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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: that breaking news today, the death of a pioneer. america's first man in space, john glenn has passed away. he spent decades in the senate as well. jonathan: the news of glenn's death coming from his home state of ohio. he had been in the hospital for days. michelle: he was 95 years old. as reaction continues to pour in we take a look back at his life and incredible contributions. here is abc's karen travers. karen: as a statesman, fighter had a knack for being at the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff. >> i guess i have looked at my whole life as being sort of service to my country. karen: the son of a plumber and school teacher he was born and raised in ohio where he met and married his childhood sweetheart annie. in 1942, he quit college for the military. as a highly decorated marine pilot who flew dozens of missions in the paving in world warii.
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was baseball legend ted williams. after years as a test pilot, glenn was selected in 1959 to be one of the original seven mercury astronauts. he became the first american to orbit the earth. he made three orbits and landed safely. appearance before kansas ticker tape parade followed he became an american hero. >> i'm glad to see the pride accomplishments are not a thing of the past. karen: in 1964 he left the space program for politics. after two failed u.s. senate bids he won a seat in 1974 and became a capitol hill fixture, spearheading policy in the area of nuclear arms control in foreign affairs. but glenn had the share of political disappointments, including a failed run for the 13984 democratic nomination. in 1990 senate investigation into his ties to corrupt
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glenn was eventually cleared of wrongdoing. after 24 years in washington he left the senate. but not the spotlight. >> liftoff of discovery with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one legend. >> in 1998, the 77-year-old returned to space after 36 years. criticized by some as a nasa p.r. state, his nine-day mission aboard the shuttle discovery studied weightlessness on aging and in spired seniors around the the day we were married in addition to our wedding vows of course was that i would do everything i could to keep life from being boring. karen: following his second historic space flight, glenn remained in the public eye. he will be remembered as a pioneer, leader and a man who seemed happiest serving his country. for john glenn it was an amazing ride. karen travers, abc news, washington. lindsey: there is an
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saying, "godspeed, john glenn." they say they are sadded by john glenn, a true american hero. we have the u.s. marines as well. saying that the corps lost a legend today. connol john glenn, a -- colonel john glenn, an astronaut, a marine died today. we have an astronaut. "i have a lot of e glenn, an ohioan. i'll share them when i can collect myself." a lot of people are upset about the passing. a lot of senators and the representatives are also tweeting as well. senator barbara boxer says john glenn was one of my heros in the senate. strong but a compassionate man with nothing but kindness in his heart. the outpouring is continuing now and john glenn is trending on twitter. back to you.
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john glenn, america's first man to orbit the earth. space pioneer and long-time u.s. senator passed away. we have continuing coverage online at right here on abc7 news. jonathan: well, also happening tonight we have now seven hours away from the grand opening of the m.g.m. national harbor. look how fast it was built. only a matter of hours. michelle: if only it were real-time, right? the billion dollar project years in the making comes with opportunity for prince george's county. alison: not just the county but the entire state of maryland. listen to this. when the doors open for business that is at 11:00 tonight, the plan is they will never close again. michelle: tonight we are covering all angles of the huge story for you. jonathan: team coverage inside and out of the casino. maryland pure row chief brad bell is inside. alison: jamie sullivan on traffic watch with the best bet for getting there or trying to avoid the backups. but we begin with brad bell at
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this is a big day, brad. brad: this is a big day, guys. this is the conservatory. this is the first thing you see when you come in. this is a spectacular space. you can see all decorated for the holidays. come over here and look down. you can see one of the fine dining restaurants. this is asian themed. you can see young musicians literally getting tuned up for the v.i.p. party that will kick off at 7:00 tonight. m.g.m. announcing the presence here in a at m.g.m. national harbor, a press conference is a stage show. first, the thundering video plays on big screens in the 3,000-seat theater. then before anybody speaks -- [music] jazz violinist ken ford gives a rousing performance for the
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m.g.m. is something new and very differenten if the d.m.v. the resort gaming industry arrived. >> we are a big, important industry. our jobs are every bit as patriotic as any other kind of job in the united states. brad: the doors will open tonight as 11:00. as the c.e.o. of m.g.m. points out, will never close. the casino with its 124 table games and chairman suite with the views of alexandria and the capitol. restaurants like marcus by celebrity chef marcus samuelson. >> we'll have live music and craft cocktails. we have an open kitchen where you can sit by the food bar and check out the cooks working. brad: they are getting set up for the big party tonight. this is the entrance for one of the huge ballrooms here. it's not just a casino.
