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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, we are starting with some weather. it's been raining most of the day. michelle: depending where you are it's rain or sleet. in some areas snow in the higher elevations. alison: so now, of course, eyes turn to the everything rush hour and the potential impacts there. jonathan: we have team coverage on the storm. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the system and when it will taper off. michelle: on traffic watch we've got jamie sullivan monitoring the roads and richard reeve in mobiletrak7. alison: so let's begin with doug hill and where the heaviest rain is falling right now. doug? doug: right outside. it's this the metro area. we have been waiting all day for the heavier elements to move through. it's here. the timing not so good with the rush hour but the oranges the heaviest part of the rain. along 81, the back edge of the steady rain. that is a good sign.
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out of the metro area. zoom in and show you the area north and west of town, especially toward reston and fairfax. that is where the heavy duty rain is. it moves northeast and we will be dealing with it for a couple more hours. we will pull back a little bit. here is a big picture of the heavy rain. break to the west. dark colors of the purple indicate where snow may be mixed in, in the higher mountainous areas of west virginia. the forecast on track and the rain will end. we m by dawn. winds from the northwest 5 to 10. that is one story. the next story is the big cold blast coming in on friday. jamie, we have a lot of wet leaves on lynn street. is that messing up the rush hour or just the rain itself? jamie: it's great combination that both of them won't make for a pretty afternoon commute. you can see behind me how wet the roads are. the leaves, that is where we need to focus on the side streets, the secondary roads.
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it's the visibility that drops down. we don't have any crashes but we have had accidents throughout the whole afternoon so they will pop up. look how red we are on the beltway. let's start off with the inner loop. you can see here is very, very heavy. we have richard reeve in mobiletrak7 in this area near the beltway and the g.w. parkway. let's check in with rich. richard: talk about red lights, going nowhere fast. check this out. this is g.w. parkway. we are clo it's crawling here. i want to show you examples of how the slippery roads are affecting us. this is in arlington near yorktown and george mason boulevard. this tree slammed into a pole here. and you saw part of the pole snapped off and landed on top of the roof. we don't know the condition of the driver now. but this is just one example of how slippery things are. let's come back to us for a second and look at the rear
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look at that road service. it's just dotted with the rain and wet surface there. everyone should take precautions driving out here today. back to you. jamie: great advice. something we saw in the camera is a few people dropping down as they hit the puddles. you need to be careful. this is the outer loop, continuing south from tysons to annandal bumper. you don't get a break. this is northbound traffic from 270 spur to georgetown, stop and go. the roads are wet. we have visibility that dropped. i anticipate accidents. let's hope not many but we will let you know when something happens. back to you. michelle: thank you. don't miss a single weather, traffic or breaking news update. download the abc7 wjla news app from google play and the
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place. in other news today, at the mayor's request d.c. muriel bowser gets the president-elect's ear. in this critical transition phase, the city's top politician meets with the nation's soon to be 45th president. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live outside of trump tower in new york city. sam, this was a critical meeting. what did the two discuss? sam: ma pleased with the meeting. she seemed to be enthusiastic about it. meeting with president-elect donald trump here at trump tower. she said she told him d.c.'s story and he listened. she arrived about ten minutes before her scheduled 11:00 a.m. meeting with mr. trump. i was a meeting she requested. she said part of the reason she came was to welcome a new president to the national
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she said the meeting lasted for about 40 minutes with trump alone discussing d.c. matters with the mayor and her two top aides. she told reporters as she left it was a productive meeting. >> it was important for me to make sure that the new president knows that we are not a federal agency, that we are not dependent on the federal government for our funds, that we have $13 billion budget, that we don government than any state. only the things that support our activities to support our goals of protecting the president and the like. sam: of course it is no secret not trump nor any republican presidential candidates gets many votes in d.c. but she said trump listened. she mentioned topics and she said he seemed particularly
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coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". including a sit-down interview with mayor bowser talking about her experiences today at trump tower. reporting live from new york city, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks very much. living in the d.m.v., every now and again you see the plane taking off. it's air force one, of course. in a few years when air force one is retired it is expected to be replaced with a new, heavily modified boeing but not if trump gets his wish. he says the price tag is too much. "7 on your side" watchdog investigator chris papst in the newsroom. the cost of air force one, chris, he says it's insane. he said he would rather do something else. chris: he says it's in the many billions of dollars. we'll get to that. this is the current air force one that the president flies in. this is an ald plane. -- old plane.
