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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we are on storm watch, severe storms bringing tornado warnings and hail across the area. alison: on the roads, not much better. 295 in northeast washington a short time ago. meteorologist eroded is here now. what do we need to plan for the rest of tonight? steve: things will get a whole lot better and have already dramatically improve. the severe storm warnings are all gone for now. the showers and thunderstorms come a few of them remain. in d.c., all of this lifts off to the north and east. we are looking for shower activity, heavier rain to continue through the rest of the overnight, may be lingering into early tomorrow morning. fredericksburg, still looking at moderate shower activity at this time. look at the storm reports
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of 60 miles per hour, flooding rain, fallen upwards of 2, 3 inches in some locations of rain. tomorrow morning, just about 60 degrees. keep the umbrella handy. the full forecast and the rest of the week, with some really cool pictures, coming up in a few minutes. wen: thank you, steve area are getting damage reports from the district, reports of a large tree that fell on several cars in the district. alison: jay korff is their life. was anybody hurt? jay: thankfully, no, the 1300 block of 14th street northwest. we saw debris on the roadway as we were coming in. when we turned the corner, this is what we saw, a massive tree has crushed not one, not two, but three vehicles destroyed,
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side of this suv, a little prius. it is gone. the owner said he bought the car about six weeks ago. >> well, that's my car, underneath that tree. flat like a pancake. jay: did you hear anything, see anything? the just came out to go to store to get some milk and bread for tomorrow and saw that. i just got a new car. jay: when did you buy the car? >> about six weeks ago. jay: the fact you were not in the car is what matters. waseah, and no but he yells in the car, so everything will be ok. i thought it was thunder and lightning. i came outside and -- man, no more car. firefighters have secure the scene because there is a downed power line on the other side of the street. folks haveo
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to get here to turn off the power before they can deal with the damage. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. arlington, fire officials are investigating whether a fire at a home on 6th street north was caused by a lightning strike. fire spread from the attic to the home's second floor. everybody got out safely. leon: in northeast washington, up to two inches of rain fell, leading to roadways covered with water. believe it or not, where we find tom roussey live. it looks like things are starting to move now, tom. well, it's moving, but very slowly. there is a backup as far as the eye can see. we are in d.c., but the maryland line is not far that way. this has improved a little bit, but not much. cars
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far left of the three lanes of 295. the water is fairly deep, what you would want to drive through, we saw a car do that and it stalled out. anybody has to go through here, it is a slow process. these lanes have been shut down for just about an hour or so, and they have been directing traffic to stay to the left because it is the only one shallow enough where the cars can get why, but they do have to slow down and it is causing traffic nightmares even at this hour in northeast. tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: what a mess. wow. at the height of the storm, lots of you sent pictures of the hail that you saw in your neighborhoods. these are some of the many that we saw posted on facebook. they were also e-mailed at
11:05 pm we will be sharing these photos throughout the newscast. you can look at these pictures and even more at to track the weather in your neighborhood, download the andmwatch 7 smartphone app, also follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. alison: significant safety changes for metro tonight, starting in june. a uniformed fire officer will be stationed in metro's nerve center 24/7. a woman died in a smoke incident early last year, communication between metro and first responders was criticized. at the time, there was no regular fire department presense at metro center. >> we have been advocating for years to have a full time presence
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first, they worked in the center 40 hours per week, then 80. metro has announced it will be 24/7. >> will have a fire liaison there. tom: prince george's county fire chief says the fire liaison will have access to all the monitors and radios. improve,will safety but during one call about a track fire they learned they can clear incidents much faster. were able to locate a camera close to the location, given accurate report to the fire chief, and within three minutes it was cleared. leon: a big impact on the commute today had nothing to do with metro but the csx train that derailed over the weekend. this video shows the impact. the rails are clear tonight, but the cleanup is not quite over. jay korff tells us what happens next. jay:
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these images captured by cameras positioned near the rhode island metro station show the derailment of 16 freight car sunday morning. nobody was injured, but monday night crews were still cleaning up the spilled ethanol and sodium hydroxide and rebuilding the tracks at the crash site so that service can still resume. have been no impacts to water quality or air. only three mark brunswick -- marc trains were heading towards brunswick. this is the last train home? >> yes, i wanted to mature i made it on this trained. jay: the final passengers made it to the final trained of the evening, including this last passenger. what do you think, you made it? >> i made it. >>