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have the likes of bruno mars performing. when we come back at 5:00, we'll show you more about what is going on here but also get in the long story, the long saga of how this came to pass. the recent history to the expansion of gaming into maryland. at m.g.m. national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. jamie: brad, i will be getting in mobiletrak7 tonight. i'm going to get out there on the roads to show you real-time what to expect, what the lots open up tonight at 10:30. we are going to have updates on newschannel8 at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00. right now we look great traveling on the beltway, both directions. right at national harbor. the solid red line you see with thedly -- with the delay is typical every afternoon. there are a lot of options if you don't want to get out there and drive. water taxi, metro bus. the new thing is the national harbor circulator. very cool option for you.
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it starts at 11:00 and it closes at 4:00 a.m. not p.m., 4:00 a.m. we have more coming up. but right now traffic not terrible around the area. that is a look at what we have. jonathan: drive safely out there. abc7 leading up to and through the grand opening tonight is at 11:00 when it starts. we'll have team coverage from the traffic impacts, to the special events all right here on abc7 and you know the other big story of the day is the coldest air if you have been walking out in the last couple of hours you started to feel it. it will be downright cold tonight and even worse when you get up to send the kids to school in the morning. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. i never fails, even when it's really cold a couple of kids are out there in shorts. doug: i know. some of my kids used to do that, too. a major change of the weather. the front moving through. these are the current wind chill what is it feels like. 42 in washington. the farthest north and west, 27 in winchester.
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those are fairly mild numbers compared to the way it will feel here tomorrow morning. through the evening we continue to see the temperatures drop. the wind chill will be close to 30 by 9:00 tonight. overnight it will change. colder air pours in. the wind chills tomorrow will drop. look comparatively. 6:00 tonight, the forecast wind chill of 38 in washington. 44 in kulbir. 45 in frederick. we have a later n by the morning largely in the teens. bus stop a big change. 27 air temperature. wind chill is 18. the pickup time is 36 at recess. 39 at dismissal. we will see how long the cold air will hang around and talk about the next batch of the cold air. michelle: an update in the
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defamation case. a judge halted the enforcement of the trial's decision while he considers overturning the verdict. last month a jury ruled in favor of the former university of virginia administrator nicole eramo, awarding her $3 million after she claims the magazine defamed here. attorneys for "rolling stone" asked the judge to overrule the verdict yesterday. a court hearing has been delayed for a man arrested for firing a rifle inside comet ping pong pizza shop in d.c. to edgar welch requested a delay for more time to investigate the case. and the charges welch faces. welch says he went to the northwest pizza store to do his own investigation of a fake news article claiming the store was a front for a child sex ring tied to the clintons. alison: we are getting a first look at a sketch of a man accused of attacking and groping a woman in georgetown. the u.s. park police back on
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picture groped a woman it at the georgetown water front park where wisconsin avenue meets the whitehurst freeway. the woman was able to escape and call 911. jonathan: they started lining up overnight. dozens of people braving the cold overnight in southeast washington for a chance at affordable housing. suzanne kennedy was there as they got their chance. suzanne: this is the moment that almost 2300 -- people waited for, to get a number and get affordable housing unit in southwest d.c. the long line started form at 3:00 yesterday afternoon outside the orchard park apartments on 22nd street southeast. they waited in nearly freezing temperatures standing or sitting on lawn chairs. some of them are senior citizens. >> i think the city should have a better way for us to receive affordable housing because staying out here over
