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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for anthrax and determine there was no anthrax there. the all clear is not given. the man was taken to contamination tent and then to the hospital. he was swabbed on the scene and they did the all-clear. he had no anthrax exposure. there was no anthrax found in the truck. the situation is still locked down here outside the capitol as the robots are looking at the truck. reporting live, horace holmes, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. today tempers flared in the d.c. council as it moved to change mayor bowser's plan
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homeless shelter to create shelters in each ward. in fact, following the vote, some on twitter says the mayor yelled obscenities at the council chairman. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us to tell us what happened. sam? sam: we in fact checked with the mayor's press secretary to ask if it happened. he said he was not there. but he would not deny it happened. the emotions are high on this thing. i'm at second and k-street in northwest washington. this site was not on mayor bowser's original list. when the counsel held the first vote today it was -- council held the first vote it was. mendalson said he had the votes and he did. the first read the council passed without registered objection a bill to alter the mayor's plan for a smaller, neighborhood city shelters to replace d.c. general. by 2018. >> we will take substantial money because we will own the site rather than leasing
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>> the council plan says it will save $160 million over the mayor's proposal and he cited public hearings. and objections as the backbone for his plan. >> the ward six shelter site in southwest where neighbors objected move to vacant site at northwest in second and k. move the wisconsin avenue to ward three in idaho avenue next to police station. the mayor's controversial ward five site in the middle of a warehouse district -- >> a proposal that was not safe. was not dignified for the families. >> it would go to an old police station. 17th road island and northeast -- road island and northeast. >> they plan to buy sites for two other shelters so the city is not releasing land. after a news conference today brought this response from angry mayor bowser. >> they seem to indicate we should seize and take. >> the mayor's criticism is it means d.c. general stays open longer than 2018, she believes.
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earlier session that the actions would not delay the closure of d.c. general. we are not sure about that. sam: so today was the first vote. it will not be the last vote. but as we began the mayor clearly is not pleased. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. the d.c. council also waging another war of words. this time with congress. in one corner congressional committee that voted to require congressional approval for the budget. in the other corner the mayor and the council say they are carrying out the voters' will. >> sure. put me in handcuffs while i'm holding the court decision. it just doesn't work. this is not about -- we lawfully amended the home rule act. with the support of over 80% of the voters. leon: d.c. government submits the budget every year.
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maureen: new developments in the story first on 7. working in the pouring rain, d.c. water crews pulled more unopened mail from a sewer in northeast washington. 25 garbage bags full of undelivered letters recovered from the sewer on anacostia and douglas. local residents affect the postal service employee dumped the mail while the regular postman was off. the agency that oversees metro wants information on the third rail problems nationwide. the federal transit administration safety advisory cites recent problems with the rails including fires, explosions and smoke. all problems on metro in recent mo
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transit agency to submit data on safety performance. leon: 18-year-old girl from springfield is dead after what appears to be a tragic accident. she was hit by a train walking with friends near a shopping center. amy aubert found out the tracks are a popular short track for pedestrians in that area. >> rain falls on an otherwise quiet track. according to police, around 9:30 monday night. 18-year-old ericka dunn struck by a train and she and two friends walked along the tracks. >> the teen rushed to the hospital where she later died.
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>> they describe this as a popular cut-through to the other side. >> this is sad news. >> a well-worn both on the other side of the track. the signs warn against the passing. >> it happens all the time. the two friends 18 and 19-year-old females walked away from the tracks as the train approached. amy aubert, abc7 news maureen: county leaders want answers about the culture of the fire department. nicole mittendorff's body was
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national park. she suffered online bullying, some claiming to come from inside the department. the county board ordered a third party consultant to examine the fire department working environment and the morale among other issues. fire chief bowers supports the investigation. leon: still ahead at 6:00. this car engulfed in flames in chevy chase. we will tell you what happened minutes earlier that is blamed for the fire. >> it might be part of the daily commute. the worst bottleneck in maryland. coming up with the state is now looking to do to fix it. doug: patches of blue sky above the city of frederick, maryland. how long before we see that here? it's in the forecast. still to come on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: the senate passed a bill allowing families of those killed the terrorist attack to sue any country involved. for example, families of those killed on september 11 could sue saudi arabia for the alleged role in the attacks. saudi arabia has threatened to pull billions of dollars in u.s. investments if that happens. president obama says he will veto the bill saying it jeopardizes national security and t
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retribution abroad. leon: today, the attorney for edward nero took aim at the reckless endangerment charge against him. nero is one of six baltimore police officers charged in connection with the in-custody death of freddie gray. defense witnesses testified nero acted as any other officer would in assisting with gray's arrest. nero's attorney said it was the driver's responsibility to belt in the prisoners. the defense is expected to wrap up the case tomorrow with closing arguments set for thursday. despite opposition from faculty and students, george mason university free to rename the arlington law school after supreme court justice antonin scalia. opponents want the state council for higher education in virginia to reject the name change. the council declined to get involved and said the name change can move forward. scalia died in february at the age of 79. maureen: up next at six -- the four worst traffic bottlenecks in maryland are all in our area. where they are and the plan to
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leon: look at this. picktures sent to us by a viewer and car fire in chevy chase. overhead wires fell on a car to sent it in flames. the car was empty and no one was hurt. there is a push in maryland underway to cut down on the traffic jams that are taking a big financial toll on commuters. maureen: the first step in that process is to identify the location of biggest bottlenecks. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter shows us the worst of the worst and what comes next. brianne: drivers experience it every day. the crawling commute along the beltway if you reach the 270 spur. the intersection of the commuter thorough fairs is the worst -- t