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i hope that it gets cleared up tonight or we may run into the same thing tomorrow. jay: jay korff, abc 7 news. there anything more important than the quality of the air that we breathe, especially the air inside our homes? some say if you have not had the air ducts cleaned recently, you are likely inhaling dangerous particles every single day. others say the duct cleaning business is a ripoff. went undercover with troubleshooter horace holmes two-putt air duct cleaning companies to the test. horace: they are everywhere, ads and offers, specials and coupons for air duct cleaning. >> i thought it was a good deal. horace: victor got this coupon in the mail, $59 to get his air duct system clean. he inspected the system and said -- >> wow, there is mold! i need to recommend deep cleaning! >> it's
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you have to be careful. horace: 7 on your side decided to go undercover to find out. we rented a home in the d.c. area, hiring eight air duct companies, telling them the ducks needed cleaning, and how much they would charge. >> people come in for $44. they checked in cleaned the air ducks at this house. at this house. here is what we did. we hid cameras through the house so we could watch the technicians as they checked our systems. this technician took a quick look at the outside of the vents, said he cannot check closer a muunless -- we watched. all he did was check the filter and walk away with $89. four companies charged a service
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some looked closer than others. they were all honest. horace holmes with abc 7 news. they told us the system looked pretty clean, but -- just in case. >> make sure that you hire good people. your are tons of people who just take your money. >> the whole duct work was infected with mold. horace: mold? scary, huh? thate technician tells you he has detected mold, what would you do? >> they are not licensed to be mold detectives. horace: don't fall for it and don't fall for the dirt sheet promises. the companies that we hired $750s estimates of $250 to
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our three-level home. anything more than that or less, you will be taken to the cleaner most likely. if an offer seems too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true. don't expect to get the entire $44 without for being pitched hard to purchase other more expensive services. do your research so that you can make an intelligence decision is necessary. as for victor and his huge bill, 7 on your side stepped in and helped get most of the money refunded. horace holmes, abc 7 news. alison: all eight of them were honest? that's impressive. leon: that almost never happens. alison: it's a good thing. still ahead, a man captures a criminal in the act. she says he tried to take
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years before. you get a ticket on your car, but you did not break the law. alison: and here is a look at some of the pictures from the height of the storm.
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leon: this looks like a parking ticket, doesn't it? out it's not. d.c. police will be leaving warnings on cars in the next few to remind owners to take precautions when they park their vehicles. the people we spoke with said the warnings are better than the alternatives. on aually we just walk out sunday morning and there is glass splattered on the sidewalk. leon: the warnings include reminders about locking vehicles and taking valuables inside with you. they will be placed on cars all over the city. trip toit was a normal target, but a woman fought back against someone who targeted her
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the woman was in a florida in the swimsuit section when a man approached and started talking to her. instantly, she recognized him as a man who are harassed her at a grocery store years prior. she chased him through the store with her cell phone. the police eventually caught up with him in his vehicle and charge him with reckless driving. he wasocuments show convicted of taking pictures of women in dressing rooms in 2009. leon: tomorrow could be make or break for senator ted cruz. he is saying that he will not drop out of the race for the white house. he and front runner donald trump campaign to the state tonight. bernie sanders is hoping for an upset win after a string of losses. the reason this campaign will win is because we are doing something very unusual in contemporary american politics -- we are telling the truth. leon:
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slight lead in the antenna polls -- in the indiana pulse. she was campaigning in west virginia. a judge appointed a special administrator to oversee the division of prince's estate. five of his six siblings attended the court hearing. it was very short because the late singer did not have a will. each stands to inherit millions. the cause of his death is still unknown. former wrestler hulk hogan is suing the website gawker again, a second time. $140er this year he won a million lawsuit for invasion of privacy. this time he is going after them for linking a sealed transcript where hogan used a slur. the transcript caused wwe
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to fire him. is fighting as lawsuit claiming the company over phils drinks with ice. a chicago woman says the coffee giant is misleading customers. the lawsuit alleges that the abouteverage advertises 24 ounces, but contains about 14 ounces of fluid. starbucks says the lawsuit is without merit. alison: $5 million? leon:leon: we have a starbucks fan over here who may have something to say. steve: no complaints, as long as i get it in the morning. we had hailstones. it was amazing watching people hold their hands out. a look at these pictures sent in from viewers, thank you so very much. .his is from tony from la plata pretty amazing, this is what we had, this is where the tornado warning was for about a half hour.
