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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is a breaking news alert. >> keep freddie gray represented out here. see where it goes. all you can do is hope. out ofthe breaking news baltimore. officer edward nero found not guilty in the arrest and death of freddie gray. we have live team coverage for you from baltimore this noon. let's start with brad bell with reaction to this coming in. brad: all kinds of reaction. i think it is important. it is important to explain
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nero did not really have much to do with the arrest. he was one of the yellow shirted bicycled officers. the only time he laid his hands on freddie gray was a quick touch to lift his feet into the back of a police van. going through the four charges against him, the judge said he did not have enough to do with the arrest to be found guilty of anything. misconduct, assault, related to that assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct related to that reckless endangerment. the judge finding that he was not enough of a participant in the arrest of freddie gray. trial,tely after this people rushing out of the courthouse. some yelling angrily. we had an opportunity to catch up with the lawyer for freddie
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this is his reaction to the findings. >> i found no fault with his legal reasoning. i think he was amazingly impervious to public opinion. that is the hallmark of a great judge. brad: by that, mr. murphy is saying there were an awful lot of people calling for some part of a guilty verdict and the judge would not listen to it. his ruling was a repudiation of the prosecution. order of the police said this is the beginning of the end of the nightmare for officer nero. they are blasting states attorney maryland mosby for bringing these cases to court, cases that so far have not had enough evidence to win guilty verdicts. reaction outside. we talked to a gentleman who has been out here through the trial
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holding a sign, "justice for freddie gray." , theu look at that flag words come to mind, liberty and this countryll -- has been built around that flag and those words and yet nothing, not one charge. ok, back live with you now. , he remainser nero suspended from duty. he now faces an administrative police review of his actions. the city has already paid out a civil settlement, admitting that the overall arrest was wrong. the judge said no criminal in this particular case. what will the reaction be around baltimore? many calls for camlm.
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courthouse. he is going to pick up the story. sam: it has been calm all morning. i've been here since 4:30. we were standing outside when the not guilty came down. one of the protesters said, please repeat that. i repeated it. immediately, they started chanting and screaming. it remained peaceful, then it called down. then this happened. take a look at your screen. they saw officer edward nero walking out of the courthouse here in downtown baltimore. it turned out to be his brother. everyone followed along. sheriff's deputies had to surround him to get him to a nearby parking garage. screaming curse words and profanity and wishing that he had been dead, saying that he should be dead, is a killer, and should be in jail. emotions ran very high.
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beginning of that pack. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i've got an 18-year-old son. what happens to him? today is a statement. it is a statement here today. is tot frustrated us most see that officer walk away. without accountability. that could be me. what could my mother be doing right now? sam: let's talk about what is coming in the day ahead. everybody in the city, the police department, the mayor have called for calm. the police are not allowed to take leave. everybody is ready. they have barricades set up outside the courthouse. they are on every corner around here. everybody is calling for calm. activists are calling for protest
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point. sources within the police department believe nothing will happen later on. we will see as the day moves forward. jummy: thank you. officer nero is the second officer to stand trial in gray's death. officer william porter's manslaughter trial was set and came back with a hung jury. a new trial is set. trialsicers -- the other are set for the next few months. we will have the latest for you on our website, our other big story today -- stormwatch. conditionsand rainy are here. we could see thunderstorms into the evening. doug hill is tracking at all. doug: we are in the process of tracking the storm center
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it is starting to move away a little bit. we see at montgomery college rockville campus. you see everything moving from the northeast. what is going to happen this afternoon is the storm center starts to move northward. maybe the metro area, maybe the western and northwestern suburbs. the area is very cold overhead. the sun is very hot. there could be more showers and possible thunderstorms around a large portion of the area. but's get a look at the day planner. partly sunny skies, 69 degrees. temperatures, low 70's. even some showers and storms toward 8:00. it is going to get warmer here, jumm
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thank you. whenever it rains, we see heavier traffic. jamie joins us. jamie: right now, we don't have too many big issues right now. this is a tree down on westbound suitland parkway. all lanes are completely blocked with this. no big issues as far as back shop -- backups. some spots, we are seeing down to 10 miles per hour. that is normal. on 66. great very light volume. the sun is out. traveling on metro, delays are possible on the red line line because of that scheduled track work. orange and silver line delays east falls chu
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delays due to an earlier train malfunction. jummy: new information on the beloved fairfax county teachers aid murdered in his parking lot. his killers may have been for sse caught in the act -- thieve caught in the act. hn: it sounds like he was a beloved teachers a. -- aide. it is the first day of school since learning that the teachers aide was gunned down. he was a part-time aid in fairfax county. was also working to become a youth mentor at his church. had a jobay, he interview to become a special education teacher.
