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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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brianne is arlington with more on what be a pressure point in that area. reporter: just to give you an idea of how much people rely on this, just in the last half hour at this vre station we have seen hundreds of people. women running to the train saying hold the train they do not have to wait any longer to get home after a long day of work. that is what they could have to do have some of the hot back onto the road. -- hop back onto the road. reporter: thousands of riders rely on the rails but after new year's they could find a new way to get to and from work. vre and marc syndicate potentially have to stop service if congress is not extended december 31 deadline to install technology known as positive train control which will detect locations in speeds and adjust to prevent collision. officials
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say the technology will be on the train by the year end but it will not be on some of the tracks. the tracks are on by others like amtrak and norfolk southern. amtrak says they will be done installing it by the deadline csx says they will need more deadline time. >> i can't imagine it helping people in fredericksburg. reporter: this woman relocated to fredericksburg knowing she could take vre everyday. >> it would definitely create some sort of hassle. the only other alternative would be to drive. reporter: speaking of officials they say this is not for a lack of effort. they have been working on this and spending billions of dollars in technology. they don't do put it on the system until it is safe. they say they don't have to
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create another risk on the rails. congress could make an extension sometime ahead of the deadline. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: if vre and marc are forced to suspend service the comedic pressure drivers on the road. the transit agency may have to make some service cuts of its own. tom roussey is covering metro from judiciary square. reporter: at a meeting today metro said this is a balancing act. you spend too much time worrying about passengers, safety suffers. but if he worry too much about safety, passenger suffer a lot. metro may need err a little bit more on the side of safety that meets track work. >> the right balance between safety and service. reporter: she told metro it had to find more time or its crews to do safety work. this
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afternoon metro responded. >> safety comes first. you will and -- see more single tracking. reporter: after january tragic smoke problem, it has to do new safety measures like waterproofing our cables. that means more track work. although final decisions have not been made, metro says what is on the table is single tracking overnight starting as early as 8:00 p.m. war midway -- midday track work. what is off the table a single tracking during rush-hour in the idea of closing hole lines for a long amount of time. passengers worry about what single tracking during the day. >> i'm in a rush right now trying to get back to my job and i know waiting for another train is counterproductive. >> i'm glad they're worried about our safety but i'm going to find a different way to get to work. reporter: others want to see
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more done about safety. >> ok, but come on. we are on the trains with no safety. reporter: you see folks waiting here at judiciary square to get on the red line during this rush-hour. as far as the last lady said right there regarding the active in ministry for the fda said also today that metro does need to do more training of its employees on how to handle emergency situations. tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: you can always stay a step ahead of that traffic with abc 7. sign up at leon: you development in the case against charles severance the man accused of killing three people announce andrea over a 10 year span. diane cho was also in the courtroom and she is checking and now. i understand you heard emotional testimony
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from the other woman who was shot. reporter: it's certainly was. it was clear that the memories from that day still haunt her today. she became so distraught at one went to the judge asked if she wanted to take a 10 minute recess. she said yes and left the courtroom in tears. for the first time today the surviving witness in the ruthanne ludato murder talked about her horrifying encounter with the gunman. >> the family is deeply and forever grateful for her. she was her road courageous. i think you're all deeply in debt to her because she gave a description to the police. reporter: the victim was caring for her mother at the time and she described in detail have the day in the before she broke down on the stand. she said she came to work on the day of the shootings to help her mother fix her hair when she heard the doorbell ring and then heard a loud noise. she went to find out what was. she said the gunmen opened fire. a longtime friend
