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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is a stormwatch seven severe weather alert. we are tracking a round of heavy rain with storms moving through the area. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] stormwatch team is working to get you the information. weatherperson: severe weather is south of the metro area and there is moderate rain from waldorf to the potomac river. past couple, in the of minutes, the national weather service has issued a tornado warning and this is in the middle peninsula. easthis storm is moving and we have seen the phenomenon many times during the severe weather season with storms going a little stronger.
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a lot of rain. there is not much lightning locally. however, there are a few more cells we are keeping an eye on right now and there are portions of washington county and it stretches to northern frederick. wewill track all of these as go through the evening and it will tend to be a bit smaller. we are in a smaller pattern with little hill reports in areas that we will keep an eye on and we will keep you up-to-date with the information down south. in the meantime, it is about the rain in many parts of the area. that is the latest from the weather center. we have breaking news from northwest washington, d.c. there is a shooting on illinois avenue.
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the police says the man is gravely injured and is now at the hospital. no word on whether or not any arrests have been made. now, we turn to the hijacking of a metro bus and the killing of a pedestrian. and it ended a bus at minnesota avenue. stephen is joining us now. stephen? reporter: the bus came through station.into this gas it ended here. the man who works here was struck and killed and we have video of the investigation. the suspect got on the bus, hovered over the driver, and attacked him with a weapon. the passengers got off the bus and we spoke with
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that he knows the victim and he --ws i >> the guy came off of the bus and that is what happened. ran over here -- i here we tried to get him out. >> the man was pulled from underneath the bus. apparently, he was pronounced dead a short while later. ,eople say that they knew him he worked here, and he was in his 40's. the suspect was taken into custody and taken to the hospital. anchor: thank you. metro program is fundamentally flawed and has been for years. comments come after a safety board meeting after a deadly
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with the cause of the incident. >> today, the likely probable cause mentioned was from maintenance and inspection practices, or lack thereof. we heard from the board, before they hande down the findings after the investigation into the deadly incident. >> whatever could go wrong that afternoon did. >> they said the probable cause of the smoke incident in 2015 that killed carol glover and ajured others anwas prolonged short-circuit. >> my first reaction is for the family and victims. clearly, it
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challenges we are up against. procedure is to stop trains during reports of smoke and that did not happen last january, adding that trains ran through the station for more than 30 minutes. instead, they did a routine response and they pulled the theate -- they told operator of the trained to look for smoke. if the operator says they see something that did not seem offloadhat we do is we the train and the next operator goes by to see if there is anything. >> today, they are fixing what says is a lacking safety culture. >> if they had stopped all the beens, 302 would not have trapped in the tunnel.
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trains, the spokesperson for the metro said that is not a policy and that the policy has not changed. they touted a new sheriff in town and spoke about the general manager. safety saw a new chief officer who will join metro on may 9. reporting live, brianne carter. now closhe polls are ed and ted cruz insist that he can still win the nomination, even if he loses tonight. donald trump has declared the race all but over. on the democratic side, it is a tight race. faces sanders
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remaining delegates. not tolmost impossible notice that campaign events have become a magnet for protesters. anger is pointed at can it's from both sides. we wonder if this is just the beginning and the effect it is having on the race for the white house. our chief political correspondent shows us. >> we love trump. reporter: the back and forth has become louder. it is something they cannot ignore. >> we are seeing violence at political rallies. reporter: sometimes, they even in gauge. >> it began with protesters cursing and yelling at me. >> the violence has been limited and the problem is that it is somewhat novel and it is not being
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>> some say that donald trump's positions have brought out a large course of vociferous fans that clash. thing becomes normal at a time when people are highly-polarized. reporter: it is still six months from election day. people are burning the american flag and i do not want them burning the american flag. reporter: compared to the tea party rallies, these protests are more physical and possibly more effective for donald trump to keep him in the headlines and further his outsider populist message. reporter: he says -- >> he says things that are not supposed to be said and, if he continues, we will see more protests. reporter: we could see larger protests in the
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national convention, unless the bit inc recedes a the coming months. is one of the most iconic images of world war ii, a marine raising a flag. at 6:00, the reason the marine corps is raising an investigation. anchor: the american point person fighting epidemics against the zika virus. get comments on battling the disease. where: we want to know the black bear trying to make me eat my greens?low.
