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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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say that comes with mr. trump's speeches and the campaign event. the group comes together and they will walk out in silent protest. >> i'm frustrated with the misogyny, with the bigotry and the xenophobia. what underlines that and what is most upsetting is the nationalist approach he takes that says there is us and them. suzanne: some jewish leaders are concerned that donald trump does not attend the issues in the middle east so they want to attend the speech to hear what he has to say. reporting live in washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. earlier trump trump did give an update on the hotel. the building, the old post office in d.c. he is doing overin the hotel. he started to interview for staff. watch. >> do you mind if i do a job interview? we ne
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>> fine. >> what is your experience in front of the world? jonathan: they have had problems of the restaurants and plans after trump's controversial comments. we will have more and whether or not the woman got the job at 4:30. michelle: well, we are monitoring a developing story out of the eastern shore where the delaware department of natural resources found four dead bald eagles overnight. one of them was found near dasdborough. the other three a mile away in a farm field in piney neck. 13 bald eagles found last month in maryland. if you have any information call the police. jonathan: breaking news. this coming to us from the commonwealth where there is a report now that a person has been struck by a vehicle while attempting to do repairs. this is video we are just getting in. this is the first time we have seen it as well. a semi clobbered the pickup. this
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the victim reportedly in serious condition. as you can see the helicopter is on the road now. they had a life flight person hit. get them to the hospital as quick as possible. the pictures coming in now. as we get more information we will update you as soon as we get that information. new developments in the death of a 7-year-old at fort dietrich. a criminal investigation is underway but it doesn't mean anything criminal happened here. brad bell is here to explain it to us. brad: on the day friday the army announced the boy, the 7-year-old died at the military base fort dietrich a mile or two away the principal of this elementary school announced a first grade boy had died. now neither the army nor the school system will confirm that they are one in the same. the people in the community are asking questions and wanting to know what
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it happened last thursday night in military housing behind the secured gates and fencing which surround fort dietrich. a 7-year-old boy found unresponsive rushed to the home but pronounced dead. military investigators report the child suffered an injury but won't reveal the nature. sources tell abc7 the boy was found chokedded by window treatment strings. the death being investigatorred by the army as are all on base deaths. as a homicide. the boy's father are cooperating. saying at this point we have no indication or evidence of foul play but have not ruled it out completely. >> a horrible tragedy. brad: this woman doesn't want to be identified speaks walking by the elementary school close to fort dietrich. where they sent a letter home reportin
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grader adam bailey. they cannot confirm that this is the same one that died. the army will not confirm the victim. >> our family lost a child a year and a half ago. so this seems senseless. it breaks my heart. >> to hear the story makes me wonder. sad for classmates, too. >> it is sad for the classmates. the letter home to parents telling them that the crisis team would be coming to whittier to help the children with their grief. you can see the parking lot is empty. the school is on bring break. you can tell you that in that letter home, the principal described the 7-year-old boy, the first grade child as a good opportunity, full of life. a great sense of humor. brad bell, abc7 news.
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water crisis. gor rick snyder unveiled -- governor rick snyder has a plan to make people's lives better. it calls for improved health and educationable services. it does not include replacing all the lead underground pipes. michelle: the first full week of spring is looking more like winter. we had snow over the weekend. today is starting to move in the right direction but not great. jonathan: half the equation. it's sunny but it is cold. chief meteorologist doug hill keeping an eye on it. this is something like what the friends in the north are dealing with. new england is getting four to six inches of snow. doug: there are spots of it. we had rain and snow over the weekend. nasty. look at this. the way it looks in germantown. cool. the temperatures are at the 50 degree mark. sunshine. gusty winds as well. the temperatures this time of day, this time of march are in the
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it feels cooler. 53 in fredericksburg. north and west, it's cooler. the wind gust a few minutes ago gusting to 30 miles per hour in manassas and leesburg. 31 in leesburg an the tower at andrews air force base. the winds will diminish a little bit tonight. 29 to 37. it will be plenty cold. but then temperatures stay above 32 degrees. as far as the storminess. there are snowshowers across pennsylvania. and new york state. there is the snow, which is quickly moving out of new england. weather will improve. temperatures will. we will climb to 60 tomorrow. with plenty of sunshine. but it will be breezy at times. we look ahead for the rest of the week and the weekend in a couple of minutes. jonathan: looking forward to it. thanks. local company trying to up the ante in a bid to buy a major hotel chain.