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thing for a senior citizen or people with children. suzanne: they are trying to get a chance to apply for housing. many are frustrated they had to wait in the cold for hours. >> this experience has been horrific. i feel like i'm getting sick. it's just, it's the worst. suzanne: there are only 200 appointments available. by get in the rental office they will have been waiting for more than 18 hours. in southeast washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the airline bringing back free meals in coach. jonathan: no way! alison: say it didn't so! plus the credit card perks you might not have known you are getting now. the good news in the fine print as you make your holiday shopping list. that's next. jonathan: then ahead for us at 4 herth, a savage beatinged --
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robbery and it's caught on camera. the victim is speaking out. >> i'm surprised i'm alive. okay. dirty shot. these guys are grimy. jonathan: his reaction to seeing the video for the first time when we show it to him. and the travel plans scrapped because of what was stolen. at 4:30. michelle: again, breaking news tonight astronaut and former senator john glenn dead after 95. you are looking at a tweet from nasa was a hero, larger than life
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jonathan: okay. you are not done with the holiday shopping yet? "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and a holiday bonus for you. alison: we don't hear that often, right? jonathan: no. alison: it's not just finding the best deal but how you pay for it. michelle: kimberly suiters joins us. is on the naughty -- debit card is on the naughty list. kimberly: you were saying who pays with the debit card anymore? consumers wanting to avoid debt like the debit card because it's just like cash. that is a nice thing. but tucked away in credit cards are the extra layers of protection that you may not have considered. paying by credit could expand
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50% will reimburse you if it's damaged or stolen in the first month of purchase. 57% will price match if it drops two to four months after you buy it. even if a her chant won't guarantee a return, 26% of credit cards will. so get the refund when you find the lower price, hold on to the receive. when you file a claim. you have two to four months to act. items are capped at $500 bus. citi has a price rewind tool. if you register what you buy, they will search for lower prices for you and led you know and credit you the price difference. you might make money on that purchase. michelle: so many protections for using a credit card. kimberly: don't build up the debt. michelle: there's that. jonathan: that is what they are hoping you do. all right. thank you. alison: all right. another consumer alert for you. delta air lines could soon
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is it selecting service on cross-country routes between new york and l.a. or san francisco. the menu will change based on time of day, breakfast or lunch and dinner. the testing period only runs through the december 15 and it's not clear yet if free meals will become a regular thing. alison: recall from hyundai. 41,000 minivans need to be the 2007-2008 entourage minivan. the second dare latch might be failing so if the first one breaks it could tear loose while you are driving. there have been no report of injury. they are targeting cold weather states in particular where salt from the winter road treatment could have corroded the primary latches. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a health matters alert. america's life expectancy is
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ii. born in 2015 can expect to live 788 -- 78 years and 9.5 months. obesity rates, suicide rates and drug addiction are playing a role in that. 78 seems young by today's standards with medicine and the way it works. john glenn living to jonathan: he went into space at 78. alison: amazing. let's talk about the red light cameras. we talk about it a lot. a lot of us hate them and have been nabbed by them. jonathan: the "7 on your side" i-team found out one in montgomery county, one at georgia avenue and sell narrowed is one of -- seminary road is one of those. chris papst is at the intersection with the county response to what we have
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chris? chris: this is the intersection of georgia avenue and seminary road in montgomery county. over the past 18 months, the red light camera here has been one of the profitable in this county. ticketed 400 drivers for $350,000. but after the "7 on your side" i-team doing a little bit of investigating on this camera, montgomery county police department decided to shut it off. so right now this camera is we did speak to a woman who got a ticket at the intersection. this is what she had to say when she found out what was happening with this camera. and why it gave her a $75 ticket. >> do they want the lower time to happen in the intersection? of course! they will get more tickets and make more money. it's about the money. chris: so coming up tonight on "abc7 news at 5:00".