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they started a process to get a new air force one and president-elect trump says he doesn't want it. the new 747 that is being built to carry future presidents will cost more than $4 billion and he wants to "cancel that order." the new air force one would be a 747-8, rather than a 747-200 which is used now. the new one is faster and gets boeing has built the plane used by every president since franklin roosevelt. they have $7 billion budgeted for the new plane but it could go up in more years. trump addressed issue today in trump tower. here is what he said. president-elect trump: it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money.
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have already been signed for $170 million to design the new plane, which isn't supposed to be built until 2024, so next month when trump becomes president he will have say in what the next air force one will look like. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks for that. right now, president obama is giving his final national security speech. he is at the air force base in tampa. let's listen in. president obama: nearly 70 iraq's neighbors, we surged our intelligence resources to better understand the enemy. then we took the fight to isil in both iraq and syria. not with american battalions but with local forces backed with the equipment and the advisers and our special forces. that campaign we have now hit isil with over 16,000
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tens of thousands of partners on the ground. today the results are clear. isil lost population centers, their morale is plummeting, its recruitment is drying up. its commandsers and external plot -- its commanders and the external plotters are taken out and local populations are turning against [applause] as we speak, isil faces an offensive on mosul from iraqi troops and coalition support. that is the largest remaining city that it controls. meanwhile in syria, isil's self-declared capital in raqqa is being squeezed.
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of millions of dollars in oil and cash reserves. the bottom line we are breaking the back of isil. we are taking away its safe-havens. [applause] and we have accomplished all this at a cost of $10 billion over two years which is the same amount that we used to spend in one month at the height of the iraq war. so the has been relentless. it has been sustainable. it has been multilateral. and it demonstrates a shift in how we have taken the fight to terrorists everywhere. michelle: there you have president obama giving his final national security speech. his counterterror efforts no doubt will be part of his legacy. moving forward now. recently, donald trump has
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a new george washington university battleground poll shows donald trump's ratings significantly improving since he won the election. 1,000 voters nationwide were surveyed last week. 45% say they now have a favorable opinion of the president-elect. 49% a negative view. in the last poll taken in october, only 36% had a favorable view. the margin of error for the poll is alison: m.g.m.'s billion-dollar casino and hotel opens thursday night at national harbor. amongst the glitz and the glam of the new casino, concerns about crime that could be associated with it. abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell is at the unified command center there at national harbor. of course we have heard stories, you know, many other casinos where people are robbed of their winnings. what are police doing there to try to protect visitors? brad: well, you know what?
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for a while. this is some of what you will see here. these are security cameras spread out around national harbor. basically it will be just about impossible for anybody to come on or off of this property without getting caught on camera. yesterday we took you on a tour of the new m.g.m. resort and casino. by all accounts late thursday it will be packed with people with money. money to wager or money won. and there are safety and crime. but tonight, prince george's county police chief hank stawinski has a message for those who would be up to no-good. >> from the moment you step food on the m.g.m. property, you are the subject of high quality video monitors, which is taped but also actively monitored. brad: stawinski says they began preparing for the casino opening two years ago. they have had time. >> to send investigators to
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police, to go and visit our local casino environments, to go the other casino environments. brad: the chief says m.g.m. national harbor will be a safe, heavily policed place. sources say the casino has its own holding cells. but common sense remains your best defense. >> maybe somebody has won big at m.g.m. and they are making their way to the car. don't carry the cash in your hand. and look around. brad: now when we come back at 5:00, we will talk about talking about. that is concerns about traffic. we'll show you how the new room is going to play a role they hope in keeping the cars moving smoothly. at national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. alison: stay with abc7 throughout the week leading up to and through the m.g.m. grand opening thursday night. we'll have team coverage from traffic impacts to special events all right here on abc7. and of course on our website, too, michelle: this just in the
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two volunteer prince george's county firefighters indicted from an incident from last december. jeffrey miller and chris kelly have been charged with second-degree assault, accused of fighting another firefighter. the career company responded to a fire in hyattsville last year but miller and kelly are accused of hitting and assaulting one of the firefighters while trying to enter the building before the volunteer company. both have been summoned to appear in court. jonathan: coming up next for us here at "abc7 news at $125 billion in wasteful spending. did the pentagon try and hide that? the "post" reporter who broke the story is joining us next. and where so much of the money went. alison: still ahead at 4:30, a carjacking caught on camera on black friday. the moment a gun is pulled on the victim filling up at a gas station. the string of robberies police say this bad guy is tied to coming up. more fall-out from the