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>> i thought the whole plane was going to go up in flames. michelle: a scare in midair prompts the f.a.a. to rethink the safety of some phones in flight. jonathan: later for us, in my next life when i come back i want to to be riding on the coat tail of the men. jonathan: did you hear what he said after the weekend? reaction after the man in the most popular tennis tournament in world puts not one, but both feet in his mouth. >> with the cooler temperatures here for the first couple of days in spring, the big question is how will it affect the cherly blossoms? that -- the cherry blossoms. that is coming up. michelle: here is a check of the eaglets at the national arboretum. the second egg hatched over the weekend. check this on the nests whenever you want through
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jonathan: a lot heading back to work. wanting to get home on the first day of the week. jamie sullivan checking on the traffic. it's moving well. jamie: it is. but it wasn't. you can see the emergency vehicles blocking off the left
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ten minutes ago the scene but all lanes were closed. medivac was there. a lot of people got by using the express lanes but now that the main lanes are open you can use it. there will be a backup. look at the mapping system to show you how slow we are. the backup from newington right now and you will see the traffic in single digits. if you live further south, heads up. 95 will be more congested than what you are used to. the emergency vehicles are still on scene at ridge road. it's closed off in both directions. this is 95 heading south from the missioning bowl. only averaging in the single digits. but the crash on 95 southbound has moved over to the
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crews have almost all left the scene. you can get through. it's no longer closed on 59 in virginia. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: thank you. grass prices are heading higher -- gas prices are heading higher. up to $1.98 for gallon of regular unleaded. it's the same case here in the area. that is up a nickel from last week. 27 cents from a month ago but still down 44 cents from a year ago. the cherry blossoms should reach their peak. in this picture, you can see in this wonderful picture from chris duncan it is looking great out there. diane cho is live in southwest where the clouds will be going all week. diane? >> it has been a beautiful, sunny afternoon here in d.c. but the wind has been slowing around the tree limbs on the cherry b
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the good news is the cooler temperares did not impact the cherry blossoms according to the national park service. despite the near freezing temperatures, the agency says the peak bloom is expected to start on or around march 23, which is wednesday. peak bloom is designed when 70% of the cherry blossoms are open. it will change each year on the weather conditions. the likely period is the last ek of march and first week of april. the blossoms would remain open. the last time it hit peak bloom before then was 2012. jonathan: in the tidal basin,
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the trees are showing up. but it was cold. michelle: but we are heading in the right direction. doug: it's 29 to 32 in the outlining areas but tomorrow we are good. let's get started. time lapse from the weather bug camera in damascus. it's chilly for the 21st day of march. 46 degrees now. through the day we had morning clouds and got out of the way. as jonathan pointed out, it is windy out there at times. combine current temperatures. they are three to four to five degrees below average. 45 in hagerstown and cumberland. if you factor in the wind speeds these aren't the gusts. 22 in leesburg. higher elevation you get
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the sunshine is bright. but with the winds you don't feel the warmth. but you will. temperatures by the morning is 32 in warrington. 31 the in manassas and 33 in fredericksburg. what is driving this is the high pressure over the southern plains and the western tennessee valley. low pressure off the coast of new england. still have the west/northwesterly winds with the snowshowers and the lake effect snow. that will slide east it will turn the winds to the southwest. it will shut down the lake effect snow and bring warmer temperatures to new england.
