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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 30, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: we are still talking about disney. josh: a lot of memories. kimberly: we are not having florida-like weather. josh: it is rainy. close to 70 degrees in the afternoon, but we have rain the first half of the day. monday looks better, the warmest day and the closest to completely dry day, but still morning showers. chance of showers every day. yet,rly: don't go to bed we have 30 more minutes of news. z1yosz
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z1yotz we are back with incredible images from texas, where flash flooding has proven to be deadly.
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the path of severe storms this weekend. reporter: in texas, floodwater so ferocious, they rip the earth apart. >> oh, my gosh! reporter: the man who shot this t out of his i car just in time, but flooding turned fatal when a creek overflowed in the dead of night. first responders could not beat the raging waters to the home where the 64-year-old drowned with four great grandchildren, all under nine years old. neighbors listened helplessly to their cries. >> the water was so high, there was nothing we could do. >> she was trying to swim, but she had four kids. reporter: the family is now
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overnight, tornadoes went across texas and oklahoma. this man rescued his six children. >> we just stayed in the safe room at the school and waited until the storm passed. texaser: strong wind in tour part the stores . families along the gulf coast are bracing for a rough night ahead as heavy rain pushes westward. want to known you about your doctor, maryland has a public website to but you dig into their past, but the i-team discovered the page can hide some mistakes in a position's past. joce sterman explains. : gallbladder surgery should ve
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seemed to know from the start he would not make it. >> he told us am going to die in the hospital. joce: he left the family with pictures. >> they killed my dad. he knew he was going to die. sued arthurmily wood wood junior in 1995. the lawsuit claimed that would word made a mistake in surgery and failed to treat competitions that followed. woodward said he had complied with the standards of care. the case was settled, but never reached a point of action from the maryland board of physicians. how many deaths does it take before the board takes action? >> i would like to say one. years theysay in 25 have never taken any action against dr. woodward. according to a state website, he looks flawless, but that's far from the truth. we dug up six cases that patients
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because they do not appear on his public profile. if you had known he had wrongful death lawsuits against him, negligence lawsuits against them, would you have trusted him? >> no. joce: this person sued woodward and reached a settlement in 2007 after she said she was improperly treated for a life-threatening cap location after surgery. woodward denied the claim, saying he had complied with the standard of care. >> he was killing me. had: she had no idea he been sued for negligence or malpractice in his past. case and five lawsuits but settle the others. they wanted to know why the medical board never acted. so did we, but the board turned down the request for interview, saying that it's records are confidential. >> one doctor in maryland that had eight hospital actions and was not disciplined.
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for decades, dr. sidney wolf has tracked discipline. he says medical boards are made aware of lawsuit payments involving physicians because they are added to the national practitioner data bank. it was set up by congress to protect the public. the only problem is much of the information it contains can be kept secret from you. >> patients do not have access to the data bank. onto while they hold malpractice payments dating back more than 25 years, maryland state law says the board only has to tell you about the last five -- and only if there are three or more payments of 150 grand or more. >> they have a duty to the public to give that information out. it is like a big secret. why should it be? you put your life in that dr.'s hands.
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made numerous calls and visited dr. woodward's home three times, but he never responded to us. he permanently surrendered his license in january amidst a board investigation, claims that he operated on the wrong part of a patient and failed to report it to the hospital. it is the lone blip on his public medical record. >> think of the mistakes he has made over 20 years, and nobody knows. no one. joce: joce sterman, abc 7 news. get aly: the best way to comprehensive picture of your doctor's past is to look at their public profile with the moreland board of physicians and check out lawsuits filed against them in a case search online. the maryland medical board is quick to the size in woodward' s case and others, settlements do not necessarily mean that negligence occurred or that the care was substandard. dcm virginia laws do not
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-- d.c. and virginia webpages do not list public lawsuits at all. amy: i have this story coming up. toberly: from the first beam the cables, the extraordinary house that will hit the market. and we have some rain moving through tonight. the forecast coming up.
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kimberly: the names of 262 officers are being etched in stone, all died in the line of duty. amy aubert shows us the tribute. kirk, thejim and letters are more than just stencils. the etching is more than just a job. >> for the survivors, the grandparents, the kids. amy: they have engraved every single day multinational law enforcement memorial and washington, d.c. since they started in 1991, over 40,000 names etched in stone. >> it's their story, not ours. names, likeds of montgomery county officer noah leotta.
