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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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chevy chase area leaves one man dead. it happened around 9:15 sunday night on 32nd street northwest - just blocks from the d-c/montgomery county line. police sath
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still very few details about what happened but the investigation seems to be focused around a jaguar. and also breaking overnight in new orleans. just a few hours ago-- a jury convicted the man who shot and killed former nfl player will smith. the manslaughter trial continued through the weekend, before jury deliberations began on sunday. hours later-- jurors returned with a manslaughter conviction for cardell hayes. he fatally shot smith and wounded his wife in a road-rage incident back in april. smith was shot 7 times in the back. haynes now faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in february. happening now. rain falling here-- but in several states a wintery storm system is wreaking havoc on travel. this was the scene in detroit, where the icy ground sent a plane skidding off the runway. abc's kendis gibson has more. new this morning.
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attendant is
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guilty for her part in a scheme to smuggle cocaine through los angeles international airport. marsha reynolds was arrested back in march-- after agents found nearly 60 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on bag . after she was randomly selected for a security screening, investigators say the former beauty queen dropped her bag, kicked off her heels, and ran out of the airport. she surrendered a few days later. reynolds reportedly faces a mandatory 10-year sentence. today marks the one year anniversary of the fire that devastated the annapolis yacht club. this was the scene a year ago-- after an electrical malfunction with an artificial christmas tree ignited the blaze that gutted the historic building. the club is being rebuilt and is expected to open next year. the redskins keep their playoff hopes alive with a big win on the road against a division-rival. the win was even sweeter for one of the skins best player-- who racked up big numbers against his former team. robert burton has more. the new york giants also beat the dallas
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also beat the dallas cowboys last night. new york and washington favce each other in the final game of the regular season-- and a wild-card birth may hang in the balance when they do. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this un
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the president-elect sounds off on reports of russian interference on election day. this-- as congressional leaders call for a full investigation. the details.. coming up. plus, samsung takes drastic action to make sure all recalled galaxy note 7 phones are off the street. we'll tell you what the company is doing next.. coming up.
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head and shoulders' dry scalp care nw) - another cold blast late week - wet weekend weather today: morning rain, freezing rain far nw. becoming partly cloudy late. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 27-35 winds: nw 5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy.
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a young jogger's murder remains unsolved. now police seek permission to use a controversial tactic, to find her killer. why some people say-- officers are crossing the line. plus, a star studded red
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a blockbuster new movie. now you have a chance to see an early screening of "rogue one". we'll tell you more.. coming up. president-elect
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is expected to announce his nomination this week for secretary of state. several media reports say he's
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but there's already some pushback this morning. lana zak has more. now to the war on terror..
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send 200 u.s. special operations troops to syria, there's a new setback against isis. islamic state militants recaptured the city of palmyra from syrian troops yesterday. and they destroyed many of the city's ancient treasures. the extra u.s. troops heading to syria are in addition to the 300 american troops already
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combating isis. investigators will hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the probe into the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. 36 people were killed when flames raced through the building the night of december second, during a dance party. a-t-f investigators have completed their work, and have left the site. they've ruled out a refrigerator as the source of the fire. but they're still looking at electrical systems as potential causes. samsung is taking a new step as part of its massive recall of its galaxy note seven phones. samsung recalled the phones, after some of them caught fire. but some customers are still holding onto their phones. so samsung is rolling out a virtual "kill switch." it will shut down the last remaining note sevens sold in the u.s. the software update will make the remaining phones inoperable. the note sevens have sparked fires in customers' pockets, homes, and
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in customers' pockets, homes, and cars. 93-percent of all recalled note sevens sold in the u.s. have been returned. but samsung says u.s. customers are still hanging onto more than 130-thousand of those phones. hollywood rolled out the red carpet over the weekend for the newest star wars adventure. "rogue one: a star wars story" is set in the years, leading up to episode four, which is the very first star wars movie. it opens in theaters nationally on friday. but you may not have to wait that long to see it. good morning washington is giving away tickets to an early screening of rogue one. you'll have several chances to win-- and the next one happens at about 5:50. just call into the number we give you and, and the 7th caller will win. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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- am rain (freezing rain far nw) - another cold blast late week - wet weekend weather today: morning rain, freezing rain far nw. becoming partly cloudy late. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 27-35 winds: nw 5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy.
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highs: 44-49 winds: s 5 mph "i am not even sure if i had a shovel i could have dug
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coming up. a family road trip takes a very wrong turn. and it wasn't even their fault. we'll tell you who.. or what.. is to blame.. coming up.
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a murdered jogger hopes a controversial d-n-a test leads police to her killer. karina vetrano was killed while jogging in queens back in august. investigators developed a d-n-a profile using samples collected from underneath her fingernails and on her neck. unable to find a match in state and federal databases, authorities now want to use the d-n-a to see if the killer's relatives are in the system. new york state is now reviewing the district attorney's request to do the d-n-a search, with a decision likely coming this week. many people use g-p-s to find their way on road trips. but sometimes the computer gets it wrong. and one oregon family learned that the hard way.
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and their dog were all loaded up, and on their way to california. the g-p-s was looking the shortest route. but it did not account for which roads were passable after a recent snow storm. the car got stuck.. leaving them trapped for several hours. dad eventually hiked 2 miles until to get cell phone reception and called 9-1-1. now one was hurt. it's good to be a princess-- especially when you are reigning atop the box office. "moana" held the top spot for the third weekend in a row, sailing off with 18-point-eight million dollars-- bringing the movie's three week total to 145 million. "office christmas party" came in second with a 17-point-five million. while "fantastic beasts and where to find them" finished third by conjuring up ten-point-eight million. from the frozen tundra.. to the ice at the verizon center. vancouver canucks on star wars day! washington's very on "jedi warrior" alex oveckin ends his 7 game goaless drought.. the force was with th
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they win three to nothing there is much more coming up stormwatch-7 is tracking a weather system moving into the region.
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moving in right now. regular rain in some places. freezing rain in others. this as we prepare you for some major weather changes this week. good morning i'm larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. we've got you covered this morning started with stormwatch-7 meterologist eileen whelan - am rain (freezing rain far nw) - another cold blast late week - wet weekend weather today: morning rain, freezing rain far nw. becoming partly cloudy late. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-15 mph tonight: partly cloudy. lows: 27-35 winds: nw 5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy. stray shower nw. highs: 44-49


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