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through midday and the afternoon especially on wednesday and anchors offshore the winds will go southwesterly. that will draw in the air. today we struggle for low 50's. tomorrow is 60. wednesday, 70. thursday in the middle 70's. if it works out fine with the blossoms, we will have civilians of people along -- zillions people walking long but temperatures to feel like spring in the mid-70's. it will turn cooler. 60, 71, 75. cold front on friday morning will bring clouds and showers. 40% chance. the temperatures are 60 degrees. saturday is 60. you are sunday calling for highs 40. we expect the temperatures cool in morning but not cold. a chance of
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to sunset on sunday afternoon or evening. it looks so much better than this past weekend. michelle: nothing compares. doug: it was awful. michelle: thank you. doug: okay. michelle: for the first time in 88 years a sitting u.s. president is in cuba right now. the diplomatic trip comes after three years of work to restore ties to the u.s. and the island nation. scott mclane is live with the president. scott: pomp and circumstance marked president obama's first full day in cuba. first, visit to the memorial, a man who fought for cuban independence from spain a censurely ago. in the guest book, obama left behind a message. the passion for liberty, freedom and self-determination lives on in the cuban people today. >> the official welcome was the palace of the revolution where obama met with raul cost row -- raul c
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afterwards, castro said relations can only be nowhere nowhere -- normalized when the u.s. slay kates guantanamo bay. >> that is why it its removal will be of the essence to normalize relations. president obama: the relationship between the governments will not be transformed overnight. we continue to have serious differences. michelle: that was scott mclane from havana. we check in with him live at 5:00. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert after a cell phone burst in flames in the middle of a flight. alison starling is here to explain what happened. that is scary. alison: really scary. this is an iphone 6 that so many people have. the young lady was watching a movie in a flight to hawaii
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when the phone literally burst into flames. >> there was eight-inch flames from the phone. i thought, we're going down! >> they are cautioning the airlines about the littian batteries on flames. they are testing what happens if they spontaneously combust. turn it off as much as you can and turn off the tabs that you are not using. get the phone inspected immediately if you drop it. i don't know how often we do that. you should turn your phone off on a plane if you are not using it because if you put it in the airplane mode it leaves it constantly searching for a signal and could make it worse. back to you. jonathan: thanks.
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at 4:00" -- find out how your area or our area ranks when it comes to inspecting older homes. >> one down. two down. michelle: new information in the deadly shooting at a turnpike toll plaza and what
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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jonathan: the nasty crash involving a tractor trailer and truck in maryland. ridge road is closed now. one person had to be medivaced out. they are asking you to avoid the area. michelle: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story out of pennsylvania where the two turnpike workers were shot and killed over the weekend. it happened at a toll plaza in dublin township. leon harris has new information about the shooter. what do we know? >> a retired state trooper pulled the trigger. clarence briggs and his wife filed for bankruptcy last year and had debts of $300,000. sunday he shot them while they were working security at the toll plaza west of harrisbu
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then he went on to rob an armored car collecting toll money. >> he was shot and killed. the state police said he was assigned to patrol the turnpike on active duty. we will stay on top of it when we run it. jonathan: very sad. thank you. >> coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> it's a disservice to her and every woman on thi&s planet. jonathan: the tennis elite react to comments from the head of one of the most po
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table,
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i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: an hour ago, donald trump wrapped up a news conference at the site of the new hotel in washington, d.c. protesters spent time at the site of the old post office pavilion in the last few months. amy aubert joins us live with what the candidate had to say today. amy: absolutely. the press conference media tour wrapped up a half an hour ago. you can see the building behind me.