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timing is of this camera and why so many more people were getting tickets than they should be and why there is a push for montgomery county to pay the people back over the past year yaf that $350,000 that people have paid at this intersection for a camera that wasn't timed correctly. live in montgomery county, chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: that is frustrating. thank you. abc7 is on trafi the ride home. jamie, behind you, i don't see any red. jamie: there is not. not right now. especially north to the wheaton-glenmont area. there is live look there 66. the commute near nutley street. there is volume. even sun glare as you work toward centreville. you can see here along the stretch on the beltway near the american legion bridge,
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big picture now, not too bad at all. we can see through prince george's county we look good. it's always the forth west corner that is a slow issue for us. and heading southbound d.c. 295. the 11th street bridge to national harbor to take 24 minutes. we look great as far as traffic goes but it may change just a little bit. jonathan: thank you. alison: cold weather headed our way. >> did you feel it walking it's starting to drop. doug: the temperatures will decline tonight and the winds will start climbing in velocity and that combination will make it feel colder than the air temperatures. that is what the wind chills are all about. let's get started with the time lapse from frederick, maryland. 41 degrees at the moment. the winds turn northwest. the front is through the frederick area.
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screaming up there. the high clouds are moving quickly. the colder air lags behind the cold front by a few hours but trust me. tomorrow morning you will feel the difference from this morning. through the evening we will drop through the 40's quickly to the 30's. i will be blustery. northwesterly winds. the chills will kick in. 30's for most of the early everything. later tonight as the air temperature drops to 30 in the city by morning and the mid-20's in suburban areas, the wind chills will be in the in most areas waking up early tomorrow morning. the forecast highs tomorrow will make some recovery in the 30's to 40 degrees. forecasting high of 37 in hagerstown. 35 degrees in winchester and luray. 43 in fredericksburg. 42 in annapolis. 39 in the city. the persistent wind from the northwest is 15 to 25. we look ahead to the weekend. we have a breeze at times.
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but enough to keep the wind chills down. 39 on sunday. the highs will reach 42. in the evening hours there could be a brief rain or a snowshower mixed in the area. a very brisk weekend for sure. after that we will see improvement here briefly early next week. before the next batch of really icy cold air arrives. we will show you the ten-day outlook coming up here in we will give you a full story. jonathan: good enough. you can start to feel it, though. this is happening. not good. michelle: no turning back. doug: winter is for real. jonathan: i walked out the door, with the one layer i had. no, i need a biger jacket. still ahead, we will take you inside the ming willing -- inside the m.g.m. to give you first-hand account of the new food and the chefs. alison: serious news.
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on camera. the victim sees the video for the first time. >> oh, okay. dirty shot. these guys are grimy.
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horace: welcome back, everybody. horace holmes here in the "7
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these are the folks to help you. we have dentists here. ask a dentist tonight is our hotline. give us a call at 703-236-9220. these are all practicing dentists from the virginia dental association. dr. bruce hutchison is here to talk to us. what questions can the viewers ask? >> they may have questions about should they do in the holiday, how do they find a good dentist. the dental association has a why is dental health important to the general health? we would love to hear any question you have about dentistry and your health. we'll give you a straight answer. horace: now until 6:30. 703-236-9220. they are great folks. a lot of fun. give them a call. michelle: a their teeth look great. we're following breaking news. the death of john glenn, the accomplishments that made him
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up. jonathan: the victim of a horrifying beating and robbery is watching the video for the first time. wait until you hear from him coming up. a look at how to start friday morning right on abc7 with good morning good morning. >> thanks, jonathan. it's hours before m.g.m. national harbor opens. tomorrow on "good morning washington" see how it came together for the grand opening and get a glimpse of the never before scene part of the luxury gaming >> "rogue one" is about to hit the screen. you can win tickets.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: it comes to us as we remember an american icon, a he afternoon in columbus, ohio, one day after it was announced he had been hospitalized. glenn leaves behind a long legacy from a marine pilot, to astronaut, to senator, and then astronaut again in his 70's. in 1962, he game the first american to orbit our -- he became the first american to orbit our planet. then he became the oldest man to go up in space with a shuttle crew. glenn served 24 years as a
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in town the smithsonian's air and space museum, it goes -- glenn survived by his wife of 73 years annie. he was 95 years old. michelle: developing right now, d.c. police look for the people two committed a crime beating a man you see it unfold there. the victim knocked out. but thankfully alive. the bad guys stealing everything they found in his pocket. q mccray spoke with the victim who just watched the video for the first time. >> oh [bleep] he held a gun up to the car. q: that is the reaction of a man watching himself get mugged at gunpoint for the first time. >> he didn't want them doing
4:34 pm
name. the crime was recorded by a street camera around 3:00 a.m. on november 26 behind the lounge in northeast. >> i was intoxicated. that is what people do when they get to the club. q: the group of guys took advantage of him. >> the gun up. all right. he shoves me. i remember that. he punches me. knocks my head to the ground. oh, okay. dirty shot. these guys are grimy. real petty. q: the suspects left him when he came to, he was still alone. q: the whole time no one did anything? >> no one did anything. q: you are the one who called police for yourself. >> i wouldn't have even called the police. the only reason i called the police is i wanted my passport to go see my family. q: he had tickets to india for the next day. they took his chain, debit card and iphone. watching the video jogged his memory. him. that is if guy. q: you remember that guy? >> yep. that is the guy that had the gun. i remember him.
