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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  May 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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mr. trump: illegal immigrants are taken much better care of in this country then our veterans. anchor: and ahead on abc news, donald trump creating controversy at today's rolling thunder event. what he said that now has some military brass angry. and we will show you many of the sights and sounds of the annual event, which pays tribute to the fallen servicemembers. this?remember a little boy grabbed by a guerrilla at the zoo. -- drama was grabbed up grabbed by a gori
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the drama was caught on tape. we will have more on those stories in just a moment, but first, rainy weather moving in will have an impact on some of your memorial day plans. ours get right to meteorologist for the latest. it sounds like the rain is here to stay for a little bit. josh: that's right, kimberly. some of it is a little heavy. flood watch for a few places. here is what is left of tropical depression bonnie. a cold front toward indianapolis. between those two features, we are getting all of this tropical moisture coming our way. as we zoom in closer, there is already a flash flood warning for king george county. we are looking at heavy rain working its way closer to d.c. our flood threat. it is a flash flood watch for
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county, anne arundel, and baltimore can tease -- baltimore counties. you can see where the heavy rain is coming down right now on the north side of the beltway and as we go into charles town and even prince george's county. whether it is light rain or heavy rain, just about everybody has some moving through. it's not great timing for the concert tonight at the capitol. temperatures are nice, but you will have to do your best to stay dry. we willtell you when see the dry weather and sunshine, coming up. rain will not stop the memorial day concert at the capital. among the headliners, country beach trace adkins, the boys, and the winner of american idol. we will bring you all the sights and sounds on abc news at 11:00.
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day event in our area is the annual ride by role in thunder to honor the service members who have -- rolling thunder to honor the servicemembers who have given their lives for our country. motorcyclesds of --ring by, just like the roaring by. just like the 14 years prior, this marine veteran is saluting the riders. >> it comes back tenfold, just like karma. we represent military families. we are standing so america can that american military families struggle and we need to take care of them. >> as the ride for freedom roars by, his new bride is alongside him.
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>> the couple exchanging vows at the very site he has been saluting for 15 years. .> he has a big heart his heart is full for the veterans. >> for the grout, it meant another way to honor those who serve, veterans -- for the crowd, it meant another way to honor those who serve, veterans, s, and mias. an amazing memorial day weekend ride with strong meaning. i stand here for the wives that lost their loved ones. >> the rolling thunder crowd started gathering around 6:00 a.m. end -- and came rolling through right around noon.
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>> traditionally a nonpartisan event, rolling thunder took on a decidedly political tone this year. donald trump spoke to thousands of bikers gathered on the national mall. despite assurances from organizers that he would focus on veterans and the military, the presumptive republican nominee also delivered many of the very same lines he had used on the campaign trail. i am angry at our president for being a grossly incompetent president of the united states. we can't have hillary clinton be our president. that i can tell you. reaction was mixed about whether trump was too political at an event to honor the sacrifice of veterans. what are people saying? >> donald trump took the stage around 2:30 p.m. here at the bottom
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to the lincoln memorial. it was a pretty mixed reaction out here. first, the roar of motorcycles coming over the memorial bridge, then the roaring of fog. trump used this stage as a campaign stop to show support for veterans. warmupporters gave him a welcome, even after his comments about senator john mccain. trump said he preferred people who were not captured, referring to mccain being a prisoner of war during the at nam. some supporters think trump speaks common sense but sometimes goes too far. >> sometimes he says things that are not appropriate. the truth, speaks it's not appropriate. that's his personal view. it's not appropriate, and he should apologize, yes. bob dole has called on donald trump
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you can see that cleanup is underway here. for is the last event rolling thunder today. we heard that the crowd estimates were between 300,000-400,000 people. memorial,e lincoln cheryl connor, abc 7 news. kimberly: trump's appearance is not going over well with one retired veteran. retired general paul eaton has said that -- his father died during the war in vietnam. trump knows of at least one candidate he will be running against. today, former new mexico gary johnson won the nomination as a libertarian candidate. he could be a factor in the race for the white house. in recent national polls, he got about 10% in a three-way matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton. comi
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boy end up in the grasp of a gorilla at a zoo? the drama that unfolded on video. and a story you will see only on abc 7 news. a local pet hotel is
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at 6:30 p.m. -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] those are gunshots. a manhunt in houston for a suspected serial shooter ends with a man dead. eight people were shot. one of them was killed. the gun man was eventually shot and killed. residents were warned to
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inside their home. back in our area, d.c. police are investigating a murder that happened around 1:30 a.m. o people were shot on 55th near thertheast, right evans recreation center. one of the victims has died. arrests have been made. now a story will only see here. allegations of animal abuse made against a pet resort. a maryland family claims the resort is responsible for the death of one of their dogs and leaving to others sick and injured. our reporter was shown around the facility. reporter: cheryl says she dropped off her two dogs at the pet resort earlier this month. when she stopped by to check on them, she realized one of her dogs, named hugo, was dead on the side of the road. today, w
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he showed us around the kennel where hugo was saying. allegation of animal cruelty is completely absurd. our employees go through weeks of training. >> he admits one of his employees left one of the kennel doors open in candles -- in hugo's kennel, and that employee has since been let go. >> i can only imagine if this was my dog, obviously, i would, really it's losing a member of your family. >> he says they are paying for the families that bills -- veterinary bills for the other two dogs. sores on its nose. the other seems fearful and won't eat.