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to be trump hotel in washington, d.c. now just inside where the press conference was held there was construction going on. the project is two years ahead of schedule. he started talking about the hotel and says when complete it will be one of the greatest hotels in the world. he focused on the numbers saying he got the delegates the hard way. he said the problem with the country we're divided. calling all issues with the education system and the military. mr. trump: everybody has to get it solved or we won't have much of a country. amy: he made an
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hire today. i'll have more on that and take you inside the media tour coming up tonight at 5:00. live in d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: speaking of hotels, starwood hotels and resort accepted a revised buy-out bid from bethesda based marriott international. if approved by the shareholders and the regulators it would create the largest hotel chain in the world. jonathan: a toe truck driver accused of stealing items from the vehicles he was towing. he works for a company no stranger to making headlines. >> the owner offed a vanzed towing calling authorities on one of his drivers after others noticed the accused driver acting suspiciously. now the man is facing serious criminal
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philip pierce charged with auto theft, burglary and marijuana possession. early yesterday morning he took thousands of electronics, wallets and purses from three vehicles parked in a garage at 4,000 wilson boulevard. other tow truck drivers noticed him going back and forth to the truck unusual number of times so they called the company's owner driving to florida who called police and they checked it out and noticed philip pierce improperly towing a car near the garage. they pulled over pierce and put him under arrest. >> i don't know of another case that this happened. >> i don't tolerate criminal behavior. >> pierce may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he was arrested so more charges could be on the way. coming up at 5:00, more
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his reaction to the fact a ten-year employee and trend facing serious criminal charges. in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: the calendar officially says spring. look at the picture. nobody told mother nature. the storm dropping several inches of snow on new england. the forecast is eight inches in certain places. >> is! the good news is the initial forecast predicted a foot of snow or more. hopefully this is the winter's last gasp. it's nice to see someone else dealing with the snow. doug: the snow is about finished for new england. the northern magnitude could get more snow but i don't see it our way. i could turn cooler but we'll warm right back
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the warm spring like conditions, it doesn't happen here. we always have chilly days thrown in with the warm ones. we are hopeful that it's over. 46 of in frederick. a chill in the air. farther south and east you are stuck in the 50's. that is the story. but it's about serge waited with the winds -- accentuated with the gusty winds. highest rain is hagerstown with sustained winds at 26 miles per hour. the cherry bros bomb forecast, breezy at times. we will highlight the numbers and the seven-day outlook in a few minute. michelle: a
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apologized for sexist comment about the female players. it comes as the number one men's player in the world says women in the sport should make less than men. we have details on the growing controversy. >> the comments sending shock wavers through tennis. >> in my life next life when i come back i want to be someone in the w.t.a. because they ride on the coattails of the men. if i was a lady player i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and nadal were born. they carry the sport. >> the director of the bnp paribas open tournament in california sparking a fire storm with the comments he made before the women's final on sunday. top athletes wasting no time firing back. >> it's offensive. we as women have come a long way. we
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our knees for anyone. >> the comment igniting international discussion about which sex contributes more to the success of the sport. the top men's player novak djokovic denouncing the comments said this. >> stats are showing that we have more spectators on the men's tennis matches. one of the reason why maybe we should get awarded more. >> a bitter battle of the sexes in tennis erupting on twitter as the controversial comments play out on and off the tennis court. >> raymond moore did apologize saying the comments were in poor taste and erroneous. billie jean king the founder took to twitter and saying moore was wrong and every player contributes to the success of the sport. michelle: a lot of strong opinions about this. we want to hear yours. what do you think about the comments. join t
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facebook page. jonathan: sometimes in our business you just can't make this stuff up. it just happens. here is one of them. a few parents in new jersey will have a good conversation with their kids after the easter bunny got in a brawl at the mall. like i said. we can't make it up. we have video to back it up. that is the bunny. half of him. it happened in newport center in new jersey city. he is partly dressed as the bunny. throwing hay-makers. this fight started after a 1-year-old slipped taking pictures with the bunny. the father of that child didn't like that his son slip and the rest is viral video history. the charges have not been filed. the woman gets involved with somebody next to her, too. it's contagious. jonathan:
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anger management. you can't let them slip. michelle: for sure. scary. jonathan: coming up on at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- michelle: what is in a name. find out why a selection for this vote is making waves. jonathan: but first, get your mirror ball ready. everything you need to know to be ready for the "dancing with the stars" premier. that is coming up next. michelle: in 20 minutes you have a chance to see one of the fiats used by pope francis in his visit to d.c. going on display outside the cathedral at st. matthews apostle on rhode island avenue. we'll have a live report coming up at 6:00.
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michelle: not one but two comets will fly by earth this week. the first, the green comet made the path this morning. tomorrow morning a smaller comet will do the same and will be 2 million miles away. that is the closest any comet has come to earth since 1770. you will likely see both for the next few days. jonathan: reassuring when we report they are passing by us. michelle: yeah. till the closest.