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least one person breaking into at the apartment where he lived. wrong place at the wrong time. we spoke to parents and students today. >> i thought, that is really close by. we heard that he had worked at the school. it was really a surprise. if one of our teachers was at a meeting, he would take care of us. sampson appears that was on the phone that friday morning when he was shot multiple times, including in the head. the friend on the other line called 911. a resident we just spoke with who lives at the city said apartments said that the property manager who took over a few years ago stopped using a security agency. jummy: also happening righ
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scrambling to find the man behind a robbery and subsequent shootout. this started at a robbery at a jewelry store. the gunmen shot at responding police officers and then took off in a getaway car. he crashed that car and ran away. a bystander was struck by gunfire, but is expected to be ok. police are investigating a deadly shooting in temple hills. cameras arriving just after 3:00. police tell us that officers found a man shot. he later died at the hospital. offering ars are reward leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. we are following a developing story out of the mediterranean, where authorities continue to look for clues as to what caused egypt flight 804. this
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indicates a possible fire that was started right under the cop it. -- cockpit. >> we don't know how the smoke and fire got started. this couldble that be something that exploded on the airplane. jummy: authorities are hoping the black boxes will be able to answer the question. coming up, new developments in the nearly two decades old murder case that captured the attention of the d.c. region and the country. the new motion filed in the chandra leavy case. dozens of tornadoes, rain, and hail in the south. the threat that still remains. plus, doug is back with our full forecast. the warm weather is heading our way. we will have a look ahead to the memorial day weekend forecast. we continue to stay on top of that breaking news -- officer edward nero
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followwe continue to breaking news out of baltimore. police officer edward nero found the death of freddie gray. it is a significant blow in prosecutors' attempts to hold police accountable in the death of freddie gray. officials are calling for calm. for the latest. we are also following new allegations in one of the biggest murder cases in the last two decades. lawyers for the man accused of
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chandra leavy filing a new motion in that case. disappeared 16 years ago. lawyers for the man convicted the finger at former congressman gary condit. they say his aggressive sex involving bondage is to blame. upyoung people can be caught in the hands of predators and you don't know what happened to them. the new trial is set to begin this fall. in the race for the white house, donald trump is gaining on hillary clinton since locking up the hillary clinton --
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the republican nomination. sanders is making it clear he is not out of the race just yet. sanders believes clinton is jumping the gun. in number of states and the south were hit with weather so terrifying it look like a scene from a movie. >> daddy, let's go. please. jummy: from south dakota to texas, nearly 30 tornadoes were reported overnight. one twister sparked a fire in missouri. in texas, funnel clouds formed as hail and rain pounded the region. the national weather service issued a severe warning spanning from mexico to canada. home,e some rain here at as well. doug: it depends on the location. we have had peaks of sunshine. as we get through the afternoon, we will have chances of more showers. in general, the pattern is shifting and changing. let's get started with our
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a quick look at the sky. sanders is making it clear he is not out of the race just yet. sanders believes clinton is jumping the gun. the temperatures in the areas that have had a little taste of sunshine. 71, reagan national. in the lower to mid 60's when you get across southern maryland and the eastern shore. there is a storm center spinning off the coast. that was directly responsible for our wonderful weekend weather. it was lousy. that is going to move north today. let me pull it back to give you a little detail. the radar effects goes only so far offshore. tothis storm center moves the north today, some of the moisture will get pulled back in this circulation.
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south. as we get through the afternoon, it will get a little bit more widespread. i think the chances for scattered thunderstorms will be after 2:00 or 3:00. scattered showers and thundershowers out of the north. this afternoon, there are some patches of showers and thunderstorms forecast over the area. that will continue through 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. things calmed down as the storm system shifts out of the picture. maybe a sprinkle early on. then skies really open up and we start to have a lot of sunshine and that will be the story for several days this week. the nats her back comment town after a great weekend. aty will see temperatures about 70 degre. we
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showers are thunderstorms and -- thunderstorms near nats park. these are big numbers. this is an early look toward the end of the week and weekend. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, we get into an unsettled pattern. it is a different kind of pattern, not the low clouds and chilly weather. jummy: when it is 85, i'm ok with a pop-up shower. doug: there you go. jummy: coming up, we will check back again in baltimore following the verdict in the freddie gray case. the companies ready to hire in d.c. as the summer jobs program kicks off and how you can apply. with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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staying on top of breaking news out of baltimore. officials calling for calm after police officer edward nero was found not guilty on all charges and connection with the death of freddie gray. this verdict comes more than a year after gray died in the back of a police van. stay with abc 7 and news channel 8 for the latest all day. this summer jobs program is right around the corner. employers fair that helped phil some of those slots -- fill some of those slots. suzanne
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the department of public works and metropolitan police department all prepared to interview young adults. private businesses and community based organizations are talking to young adults about the opportunities they could have this summer. the youth employment program provides jobs for young men and women ages 14-24. hs will receive jobs this summer. >> to have an opportunity to work at 14 years old and have a feel for what you want to do or never ever want to do again. >> it is giving everybody opportunity and seeing what is out there for the people, the youth to have stuff to do this summer. when people don't have stuff to do, kids can get in trouble. suzanne: they must be able to provide proof of age and d.c. and a social security card and have permission to work in the united states. on june 27 and run through aus
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potential storms for you. his final look at the fo
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morning noon or night
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visit annapolis and create your moment doug: a little bit of sunshine, but more showers. jummy: more coverage of the freddie gray verdict in baltimore. have a great day.
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