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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 28, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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murdered rapper. the event was peaceful until a few people threw bricks and bottles at officers. there were no injuries. the rapper was gunned down last weekend. police say he was targeted but no one has been arrested for the crime. a pennsylvania police officer is recovering after being shot seven times. christopher dorman was released from the hospital after being severely wounded. dozens of law enforcement officers turned out to show their support. he later spoke at a local fire house. >> i'd like to thank everybody for being there for me and my family. everybody supporting me means a lot. i appreciate it. >> he was likely saved by his vest. a suspect has been charged in the case. ikea is recalling millions of dressers that could tip over. the company instituted a repair program last summer. the recall was triggered by the death of another child. all six have childrened. the retailer
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refund or repair kit. the recall involves 29 million units. some were sold more than a decade ago. >> danabbie lee miller admitted that she smuggled thousands of dollars into the u.s. to avoid paying taxes. she admitted she concealed more than $750,000 in earnings when she declared bankruptcy. turning our focus to sports and baseball fans will remember this name. kris bryant. belted three home runs and two doubles last night. the first major leaguer to do that in the modern era. >> his six rbis were a big part of the win over the reds. and cincinnati, bryant disappointed that thousands of cub fans because he wouldn't come out for a curtain call. he said he didn't want to show up the reds. >> it was their stadium.
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opening day of this year's wimbledon tournament involves a player ranked 772 in the world. he is marcus willis. >> he was facing the 54th ranked player. he won a straight set to victory. his win was followed by enthusiastic scenes with the stands. >> getting to the second round guarantees him at least $65,000 in winnings. his other reward? a match against roger federer. >> one reason for britain to celebrate this morning. >> right. >> there could have been the third brexit. >> they had to win something. >> coming up, swimming with sharks. it's nothing anyone would choose to do willingly, or would they? why two men
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to those creatures are going back in the water. >> and the birthday present a judge in los angeles has given to all of us. why we can sing happy birthday, anywhere any time without paying a licensing fee. i always worried about that. >> i always worry about the 110 degree temperatures in phoenix. >> world news now weather, brought to you by no no hair removal.
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>> now that waters have receded in virginia, the damage is evident. thousands of homes damaged and destroyed. still no water or electricity in many hard hit areas. the governor concedes the state was hit off guard. >> devastation on the other end of the country. central california. residents are
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fire ravaged neighborhoods. at least 200 homes were destroyed. a bodies of an elderly couple were found friday. their names have not been released. >> we have new details in a home invasion of ta top gun star. >> she found herself face to face with a stalker inside her home forcing her to fight to break free. >> the speed is too fast. it's a little bit too aggressive. >> reporter: she's the actress best known for wooing tom cruise in top gun. she's recovering from a real life drama. >> help me. >> reporter: that's her calling 9-1-1 while fighting off an alleged attacker inside her own home. >> what's going on there, ma'am? >> reporter: i have somebody in my house. she says she found a 38-year-old hiding in her home a few days ago. she say
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scratching and hitting her, accusing the actress of stalking her on twitter. >> we fought for a while, and i was screaming at the top of my lungs. i'm like what have i done to deserve this? what have i done? >> reporter: what's more, she says dorn wasn't alone. she brought her young daughter to the star's home. >> the thing that i feel really, really angry and sad about is the fact that she had a six-year-old girl with her. who had to be a part of all of that. it's horrible. i can't even think. i can't even wrap my mind around that. >> reporter: the 58-year-old finally breaking free and escaping from the home and flagging down a nearby driver. >> a woman pulled me over. she said someone broke into her house. >> reporter: the actress left scratched and bruised and traumatized. the woman is
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>> i've never seen her. i'm not really a celebrity. i live a quiet low key life. a log cabin in north carolina. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> her alleged attacker has not responded to our request for comment. >> coming up, swimming with sharks. why are two men who lost limbs to the powerful creatures jumping back into the water? >> because they're crazy? >> you're watc
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♪ >> who knew the hudson had sharks? it's been 41 years since jaws was in theaters instilling a
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goers. >> now, the movie demonized the shark. that may have been enough to scare some of us out of the water, but not enough to keep us from watching them on tv. we're up on night line with david wright. >> reporter: shark week kicked off sunday night on discovery when shark attacks are on the rise worldwide. 98 attacks last year. a record number. more than half of them here in the u.s. already this year 32 attacks reported around the globe. these two can attest to the danger. a bull shark attacked hunter a year ago biting off his left arm. >> the discovery channel calls you and says how about getting a shark cage? >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was a bit nervous at first, but like i said, you don't pass that kind of opportunity up because you're afraid of soth
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let's get started. >> reporter: joining him in the shark cage to test if magnets reflect sharks is a navy diver to lost an arm and leg to a bull shark in 2009. >> three sharks. three sharks. >> here comes another one. >> wow. that is incredible. >> reporter: both men now night to protect the very creature that tried to eat them. are you believers now? >> yeah. you've got us. >> reporter: hollywood may overstate the threat a bit. the fear factor what people have loved since jaws. we set off from cape cod looking for great whites. >> old on tight. >> reporter: moments later on our boat, we got our first real glimpse at a great water. >> a shark, you
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>> reporter: the spot plane circles above where we're headed. a splash in the water over here. there's the shark eating the seal. right about now, i know just how chief brody felt in jaws. i've never seen a fish so big. that is astonishing. a go pro gives us a close up view of the shark. he's a 12 footer, 1500 pounds. >> we're finger printing it. oh, oh. wow. yeah. let's get the tagging poll. >> reporter: just as he's getting ready to tag it, the shark dives. slipping away into the deep. >> starting to come up. hold on. >> reporter: i see him now. >> i'm ready. >> tag. tag. tag. >> we got him. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and thanks so that acoustic tag, they will be able to keep close tabs on him from now on. david wright,
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with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click ♪ oh, okay. >> it may seem like a joke, but anyone singing happy birthday in public or on the air technically had to pay a licensing fee. >> but a federal judge in california changed all of that. we have the story
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angeles. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: it's sung as a celebration song. but today you can sing it and celebrate not having to pay to sing it. ♪ happy birthday dear peter >> reporter: even if you don't sing well,ree for all to sing. >> this is a historic and important moment to show we can fight back and win. it's exciting. >> reporter: the music publishing warner chapel music agreed to end the claim of ownership and refund 14 million to end the long running dispute over royalty rights. >> the judge decided and declared the song in the public domain. that's a victory for artists and the public around the world. number two, he approved the defendants agreement to forego ever claiming to own the song again. >> reporter: the music
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$2 million annually for the tune. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: but that won't be the case any longer, so sing away. it's a happy day for happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you i love hearing the legalese about the birthday song. the portuguese have three verses to the better day song. it goes on quite a while. >> i can imagine. today celebrity birthdays. >> john cusack. kathy baits. john elway. mel brooks turns 90. no to all them -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you
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>> this morning, inside the flooded disaster zone. >> thousands forced from their homes and businesses in west virginia. the heavy downpours stopped. as the waters recede, we get a closer look at the devastation. >> is it a change of tone for donald trump? reports saying he's thinking about adjusting his stance about muslims entering the country. and hillary clinton enlists the help from elizabeth warren. >> some scary moments in the nation's capital. the images captured by commuters on social media. emergency workers look for the source of the smoke. and it's the u.k.'s second brexit. england knocked


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