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ping pong. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment, while other
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jonathan: this is certainly a shocker and also a talker. tonight the pentagon is facing tough questions after a report details $125 billion in what is being headlined as "bureaucratic waste." the "washington post" broke the story. joining us from the "washington post" now newsroom
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reporter craig whitlock. craig, you broke the story. so many people must read this and scratch their head and say how on earth is it possible to waste $125 billion? craig: the pentagon is a very big place. it consumes a lot of taxpayer money. $500 billion a year. so to be precise, this report found using the pentagon's own data internally that they could save $125 billion over five years if they streamlined their that means people and the desk jobs. people who are accountants and people who are real estate managers. people who process payroll. people who buy stuff like widgets or pens. you know, you need these people to keep a big organization running. what they found, though, there were slightly over 1 million people holding the core business function jobs. jonathan: wait, wait, wait. did you say a million people
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so the number of people riding the desk is larger than those in the military? craig: it's not quite that many but the numbers are pretty close. that is the thrust behind this. the military has a phrase, "tooth to tail." it's the tooth, people doing the fighting and the tail is the support functions. that is what you need but the ratio has clearly g of whack. jonathan: what surprised you the most putting the story together? craig: finding the precise figure about 1 million people, a little over, holding the back office jobs. i have always covered the pentagon for seven years. it's a big place, the defense department. but 1 million boggles the mind. that is pretty striking. the other thing they said they
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five years. this isn't laying off 100,000 people. they said they could do this in a measured way by early retirement, attrition, negotiating better service contracts with contractors. this wasn't radical surgingry. this was maybe yes, it would be tough to get through congress but this was a measured plan. jonathan: a quick question. i'm curious. the secretary of defense ash was there contrition, like hey, look, we made a mistake. we need to fix it asap. craig: we haven't heard from carter. his press secretary issued a statement to us, to reporters today traveling with the secretary in japan saying that well, we will try to come up with efficiencies where we can and saving money is very important but they found the
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ways. it wasn't that practical. it was a pretty, you know, middle of the road statement. jonathan: $125 billion, that is outrageous, isn't it? craig: certainly, the story has struck a chord with a lot of the readers who feel how could this be allowed to happen? why did they follow up on it and hide it afterwards? jonathan: we are out of time. craig whitlock at the "washington post," we appreciate your time. thank ou story that went viral that has local ties. well tonight, comet ping pong will reopen for the first time since a scary scene this weekend. alison: you will remember a man walked in with a gun drawn. apparently there to investigate what has been a fake news story. neighboring businesses went on lockdown. stephen tschida is in northwest. it turns out comet ping pongment is -- comet ping pong isn't the only business facing threats. stephen: that is true.
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hour. i'll tell you, the fake news story has ramifications. you look down connecticut avenue here. some of the restaurants say they have also been hit with phone calls, threatening phone calls. police stationed near comet ping pong and standing outside other businesses after a flurry of threats. >> it was really, really crazy. the past two or three weeks. stephen: presence says edgar welch stormed comet ping pong sunday armed with assault rifle and a pistol, the goal to rescue child sex slaves. this is after reading a fake news story online. >> i think it's horrible and bizarre. stephen: welch surrendered after shooting up the place and finding nothing. >> there are so many people accept what is presented to them without questioning whether it's real or not. stephen: the reality that the
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businesses along this stretch of connecticut avenue on alert. >> we are getting death threats saying we'll come kill you and come in to shoot you. stephen: a lot of people asked why comet ping pong, why has it been targeted in the fake news story? 20 minutes ago i had a long conversation with the owner of comet ping pong. he says that he and mr. podesta, hillary clinton's campaign mana acquainted and they have cooperated on fundraisers and his name surfaced in the wikileaks. he believe that is what led to the conspiracy theory and the crazy fake news story that has caused so many problems on this stretch of conley. stephen -- stretch of connectict avenue. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jamie: this is a rough stretch. you can see the flashing lights. this is on the capital beltway
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loop we have accidents here and other places. it looks in this shot like it's 10:00 at night. it's not. that is how low the visibility is. richard reeve knows what i'm talking about. still inching along on the g.w. parkway. let's check in with mobiletrak7. rich? richard: 2 miles per hour. we have been on this thing since 3:50. we are crawling along here. the guys in left-hand lane are moving a little bit. on the right-hand lane going everybody fair warning, g.w. parkway, going to be a slow go. back to you. jamie: you know what? that is not the only spot. we have slowing almost everywhere you are traveling. live look at 95 through dale city. you can see we are moving at a nice pace. this is one of the good spots. take a look at the big picture map. slowing in d.c. on the freeway. 295. leaving the city on 395 very heavy past the pentagon. the slowest area is the beltway.
