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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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color leaflets that police distributed to residents here this afternoon. coming up at 5:00 we will continue to track the developing story with interviews from colmes' sister and life-long partner. but for now we're live in montgomery village. kevin lev wis abc7 news. kimberly: thank you. we have breaking news from the nfl regarding deflategate. jonathan: the nfl commissioner roger goodell announcing today that tom brady's four-game suspension for his role in underinflating football has been upheld. robert burton joining us. a lot of people thought this was a stiff sentence of four games and thought they would come back a couple of games. robert: this is probably one of the most important part of the season. i will set the tone. they won't have tom brady, probably the best quarterback in the nfl. that hurts. #poorpatriots. this is a huge blow for the patriots with the four-game suspension upheld. they will be without arguably the best quarterback in the nfl. background, the nfl announced in january that attorney ted
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wells would head an investigation into new england's use of deflated footballs and 45-7 win over the colts in the a.f.c. title game. more than three months later, wells reported it was more probable than not that it brady was generally aware this footballs were improperly inflated. today he announced the decision and said that brady directed that the cell phone he used for the prior four months be destroyed even though he was aware that the investigators asked access to text messages and the other electronic information stored on the phone. according to the nfl brady had exchange of 10000 text messages none of which can be retrieved. we will probably see some fighting from tom brady. i don't think he will sit back to let it happen. we'll see. kimberly: i was going to ask about the appeals process. what is next? robert: he is probably going to fight. the players association mentioned they will try to help out. if that suspension is upheld.
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jonathan: you look at other cases in the nfl, abuse and other things. this was abuse against the game. it got a stiffer penalty. robert: it was. they went on to win the bowles but this is the -- win the super bowl but this is the patriots. everybody thinks they get off easy and they love the patriots. jonathan: love for goodell. thank you. kimberly: turning to the weather now. you will want to take precautions out there. it's beautiful. but the heat and the humidity not so pretty. jonathan: it's right there. prepare for it. triple digits are coming. chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at forecast. you can feel it if you go outside today. doug: we don't have triple digit heat but triple digit heat as we speak. hot and humid outside the belfort furniture weather center. no rain. showers and thunderstorms but everything we developed thunderstorm wise is well south and west of the metro area. light showers across carlos county. that is a few more warranted. that is the deal in the next
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couple of hours. few and far between. most of the action well removed from the area. i think it will remain that way through the evening hours. definitely hot and humid. the temperatures in the lower 90's in many spots. like reagan national where it's 93. 91 winchester frederick and fredericksburg but the moisture in the air. the humidity and the dew point makes it feel like 104 at reagan national right now. it feels like 101 in fredericksburg. it will be a warm evening with a light breeze and muggy all evening long. through this evening, partly cloudy and hot and humid. we will look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. jonathan: leesburg police identified a truck driver who is wanted in a hit-and-run. jose reyes driver of a 2007
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she i have silverado that struck dela corta yesterday. the victim was taken to the hospital and leased in critical condition. he has ties to maryland as well. a new report shows there is a spike in crime in leesburg in the first half of 2015. leesburg police say property crimes were up 37% compared to the same time last year. majority of those involved shoplifting and threat from unlocked vehicles. although violent crimes were also up with seven more rapes reported in the first half of 2015 calls for service were up 14%. most people involving people with mental illnesses. the number of crashes a side note were up 20%. kimberly: the senate plans to vote before the august recess on an effort to block federal aid to planned parenthood. jonathan: the organization under fire now after video surfaced showing officials discussing procedures for
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obtaining fetal tissue for research. just this afternoon protests were held in the district and across the country over the issue. kimberly: senior political reporter scott thuman is live at the capitol hill bureau with the details. do you think it will keep them here longer than planned? scott: i don't know if it will keep them longer than planned but they will try to fit it in before the recess. this is an old issue. old fight. it is getting new life in a big way. partially because we are in campaign season right now. so abortion opponents all across the country holding 60-plus rallies today. the one on the hill here getting a lot of attention because we have learned this is something that congress will take up. planned parenthood received money for state funding and mostly the republican crowd is demanding that the funding be halted instantly. while senator rand paul said he is willing to do that, i asked about the chance it would change anything.