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"dancing with the stars" is back with season 22. can you believe it has been so many seasons? jonathan: the cast of celebrities are ginger sz from "good morning america." kidd o'shea caught up with her. kidd: dancing is back. it includes players antonio miller. and model, and the first deaf winner to win america's top model. >> i don't see disadvantages here. i have to work my teaching lessons in different ways. that makes me work harder. he can't hear the music but we have an amazing connection with each other. kidd: stephanie tanner -- jodie sweden from "full house" is ready to put on the moves. >> h
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from geraldo. >> stunningly beautiful. this is great. i'll be next to a naked, gorgeous woman. great for my marriage. >> that's one. we'll keep counting. >> who could forget about ginger in "good morning america"? >> i'm a huge fan of the show. my immediate reaction is absolutely. >> i'm kidd o'shea, abc7 news. jonathan: that will be fun. "dancing with the stars" kicks off monday night on abc at 8:00. stay tuned for "castle at 10:00" and abc7 news at 11:00. michelle: coming up -- where am i again? how snoop dogg's geographic error is becoming big business. jonathan: look at the capitol. do you notice something different? look at the top. workers started to remove the scaffolding. the restoration project is scheduled to be completed before january presidential inauguration.
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jonathan: around the district, there are plenty of signs of houses under constructi o
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new survey by red fin finds three d.c. neighborhoods and one in alexandria are the absolute best in the country when it comes to flipping homes. sap ford explains the process. sam: the real estate market has been a hot one in d.c. but the national realer red fin determined -- realtor redfin determined there is no better place to buy and sell a house and flip it in a year than petworth neighborhood. >> it's one of the hottest we studied with gain of $337,000. sam: number one on the top ten list. d.c.'s brooklands number four. brightwood number six. and delray number eight. the rest on the west coast. >> a accepter's market. it's tough for buyers. the prices continually go up.
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>> flipping a property doesn't mean you buy it and resell it. there is work done on the property. the hundreds of thousands of dollars we are talking about doesn't all go in your pocket. >> i do the flame -- framing like this one. i take all the stuff out. replace it again. salaz calvin vasquez is a subcontractor and working on a house under renovation in petworth. as soon as he finishes one there is another and another. >> a lot of work right now. >> that is sam ford reporting for us. i could read this next story in 140 characters or less. today is twitter's tenth birthday. hashtag that. since the inception in 2006 they have become one of the most influential means of the communication with only 320 million active users the site is
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trend upward. jonathan: a smelling mistake by rapper snoop dogg on instagram is providing good promo material for a little known town. he is touring bogota, columbia. but he spelled it "bogata." that is not it. it's a town in transylvania. so now up and running is up and running saying it's the best place for chilling in romania. snoop dogg plans to visit the city in the future. michelle: a british judge is begging madonna and her ex-husband guy richie to come up with an agreement about their son. he is living with him but mo dan no. wants him -- madonna wants him t
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times in the tour. but the tour is filled with drama. she could face with assault charges after pulling down a woman's top on stage over the weekend. jonathan: 60 years after the end of the korean war family in virginia will have closure they wanted. first class raymond mcmillan captured in 1951 and died in captivity. the family never gave up hope they would bring him home. last month the army medic remains were identified using d.n.a. >> highlight of my life. i have memories saying that i hope he could come home. he is coming home. after 65 years from the date that they captured. jonathan: his remains are coming home. he will be buried with the full
4:49 pm
hometown of martinsville on march 26. michelle: you can help clean up america's civil war battle field. they are recruiting volunteers for spring cleaning. 8,000 volunteers painted, cleaned up the trash and klineed the trails. it will include historic site from the revolutionary war and the war of 1812. find out how to sign up at jonathan: you know when ships set sail they typically get named in honor of a place or a person. that may not be the case when the state-of-the-art research vessel hits the high seas. natural environmental research council took to the internet to ask people what they thought they should name the ship. the 200 of million pound vessel designed to explore the coldest regions on the planet. the front runner is boatie mcboatie. that sounds like a 5-year-old came up with that.