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worst bottleneck. eight points along 270 made it on the list of the state top 30 bottleneck. 95 at greenbelt metro drive is the second worst slowdown spot. while 95 north at maryland 100 and southbound 270 at the spur round out the top four. transportation leaders say money has been invested but more is needed to improve traffic flow. >> projects to improve mobility have been identified. without those we continue to see significant traffic bottlenecks across the state. >> think about this. the next time you are sitting in congestion just stuck behind the wheel, congestion in maryland costs $1,800 per commuter each year. maryland transportation secretary says the state is already working to think out of box to fix your commute on 270. >> we have gone out with the first of its kind procurement where we have simply said we have this route a
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$100 million. tell us how you are going to move the most vehicles, the farthest the fastest. whoever brings that solution to us will bring the group of companies that will be selected to implement that quickly. brianne: more details on that are expected to be announced by governor larry hogan as early as next month. in potomac, maryland, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: we have posted the entire list of maryland worst traffic bottlenecks and what causes them on the website leon: the washington monument is back on the regular schedule after the elevator was repaired. monument closed saturday and stayed close through yesterday to fix the control board issue. the elevator forced the monument to close six times this year so far. maureen: the monument overlooks the top landmark in our country. trip adviser bestowed that on nowhere on the lincoln remoral reflecting pool
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quantity and quality ratings. it topped five land marks including the golden gate bridge, alcatraz, uss arizona memorial and the grand central terminal in new york. statue of liberty just missed the list. doug: was maureen's backyard garden on the list? leon: just missed this year. maureen: 60,000. doug: i showed you a camera from frederick, maryland. it looks like friday is before we have a nice day around here. still more rain to deal with. leon: we have had enough. doug: i know. the anger level is creeping up. everybody is starting to get enough is enough. it is. you will be saying this about me in a few minute. enough, i want hear sports. >> this is crestwood middle school. look how green the fields are. the rain helps with that. the ground is wet enough. no baseball
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the numbers are stay chilly. the average high is 76. the pollen count. high of grass. moderate tree pollen. weeds, and the mold spore in low range. the numbers won't budge a lot. mid-50's in the irsia. drop four or five years with the consistent cloud cover. we'll watch for rain. this is what we see on the doppler radar now. patches of rain south of the metro area. there is more rain west of the mountains. that will build in overnight and tomorrow. if the rain comes in, it will break. the timing is we see some in the morning. this will stop at 7:00. future cast.
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heavier showers and thunder over central kentucky. watch how it will move through the day. moving northeast. we have the scattered showers by midday. getting through the afternoon and the evening hours more scattered showers. looking west it looks like it will clear. winds from the northeast it looks like showers. friday, the skies will clear out. cloudy skies in the morning. cloudy and midday. more showers in the afternoon and the evening. highs of 61 degrees. thursday glimpse of sun. 70 degrees. beautiful and partly sunny and 74. not a way to describe saturday. it will be breezy and be rain. the rain will be heavy at times. highs near 64 degrees. chance of showers and sunshine on sunday and monday. maureen, leon and erin, back to you. maureen: thank you.
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good deal. nats now. erin: the nats hope to get another max effort out of the ace tonight in new york. murphy takes a walk down memory lane in the first trip to the big apple. the thoughts when we come back. leon: coming up tonight at newschannel8 at 10:00 -- troubling discovery about half the products on the market.
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erin: fresh off the appearance on jimmy fallen last night, the bryce harper show will make an ppearance at citifield as the nationals are in new york tonight for a series with a mets. max scherzer is a pitcher tonight. all scherzer did in the last outing, ah, he struck out 20 against the tigers. tonight will be daniel murphy's first game back in new york. the former met leads the majors in batting and is ready for his big apple return. >> a lot of great memories in the stadiu
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i'm excited for a division matchup. two teams at the top of the division now playing well. the offense might be at a premium tonight. erin: according to multiple reports, odor of the rangers has been suspended eight games for socking blue jays slugger jose bautista in face on sunday. blue jays skipper john gibbons was suspended three games and bautista facing a one-game suspension. to the pitch where d.c. united is riding high after the 2-0 victory over new york red bulls on friday. united will try to continue the winning ways against philadelphia this friday. it won't be easy, though. they are still searching if for first road win of the season. philly, well, they have yet to lose at home. here is patrick on
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gaining confidence. >> you play like that against a very, very good team like new york. you feel like you can play against any team. it all starts from the effort and the preparation. approach every game the same way we approach the game against new york. or l.a. i think we will be all right. erin: as expected the redskins released receiverer turner andre roberts today so they will save a little money. maureen: we have to save our patience while we wait for the rain to stop. doug: all right. quick game of years and cheers. tomorrow, years or cheers? thursday, maybe a peek of sun. cheers friday! maureen: thank you for ending on a positive note. "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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tonight, the deadly train crash. the mystery revealed. authorities now revealing what happened with the conductor on that amtrak train. crashing at more than 100 miles per hour, killing eight, injuring hundreds. the new demand involving the tsa tonight. after passengers revolt. three-hour waits, missing flights. forced to sleep in airports. and just now, the senator calling for the head of the tsa to resign if it's not fixed before memorial day. donald trump tonight, saying he would talk to north korea's secretive leader in what would be a major shift in u.s. policy. and what melania trump has now revealed about the clintons at their wedding. the 911 call. the horror inside one family's home, after the wrong home is targeted. two teachers terrorized as their


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