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rand: everything planned parenthood says they do other than abortion is done by community health centers and it's a duplication of something already done by the government agencies. there is no reason to have funding for planned parenthood. scott: how realistic is it? you have a vote on the floor and a president who would veto it wouldn't he? rand: it's difficult. nobody argues it's not difficult. whether he do the best we can. it's a success to get a vote. we'll try to win. scott: of course yards away there was a dueling rally or a demonstration you could call it. members of now the national organization for women were there. they are pointing out they say look planned parenthood is a service used by one in five women in the united states at some point in their lifetime. i it serves a need, it does cancer screening so they are saying don't jump the gun and halt all funding. we talk to them coming up tonight later in the newscast. i also interviewed two other presidential candidates-tote about the very issue.
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got -- candidates today and got their issue on this take and talk about how it affects fundraising. in the meantime capitol hill. scott thuman. back to you. jonathan: thank you. now breaking news involving metro. documents show asbestos was found in some of metro 1000 series well cars. kimberly: jay korff is live with the breaking details. what did you find out? jay: moments ago a metro spokesperson did confirm that there is "an extremely small amount of asbestos in the mechanism area that is outside of the cabin of the 1000 series rail cars." there is 280 of those rail cars. yes, they are still in service. the metro spokesperson insists that this asbestos is in a mechanism that is not accessible for riders. metro therefore in a prepared statement that we got moments ago said therefore there is no hazard. and it should be no concern on
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the part of riders. this spokesperson did concede that asbestos is in a state and the only way to receive in a air, the only way it's health risk to humans if they breathe it in is if someone drilled through or sawed through the megaanymore. -- through the mechanism. if there was a crash, could it break open the mechanism outside of the cabin and then as bess -- as bestows asbestos could be aerolized. they refused to contract. they are looking for the contractor to retire the 1000 series cars. we know those are the drugged vehicle that the national transportation safety board said needs to be replaced. metro is phasing them out over a certain period of time. they wouldn't say how long
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that is. but they are asking for bids from contractors to remove and dispose of asbestos and retire the cars. we have more as it warrants. jay korff. kimberly: thank you. jonathan: breaking news to tell you about from montgomery county. look at that. live pictures from a serious crash near rockville pike and west goiud drive in gaithersburg. there is no traffic going by. the entire road is closed. do not know the extent of injuries. the fact we don't see an ambulance maybe the person has already been transported. we will try to get more information but stay with abc7 for updates as they are made available. kimberly: arlington police need your help finding a man who attacked a woman in the courthouse area early saturday morning. this happening along 15th street north. the woman says she was walking home after going to the
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claridon area. a man pushed her in the bushes and sexual assaulted her there. the woman did manage to fight off her attacker and run. police have a vague description of the man so if you know anything they want to hear from you. water crews are working to repair a 16-inch break in bethesda. this one happened around 7:00 last night. at the intersection of huntington and bradley boulevard. water flooded the road there for three hours. that caused a large hole and buckled asphalt on the road. at this hour, about 49 customers are without water. wsse says repair work is expected to continue in the night so the drivers will want to avoid the area. jonathan: there has been a dramatic shift in the admission policy at a local university. george washington university is changing the requirements for s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores. kellye lynn is live in the school now in northwest with more on this. what exactly are they basing the admissions on if they are not going to ask about s.a.t.