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of trail severance believes authorities have the wrong person. >> it was very clear to me from all the discussion about trying to do the ids and every thing else that she did not really get a good look. reporter: defense attorneys questioned whether a photo lineup used to identify the gunmen that shooting was valid. they also question the description to get the police. this after authorities say the victim ever positively identified the person responsible in the lineup, even of his photos included in that lineup. the judge ruled that it was admissible in court. severance has been charged in the death of ludato, ron kirby and nancy dunning. the judge denied a motion to set a bond for trail severance calling him a flight risk.'s attorneys asked for a second, t exam but the judge also denied that.'s trial is excited to begin october 5. diane cho, abc
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7 news. leon: right now we are looking at a situation breaking into the abc 7 news room. a man accused of dragging it prince george's county officer is now in custody. danny harvell was arrested this afternoon. he is looking at attentive second-degree murder charges. the officer tried to stop him but his hand became tangled in a seatbelt. the officer was dragged more than 100 yards but with that car hit a tree. police say he then ran off in this ain't. the officer -- ran off from the scene and the officers at home with his -- recovering from his injuries. kimberly: take a look at this. this happened in the historic section of harpers ferry. more than half a dozen this is his and harpers ferry were absolutely gutted. brad bell is
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live there tonight with all the damage and the cleanup ahead. just tragic. reporter: use the word tragic and devastating. that is something we've heard all day long. there is a sense of loss here. a loss of history and the economy. you can see there is a firefighter of their on that ladder still working to put up hotspots on this fire. it was a tough one to fight a tough one for the count of take. -- the town to take. >> where is the fire department? reporter: he captured the fire on his cell phone camera. firefighters are still minutes away in the flames are growing fast. he tells a neighbor to move away. >> get down here right now! reporter: you can hear his wife laura in the background. hours later she recalls the terror. >> it seemed so real. it did not seem like this would best could be happening to our small town. reporter: just after 3:00 a.m.
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lanza rubbed on a block of four historic links. home to a different businesses, including cindy dunnjewel's -- cindy dunn's jewelry store. you can see how fast the fire grows. you can see the extent of the damage to the early 19th century buildings. this is the heart of the historic district. just up the hill from harpers ferry national park, the side of john brown's raid in 1859. people who lived here says the buildings are part of the story. >> no one was hurt and as bad as this is we could've lost the entire town. reporter: back live now. you can see the building is a mess. it's for businesses -- four buildings, eight businesses. there was a clothing store, an ice cream parlor. all either
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lost or badly damaged. as for the cause fired investigators from west virginia are still going over. it is far too early to know. brad bell, abc 7 news abc 7 newsnews. kimberly: crews are doing work on the 11th street rich tonight. the d.c. department transportation will from 11 straight to southbound interstate 295 at around 9:00. the right lane on the rent from the bridge to southbound to 90 50 the closed. they are expected to be open by 5:00 tomorrow morning. should the -- should be a nice city get work done or just about anything. leon: anything but worse would be nice and fun. doug hill standing by at stormwatch seven weather center. doug: it will stay wonderful this evening, tomorrow into saturday and sunday although it will be more summery by sunday. this is a rooftop view looking
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to the south. national airport on the left. the pentagon in the foreground. a few high-level clouds and that is it. 84 as we speak in frederick. 83 in fredericksburg. they comfortably warm 87 now had reagan national airport. clear skies this evening. a slow and steady drop in temperatures. by early tomorrow morning you're expecting the number 359 to 69 -- to reach 59 to 69. partly sunny with the rain and thunderstorms and the nastiness pushed well to the south. the seven day outlook coming up in just a few minutes. kimberly: we will look for you then. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> it sounded like i had a case of champagne in my car and they all blue-eyed at once. kimberly: safety experts begot after an investigation into a serious driver with -- problem
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with driver sunroofs. >> that is a fantasy plain and simple. leon: the secretary of state addresses tough questions about the nuclear deal with iran. reporter: i'm get a tell you what residents are now very concerned about wh
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kimberly: 7 on your side after a rabbit bat was found in montgomery county. it is near the conflict refers ticky to last month after residents call to complain. horace holmes is back in the case night with the latest. reporter: residents of this gaithersburg condominium building were caught by surprise. >> we have lived here for two years and have not even seen a bat. reporter: it was found to carry rabies. >> the property has to look into it. reporter: this is the third time in less than a month that a rabbitid bat has been found in this county. she discovered to bets in her damascus apartment. she captured them on video and still photos.
