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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  October 4, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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d.c. police are investigating the death of a hospital patient days after a fight with security. the severe weather leading to more dramatic water rescues in south carolina. >> half a minute remaining. what a finish. redskins come back in the final minutes of the game to beat the eagles. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] heldr: the redskins illegally the eagles well into the second half until the eagles came back and then things theted in favor of redskins. robert burton is live at fedex field with more on the redskins. would bee thought it
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the same old song with the redskins. you come out to a great first half and in the second half comes in and it crumbles downhill. let's go inside fedex and i will talk about how it all went down. let's go straight to the fourth quarter. 16-143 your score. deep over the middle. touchdown eagles. they take the lead 2016 but the skins come back, 31 seconds to go in the game. makes a great diving catch, holding onto the football for the game-winning touchdown. caps off, 15 play at 90-yard drive. 2-2 ons improved to the season. >> we have been practicing a lot. i'm glad it all came through at the end of the game when we needed it the most. what happensontrol
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in the game. we can control our effort and how long we sustain our efforts. we've overcome a lot of adversity. big-time plays in big situations and i'm proud of each and every one of these guys. redskinsn for the today, we're inside the locker room and press room. more from the coaches and players coming up at 6:50 and sports. kellye: turning to weather, a chilly and damp day. sunshine is around the corner. the meteorologist is here with the first look at the forecast. of the rain got rid activity this morning. the clouds and winds stuck around. the latest, one of the last updates we will get from joaquin. westyewall passing just with 100 miles per hour. at bermuda national airport winds gusting to 96.
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that it just open water for the rest of joaquin. sustained average winds around 15 miles per hour. gusting at times 20, 25 around the metro, gusting to 41 right now. we have coastal flooding going on right now. , still 59 today real-time temperatures into the 50's. make sure the kids have the codes tomorrow morning. we will have several days of more son to come on our way. even warmer temperatures righ tthere. -- right there. our complete forecast a few minutes away. kellye: the mayor of charleston said the flooding has hit the city in recent days, the worst he has seen. the flooding forced officials to close a 75 mile stretch of i-95. about 200 water rescues have taken place across the state. >> we have not seen this level
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of rain in the low country in 1000 years. kellye: 14 inches of rain fell in the columbia area overnight. some areas near charleston have received more than two feet of rain since friday. search for a cargo ship that finished during hurricane joaquin last week. search teams with the coast guard say they found a debris field of styrofoam, would, cargo, and other items. the debris is consistent with what was on the ship. the ship disappeared on thursday . 28 americans are on board. developing right now in the district, the investigation into what caused the death of a patient at a washington hospital. aftertient died days being critically injured in a fight with hospital security. stephen tschida is in northwest with the latest information. what do you know? kellye, right now d.c. police are investigating.
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the hospital is scrambling to react to questions about this incident and patients and their families are really from word of a patient's death after a scuffle with security guards. near the main entrance to medstar tuesday night about 5:00, two security guards got into some sort of altercation with a patient. the fight left the patient critically injured. >> wow. hospital said it stayed in close contact with the patient's family after the fight. thursday the patient died. medstar issued a statement saying it called in d.c. police to launch an investigation. it went on to say that medstar placed the two security guards involved on leave. isstar stated its priority care and safety of its patients and it is taking this incident very seriously. tracy is happy with the treatment her father is receiving here, but she's deeply troubled by word of a patient's death after suffering severe
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injuries during a fight with security guards at the hospital. >> there's no way in the world that should have happened. we are here to help people, not hurt them. stephen: we expect to learn more about this incident tomorrow when medstar holds a news conference to address questions about just what happened here last tuesday. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7. kellye: the search for answers into what caused the death of a driver after she crashed into an apartment building in district heights. it happened late last night on rochelle avenue. diane cho is near the scene with more on the investigation. kellye, a woman who do not want to be identified said she saw the car hit the fence first, then reverse back out into the parking lot. she went to grab her phone to call police to report it and then she said she heard a gunshot and before she knew it, she realized that same car had
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just plowed into that apartment building. toghbors in the area return the scene on sunday still in disbelief over what happened. >> a lot of commotion. a big explosion. home one says he was at saturday night when he heard people yelling, save the kids, and jumped into action. >> pull the truck up around the back of the building, jumped on top and just start lowering the kids down. also try to help the driver but quickly realized there wasn't much he could do because there was debris blocking the car. at some point he said he noticed something unusual in the back windshield, what appeared to be two bullet holes. >> it seemed like she was trying to get away at the time. diane: firefighters a to get the woman out of the car, who was trapped inside. >> shocked. diane: police say the driver died as she was being
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transported to the hospital. firefighters say there appeared to be structural damage to the apartment building. 27 residents were displaced. >> it was miraculous that no one had gotten run over during the entire incident. e: the red cross is now assisting those residents. a spokesman for the fire department said last night it is possible a gunshot wound was involved but police have not confirmed that information, ongoingt is still an investigation. live in district heights, diane cho, abc 7. kellye: the murder trial of charles severance begins in fairfax. he is charged in the death of alexandria residents. the trial is expected to last six weeks. abc 7 northern virginia bureau chief in jeff goldberg will be in court tomorrow. look for his reports on abc 7, news channel 8 as well as aming up on abc 7 news,
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possible changes in this week plus leadership elections in the house, why house speaker john boehner could delay the vote.