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or a.c.t.'s? kellye: a number of things how they performed in high school, one thing to consider. extracurricular activities et cetera. but university hopes that the change will attract more outstanding students from more diverse backgrounds. it will get underway on august 1, when it will take effect. the applicants will no longer be required to submit the a.c.t. or the s.a.t. scores. administrators are concerned that students who performed well at the high schools but didn't do well on the standardized tests were shying away from applying. they are hoping that this change will widen the pool of the qualified applicants. >> we wanted to send a very clear message if you are a great student, if you have worked hard in a challenging curriculum g.w. is a place where you can thy. kellye: however there are some exceptions to this policy. homeschooled students students who are college athletes as well as those who
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want to enroll in the b.a. program, the seven-year program, those students will still have to submit the s.a.t. or the a.c.t. scores. reporting live in northwest washington, i'm kellye lynn for abc7 news. jonathan: all right thank you very much. obviously this is one of those things that will get parents ands students talking alike. wait a minute you're not going to base it on those criteria -- kimberly: right. but more schools that are not requiring them. jonathan: the facebook lit up after this. they asked, you know more college universities should they do the same thing and remove the s.a.t. and a.c.t. as a requirement? kimberly: most commenters had comments similar to this one. jamie wrote -- kimberly: we want to know what you think. you can join the conversation by going to the abc7 facebook page. jonathan: we think at this
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point it will come down to who can afford school. if you can afford it you can get in. you're not touching that one. kimberly: i'm not. it's still a multifactor decision. jonathan: all right. kimberly: there is no doubt about it you know first hand. jonathan: painfully. kimberly: jen welter is now the first female coach in nfl history. "dr. jen" as she is known signed to the cardinal training staff. the former college rugby player is known as the first lady of men's pro football. you might remember in 2014 she became the first woman to play a non-kicking position in the men's indoor football league. she is a 5'2" running back. jonathan: tough sport. she is very tough. kimberly: tiny. but she can pack a punch. jonathan: congratulations. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- surprising revelations. newly released e-mail about the april riot in baltimore. learn what other hit singer wanted to hold a concert and walk with protesters. kimberly: a prison employee pleads guilty to help two
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inmates escape. how much time she is facing behind bars. jonathan: the latest on the search for two florida teenagers missing at sea. how the boy's parents is responding to criticism over letting them sail on their own.
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kimberly: so you know the latest hit song has her singing about wanting money but the music star wanted to play a free concert in baltimore and walk with the protesters in april. newly information reveals that the police might have stopped an attempt at holding the show on may 1. police claimed organizers did not have a permit and extra security was needed. prince did play a show in baltimore on may 10. jonathan: new york prison employees has pleaded guilty to helping two killers escape last month. joyce mitchell signed a form to wave a grand jury hearing on the two charges. authorities said that mitchell and tailor at the clinton correctional facility provided richard matt and david sweat with the tools to escape. she agreed to be the get-away driver but at the last minute she backed out of the deal. >> she got in over her head in something she never should have started but she did. she is paying the price now. but she realizes that she made a horrible mistake. jonathan: mitchell faces a sentence from 2-7 years in
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prison. matt was shot and killed three weeks later. sweat was captured and sent to another prison. kimberly: i hope this is true. the coast guard says it is optimistic that two teenage fishermen missing at sea can be found alive. jonathan: three coast guard cutters navy ship and an airplane are all lacking for the two boys off daytona beach, florida. all north through georgia because of the drift. abc ken knit molten has the latest. reporter: a large and intense search up and down the eastern coast of florida. today the search for missing teen boaters austin stephanos and perry cohen move toward georgia. a good samaritan flying in the area spotted a cooler. but unfortunately the tip turned up nothing. >> they have some experience on the water. we hope they have extra personal flotation devices and the will to live. reporter: the 14-year-old boys were last seen friday at jupiter, florida, marina fueling up for a fishing trip reportedly heading to the bahamas. but the parents deny that.
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this video shows the teens' capsized single-engine 19-foot boat discovered sunday in the water. the boys hopefully have floating devices, so a life jacket and cooler were missing from the boat. >> for me, they told me they found the boat capsized. it was a relief in a way and horribly scary. >> we know that the concentration will be so much stronger now. >> last night hundreds gathered in jupiter inlet and lit lanterns praying the young and experienced license boaters will find their way home. as the search continues the criticism is growing after the teens were allowed to set off on their own. the parents say they grew up in the boating community and both are more than capable. reporting in northwest. kenneth moton, abc7 news. jonathan: time for check of traffic. seeing what is happening on the roads this tuesday.
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what are we doing upstairs? kimberly: taking a flight. jamie: what do you think? that was a different shot than we had planned. so a chopper was overhead at the scene. 355 near gude drive. because the traffic left the seen probably indicates that we are in the closing stages. it was an overturn. focus now to talk about what we are seeing as far as the slowdowns. we can have delays. begin where we typically see it. virginia to maryland. 12 miles per hour as you cross the american legion bridge. now shifting to d.c. focusing on an accident. this one on the freeway heading westbound. so of course that is my you see a solid red line behind it. right at main avenue with a lane blocked. sticking in the d.c. area, georgetown gas main break has 33rd closed between prospect and m street. the best option is an alternate. use wisconsin. we are hearing this should be in place for the next two or three hours with this closure.