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>> there is a bat flying in circles to the living room. reporter: the housing department condemned her apartment in late june. two weeks later, another noone was found in gaithersburg and then two days ago another was captured here in one of these buildings on prince orchard boulevard in gaithersburg. >> it's not supposed to be in the house. reporter: all free apartment complexes in these cases were around wooded areas. officials say that the bats apparently got into some ventilation ducts in the apartment buildings and into the apartments. they are saying if you encounter of a bat, it is serious because rabies can be fatal to humans. kimberly: thanks for staying on the case. let us know how 7 on
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your side -- can be on your side. send us your story ideas at t ips leon: the riverboat posts special events every year but the captain, tommy pearson, and against limiting this year because of the silt buildup. the rappahannock river is so clogged with silty cannot undock his boat. is gotten so bad he is head is spent thousands of dollars to move his business richmond so he can operate on the james river in. kimberly: nature can really get in the way of things. doug: rain would probably make it worse. it has to be dredged. it is a lot of work and money to do that. james river in richmond is dutiful. -- beautiful. our forecast is just fine. nothing
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to worry about here. it will be delightful for a few more days. kimberly: we were wondering if there was some kind of record. doug: no. we have had this before it but it is just coming out of may in june which were so miserable weather-wise. now we have kind of level that with his beautiful pattern. leon: keep it going. doug: this time lapse from congressional country club in bethesda. that turned into another beautiful day. we will have a beautiful evening as well. warm temperatures and low humidity levels, absolutely delightful weather this evening. we are holding in the upper 80's in washington. reagan national significant way higher than other areas. the average high for auction -- washington dc is 89 degrees. well below average because of the cool air from the northwest which is optional -- also a dryer mass. 87 is the heat index at reagan national.
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the same number as the air temperature and that is not happen very often in the month of july around here. the low dew points in the 60's and even though temperatures in the morning are in the 60's. if you near the 60 degree mark in maryland. safety five injuries. -- 65 at andrews. some heat has been pushed to the south and to the carolinas. they are burning up the low to mid 90's with high humidity. the temperature out west of kansas city in the 90's. that stretches from arizona to nearly the canadian border. all those factors will converge back in our area. once the area moves out of theit's a pretty sprawling area. you notice the absence of cloud cover on the satellite in that area. every thing is concentrated on this old confront that is become stationary. so many times this summer so far is these cold fronts would come through and give us a brief break from the high heat and humidity and then
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become stationary in our own backyard. we get day after day of clouds, showers, and storms. that is moving across the outer banks. that will improve to the south over the weekend. it will turn every thing around and a low level of the atmosphere and bring winsd and heat and humidity into the area. just a few fairweather clouds of the day tomorrow. showers start to diminish close to the outer banks which is good news. everything is looking good. tomorrow will be sunny and seasonable. low humidity day. 90 degrees of the light northerly wind. this weekend, about 90 on saturday and 91 on the day. more -- 91 on sunday. an isolated thunderstorm. the beach is absolutely beautiful. weather will break on the outer banks and the virginia beach area all the data the outer banks will be sunny and pleasant and in the 80's. temperatures in the surf. a cold front will come through
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monday, tuesday for a frontal zone. and increasing cancer showers is formed in the movie get back to the heat next weekend. enjoy every civil minute of this. leon: don't think we won't. kimberly: a very big discovery for nasa. kepler 452b. scientists are calling it earth's bigger, older cousin. 1400 light years from our own system but it orbits is star at about the same distance that earth orbits the sun. it's star looks to be some which were son and nasa says it is the best that yet for an earthlike planet that might harbor life. leon: too bad we can't go there. it's only 1400 light years away. talk about healing the heat. >> oh my gosh, go. go. go now. leon: tense moments as a family rushes to escape an oncoming
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wildfire. >> i was wondering how i was good at anything to eat but soup for the rest of my life. kimberly: a fishing trip turns into an ordeal. find out where the fire department was called in to help. leon: women are wearing them for six to eight hours a day. to the weight trainers really work? we will tell you what doctors say coming up. kimberly:
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leon: information about a possible settlement between tom brady in the national football league. the nfl players association sent the nfl a proposal less week about the four-game suspension that was handed brady. that offer was met with silence. the new england patriots of artie paid $1 million fine and lost two draft picks after deflating balls at the afc championship game last year. kimberly: lots of celebrities are showing up weight trainers on social media. they look like corsets and reportedly train a woman's waist to be smaller when worn of the eight -- up to eight hours a day. some doctors are concerned by this so-called sad. -- fad. reporter: she said the number of women lacing up to slim down is
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on the rise. >> tiny racing curvier hips. reporter: she sold a dozen like this in two weeks. last year she sold three a month. she paid $275 for this satin number after seeing celebrity psychic or -- and sisters -- kardashian sisters on instagram. according to the american society for plastic surgery tummy tucks was the fourth most -- waste trainers can provide a similar curvy look without surgery and for much less money. some say with aggressive training, wearing them for eight hours a day, their waste actually shrinks -- waist actually shrinks. dr. michael olding says that is likely due to diet exercise, not
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lingerie. it will only last while the trainer is worn, unlike traditional chinese foot binding. >> i think people ultimately will recognize that it does not really do anything permanent. reporter: if they are worn to tightly for too long, he says they can harm the pelvic floor and digestive tract. >> if you have any sort of reflux you will have more free -- reflux. reporter: she says she just was to accentuate her curves. >> you can see the difference in my wai9st. leon: coming up at 5:00-- >> there is no alternative that anyone has proposed. >> i sure have, secretary kerry. leon: tensions rise on capitol hill as the secretary of state defensive presidents you with iran. reporter: some will say this is
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one of the most in orton votes members of congress will ever make. kimberly: waiting for action. we are checking back in on a 7 on your side investigation into allegations of exploding sunroofs. some car owners say they're still waiting for the gove
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. kimberly: the presidency with
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iran is under the microscope. john kerry was one of several top-level officials testifying before congress today about the nuclear agreement. some the biggest questions -- just how well it all work and what needs to be done? >> one way we know that this is a bad deal is because the more we learn, the more questions we have. >> we set out to dismantle their ability to build nuclear weapons. we have achieved that. kimberly: the only way congress can kill the deal is bypassing the majority resolution enough votes to override a veto. several democrats say they have yet to hear a solution from the republican counterparts that adds up to a better deal. the nuclear deal is one of the main topics in tonight town hall on our sister station use channel 8. scott thuman is a preview of the town hall. reporter: that is exactly what we will be debating to bite -- the night -- tonight. all of
5:32 pm
this coming on a pivotal day. it was not just secretary kerry. also the heads of energy and treasury answering ready hostile questions. the critics are contending this is not prevent a nuclear iran but instead actually put some of the ready getting a bomb. they accuse secretary kerry of others of being "fleeced and bamboozled." a government heated at times. we will have that for you during tonight's show. we will have -- looking at secret's ideal allegations. what is it mean? and what this deal me for your personal finances as well as ultimately your safety? we have insightful comments and interviews tonight. please tune in to the "your voice your future" show tonight. it is unused channel eight at 7:00 p.m. and always online. we
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hope you will join us. back to you. kimberly: we will take a check now of the other top stories. a commuter nightmare. railroads all facing cuts with marc and vr e potentially shutting down altogether. -- in the wake of amtrak crash in philadelphia. both lines save your working as fast as they can. if the december 31 deadline is not extended they could be forced to stop service. leon: a judge rules of photographic lineup can be used against charles severance. he has been charged in three deaths. a longtime friend of his testified today that authorities have the wrong person. he says that a person his best a woman who survived the not getting enough look to pin the crime on him. kimberly: investigators trying to figure out what started a
5:34 pm
devastating ire in the historic downtown of harpers ferry. weathered half a dozen businesses are destroyed. all of them just up the hill from harpers ferry national park, the side of john brown's raid in 1859. the biggest threat your privacy might not be hackers are scammers. it could be your backside. today, the six circuit sort of appeals says he did not have any regional and tatian of privacy if you definitely base a call with your cell phone and they practice known as butt dailing or pocket dialing. a judge says the caller has no reasonable expectation of privacy since all he had to do to avoid the so-called butt dail was locke's phone -- lock his phone. leon: the fishermen eternally grateful to a firefighter because of what he was able to reel in. >> i thought oh.