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police fairfax county are investigating an early morning homicide in alexandria. officers say they got a call over reported gunshots shortly after 3:00 this morning. police later found a man in the middle of the road. he died at the hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. retiring house speaker john boehner may postpone elections for majority leader and majority whip. while there has been no official comment from the speaker's office, politico is reporting
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republicans are considering rule changes before the vote would take place. an announcement could come tomorrow. no matter what happens, there will be a vote for house speaker on thursday. congressman jason chaffetz formally entered the race. he has been critical of comments made by the front runner, kevin mccarthy. mccarthy has come under fire for saying the purpose of the benghazi committee is to damage hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >>'s got to be able to articulate the republican message to the american people and take that fight to the president. you also have to bridge internally and that is where we have got some conflict going on right now. kellye: chafe its is currently in the house oversight committee. former president george h.w. bush is said to be healing nicely after a fall. the 91-year-old continues to wear a neck brace after fracturing his neck in july. his chief of staff says that bush has felt good enough to go out on his boat near his summer home in québec court, --
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kellye: check out meteorologist josh knight us special tomorrow night on abc 7 news. he got the chance to fly with hurricane hunters as they flew into hurricane joaquin. the flight allows hurricane hunters to take direct measurements of the storm. >> this is for most meteorologists a dream. those who don't like flying, on the other hand -- kellye: that's not you. reporter: the good news with joaquin, it is winding down fast. can we get some sunshine?
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do not get any today. carroll county, someone beside me knows a little bit about carroll county. a little bit of sunshine here late in the day, a peak of it here. we topped out at 59 degrees and we're hoping to get into the lower 60's. we will get that sunshine to come back into the forecast and we will get temperatures to rise. real-time temperatures into the 50's right now. the last of the drizzle activity this morning. take a look at the cloud cover. what we are watching is trying to get the northeastern wind to die down. we will at those winds of subsite here finally tonight. effectively the winds go away, we pop up some sunshine. you could say it's a cold front because it's not actually a cold front. the tropical influences will leave. we get into some of that and that is what will get these temperatures to go back up. a much closer but exact
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forecast, matching the one we just showed. a little bit of thunder breaks northward. bundle up tomorrow. coats, jackets, mid 40's in many spots. mid 50's downtown. there is that sunshine to pop-out, allowing temperatures to go back up. the forecast will show mid to upper 60's. get 68, 67. should washington 67. prince frederick, 65. even towards the shenandoah valley, 67 mayor gray. that is tomorrow. tuesday, even more sunshine. this will be the sunniest day this week. temperatures will finally top 70. jury, wet, cold weather we have been through, we deserve some sunshine and warmer weather. here is our sky cast tomorrow. should beudy skies
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here. we will start to see a few breaks coming around, 53 degrees downtown. by the afternoon some sunshine will pop our way, getting temperatures to rise into the 60's. he will be great for monday. it is been almost a complete week that the wind and rain have been around. will comegh as 72 back as soon as tuesday afternoon. the warmest day will be friday. it will cool us down behind the front as we head into next weekend. it's october. out to we will head back robert, who is live at fedex field, for a recap of the redskins and eagles action. we can't see enough of it, robert. robert: we can't. we will have that final play that won the game and some reaction next.
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robert: welcome back to fedex or you know the saying, it's not how you start at how you finish. for the redskins today it was about how they started and how they finished. the skins eking out a 23-22 win over the eagles with kirk cousins npr garcon becoming the heroes. the redskins established the running game early. field for ae 43-yard game. it's 30-0 skins -- 3-0 skins. after a pass interference call gave the skins the ball, fumbles the snap that takes it up and able to squeeze into the end zone for a touchdown. it's 13-0 skins at the break. things change early in the third quarter, bradford back to pass,
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goes deep over the middle to riley cooper. score.a 62 yard they miss the extra point great it is 13-6, redskins with the lead. position, bradford dances around, fires it to brent selig in the end zone and just like that, we are tied at 13-13. late in the third, the redskins commit a costly turnover, jordan reed makes the catch, tries to stretch for the first down but he is stripped by brandon graham, fumbles and the eagles recover. on the ensuing drive philly strikes again. bradford deep over the middle two miles austin, touchdown eagles. they take the lead 20-16. , 31the skins come back seconds to go in the game, skins on the doorstep. con,ins fires to pierre gar holds on to the football for the game-winning touchdown. that caps off a 15 play 90 yard drive, redskins win 23-20. they improved to 2-2 on the
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season. >> he runs precise routes, he runs through the football, he makes the tough catch. he is a true professional and he showed that today throughout the game. he's the kind of guy you want to be in the huddle and out on the field in those moments with. >> i'm happy for the whole offense, making that last drive and overcoming what we overcame. >> j did mention you guys have to come out stronger in the second half. >> we do things in the first half and the second life and we got like [indiscernible] like --and we got [indiscernible] we can't go out there starting slow. >> it's all finally starting to come together. we are not where we want to be, but i think wins and performances like this continue to help us go forward. robert: the skins can celebrate this one tonight because on
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sunday they're going up against julio jones and the atlanta falcons. enjoy this one for seven days. you might want to start praying again. back to you in the studio. kellye: we are looking for a repeat. thank you so much, robert. when we come
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kellye: the jury weather did not keep hundreds from taking part in this year plus navy mile. the race started along and sylvania avenue in northwest and finished in front of the memorial. the race is part of a community celebration kicking off the u.s. navy's birthday week. take a look at this one. this is a moose on the loose and it is all caught on video. the animal was spotted running
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down the street, jumping over cars and into yards today in manchester, new hampshire. manchester police caught it and then guided it back to the wild. i'm sure residents were happy about that. and so was the moose. >> he was just looking for some maple syrup. getting ready for the ski season. tomorrow, doast you have your sunglasses handy? on the way home from work, lots of sunshine. for those heading north, you will need those sunglasses by the evening time frame. with 60'se will start and sunshine, then we top 70's into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. friday is our warmest day ahead of a cold front that brings our next chance of rain. kellye: thank you very much for watching. there are a lot of challenges
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