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now switching gears to the water main break. this is affecting a lot of people in the area of huntington parkway and bradley boulevard. it is blocked off on bradley boulevard between bradmore and aberdeen. the best option as an alternate in georgetown. take a look, wsse tweeted out a picture. this gives you a good idea of why this is in place throughout the morning afternoon and continuing in the evening commute. while the repairs are done again, the bradley boulevard is best to avoid. that is a look at traffic. back to you. kimberly: that is a serious hole in the ground. jonathan: i'll say. kimberly: in the soup again. jonathan: really in the soup. the hot stuff. doug: it's july. stuff like this happens. jonathan: we're spoiled. we have been spoiled. doug: yeah. we had an air mass last week in the low to mid-80's. we knew it couldn't last. we are back to reality. in the 90's for the next seven days and the high humidity. start out with a look at the conditions now. 90 degrees at the jones carroll elementary school in the district. through the day, the sky has been mostly clear. that is the way it started. through day fair weather
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crowds popped up. most of the storminess and the rain is west and to the south. we have showers in the metro area. thunderstorms south of fredericksburg and west of 81. that is the way it will stay for the rest of the afternoon and the evening. heavy stuff to the metro area. thunderstorm not far from warrington. they are fairly stationary but they are trying to drift north i think. for most of the metro area light sprinkles or showers at most. look at the numbers. 93 at reagan national airport. in richmond 82. it's raining there. it's very muggy throughout the area. we know that because when we plug in the formula to figure out what it feels like outside, the heat index, based on the temperature and the humidity levels it feels like 104 in the nation's capital. large look at the satellite and the radar. everything is sliced away. high pressure will build in. it's the process.
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as it does in the next couple of days the showers and the storms will remain in the area until we get to wednesday where it's a possibility of a light shower. thursday, things will change as another frontal system will approach. thursday afternoon we see more showers and thunderstorms. in the meantime the story is heat and humidity. probably of rain, i don't know. 15% in the spots that aren't seeing rain now. metro area. better chance tomorrow afternoon. friday, saturday, monday we are dry. next chance of showers after thursday come next tuesday. kimberly: what is the cold front you are talking about? >> it's hard to find. jonathan: july and august they don't exist. >> thank you doug. >> coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you will want to hear the frantic 911 call. a woman tries to save a teenager who was shot. but learn what happened next
4:24 pm
that has the dispatcher under investigation. jonathan: if you want text alert goes to enter your cell phone number and when the news breaks you will know about it. we'll be back after this.
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calls, too. 703-236-9220. for the next two hours. because "7 on your side." jonathan: all right. thanks. still ahead for us at 4:00, donald trump adviser under fire for comments used to defend the presidential candidate from a rape accusation. how he is trying to make amends. kimberly: plus 229 pages of recommendations in the county council review before making $54 million in cuts.
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jonathan: an afternoon of cutting numbers. kimberly: councilmembers have to cut money from the budget. diane cho has more on what she is learning. this is never easy. diane: it wasn't for the council today. they admitted in the hearing today that the council voted to approve $54 million in cuts today. that is $3 million more than what the county executive proposed earlier. [loss of audio] kimberly: we're having technical difficulties. we'll get back to her as soon as we can pick her back up. we need to hear what the cuts are. moving on to healthcare in fredericksburg. they completed partnership
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agreement where nearly 40 multi-specialty providers joined sentara medical group under the new name sentara prattt medical center. jonathan: so perhaps you can feel now that the change is coming in the weather department. it will be a dangerous mix of the heat and the humidity and it is returning this week. dog days of summer. almost. kimberly: chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. when can we expect relief doug? doug: no time soon. i don't think we hit the levels we did where we are in the heat advisory level. but we are getting close at the reagan national airport. lower 90's is the deal with the fair amount of humidity like we have now. doppler radar shows a shower heavy shower to the east of la plata closer to waldorf. more heavy downpours and lightning in fredericksburg and most of that should stay west.