4:35 pm
the club. >> at the club. yep. but without the jacket. >> d.c. police are look for the three suspects and their get-away vehicle. it's offering up to a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the victim is still coming to grips with the incident. >> it makes me [bleep] it happened. they would have had to kill me if i was sober. i would not let it happen to me. q: q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: hope t phone bank ask the dentist is open. question about a smile, tooth ache. whatever you got? people shy away from the dentist sometimes but don't be that person. give them a call. 703-236-9220. the abc7 help center is packed with anything you have to ask. we keep the phone lines open until 6:30. there are lines open now. put them to work. speaking of work, we are getting worked over by the weather. holy cow! the bottom fell out.
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wind chills, it feels like 30 outside. 28 in winchester. 33 in luray. the value, the air temperature and the wind chills will keep dropping here. it's legit. the coldest air mass since february. get you into it and share the numbers. it feels cold now. it will feel colder overnight and in the morning. the air temperatures watch them plummet in the mid-20's in most areas by early tomorrow morning. we have clear skies and the sun will be out tomorrow but it won't do much to help us warm up. the wind chills for 7:00 tomorrow in the day the wind chills stay in the 20's. no fun. then cold weather through saturday morning and even in the day on saturday. the winds will flare up. for the next ten days you see the numbers. holding in the upper 30's. 42 on sunday. we could have a wently mix late sunday but by monday it's all rain. then it gets chillier on
4:37 pm
thursday and friday. low 30's. jump in the low 40's by next weekend. big changes but no doubt winter is on the way. michelle: thank you. jonathan: well, a big name casino means there has to be big name food as well. michelle: there are a ton of celebrity restaurants opening at m.g.m. national harbor. kidd o'shea caught up with them and the executive chef of national harbor. >> basically when people come to m.g.m. national harbor we have a selection that appeals to pretty marcus samuelson with the global soul food. >> we hung out yesterday and you are finally coming to the restaurant. kidd: i'm happy to be here. >> where are we? >> market. >> second. >> look at that? >> brian and michael together for the first time doing the steakhouse. >> brian was my first boss ever in a kitchen. now i think i'm trying to even that out so i will be the boss of this restaurant this time. our first restaurant again together since we were 14 and
4:38 pm
we were young. >> you haven't been in kitchen together? >> we have been in a kitchen together but the first time we work in a full service restaurant together. we competed together. >> jose andreas fish focused on chesapeake. >> homage to everything, every creature that comes from the ocean. >> this is zizi pizza. it's in the national market. this is m.g.m.'s first take on a food haul concept. that i to do. make it authentic, make it great, innovatetive, contemporary, affordable and give the people selections. michelle: that is one slice? wow! jonathan: looks good. michelle: monster slice. yum. jonathan: stay with abc7 leading up through the m.g.m. grand opening tonight at 11:00. we have team coverage on abc7 and online at throughout the evening. check out the website. we have pictures from the inside.
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traffic watch with coverage at newschannel8 at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00. jamie sullivan will be out on the road monitoring the situation from the mobiletrak7. michelle: that will be an exciting night. jonathan: lead foot sullivan is out there. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- dozens work to separate conjoined twins. >> i watch them. i can't imagine life without them. michelle: update on the toddlers, plus just how log of a gut-wrenching wait it was
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year.