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>> the marine corps is investigating if a man in a world war ii photo was misidentified. it comes after questions from amateur historians who claim that the man who is identified as franklin is actually harold. they claim that he was in the photo and incorrectly identified as john bradley. true, thethis is mixup proves that bradley was not present. anchor: a navy has been killed in iraq and the name has not been
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the u.s. responded with an attack from a fighter plane and drones dropped 20 bombs there. this is the third round of combat. a round of spring storm startled the d.c. area and we will have a closer look at the weather from the eyes of viewers, coming up. >> it is a hard knock life. what was the mood like in the capital? we will stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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sfx: clap, clap, ding
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>> major league baseball may cancel games because of the zika outbreak. no official word from the lead on whether that will happen. -- the league on whether that will happen. they say the efforts to improve our daily. >> there have
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no incidences in the continental united states and there have been 600-700 cases in puerto rico with the six to five pregnant women. women. 65 pregnant typically causes mild symptoms and can lead to severe birth affects -- birth to defects. videos of aave black bear that has been going in and out of the backyard. the bear is hungry and is going after a bird feeder. i do not know how the camera person got so close. this is awfully close. anchor: i don't think the bear cares one bit. >> things are a little quieter with showers and storms. everybody is still talking about last night. what a bizar
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hail, alll you, the kinds of shapes, sizes, and some of it, let's take a look. weatherperson: the storms were ones for the history books, unlike anything we typically see, from the way they form to the damage. the national weather service relayed reports of ace ball-sized hail. baseball-sized hail. meanwhile, in rockville, peter captured these giant hailstones pelting his car and he scooped up enough to make a display in a ceramic ball. was nearly three inches in diameter. look at the size and asymmetrical shapes near rockville. they are bigger than his keys and his car
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there are dramatic shots from the capital and this stunning video of a lightning bolt going to the ground near the capital. the damaging wind brought down trees and struck several cars, leaving some with irreparable damage and there were incredible downpours, flooded roadways, and underpasses turned into lakes and rivers. it was a wild night and we hope it stays in the history books and it is not repeated anytime soon. the national weather service reported that they have two-three-quarter inches -- they have had the largest hailstones observed in city five years. sunshine lifted off of the potomac river and temperatures warmed up a bit. 72 is the average.
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morning will not be seen because of the clouds. 66 in culpeper and 63 in winchester. 65 in martinsburg. mild temperatures and it is not too cold. it is a step in the right direction. we still have showers and storms in washington. steady rain across northern virginia and, if you go far enough south, into the middle peninsula, areas are under a tornado warning, as this cell shows the ability to create rain across the river and it will head out to the chesapeake bay. just west of winchester in your the rain will go to the
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showers and storms and we do not expect that to happen tonight. anotherrecast shows round of showers and storms in northern virginia. onwill be back in action thursday and friday. it warms up with some sunshine
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long as chris as will be suspended for the hit. we will show you the video, in case you missed it. this is the hit in game three in the first and they will debate whether this was as bad as the hit in game two. >> it was important for him. we lost and --
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>> the capitals are happy that he will be out for a game. -- e is because of the physicality, they do not like each other. >> it is going to be a battle. >> they say they are prepared to go seven games and they may be down in the series. they are not out. were against the islanders and started building our game in that series. hopefully, there are good can carryhat we forward. >> part of the realization is the fine line between the physical play and keeping composure in a physical and feisty series. have guys who are hard on each other. >> how do you keep your composure? >> you stick to the game plan.
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whistles and we are confident here. >> there is no lack of drama in this series and it will be interesting to see what the fourth game brings tomorrow night. we are here in pittsburgh, abc 7. anchor: we have the latest on the hailstones. weatherperson: we say to send us a hailstones pictures. gallstones and bladder stones, keep those. we have heavy weather and tornadoes on the ground. otherwise, just a few more showers and storms. we have eyes on things and we will track things. anchor: some nice weather is on the way.
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tonight, several breaking stories. the voting under way in indiana. will donald trump deliver his final knockout? and what trump said about ted cruz's father. the jfk says yags. and this mysterious photo. our reporter, one-on-one with ted cruz's father, outraged tonight. the horror playing out on a city bus, hijacked today. and tonight, police now pouring over this disturbing video. the bus driver attacked, passengers fleeing. the armed suspect taking off behind the wheel, and then making a deadly turn. deadly attack tonight. isis killing an american, a nayvilnay vil i have s.e.a.l. martha raddatz standing by. dramatic lightning strikes, giant hail. trees crushing cars and crashing into homes. millions in the threat zone this evening. and


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