4:33 pm
the big story is heat and the humidity. culpeper at 85. 85 in annapolis. that in itself is okay but if you factor the moisture content in it feels uncomfortable. feels 104 in washington. 10on the midshore and easton. 100 in frederick. feels like 97 at washington dulles. through the evening we will keep our eyes open for the isolated showers and the storms in the metro area to the south. otherwise a partly cloudy muggy night. patchy fog again. we drop in the 70's. the bigger picture pulls out and you can see north the top of the screen the high pressure will give us sunshine in the next few days. not going to cool us off much. we will talk about the weekend and the beaches too coming up in a couple of minutes. jonathan: look forward to it. thanks. president obama is wrapping up the visit in africa by talking term limits including his own. listen to this. president obama: i actually think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i ran i could win but i can't.
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jonathan: he made the comments to the african union in ath opennia today -- in ethiopia. the speech wrapped up the five-day trip to the cop innocent and he -- trip back to the cop innocent -- content and he heads back to washington today. jonathan: the reporter was writing a story about a decade-old trump accusation from his first divorce ivana. reporter: there was a rape allegation made by the billionaire ex-wife in the divorce proceedings in the early 1990's. in defending touch cohen was quoted saying, "you cannot rape your spouse." and threatened to sue. marital rape is illegal in all 50 states as it was in new york in 1989 at the time of
4:35 pm
the alleged incident. >> they were trying to say that the allegation was not made in a criminal sense that you mentioned and it descended to insult and threats. telling me to tread lightly to say that whatever lawsuits they might file. reporter: cohen is apologizing saying he was outraged by the story and said in the moment of shock i made inarticulate comment which i do not believe and i apologize for entirely. in the 1990's trump's ex-wife addressed the incident saying while she used the word "rape" she did not want it to be interpreted in a literal or a criminal sense. now she issued a statement supporting the man she once famously called "the donald." say i recently read times attributed to me at a time of high tension to my divorce with donald. the story is totally without
4:36 pm
merit. kimberly: it is an uphill battle for firefighters out west. two new fires flared up overnight. fueled by the heat and wind. in california 1800 homes have been evacuated so far near sacramento. they are launching an aerial attack. more than 5000 firefighters are on the ground battling nine major fires. >> we have hundreds of homes that could be threatened. >> we signed up for it. >> firefighters responded to nearly 3900 fires in california this year alone. that is a 41% increase compared to last year. the good news the fire burned 28% less area than last year. jonathan: so dry out there. kimberly: part of it -- well we'll talk about it later. coming up at 4:00 a mistake caught on camera and how it left a company out of $150,000.
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jonathan: last week was the senate. now congress got a chance to ask about the iran plan. reporter: house republicans didn't hold back. they drilled secretary of state john kerry and his team to how foreign affairs committee took a hard look at the iran nuclear deal. >> let me underscore the alternative to the deal that we have reached is not some kind of unicorn fantasy that contemplates iran's complete capitulation. reporter: kerry together with the energy secretary and treasury secretary once again defended the deal between iran and six nations. the agreement aimed at preventing iran from building a nuclear weapon. kerry urged lawmakers to support the deal. he added nixing it would the end the wrong message internationally. secretary kerry: if we walk away we auk away alone. the partners will not be with us. >> i ask mr. secretary, has iran earned the right to be trusted? reporter: it wasn't just the republicans skeptical.