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jonathan: doctors are now cautiously optimistic after an amazing surgery that separated conjoined twin girls. michelle: it took a medical team of 50 people. they spent 17 hours working to help erica and evan sandoval become two. they sh of the liver and bladder. they used m.r.i. images to create 2d models to map out the plan to ensure each girl kept part of their major organs. >> they are going to show not only me but other people that disability doesn't bring you down. it's something to make you stronger. jonathan: a lot of prayers said now given that this surgery is very dangerous. in this type of surgery the
4:43 pm
the doctors are critical. we're at the 48-hour mark. michelle: for now, erica and eva are sedated while they recover. you can't help but thing how talented the doctors and the nurses are to make it happen successfully. jonathan: they plan for this. they go through it like a football team out there -- michelle: running strategy. jonathan: they do the same thing. they make all the contin general plans in case something goes wrong. michelle: the consequences are literally life and death. jonathan: amazing work next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- 'tis the season for football championships. our team player of the week and we'll show you how he driven to the state title. >> d.c. police officers step off the street and in the store to help kids this holiday season. i'm ryan hughes.
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horace: in the "7 on your side" help center. do you need to see a dintist?
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answering your questions. 703-236-9220. these are all folks from the virginia dental association. any questions you have concerning dental issues to give us a call. back to703-236-9220. back to you. jonathan: was that a shiver going down your spine? horace: a little bit. jonathan: go easy. racing through the aisles of a target in columbia heights. this was great. but there was no emergency. michelle: they are helping kids pick out holiday gifts they otherwise wouldn't receive this year. ryan hughes takes us to the heroes and helpers event. d.c. police officers are ditching the cruisers for a cart inside columbia heights. the men and women in blue are partnering up with the in-need
4:48 pm
helpers event. >> i need track and field for me. >> 10-year-old is one of the hundred kids getting help shopping for holiday gifts. a special day that officer looks forward to. >> i enjoy it. i love to shop. i shot with the kids and it's even better. >> it's funded by the target corporation and the washington, d.c. police foundation. >> the chief of police and some of the things you do are not so fun. but this is one of the fun things we do. >> each kid is given a card to cross off the wish list and to buy items for the family members. >> my sister loves art so i could give her something artsy. >> wilson is spreading the love. shopping for his sister and buying a winter jacket for himself. >> the shopping spree sometimes exceeds $100. you will watch the police officers dig in their pocket and pay the remaining portion
4:49 pm
profiled a happier, holiday season. and building a relationship with the kids. >> it shows we are trying to reach out to the community and be out there. in northwest d.c., ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: season of championships. jonathan: big-time! state championships kicking off tonight. erin hawksworth has the team player leading the way. erin: this is a high caliber player. jabari law, he is the quarterback at i the team to the undefeated season. not only that he is headed to a prestigious school for college. for the past four year, he has been lighting up scoreboard. >> he has meant everything to us. he has allowed us to take the offense to a different level. erin: the senior quarterback plans to take his talents to west point. and play for army next year. >> a true blessing.
4:50 pm
telling me they were going to offer me, i just, i couldn't explain how i felt. not allowing schools gave me a chance because of my size. they gave me a shot and i'm thankful. erin: he dominates in the classroom as well. >> i want to major in engineering psychology or kinesiology. erin: he has no problem fighting for his country. >> i don't mind it. background. my grandfather and uncle and cousins. this is not for everybody. i feel like i'm part of the select few that can do that. i don't mind it. i would rather fight for our country and fight for people i love. erin: i love that. watch him take on quince
4:51 pm
digital channel me tv. coverage starts at 7:30. but before that, there is a maryland 3a championship on me tv tonight. so be sure to check that out at 7:00. this will be the third consecutive state final for the swarming hornets. there was a big send off for the defending champion damascus players this afternoon. how much fun is that? they are heading to navy plane corps memorial stadium in in the rematch of the 2014 final. steve: temperatures will be in the 40's moving through the everything hours. the skies will clear out and the wind will pick up from the northwest. at 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow is sunny. it will look beautiful. temperatures are in the upper 30's. and wind chills are in the upper teens to the lower to the middle 20's.