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leon: he was talking about his answers. $1330 worth of teeth was fine with the fish. his wife looked around at all she turned it was some big crawdads. that is when the professional schema to help. -- came in to help. >> swimming underneath water instructors is not a safe idea. the face -- the safest thing we got to do was go down and give it a shot. leon: he put on some serious tooth-finding stuff. he says he has been saved from a lifetime of having nothing to eat at soup. and maybe this crawdads on his wife's feet. kimberly: diving for dentures. coming up at 5:00. >> i could feel the warmth of my hand as i was out the window. it was super hot. kimberly: a family rushes to escape a wildfire as it explodes. leon: tying one on. the bcm
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seller rating kicks of all shapes and sizes. kimberly: a guilty plea in a police chase that captivated our region. that is coming
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doug: doug hill back with you we can weather outlook. it will be warm and 90 degrees in saturday. 91 on sunday. may be an increase in humidity on saturday but definitely on sunday. sunday evening, movies at the metro. they started 8:45 never the covance at 6:00 -- and everything opens at 6:00. temperatures will drop out of the 80's for the evening. they are playing "despicable me." the beaches look at this weekend with highs in the low 80's. just
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a touch warmer the further south you go. seawater temperatures are good. it will have to come all month that a -- they will have to come home on saturday. stay with
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kimberly: a consumer alert now
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as a local institution prepares to cut ties with virginia. t street fabrics says it is putting a bow on its operation in old dominion. it's rock the location is staying open. the center location close last. monday the falls church store is set to close on sunday. i remember my mom taking either. -- taking me there. leon: shoe lovers flocking to a new art exhibit in york. arises eager culture -- the rise of sneaker culture is in brooklyn. because back to the late 19th century. it includes kicks with historical significance, including nearly two dozen pairs of original air jordan's. >> we have original examples of air jordan 13 23 -- one through 23. it is one of the key factors in what we think of the mania for collecting shoes and new releases. leon: there are about 150 pairs
5:41 pm
on display in a runs through october 4. kimberly: i don't know how i feel about me jim expositions that are now considered historic. really old. he is on this 100 years old and he just got home a gold medal. >> the thing that going for me is that i don't seem to be getting older like the other guys do. leon: wait until you make this amazing virginia senior. kimberly: a leading auto safety group all for action on a frightening problem, exploding sunroofs. coming up, how many complaints we have found in a federal database and
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leon: his been a year since we told you about a serious problem that drivers were complaining about some exploding sunroofs. kimberly: action still has not been taken by the government agency that deals of the tensile safety problems. safety experts are now speaking out as more and more drivers can read about the dangers. reporter: james finkelstein
5:45 pm
would like to enjoy sunlight streaming through the sunroof on his lexus. instead his car sits propped in a kensington garage awaiting repair. >> it sounded like i had a case of champagne in my car and all the courts blood at once. i had no idea what it was. reporter: he says it was his sunroof exploding as he drove back to d.c. glass streaming out from a giant hole that he claims will cost out in the dollars to fix. >> it could've been a danger to me and a danger to other people on the road. reporter: it is a danger 7 on your side told you about last summer. a problem why the the national traffic safety -- >> this is a type of defect that are to be at the top of the government's list. reporter: he says exploding sunroofs are a growing problem but so far it's only
5:46 pm
investigated one manufacturer for the problem. kia. one year later, still no actions have been taken. he says more should be done. >> find out if there's a common manufacturer for the sunroofs and investigate every car company that uses them. reporter: we decker complains on this -- we don't their complaint and found this went well beyond kia. more than 300 complaints linked to explain sunroofs involving elise a dozen car manufacturers. the complaints come from people who claim that they blowout at high-speed or even standing still in the driveway. some claim they have been hurt. he says people of extreme instead you to be vocal. >> demand an investigation and a recall. you should have to ride at risk, worrying about if your sunroof is going to explode over you. reporter: james finkelstein will not be worrying. he sets his lexus is going on the market wants it is fixed. >> i will drive a convertible if i want the sun.