4:41 pm
>> i have a fundamental concern that 15 years from now, iran will essentially be off the hook. >> secretary kerry: when it comes to verification and monitoring there is no sunset in this agreement. not in ten years not in 15 years, not in 20 years, not in 25 years. no sunset ever. reporter: iran broadcast had appearances before congressional committees and iran stepping away from the policy not airing remarks by u.s. officials. in northwest, stephanie ramos abc7 news. jonathan: up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a stunning chain of events in a 9/11 -- 911 call. what a dispatcher did to get him placed on administrative leave. kimberly: the "7 on your side" team taking your story tips right now. joce sterman is on the phone. here is how you call her. 703-236-9220. jennifer donelan is ready for you call. horace holmes they're all there. phone lines are open until
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kimberly: "7 on your side." our team is standing by right now ready to hear your story and your tips about, is in your neighborhood. just 703-236-9220. our phone lines will remain open until 6:30 tonight. now to an outrageous 911 call out of new mexico. this came from a woman trying to save a teenager who had been shot at a party. jonathan: this will make you mad. during the call the dispatcher actually hangs up after the caller snapped at him. we have the story. >> okay, is he not breathing? >> barely. reporter: this is the desperate call following a fatal drive-by shooting last month. a woman frantically calling
4:46 pm
911 looking for help to save 17-year-old jaden chavez's life. two minutes in the call the dispatcher who received the call allegedly hangs up. >> he is barely breathing. how many times do i need to [bleep] tell you. >> you know what, ma'am? deal with it yourself. reporter: that is when the phone line goes dead. units were on the way to scene before the call was disconnected but he passed away. the dispatcher who answered the call on the teen on administrative leave. the department now investigating. abc news, new york. jonathan: a spokesman for the family says they are astonished on the call. but they want to find their son's killer. kimberly: police are investigating a costly mistake by an a.t.m. worker in new jersey. the worker was leaving an
4:47 pm
industrial building when he set down a bag containing $141,000 in cash. he went to back of his car and then he forgot about the bag lying there. he just drove off. unfortunately someone else drove up. and fond it before the worker returned. >> a stroke of luck that someone was driving by. kimberly: surveillance video shows that the person pucked up the bag full of money and driving away. they are looking for the driver. when the a.t.m. worker realized what happened he or she needed to call an ambulance for him. jonathan: do you buy that? kimberly: i'm not sure. jonathan: looks suspicious. a new winner the battle of the best-selling cars. kimberly: volkswagen has surpassed toyota to become the largest auto maker. v. sold 5.04 million vehicles in the first half of 2015 compared to toyota's 5.02
4:48 pm
million. general motors once held the top spot expected to release the sales number on thursday. jonathan: this is exciting news for kids. move over "cat in the hat. requests the first new dr. seuss book in 25 years is on sale. random house has 1 million copy of "what pet should i get." it's believed that dr. seuss wrote it 50 years ago. the widow found the manuscript after his death but she set it aside. i was rediscovered two years ago. kimberly: what a treasure. love dr. seuss. jonathan: who doesn't? come on. kimberly: comes in a lot of forms. but what about camel? jonathan: why not in the first camel dairy opens in california. of course it is. the owner gill rigler says it tastes like salty skim milk. he doesn't have the license to sell the milk for consumption yet. he is making one of a kind
4:49 pm
soaps and cosmetics but says there is a benefit for camel milk to help people with crohn's disease. kimberly: fine dining and mcdonald's don't go hand in hand. jonathan: not so much. kimberly: but that is what the fast food giant is doing in tokyo. mcdonald's rolled out the red carpet and the white tablecloths for an event called restaurant m. 20 people received a special gourmet meal that had fresh vegetable options to menu items. hang on the video. can you see -- i mean does it resemble what we get? jonathan: is he sucking that down with sweet tea or wine? a foodie will go to japan to say we have to go to this place for sushi and mickey d's. kimberly: it all looks like su sushi. i'm having issues with it. jonathan: something more tantizing is the weather. kimberly: sitting outside and
4:50 pm
eating is not good. jonathan: we have turned this around. doug: let's go to the weekend weather outlook. this is good for the beach lovers and the backyard barbecuers and whatever is on the dinner plate. hot and humid. the humidity levels make it feel warmer. sunshine in the outer banks. but the southern beaches are good. highs in the low to mid-80's. on shore breeze to make it cooler there. it will help the areas on the coast. inland in the 90's. a good call for the beach weekend here. the next seven days, listen day after day after day after day for the next seven we will be 90 degrees at least. as far as the chances of rain a few showers in the metro. getting close to metro in charles county. most of it is south of town.