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the pentagon below the screen. to the right hand corner, that is rosslyn. the lightning and the clouds are amazing. keep them coming. we love to share them. evening, theis heaviest and strongest of the storms are moving off to the east. conditions will slowly improve as we move through the overnight. when i say slowly improve, not looking at gusty winds or lightning war hail, but rather steady rain. the rain may continue into early tomorrow morning. we have the heaviest rain falling right now beginning to move across the bay into the delmarva, away from our area. with hail therts size of ping-pong balls although we up to baseballs, gusty wind, heavy rain. you name it, we had at this evening. all of the warnings and watches are down. rain totals, about 2/3 in
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rockville, bethesda over two inches. 2,e forecast tonight, 53 to 6 heavy rain gradually eases. tomorrow morning, grabbed the umbrella. upper 50's, lower 60's. you will need the umbrella not only for the morning but as we move into the midday as when we are looking for scattered showers. evening,ome tomorrow the umbrella near fredericksburg and points south as the wet weather will return and stick around wednesday into thursday, and even into friday. there will be better weather in time for the weekend. tomorrow, the raindrops in between, maybe some glimpses of sunshine, upper 60's, near 70. the next seven days, we need the for the garden in the flowers and keeping the pollen down.
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saturday, 75 degrees. mother's day, sunday, upper 70's, with a 30% chance of showers. leon: you have raindrops, cap's fans may have teardrops. alison: let's get the latest from erin hawksworth in pittsburgh. erin? are in pittsburgh, where things got ugly early. so much for the fast they were hoping for. guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue,
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still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the capitals got off to another slow start. it's hard to win playoff hockey games when you are coming from behind, down 3-0. here at console energy center, game three, the penguins led 2-0 in the second. nate schmidt turns this over, the penguins score, 3-0. the capitals finally broke through in the third. ovechkin, what a goal, past murray. wasstory of the game really matt murray, the penguins goalie, stopping almost everything the caps dished out. the penguins take a 2-1 lead wi
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in pittsburgh wednesday. periods, we just did not execute him our chances. goals, i don't know, about they got the goals pretty easy tonight. that is something we have to correct. erin: why did it seem like so many pucks were missing the net? >> they had good blocking. we had more shots tonight than the last game, so that's a good thing. erin: meantime, after the national swept the cardinals, next up the defending champions, off to kansas city. the nationals taking on the royals. ryan zimmerman with a shot over the right fielder's head. eckel taylor scores. that makes it 1-0.
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the ninth inning. i spoke with justin williams after the game. he was asked about the hit on marcus johansson. he said that really upset our entire bench. you have to think after the orpik suspension a suspension for letang could be coming as well. leon:
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alison: congratulations are in order for kerry washington. several published reports say that she and her husband are expecting their second child. she was in the district over the weekend for the correspondents dinner. her first child, isabel come is now two years old. leon: about to get a playmate. congratulations. alison: somehow they will work it into the show. leon: somehow, someway. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable.
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"jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- dr. mehmet oz. from "bones" emily deschanel. and it's mash-up monday with music from of monsters and men at work. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm your host. thank you for watching. thank you for


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