4:50 pm
council hoped the public would come up with something inspirational but are pleased that they embrace the idea. it does lack like a boatie mcboatie face. >> grows on you. how about that? the weather not growing on out. hoping for big changes. jonathan: we have been teased. we had days in the 70's and almost to the 80's. doug hill joins us now. hopefully we'll mellow out and get to spring like weather. michelle: we take three steps forward and two steps back. doug: but we always end up on the plus side. let's get you started to look at the next few days. we have nine tomorrow. 60 degrees. 71 on wednesday. 75 on thursday. that is terrific. because if that is the peak bloom date the weather will work out perfectly. it will turn colder. 64 on easter sunday. there could be a shower late in the day on easter sunday. saturday
4:51 pm
dallas 5:30 kickoff time. it looks as though temperatures are in the upper 50's at game time. the hour-by-hour for easter sunday a lot of sunshine. but late afternoon clouds or evening showers a possibility. here you go. the next seven days. 60's. 71 and 75. then it turns cooler friday with the showers possible. that is it for now. see how it is going on the roads with jamie sullivan. jamie: we started out with a big problem on 95. all the lanes behind me were closed in lorton. but everything reopened. you can head south of that without an issue now. the backup is a big one. move to the map to talk about how big the backup is. at duke street 11 miles per hour on 395. continuing to the springfield interchange and bumper to bumper as you get to lorton.
4:52 pm
95 and 395 slow from that earlier accident. it's now cleared away. we have volume on the southeast/southwest freeway. no accidents, though. traveling on the inner loop getting to the american legion bridge slow. from that point to take under 15 minutes. no crashes to report here. that is a look at traffic. michelle: ahead at 4:00, certain items at the grocery store drive up the food bill. have you noticed what they are and what you can do to save money despite the rise in prices. jonathan: new on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a child pulled from a 30-foot well. how sedoing tonight and how a drone giving us perspective out he fell in the hole in the first place. michelle: coming up at 6:00, a virginia state trooper on unpaid leave. what he is accused of doing that could cost him his job. "abc7 news at
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jonathan: the company says it's immackty call to label for one state. so general mills is going to add it to prices and the products all across the country. michelle: eggs are up sharply in recent months. and john matarese show us the grocery items that are soaring in price so you don't waste your money. john: have you noticed prices are creeping up again? not just beef. we have a warning of a number of items that are costing you more. gas may be cheaper than in a decade but a trip to the grocery store costs 30% more than ten years ago. that is according to the governme
4:57 pm
a it lot. >> shoppers no problem naming the items that cost more. >> milk and dairy. cheese has gone up. >> toilet paper is expensive and paper towels. >> the hunches are correct. if you are juggling the grocery prices you might want to know which one is up the most. >> the website 24/7 wall street had prices on 300 popular items. eggs up 100% due to bird flew. chicken, ditto. same reason. ground beef up 65%. due to drought and loss of fields. oranges up 43% due to fruit tree disease. apples up 4 1:00. cannedded vegetables up 40%. pet food up 30%. bacon is up
4:58 pm
rice and pasta up 30%. >> it was normally $7.99. now up to $9.99. john: you will see it, too. stock up on the nonperishable on sale. half-price sale on the canned vegetables, grab a bunch of them so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. leon: tonight, sign that aipac say come together. but when donald trump is involved -- >> i think i'm going to walk out. leon: why many rabbis are going to head to the exit when he steps to the mic. local towing company on the spot. >> i don't tolerate criminal behavior. never have. leon: after one of his drivers is accused of a crime spree. from smart trip cars and mannequin. people lose a lot of things when hay fly. reagan national is one of the strangest.
4:59 pm
news at 5:00". on your side. leon: at five five, preparing for the pro -- ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" preparing for the protests. alison: they are going to speak to a powerful conference including donald trump who has seen violence break out at event after event. leon: promises of a walk-out when he takes the microphone. we have team coverage from the aipac center. alison: we begin with the talk of protests there with suzanne kennedy. suzanne: 3:30 this afternoon. we saw the first protester show up. we can see behind me that the group has grown quite a bit. they are protest from issues free palestine to dump donald trump. inside this i vent at the verizon center rabbis will be protesting. they say donald trump should not s
5:00 pm
>> we had an amazing victory. suzanne: when donald trump takes center stage to speak to thousands at the american israel public affairs committee, this rabbi will walk out of the verizon center. he is leading a group of rabbis protesting the speech. >> he has had nine months to give us a positive message to bring us as a community and a world together. he hasn't been able to do it so far. suzanne: it's bipartisan and inviting candidates from both sides of the aisle. hillary clinton spoke this morning, cruz, trump, kasich tonight. but the top republican candidate raised the controversy with the aipac members. like this group from new jersey. >> he is invited here. he is a guest. you should listen. you don't have to applaud. >> i'm not comfortable with his speech or how he


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