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blasts, a prayer. >> that's for them and for me, make sure that everything goes right. so that we do not destroy the stone with stencil failure. and kind of thanks for their great service. amy: crews started on the west side of the memorial. with over 200 names added this time around, they work their way around to the east side. people come out to get a front row seat ahead of the crowd at the dedication. >> for the families who lost those family members, i know this means a lot to them. amy: a strong meaning for the families, loved ones, and the two men itching the memorial to honor the fallen. >> these lives were taken and performance of their duties. so there is a lot of respect that goes into that.
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kimberly: 33 police officers have died in the line of duty this year. their names will be added to the memorial lecture year. still ahead -- one of the region's favorite little ladies joins the centenarian celebration. her secret to longevity. plus, the weather forecast.
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kimberly: virginia maker lauren -- virginia mclorin made headlines last year with this dance around the white house. she is among 100 centenarians living in the district. stephen tschida spoke to some of them. some of the hits from their youth, but few people were around when these music fans were teenagers. they held a special gathering of centenarians today in d.c., people who have lived a century or more. virginia is 107. >> i never thought i would get this age, but i'm proud. steven: she got to meet and dance with the president a year back. >> we have over 300.
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to be a century-old? >> very good. very good. we asked somehow they made it all these years. what's the secret? >> i just look upstairs. of aging,t the us they think the city has something to do with it. >> we encourage people to age in place and have healthy lifestyles. stephen: one of the oldest in attendance credits her diet. >> collard greens. and collardnbread greens. we also assume the gene pull may have something to do with it as well. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: and they all look happy. the beach boys will headline the memorial week concert in d.c.
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they will be joined by country singer tracy atkins and katharinemcphee -- mcphee. the concert honors veterans and will be held may 29 on the u.s. capitol lawn, broadcast live on pbs. originalhe members of the beach boys. when i was a kid here, they always performed on the fourth of july. josh: hopefully by then it will feel like may. it is hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of may, and here we are stuck in the 50's. that is where we are starting off right now, 54 degrees in the district. a popular number across the board. we're not going down too far. that is the good news. over,owers have taken anytime you see this light green, even the darker
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that is the super not heavy rain. we have this picture from twitter, enjoying the shower activity. picture,ut, the bigger this low pressure will work its way through pennsylvania, itying to the north, but as heads in this direction, it brings all the rain with it area that is moving in tonight and the first half of sunday. futurecast, zoomed in, sunday morning, this is when we see some of the heavier downpours. that will stick with us until about lunchtime. after that, a lot more of this will break down. things will be some body as we head into the afternoon, but if we get any sunshine, especially for the rough to the west, we will get a chance to fire off showers and thunderstorms late in the day and sunday evening.
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early in the morning, 7:00 a.m., a few showers in the north, but then we start to dry out area sunshine monday, then an isolated shower in thunderstorm, especially further to the south. most of us will see a mostly dry day. to 80, upper 70's, close above average. it is been a most a week since we have been there. evening, mostly clear, rain moves back into tuesday. the best they will be monday when we get sunshine. tomorrow, starting off with rain, 53 at 7:00 a.m., lunchtime still in the 50's with the rain continuing. into the afternoon and evening as one would get the chance of thunderstorms. i might be wish-casting we get extra sunshine tomorrow, but we may get some in the afternoon. a better chance of sunshine monday, 78 degrees, but we could hit 80. tuesday, the rain moves back
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the majority of the week. wednesday through friday and into saturday, not a washout anyone day, just a chance of spotty rain each afternoon. kimberly: wish-casting? cloudy soas been long, maybe, maybe it will break through. fingers crossed. kimberly: i like that. coming up, a home unlike any other.
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kimberly: it is about to go on the market and it was built entirely by students. for nearly 30 years, high school students in prince george's county have been building homes on this cul-de-sac. suzanne kennedy shows us the results of the hard work. suzanne: this is the house on student drive in prince george's county. the students are building it right now. four absolutely beautiful, bedrooms, 4.5 baths. they have just finished building it, about to go on the market. some students are doing the interior decorating, getting it ready, all part of the foundation of applied construction technology for students -- facts
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opportunity for the students to learn trades. i'm joined by one of the students. tell us what you got out of this project. >> i think from the interior design class and coming into this, i got to see the work that goes into designing and creating a house and how it helps in the future. i think it's cool that the students got to do it themselves. suzanne: also setting goals and meeting goals? of work,we had a lot we had to start from scratch with the floor plan, what furniture goes in, how to set up the space to be most comfortable to live in. it was a lot of work, but i think we did pretty good. absolutely. congratulations. the house is finished. may 5 they will dedicate it, and then it goes on the market for
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