4:52 pm
christmas tree shop. upper 30s. rebound to the lower 40's on sunday. a nice mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will warm up on monday. talk about the christmas parade. leesburg at 6:00, saturday morning. saturday evening. it will be cold, cold, cold. temperatures just around freezing. make sure you bundle up. the ten-day outlook from storm watch 7. upper 30's friday and saturday. lower 40's on sunday. near 50 on monday. a cold front temperatures on tuesday. another cold front on wednesday. then we have the coldest temperatures of the season. let's check on the commute with jamie sullivan. jamie: we are starting off on 66. the commute heading outbound and quite a bit of volume. no crashes to report. same story on the beltway. the solid redline north from tysons to the 270 spur. we are seeing the inner and
4:53 pm
not too much on beltway from college park south through prince george's county. on d.c., 295. slowing. 26 minutes it takes from the 11 street bridge to national harbor. there is slowing tonight. it starts newschannel8 i'm in mobiletrak7 and then at 11:00 to get you through the traffic near m.g.m. tonight. to the mobiletrak. next on abc7 news -- >> you might remember coleson. we first met him in the spring. he is named after the prince george's county fallen officer jacqi coleson. we'll have that story coming up. jonathan: next at 5:00. >> it will have a dramatic
4:54 pm
dramatic impact on a problem in virginia. details at 5:00. michelle: we continue to follow breaking news. the death of astronaut and long-time u.s. senator. we the latest -- we have the latest tweet coming in regard to john glenn from his
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
michelle: we introduced you to colson several months ago, the dog named after the fallen officer jacai colson. cheryl conner has more on how the dog is raising money for the organization that first raised him. cheryl: colson wears a number on the collar to represent his namesake. numbers now surround the >> $25,000. cheryl: it's the story behind all the energy that brought in a grant from the petco foundation to the non-profit organization that rescued colson, his nine siblings and their mom. his human daddy george norris is a sergeant for the prince george's county police department. so when he heard that ten puppies fostered by tracy would be named for fallen officers including jacai colson who shared an office
4:58 pm
>> jacai colson was known for his infectious smile. he was always smiling. the fact we brought the same smile to people. cheryl: norris wanted to help out by submitting an adoption story for a chance to win a grant. >> it definitely, yes, stood out. >> operations paws for homes covered the expenses for colson and the siblings until he wa shot and puppy pads. but colson showed me kisses come without a cost. >> $25,000 is huge. it will help us save so many more dogs. >> george norris wonders who really did the rescuing. cheryl conner, abc7 news. larry: tonight an american with the right stuff. we look back at the life and the legend of a space race
4:59 pm
>> the only thing appropriate here is justice. >> "7 on your side" investigates why it kept snapping pictures. tonight is the big night. how did we get here? the long road to gambling in maryland. larry: tonight, "7 on your side" investigating a red light camera in montgomery county that some say has been operating illegally. the red light turned off since i-team started looking into it but now there are calls for the county to reimburse drivers for thousands in tickets. chris papst is live in silver springs. chris: this intersection is georgia avenue and seminary road. over the past 138 months this red light camera issued 350,000 tickets to drivers. some say the county should pay
5:00 pm
because of the way this camera is timed. >> the only thing appropriate here is justice. chris: rarely have i interviewed anyone as passionate as peggy. >> anything short of that is illegal. and ludicrous. ed and wrong! wrong! christ: last month she was turning left off georgia avenue in montgomery county to seminary road. that is her dark blue toyota. a short time later she got a $75 ticket courtesy of this >> it's made criminals out of people doing nothing wrong. chris: a year and a half ago maryland state highway administration changed the policy, mandating yellow light times be minimum of 3.5 seconds. so the item grabbed a stopwatch. it turns out the turn arrow that caught peggy is under three seconds. montgomery county department of transportation has had 19


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