4:25 pm
bumper to bumper heading north. really inching along. we are seeing that as well. southbound on the capital beltway here as you approach tysons. lucky we just have one crash on the interstates now. but doug, this is very, very hard for us. doug: yeah, it's tough. the good news is it's just rain for us as bad as it is. i want to start off with a time lapse from the weather bug camera. this is at sky valley lodge in swanton, where it's 33 degrees. the rain and then all of a sudden watch the power lines, watch the trees. ice, freezing rain. and it continues to pile up there. now the precipitation will end there in the next few hours but look. it has an effect. we have a number of ice-related advisories in the areas farther west. none of the metro area. we are talking possibility of freezing rain in the highest elevations here along the blue ridge. el -- especially in the highest elevations 2,000 to
4:26 pm
ice is accumulating. that will be a rough problem for a while. all the issuers -- all the issues will go away tomorrow but if you are traveling there tomorrow, it's not good. we have patches in yellow and orange on the map and this continues to move northeast. we had two storm systems earlier. one in tennessee and one along the south carolina coast. the coastal storm is taking over. good news for us it will speed along the exit of the rain. we are thinking by 7:30 most of the rain south and east of the metro area. patches of rain through 11:00. some of the mountain tops keep the freezing rain for a while but by 7:30 in the morning all the precipitation will be done and drier air moves in. maybe after a cloudy start in a few spots it will be a sunny day with the temperatures getting in the 50-degree rain in the afternoon. it's 50 for dismissal time as the sunshine returns but that
4:27 pm
strong cold front. highs of 46. wind chills at 30, 32 all day. it's cold over the weekend. we will warm up on monday with the next system moving through. a chance of showers and 502 on -- 52 on monday. tuesday and wednesday a colder air mass will move in the area again by next thursday and friday. enough good news for now. michelle: thank you. alison: still ahead at "abc7 enough to brighten a damp light like tonight. the messages of hope and good will for strangers to share and the incredible story behind them just ahead. but first -- >> how much is in your wallet? easy for you to figure out but not for the visually impaired. i will tell you what these
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michelle: for the visually impaired using cash has the challenge since all the bills feel the same. in the "spotlight on education" kellye lynn shows us an invention developed by students in poolesville that could solve this difficult problem. kellye: spending cash is pretty easy for most of us. but can be tricky for the visually impaired. a tv show presents this example. >> the person pulled out four 20's and said, "is this the right amount?"
4:31 pm
the four $20's instead of four dollars. >> imagine not seeing the bills in your wallet. with each being the same size it would be difficult to distinguish between a $20, $10, $5 or $13. -- or $1. this is why the high school students are ard at work with a smart wallet. >> the process of assorting bills is mechanized. >> a wallet that can take like a printer reads in paper. >> the make sure when the user is handed back a stack they can sort through the bills. kellye: the students received $8,000 grant from m.i.t . to develop the wallet. >> we'll have something similar. not this big. but similar in our device. >> the goal is to complete a prototype and present it at the eureka-fest conference in
4:32 pm
change in the world. kellye: a small change that could have a big impact on the blind. in poolesville, kellye lynn, abc7 news. michelle: what a great idea. the poolesville high school students are trying to raise $10,000 to cover travel and logging for their trip -- lodging for the trip to massachusetts in june. jonathan: don't you love to see the young people problem-solve? alison: thinking of someone other than themselves. jonathan: that is great. good luck to get the money. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- alexandria. >> you help people out. that is beautiful. jonathan: wait until you see the amazing story behind personal messages shared and the people who have been so moved by a simple message. that is coming up for you. >> the video that could torpedo a soar armed robbery. that is ahead. alison: new at 5:00, "7 on your side" with new
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his call was a butt dial.
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doug: here is another batch of heavy rain. south of fredericksburg. it is moving to the area in the evening. it should remain cloudy with the temperatures in the 30's and 40's in the superb the skies will clear in the day. we have the temperatures approaching the 50-degree mark. this will have cold air and the gusty winds. heading through the day on friday, we have a lot of sunshine. the temperatures are in the upper 30's. it could gust enough to drop wind chills in the teens and the low 20's with mountain snow.