5:47 pm
kimberly: he says it will not -- they will not comment on open investigation and cannot say why in investigation into the issue is not yet been expanded. we reached out to kia for a response. we have not heard back. leon: today would be a great day to be out in the car with the sunroof open. amy sullivan -- jamie sullivan is watching the roads. jamie: especially if you are sitting in the slow traffic. this is the interlude or eisenhower avenue near telegraph road. getting a little bit better. but still you of course are seeing traffic a little but sluggish. let's talk about this crash and clear way. we do have one on 295 year howard road. -- 295 near howard road. traveling on the beltway, the inner loop you will see delays from the gw and continuing north to the 270 spur. from that point to 95 will
5:48 pm
just take you under 30 minutes. on westbound it will take you just under 20 out of the city from the capital beltway and a little the closer to fairfax. south on 95 in virginia on the beltway continuing to be about 20 minutes. to 95, -- to 95, cleared on the beltway. at least it is a nice day. back to you. leon: silver lining. lisicki look at what is coming up tonight at 6:00 in the next hour. it is not just lawmakers arguing about the deal. an active protest outside the white house today. we will tell you what both sides are saying. a guilty plea for an escaped inmate. the sentence he is now facing coming up at 6:00. kimberly: a pretty amazing scene, camera out of montana. >> go now. go. fast. kimberly: almost sounds like they are storm chasing. they
5:49 pm
were driving past this wildfire on wednesday when it started to explode out of control. what started at about 60 acres governance flames in glacier national park is between 2000 and 3000 acres burning tonight. >> it's just like blowing my mind. super extreme. i have not seen anything like this before. kimberly: the national park service says it is wrapping up efforts to fight the fire. we have not heard reports of anyone being injured. hopefully they were evacuating not trying to get the video. leon: literally too close for comfort. doug: we are sitting pretty here. it looks like it will stay pretty pleasant right through the weekend. let's get started with a time lapse from our weatherbug camera in middletown valley in frederick, -- frederick county, maryland. temperatures only in the lower 80's across central and southern rhetoric county. -- frederick
5:50 pm
county. we will see the temperatures slowly but readily drop to the evening through the 70's. by early tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies. it will be ranging between 59 and 69 degrees. 20 through the 23rd of july. beautiful weather so enjoy it. things will change. high pressure will tour north and west which is keeping a big chunk of the great lake and mid-atlantic nice and dry and comfortable. it is just a matter of time before things start to change. the wind will come out of the south and we will get more heat and humidity and thunderstorm chances. 87 and washington. 93 in rapid city in denver. the heat will slowly advanced eastward. the humidity will advance northward from the south west you best southeast u.s. still comfortable and sunshine. 90 degrees. fairly comparable
5:51 pm
saturday and sunday will be hot and humid again. a slight chance of showers in the afternoon. a better chance of the frontal system on monday and tuesday and then back to sunshine and humid weather. leon: good deal. i cannot wait to see this story. kimberly: we were feeling old but not compare to the sky. reporter: back in 2012 this area was plowed -- proud of 15-year-old katie wood decking --. this area just went gold on the other end of the spectrum. charlie edwards is proving that age is just a number. alex parker talks to the latest gold medalist. >> i'm a real beginner. reporter: he took of archery three years ago. >> it turned out to be fun. and a challenge. reporter: when he was just 93
5:52 pm
