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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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first, it gave time to take down at a strip mall, the suspect in three deadly shootings taken into custody. the police say that eulalio in 24 shot six people hours, killing three of them. alison: the gunfire happening in public places, first a school, then a mall, and a grocery store. jonathan: our team of reporters are covering this story. we begin our team coverage with maryland bureau chief brad bell. brad? brad: this is where the violence ended. the giant grocery store is where the third of the three murders happened. the suspect did not run far. shortly after the murder, they spotted his car in this parking lot, and then they spotted him in this boston market restaurant. what the suspect did not know was that somebody who took a seat near him was a police officer
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make the arrest. the capture of eulalio tordil happens just after he strolls out of the restaurant. watch the security camera video. as soon as the suspected killer is in the small silver car, the police move in. they slam into the car. within seconds, our cameras are there as tordil is led away in handcuffs. >> he was just walking up to the car. rad: a relatively peaceful end to a violent spree for you. >> some guy came in and told us there had been another shooting outside of macy's. less than an hour later, at this giant and aspen hill, a person is shot and killed. the police realized that tordil
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is the likely suspect in already aims to do more harm. the is already a wanted man former during his estranged wife, gladys tordil, in the parking lot of high point high school yesterday in beltsville. the federal protective service officer has gone in body armor. wants toe believe he go out in a hail of police gunfire, so officers are willing to wait and aspen hill for the right moment. >> we did not want to endanger anyone and have a shoot out when we took him into custody. that is why he was taken into custody the way he was. read: the police say they really believed this man intended to do a suicide by cop. when he was confronted in the parking lot, when the police rammed his car, when he saw all the guns pointed at him, he had a physical fear reaction and timidly gave up. brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan:
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the lookout for eulalio tordil last night at 11:00 when the police named him as a suspect in the shooting on the school grounds. his estranged wife was killed in the shooting. tonight, a more clear picture of his wife, including disturbing allegations concerning his family. jeannette reyes has the developments. jeannette: if neighbors of eulalio tordil were not aware of what happened thursday night, by today they knew he was in some kind of serious trouble. is a delphi apartment door is padlocked and covered in evidence tape as the investigation continues. these neighbors who did not want to show their faces tellis people tend to keep to themselves in this apartment complex, but they share more than a few conversations. tordil was a protective federal services officer and before that worked for immigrations and customs enforcement in arizona.
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>> [inaudible] jeannette: another neighbor who was shaken by the news said the family seemed happy, nothing was odd, but this protective order filed on march 3 by gladys tordil tells a horrifyingly different story. the mother accused her estranged husband of physical and sexual abuse that dates back at least 10 years. when the daughter's first move to the state from the philippines, he allegedly exposed the children to pornography, sexually assaulted , and alsoh of them subjected them to intense military-like discipline, forcing them to do push-ups and placing them in dark closets as punishment. gladys tordil accused him of slapping her so hard, he broke her glasses. a court allowed tordil to use his work-issued firearm only during work hours. he was asked to stay away from gladys tordil
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come including at high point high school where the girls went to school, where he allegedly murdered his estranged wife. perhaps one of the most chilling statements in these documents, estrangedl said her husband would harm her if she tried to leave him. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. jonathan: today shooting has an area similarity to the d.c. sniper case in 2002. john allen mohammed, the d.c. sniper, ate at the same boston market location as eulalio did today. as you may recall, all of the d.c. sniper shootings happened -mile radius from kensington to white flint. startedtoday's chaos with shots fired at the westfield montgomery mall. one man was killed, another is in grave condition, the whole thing unfolding as
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talking aboutare how the mall handle this. evan lewis has more. kevin: shortly after the shootings made news headlines, a number of public buildings went into lockdown, including all 200-plus montgomery county public schools. that has led many people to ask why the westfield montgomery mall stayed open. >> we just had a shooting at montgomery mall, a man, silver car, looks like a hyundai. a montgomery county officer frantically calling for backup after eulalio tordil allegedly shot three people in the macy's parking lot and escape. >> nobody alerted them. away, thisiles person texted her granddaughter who works at the mall. >> i
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shooting and she said what are you talking about. kevin: her granddaughter was clueless about the problem outside because the mall chose not to make it in an emergency intercom announcement or go into lockdown mode. >> they tried calling security and nobody answered. after a while, the security was out of service. kevin: the mall said the interior announcement system was not activated as this was an emergency situation being investigated outside of the center and there was no imminent threat inside the center. >> the employees were very frightened. they do not have any care for their safety. person contends mall management made a sweeping assumption that could have put more lives at riassk. >> the world has changed. after the columbia mall shooting, i don't think that's a good attitude. kevin: mall management said they sent an emergency e-mail and