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they say they have taken the dogs back to the vet for an .dditional visit animal control is investigating. says his family has been receiving death threats. >> people coming by with guns, saying they hope our family is killed. it's disgusting. kimberly: very difficult all the way around. pitt says the dogs did not interact with other animals while staying at his facility. shocking video right now of a story we first told you about last night. look at this. you can see a gorilla grabbing a four-year-old boy at the cincinnati zoo. he lifts him out of the water. the boy had fallen into the animals enclosure. the boy is out of the hospital, the zoo was under fire for sh
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some say it looks like the gorilla was trying to protect the boy. defends its decision, saying a tranquilizer would have taken too long to work. coming up, the rain has returned just in time to put a damper on some memorial day weekend plans. sorry about th
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kimberly: although no longer a tropical storm, tropical is causingbonnie depression in north carolina. i-95 near the state line was closed today because of flooding. it could drop for-eight inches of rain as it
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into our area. it looks like for a lot of tomorrow, it does dry out and be for-eight inches down there won't be as much up here. let's take a look at what going on for you. we got a decent amount of sunshine early this morning. about halfwaye through, the clouds start to roll through the area, and then the rains move in. right now, 69 degrees, hanging right around the same number of reagan national. reagan temperatures around the region, everybody is covered with clouds. where wehagerstown, are mostly dry. 77 for winchester. with the rain moving in, want to remind you, we have a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m.
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there is one spot where we do have our flash flood warning right now until 8:00, and that's going to be until this evening when this expires. this heavy rain just south of d.c. prompted that. there is still plenty of rain to come through. this is working its way through the district over the next half hour. that will be a heavy batch of rain. closer to richmond, a whole lot more is going to be forming and heading our way. hanging onto heavy downpours this evening. tomorrow is a little better. around fredericksburg, as we work our way through the next few hours, the rainfall for the concert is pretty much worst case scenario as far as heavy downpour. good news, no lightning in the area, just heavy rain. tomorrow, most of the moisture from bonnie will be staying to the east. we start off dry on interstate 81.
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cold front. that's going to be pushing our way and bringing a chance of late day rain and a couple of thunderstorms. rain, some evening rain as well. tuesday, that ld front will pop up a few more thunderstorms and drier weather for wednesday and thursday. tonight, scattered thundershowers for most of us. heavy rain moving through. tomorrow, starting off with some showers, and then later in the evening, another chance for a few thunderstorms. are in the 80's. thursday, clouds move back in. we will get ready for more rain and thunder
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clinics and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to yo
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your local toyota dealer. >> the perfect season for the maryland women's lacrosse team came to an end this afternoon against north carolina. the terps won a 5-1 hall. and knewn a 5-1 hall it would be difficult to climb out of that. take a look at this. she goes behind the back. we are going to show you again because it is so awesome. terps trailed 6-4 at the half. they were able to cut the lead to 7-6 in a second, but carolina went on a 6-1 run. caps off with a hat trick. in the end, maryland fell 13-7. abraham is in carolina with a very disappointed terps team. >> the maryland women's lacrosse team picked a bad time to play their worst game of the season. it was a combination of things, defense on their heels all game long.
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target. a disappointing end to the season. a loss in the national championship game. >> we came out and fought hard. we worked hard every day. they have a lot to be proud of. once this season. it just happened to be the last game. but it was my last game, couldn't be more thankful to have been part of this team. i'm just happy to be a turp. >> certainly an emotional time for this maryland senior class, a class that lost a total of four games during their time in college park. to say they safe have left their mark on the program. loss.t's a tough thank you, scott. the nationals have not lost a game started by stephen strasburg this season, and with a
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in baseball,rd 9-0, something that has never been done in that team's history. let's pick it up in the fourth. bryce harper scores. so does ryan zimmerman. the nats take a 3-1 lead. then the fun part, bases loaded in the seventh, jayson werth hits his sixth career ho grand slam. nationals split the series with the cards thanks to a 10-to win. forwhile, a beautiful day this. crashes into the wall. debris flying everywhere. montoya was ok. gives the crowd a little wave. your winner is a rookie, yourar-old alexander is
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indy 500 champion. finally, the maryland men's lacrosse team will have the chance to bring home the hardware when they take on carolina tomorrow. hopefully, the boys can get it done. kimberly: you could see the heartb♪ one day a rider made a decision.
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kimberly: we know it's going to rain tonight. for the barbecue tomorrow, how are we going to do? josh: mid day, we dry out. the rest of this evening is premature washout. have the down -- some heavy downpours. in the 80's for tuesday and wednesday. kimberly:
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we will be right back here at 11:00.
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