years old. >> i don't seem to be getting his older assess at the other guys do. reporter: charlie is 96 in just awarded a gold medal the u.s. senior games in minnesota. >> it turns out nobody showed up because i moved up to the 95 to 99 age group and nobody was there. reporter: his aerobics served well before archery, he served in world war ii. >> five -- fighter pilot. pacific theater. combat. the whole thing. reporter: recently he lost the love of his life. >> i'd order -- i adored her. i could say i'm over that but i'm not. reporter: i'm sure she is watching you. >> maybe. one little so. -- one would hope so. lots of fruit. if that is the answer to long life so be it. reporter: how many more years
5:53 pm
will you be doing this? >> i do want to open the 100 plus age group. after that, 100-104 i will retire. maybe not. lou: they live at the greenspring retirement center in spring field virginia. big ups to charlie. kimberly: we will be eating our fruit. leon: that is the true golden where there. if he started when he was 16 bess would have been his 20th olympics. he is back at it. kimberly: here with donald trump had to say along the nation's border with mexico. that is up next.
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kimberly: donald trump may change parties. he is one of 16
5:57 pm
republicans vying to be the next president but he tells the hill newspaper he might run as an independent if he does i get more support from the republican national committee. stephanie ramos takes us to today's campaign stop in texas. reporter: donald trump they do laredo texas to shine light on his signature issue, immigration and border security. >> i wrote of the problem of illegal immigration. reporter: is controversial, it's about mexican immigrants has stirred up the campaign recent weeks. he says his trip to the border town where the population is more than 90% hispanic comes to support -- or miss position ontion. >> the big crowds are all streaming -- screaming in favor of trump. they want the problem fixed. reporter: about half the potential gop voters oppose a pass to legal status for undocumented immigrant. 34% of the group supports trump. >> i took a lot of heat the
5:58 pm
first week. the second week everyone realized i was right. reporter: department of home and security secretary did not have any advice for trump but said this. >> the undocumented population in this country has stopped growing. reporter: i employed house and said hispanics.. the latinos. they are great, their workers they are fantastic people. they want -- they want legal immigration. reporter: despite the criticism from fellow republicans after slamming opponents, texas governor rick perry in given up 20's private cell phone number, he continues to lead in the gop field. stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up at 6:00, thousands of an untrained service for their commute but two major companies may be forced to shut down.. we will ask plane why also, the chase captivated the region. the
5:59 pm
inmates he broke away from custody finally plead guilty. the iran nuclear deal sparks new protests. what is at stake as talks continue. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. leon: up first, a public transit issue that could change the commute for millions. some services could be cut over safety concerns. maureen: train services are facing a tight deadline they could shut down. that is on top of possible cuts to metro. leon: brianne carter is live with how soon we could see changes. reporter: that deadline is december 31. legacy changes as early as the start of the new year. every day thousands conversations like this but soon service of these tracks could be suspended. >> it is a bad day on the train is better than any day on 95. reporter: at the start of a new
6:00 pm
year hundreds of thousands of rail riders in the region could at the hop back into cars if congress does not act. >> it would be a terrible thing. reporter: verare and marc officials could shut down service if they do not meet a deadline to install the safety technology. >> it puts me on 95 which is not a quality way of life. reporter: the technology called positive train control would detect the book of motive location and speed and adjust to prevent collision. transportation experts say keeping -- they could likely have prevented the deadly derailment outside of philadelphia back in may. vre an d marc officials say will be on the train by year end but not all the tracks. neither company owns the tracks. they are on by amtrak or csx. cxs say


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