4:37 pm
look at the weekend. michelle: montgomery county police say the recent happened black friday evening. they carjacked a woman who wisconsin gassing up -- woman who was gassing up. we have more details. kevin: the first three armed robbery happened at a b.p. gas station along this shell station has cameras inside and out. it captured the entire ordeal. around 2:00 p.m. on black friday. the masked man entered the front door and ordered the clerk to the cash register. they placed $300 of newport cigarettes in the armed robber
4:38 pm
hands. visibly shaking while opening the cash register. he then exited the station and walked up to pump number seven. a customer backed away when he saw the gun. he asked that we blur out face. he is having problems talking to customers, too. we are live in silver spring.
4:39 pm
dollar of the current compensation. the month of paid family time for new moms and dads. jonathan: a look at what we have when we wake up with "good morning washington" tomorrow morning. >> thank you, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," holiday spending takes a toll on everyone. there are smart ways to keep more cash in the wallet before, during, after the holidays. find out how you can save more money this holiday season and start the new year >> plus don't miss a chance to call in and see "rogue one" a "star wars" story in imax 3d. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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jonathan: now to a look at the war on terror. the human cost is rising. the video we got gives a 360-degree view i destruction. look at the tv. everywhere you look, there is destruction. the united nations says 200,000 people could be trapped in what is left of the city. michelle: police in los angeles boosting the counterterror presence after a threat that came from overseas. it's not been confirmed but
4:43 pm
a specific station was mentioned. it's next to restaurants, clubs and other hot spots. jonathan: coming up next for us, an entire neighborhood spreading positive messages even when some of their own have been through the worst that life has to offer. >> i went through a dark moment, three years ago i was in a terrorist attack. jonathan: her story and the creator's message for anyone who wants to get involved.
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jonathan: police in d.c. are searching for the person who shot and killed a man before noon. police found the victim on olive street northeast suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. so fa of a suspect in this case. but this case does mark the district's 127th murder of the year. michelle: in montgomery county, police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a teenage girl. it happened as the girl was walking to the bus stop in the cider million apartment community. police have increased patrols in the area. the man charged with the 1975 murders of the lyons sisters
4:47 pm
in virginia. he was indicted for taking liberties with a girl and he is awaiting charges on charges of murdering the lyons girls who were last seen walking from their house to the mall and never returned. president-elect donald trump supports pipeline according to a spokesman for trump. the question is will he try to reverse the army corps of engineers decision to halt the progress short of the current route? lady gaga says she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. the singer revealed it for the first time with a group of
4:48 pm
she says she started suffering from ptsd after she was raped at age 19. she revealed she was sexual assaulted in 2014. her oscar nominated song "till it happens to you" speaks about the experience. jonathan: probably the most relied on website in the world will no longer rely on electricity. google officials say they believe they have amassed enough renewable energy to meet all the electricity needs throughout the world. google plans to offset th wind, solar power they arranged to buy. the company uses as much electricity a year as the entire city of san francisco. ikea is expanding the paid paternal leave. in the united states, mothers and the fathers who work for ikea will get four months off for bringing a new child in the home. it covers adoption and foster parenting. prior to the change taking effect in the new year women giving birth got five days of
4:49 pm
sec to eight weeks of -- six to eight weeks. michelle: the creator of this project tells us this is a hope for a brighter feature. jay korff has the story. jay: washington may be aglow this holiday season. but in dell rey the residents >> we are driving past. i saw a wall of life. >> it says smile, it's okay with a happy face. nancy created this space of the paper slips and the battery operated candles. it's called be the light. >> my life purpose is to promote human flourishing. >> the concept is simple. take what shines inside you write it down. it may be a child's wish. >> you help people out.
4:50 pm
>> give back to the community. imagine how to use the special gifts. she read the instructions and she realized she would write a post for her sister. >> impact yourself. sorry. my sister just passed away. >> this defines a second chance at life for margie. >> i went through a dark moment three years ago where i was in a terrorist attack. jay: she was released by terrorists in the shopping mall attack in kenya in 2013 that left many dead. >> this kind of a wall and the intention is something that allows us to decide to shine. to commit all the time. >> every day we get to choose. darkness or light. >> this says hug mommy and daddy every day. >> if we could set our intention to be the light the world would be a better place.
