hero and i'm good with it but i don't feel like a hero. i was at the right place at the right time i think. kimberly: heroes always say that. tommy hope is still recovering from his injuries. she says he will deliver his mail in person each day when he gets out. jonathan: someone who took the initiative in saved a life. kimberly: delivering mail and happiness. jonathan: tj maxx is in hot water. it is being sued under allegations that is eating misleading customers but discounts. kimberly: they are claiming it uses deceptive compared rices to
4:49 pm
trick customers, making you think you are saving big on namebrand items. t.j. maxx responded saying, "we tell our customers that we mean by compare at prices." jonathan: it is time to show you something that is probably the most disgusting and you will see all week long. kimberly: a bridge in iowa complete shutdown by bugs. millions of mayflies. cars were literally sliding across the road. >> the biggest thing i noticed is they are probably piled knee-high in front of the headlights and just sitting there. kimberly: knee-high. the roads are all cleared now but that is after the i would apartment transportation came out with a snow plow to clear all the bugs. they are still finding the bugs in parts of his car.
4:50 pm
jonathan: the expression is corn, knee-high by july. not bugs. doug: i lived in detroit and in the springtime they have fish flies. you literally have to have your windshield wipers on because they are so big and when you go down the streets at night, the windows of all the buildings are totally covered with these things. jonathan: i have seen the grasshoppers in bakersfield before in summertime. i don't mind wanted to grasshoppers. doug: my dog is to go outside and need them. --eat them. doug: this is our story going towards the weekend. it will be bright and sunny. getting into saturday at least it is really good news. 90 degrees for a high on sunday. definitely more humid with a southerly wind and a high of 91. slight chance of an isolate its thunderstorms sunday
4:51 pm
evening with sb west of the metro area. -- should be west of the metro area. the carolinas are getting rain for several days. we think they will improve. a cold front will wash out and allow for partly sunny skies through saturday and sunday. temperatures in the lower 80's. maryland, delaware, new jersey beaches looking sweet. a long time for a warm, dry weather in the month of july around here because we been so damp and unpredictable this summer so far. lots of sunshine. in the letter parts of the weekend, humidity levels rise above monday and tuesday when a cold front has our way that will give us decreasing chances are showers and thunderstorms. once that ends it looks like we will settle back into a pattern or wild of hot and humid weather. kimberly: a cold front heading our way. doug: a frontal zone. let's call it that. jonathan: coming up next at
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5:00 we told you about possible cuts in metro service. find out how the commute could actually get even tougher on the rails and roads as marc and bre threatened to separate by the end of this year. kimberly: celebrities have posted photos undimmed scram -- instagram wearing these corsets. thoughts on doctors about wearing them for eight hours a day. jonathan: turning our attention to traffic. let's switch to jamie sullivan. jamie: we are seeing some delays and first it would assert on 270. working to way north towards rockville and gaithersburg. this is what you will have. a little closer to tuckerman lane. outbound on 273 montgomery county in as we move to the map what's focus on what we are seeing as far as delays
4:53 pm
that we have in virginia. 395 out of the city averaging about 11 miles per hour. you were ok through falls church. it is heading in what we have some delays. 295 also in the teens. let's focus in on what we are seeing as far as heavy traffic of. here it is normal. seven miles per hour right now. the stretcher mitchell road continuing to maryland towards georgia avenue at about 13 miles. it will take you just over 050 minutes to travel that stretch because of the typical afternoon slowing. about 25 minutes to the get closer to college park. outbound on the six from the capital beltway towards fairfax, over 20 minutes. 95 southbound slow. and pass that typical traffic getting towards the triangle. there is a look at the delays. jonathan: coming up next, 7 on your side is on your side --
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with an alert for airline passengers.
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jonathan: passengers have more to worry about than making their flight. this summer is a prime season for the c1 to swipe your luggage. -- theives to swipe your luggage. >> these people might be -- look like tourists but they are actually theives. it is a crime they could be all too easy as abc news found out. >> i got off the plane and stopped at the restaurant but now we're finding -- reporter: a potentially costly delay. pickpocket experts know with the bag looks like uses the precious time to grab it from the carousel. is not just your luggage. bob sees a woman with
4:58 pm
her purse open and sickness for decoy to come over. he lowers his hand in his jacket. >> would it surprise you go into somebody stole something from you while we were having this conversation? reporter: do you think a lot keeps you safe? a ballpoint pen can break open the suitcase. >> i cannot close this. reporter: he says one of the newest tools is a selfie stick. how can you keep your stuff safe? don't get a black. a bold color is harder for these to pass off as their own. good record you baggage claim. and do not keep your belongings -- always keep belongings in your line of sight. >> that took two seconds. that is it. leon: the bre and marc lines have a shutdown living and it is for your own good. harpers ferry steeped in history and up picking up the pieces. >> with a look at it in a
4:59 pm
positive way. leon: we surveyed the damage that leveled a large section of town. 7 on your side investigate sunroofs exploding over drivers heads. it appears no one seems to care about it. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. leon: the evening commute is just heading across the region and if you are in the traffic even though -- it can be a nightmare around your sometimes. a lot of folks are trying to get away from the road and get onto the rails and that brings its own sets of problems. we are understanding that it could be that three of the rail systems in the region might have some major issues. two of them possibly shutting down and one looking ready to make major shortages -- cuts that could mean shortages. we have team coverage tonight. tom and brianne. brianne is arlington
5:00 pm
with more on what be a pressure point in that area. reporter: just to give you an idea of how much people rely on this, just in the last half hour at this vre station we have seen hundreds of people. women running to the train saying hold the train they do not have to wait any longer to get home after a long day of work. that is what they could have to do have some of the hot back onto the road. -- hop back onto the road. reporter: thousands of riders rely on the rails but after new year's they could find a new way to get to and from work. vre and marc syndicate potentially have to stop service if congress is not extended december 31 deadline to install technology known as positive train control which will detect locations in speeds and adjust to prevent


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