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we interviewed said her granddaughter did not receive the alert for more than two hours after the shooting in this parking lot. live in bethesda, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. jonathan: the first victim in this tragic rampage is tordil's estranged wife, gladys, a mother and teacher. students are struggling to make sense of what happened to her. roz plater has the growing tributes. and studentsulty at parkdale high our morning ng tonight.are mourni school day high, the began with lots of sadness. after students learned they had lost a popular teacher, gladys tordil. >> she was a lot of students' favorite teacher. she was challenging and demanding as an ap chemistry teacher. roz: inside the classroom, the
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wrote messages to a teacher beloved by students and colleagues. >> kind, always smiling. when we found that come especially the way it happened, it was extreme shock. she was police say gunned down thursday evening by her estranged husband, eulalio tordil, in the parking lot of high point high school as she waited to pick up her two teenage daughters. friends have set up a gofundme site to pay for their college education. grief counselors are trying to help the school family cope with the loss. >> she was going through a challenging time recently. support network, and those teachers and together have taken it very hard. >> there is going to be a gap, a void, and i guess we will have to band together and hold each other up. roz: the teachers and faculty and students are planning a
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in the next few days. there is a link to the gofundme account on our website at roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. stay with abc 7 and for updates on this developing story. also follow our social media pages on facebook and twitter. toathan: also be the first find out about breaking news by downloading our smartphone app and signing up for breaking news text alert so when something happens you immediately get a text. there are instructions on the website at still ahead -- making metro safe. not an easy or fast job. tonight, the plan to fix the rails and how it will impact almost every rider. radar but some big changes are on the way for the weekend. sunshine in time for mother's day.
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bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. identifyinglice now the former worker who they say crashed his humvee into the silver diner and
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on fire while inside. issued anunty police arrest warrant for the 59-year-old man. wednesday, the man, a former cook, rammed his vehicle into the diner, then set himself on fire. he is hospitalized but will be arrested when released. alison: thousands of people will be impacted by a new effort to make metro safe come a huge project after a dangerous series of smoke and fire incidents in the last several months. that i, a long-term plan that will affect all most everyone who rides the rails. tom roussey has the details. tom: take for example shady grove metro. for 10 days in august, they will have single tracking between here and twinbrook a couple stops down. that is just one of many stations that will be affected, and a whole lot of people will be feeling the pain. >> this is a massive undertaking, no doubt. tom:
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wants to do three years of track work in one year, and to do that requires changes affecting riders on every line. the pain will begin next month with 15 straight days of single tracking between franconia springfield and van dorn. things will get worse in july when small sections near national airport will be completely shut down a week at a time, with buses taking people around the closed parts. >> we understand the convenience, but understand more the safety. tom: although every line will be affected, the roughest patch of the plan will be on the red line in october when it be shut down for more than three weeks. >> it is a mess. comes one work plan day after federal center southwest had to be shut down twice in one day because of track issues, including this dramatic electrical arc. customers agree something ha
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emotions. >> they have to do something. >> they neglected a lot of the repairs and they should be held accountable for that, but on the other hand i would rather be safe. tom: one other change that is coming, i just told these young ladies, and they were not happy. a lot of folks have gotten used to the fact that metro stays open until 3 a.m. on the weekend. tonight and tomorrow will close -- starting next month it will close at midnight, just like every other day of the week. just more of the changes that becoming over the next year. live from the shady grove metro station, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: 7 on your side with health matters -- major league baseball scrapping plans because of the zika virus. miamittsburgh pirates in marlins were supposed to play in puerto rico later this month, but fears over the zika virus prompted a change. now those games will be played in miami. jonathan:
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when the wildfire hits close to home, and this is heartbreaking. inurity video from a home alberta, canada, were a huge wildfire has been raging, more than 80,000 people having to be evacuated from their homes, some leaving with nothing, then their home completely leveled. the fire has burned nearly a quarter million acres. they fear that it will grow in size. that video, he was watching it on the phone, the fire just consuming his house. eerie and sad. so hot inhas been some other areas, right here it has been wet and cold. it was 92 in indianapolis today. alison: not here. clouds andays with rain, and tomorrow we will break the cycle.