4:51 pm
uplifting. jonathan: a great gesture. you saw it in person. steve: i did. i went to get ice cream. a cool night. i saw it across the street. what is that? it's big. it's a big display. a lot of cards. i encourage everyone to check it out. jonathan: now it will grow leaps and bounds. good stuff. steve: we have a crummy afternoon shaping up for us now. it is cloudy and raining. tomorrow is u beautiful. the temperatures will be in the 40's. periods of rain ands heavy at times will come to an end at 10:00 or 11:00 or so. looking at the live doppler radar. everything is moving toward the north and the east. the further west you go, they are having ice and freezing rain. it's a slow go for the rush
4:52 pm
we start out with clouds for the mid-afternoon. highs make it to the upper 40's to the lower 50's. sunglasses you will need them all day long. by late afternoon in the evening hours the sun goes down and temperatures will plummet. the christmas parade, don't forget this weekend. leesburg and it starts at 6:00. cold out there. the 35 degrees and the christmas lights. santa at the end of the parade will warm everyone all. here is the weekend forecast. the temperatures are uppe ten-day outlook from storm watch 7. the temperatures are the lower 50's on monday. we begin to cool things down again toward the end of next week. rain, rain, rain. it equals one thing. bad traffic for the rush hour commute. jamie sullivan? >> we want it to go away. starting out on the 14th street bridge.
4:53 pm
if you get on the american legion bridge, a struggle to head north on mobile track 7. he got there. i want to check in with richard reeve to see how the commute is going. rich? richard: this is what it looks like now on the inner loop. this is crawling. this is a better picture. show you a rear view. that is what you are since this is raining everybody takes it slow. everybody trying to be careful because the pavements are wet out here. back to you. jamie: a slow one out there where you are. but if you continue further south this is near old do minion. as we go further to tysons take a look. this is what you have. these are the express lanes. express where you are supposed to go fast. not happening. the main lines are slow. we have activity in the left
4:54 pm
it is of course because of the condition. you can see the big picture look. a lot of red. not as many crashes. but the slowing is a rough one. jonathan: thank you for that. prince george's county councilman charged with a d.u.i. went back to business. see how he was i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control.
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michelle: the prince george's councilman charged with d.u.i. was at the hearing. we have more on what he said and what he said. >> the councilman is greeted by the colleagues as he takes a seat for the first time since news broke of the d.u.i. arrest last month. he spoke once to thank people for the prayers for his office manager. >> she is back and healthy. cheryl: the to vote on the chair and vice chair to give them another term. the first item of business introducing legislation to review the policy on the take home vehicles. >> this is the county vehicle that franklin was driving november 21 when m.d. wichita state police say he ran -- maryland state police say he ran into the mercedes and injuried two people inside.
4:58 pm
>> there is no reason that the councilmember should use council government cars for nongovernment business. >> they join the push by mothers against drunk driving to have franklin install ignition inner lock device now. >> there should be accountability. >> franklin did not address the charges but is asking for the prayers for a colleague he ended with this. >> continue to keep all of us in your prayers. thank you. >> if resolution concerning the first legislation introduced for next year. the council will get to work on it starting january 2017. in upper marlboro, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> it was really crazy. the past two or three weeks. alison: still on edge but getting support after a gunman drove hundreds of miles to check out a local pizzeria after a fake news report. bowser meets with trump. what the two different
4:59 pm
to face in new york. and first he robbed the convenience store. then he carjacked the woman pumping gas. what is shocking is when it all went down. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: well, the rain stuck around for most of the and deis creating a slower commute home than usual. when do we expect the rain to move out? stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a steady rain across the metro area. to the west we are seeing an end of the pattern. to fredericksburg, core of it is moving northeast. my pull up southeast of the metro washington area by the time it's up here. the storm causing the rain is moving off the coast of north carolina to lead to
5:00 pm
forecast tomorrow. showers end, clearing by dawn. tomorrow you will forget about the clouds. the sun is back tomorrow and we will hit 40. in the afternoon, richard reeve is in mobiletrak7. last time we saw him he was creeping along 2 miles per hour. you made it across the legion bridge, huh, rich? richard: we made it, doug. we maid it. we are excited but we have been in the car for an hour and ten minutes. we are right near the river road exit. that gives you an example of how we are crawling merrily along for the red lights. my goodness gracious. look behind us. it's bad, bad, bad. everybody nice and slow tonight. might as well sit back and relax because it will be a long commute for everybody. back to you. larry: thanks.


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