4:51 pm
we will check those for you. other than that, wait until thursday for a chance of showers and storms with a front. then a plain old fashioned hot and humid through the weekend. kimberly: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" the search is on for a man that wants to share too much of himself. find out what the neighbors say about the naked guy. jonathan: what is he called? the naked guy. a golfer's emotional plea for the tournament in gainesville. we will have it for you at 5:00. jonathan: let's talk about the traffic. that is easy to watch behind you. it's just not moving. jamie: no. the traffic is slow on 66. something to keep in mind working your way out of the city. we may have a little sun glare. moving to focus in on what we have on the map, this area on 66 now passing by nutley street in the teens. slow traffic on the beltway. inner loop passing through tyson's corner to get closer
4:52 pm
toward the g.w. parkway at 12 miles per hour. a heads up crash on the freeway heading westbound. a solid red line behind us. some spots in the single digit. the left lane is right so stay right. sticking with d.c. gas main break in georgetown. 33rd street northwest is closed between prospect and m street northwest. the best alternate as option is wisconsin a. it could be closed for two or three hours. water main break in bethesda still in place. look at the tweet that the wwse sent out. an idea of what it looks like. a big large hole. this is huntington parkway. you can't get down there. the best option is old george
4:53 pm
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jonathan: "7 on your side." our team is standing by ready
4:56 pm
to hear your story tips about the issues in your community or the neighborhood. if you want to give them a call, do so. 703-236-9220. if the lines are busy no worry. try back. they're open until 6:30. you can get them online as well if you can't get through tonight. kimberly: long-standing business in brooklyn neighborhood in district about to close its doors. jonathan: brooklyn harbor has been open for 40 years. d.c. chief sam ford has more on why they are closing for good. sam: they like to stay they have evening but space and it's a space of dials and a lot of stuff. >> if your can't get anything you can get it here. if you can't get it here you don't need it. reporter: the owners of the brooklyn true value hardware for 35 of 85 years decided to call it quits. >> everything is for sale. everything. the shelving everything. >> really good deals. the signs out front and around the store tell the story.
4:57 pm
sam: a northeast fixture will be no more. my grand mother had sockets like this. that is the thing about brooklyn hardware. you can find things here that you would find nowhere else in d.c. old stuff. old hardware that is obscure. plumbing parts from the 1920's and 30's. brass plumbing. really old. sam: he kept the employs a long time like al and jerome. >> great run for me. sam: howard said the rent doubled in three years and it's hard to compete with the home depot and the lowe's moving in. and ann who has decided to open annie's ace hardware blocks away says she will take all of his employees and him as an adviser. >> my wife will be happy because she will see more of me. sam: third generation hardware store owner.
4:58 pm
in northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: tonight, the developing story regarding metro. a cancer causing substance found in scores of the rail cars and the plan to get rid of it. >> i go out and walk my dog. >> local sheriff office on the lookout for a man too comfortable being seen without any gloves on. and asking for help but not getting any. >> if you know something, say something. leon: local investigators bewildered by the license to many witnesses to this man's murder. now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. kimberly: forget the delays. tonight the concern for some metro riders are all about the health. that is after asbestos found on some of the transit askings' 1000 series cars. jay korff is covering it live with the latest. why don't they expedite getting rid of the cars?
4:59 pm
jay: well, they are in the process of trying to get rid of the cars. it's an expensive and a costly process. in the coming months they will get 1000 series cars out and replace them with the seven series cars. we confirmed that a metro spokesperson admitted that a small amount of asbestos in a mechanical area outside the cabin of the 1000 series cars. there are 280 of the cars that are throughout the line of the system. they are in use. but metro stretches that this area is not acceptable to riders. it's not in the cabin. therefore it's not a hazard and riders shouldn't be concerned. the spokesperson stresses that the asbestos in is in the state the only way it could be released to the air when it is a health risk to humans if they breathe it is if someone drilled through or sawed through the device. so therefore they say the people shouldn't be worried
5:00 pm
about it. metro is looking for a contractor as they are getting rid of these and replacing the 1000 series cars. to properly remove and dispose of the asbestos and retire the cars. so we found out of the information through the public documents to get a contractor to replace the 1000 series cars. they can safely remove asbestos in a safe way. that is the story. we have talked to the raiders and we will get the reaction later in the newscast. the folks are concern. reporting live jay korff abc7 news. kimberly: all right, jay. asbestos was commonly used when metro was built in the 1970's. according to the occupational health safety the fibers can get in your lung if you inhale it and could lead to lung


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