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out of here, a home run. alison: thank you. steve: 55 degrees the high earlier today. the average for this date is 73. the temperatures have not moved a lot because of the cloud cover in rain. still in the lower 50's reagan national airport. 52 leesburg, same in hagerstown and winchester, luray. lower 50's through the overnight. we eventually fall into the upper 40's to the north and west. widen the view, if you are looking for milder air, chicago is 72. we will get a taste of the milder air next week with daytime highs in the middle to upper 70's, along with a chance of thunderstorms. the low pressure is what has been spinning and spinning for the past 24 to 36 hours, eventually moving off to the north and east. the shower activity continues across the metro area,
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but the back edge eventually moves in later on tonight and then we will just have a few lingering showers tomorrow morning. wet inside most of the beltway at this time, from college park to silver spring. tysons corner, potomac, wet weather. old town alexandria, oxon hill also looking at moderate rain. that will last another half hour, 45 minutes. nighttime lows, 48 to 53, scattered showers will slowly ease and the wind will be out of the northwest at five. the race for the cure is tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., may be dodging raindrops. will not be a washout. this model wants to add a few extra showers along with breaks in the clouds off to the west. by tomorrow afternoon, could be looking at sunshine. tomorrow night, a system is likely to bring showers by about 8:00 through 10:00 through the overnight. all of this is out of here in the late morning, afternoon of mother's day.
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degrees. for the start of the race for the cure tomorrow morning, lower 50's, eventually into the lower 60's. the daytime highs about 67 to 69, with the wind shifting out of the northwest to the southwest at about five to 10 miles per hour. mother's day, 74, 75 degrees. monday, 71. tuesday and wednesday come a chance of showers and thunderstorms. the high temperatures will be in the middle to upper 70's, nighttime lows of the 60's. for those of you who suffer from the elegies, the rain has helped clear things up a bit -- for those of you who suffer from the allergies. alison: right on cue jonathan sneezed. i thought he was joking. steve: or the mold. alison: something fun from college park? scott: the dance
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craze has taken over. and the capitals players are confident going into tomorrow night's game five.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. facingthe caps elimination tomorrow at the veracity, trailing the penguins 3-1.
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comeback is impossible, but it is daunting, especially talking about the penguins, the team some have pegged as the stanley cup champs. for players like jay beagle, dramatic comebacks are the best part of the postseason. jay: it makes you played do or die, which is probably the most fun way to play hockey. it's going to be a fun one. scott: they need to win. tomorrow night's opening face-off is 7:15. baseball, a rough series for the nats in their game against the cubs today. as for the pitching goes, it was not max scherzer's day. he gave up three home runs, two zobrist.o ben the nats surged, but they lose again, 8-6. if
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stance, you must not have internet, my friend. this is called the running man challenge. these players from the maryland men's basketball team have created an absolute monster for college basketball players, celebrities, news anchors, everyone is doing it. and it all starts here in college park. robert burton talked to the internet sensations this afternoon. >> i think it's pretty fun. never thought i would be going on a media tour for this. i think it's pretty cool. i just think it's pretty cool to see all the celebrities doing it. >> on campus, people keep asking us to do the dance. class, i'm not kind of in the mood to do the dance, but after work, people approach me, i will give them a quick five second secongment. scott: one week from today, the redskins rookies hit the fie
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it will be our first look at the draft glassful. the draft class. ofson: tomorrow, thousands people at the susan g. komen race for the cure.
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jonathan: tomorrow morning will be a big morning, thousands will be participating in the annual susan g. komen race for the care. alison: and you will be there. jonathan: i will be walking tomorrow. alison: this church in silver spring has been taking part for more than a dozen years. their group which includes survivor say they want to send a message about screening center late attention. runners can still register in person tomorrow morning. jonathan: abc 7 is a proud media sponsor. if you cannot make it, watch live on our sister station, news channel 8.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, john stamos. from "fear the walking dead," mercedes mason. and music from iggy pop. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. thank you for watching. thank you all of you for coming.


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