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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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digits until the teens in the area. cold start to friday but the winds will diminish and we will do better. any chance of the wintry mix, i will nail that down in 15 minutes. maureen: thank you. the first blast of arctic air in the winter brings troubles for commuters. you should know about that. they range from dead batteries to challenges on the roadway. stephen tschida joins us from northwest d.c. with an effort to keep the drivers safe. >> we are on the top of a mountain of salt. this is the d. d.o.t . salt dome. look at the salt. the trucks will be arriving and loading and racing to get it out on to the roads. keep in mind they have to get it out before the temperature is too low or becomes less effective. it has to settle in on the pavement to keep it from icing over.
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cold bearing down on us. across the metro area the crews are filling up with the deicers to treat roads before it gets too cold. >> you can't put anything down after 25 degrees. >> traffic moved well today. but it could be the calm before the storm. the temperatures are descending and the moisture is on the cold front's tail. deepfreeze heading our way can do serious damage to cars. >> freeze up the engine. >> vehicles subjected to the bitter cold need specific attention. >> first and foremost is a battery. in cold weather that is the number one problem. >> also check the antifreeze on the tires. as the arctic air mass moves in some people are already strategizing on how to stay warm themselves. >> i don't know about the long johns. bundle up well. make sure the heat is turned up properly. >> back live now, it looks
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salt. it almost looks like snow. as we know, real cold weather like we are expecting can have an impact on metro. we check with metro. the representative says it is keeping an eye on the weather conditions. monitoring them closely. if any problems develop, metro has the staff at the ready on the standby to take action. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. the area school systems will be up long before the sun to make sure the school buses run on time. in past years we have seen a lot of problems on if cold days with the dead batteries and the diesel engines refusing to start. it's a pain. it means an early alarm clock tomorrow. >> a selected team of drivers. it comes around 4:00 in the morning to turn on the buses. we don't want kids standing on the corner for 30, 40 minutes to wait for a buses. jonathan: that is never good. 2 school
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system made sure buses were using winterized diesel fuel. watch for the water main breaks. they are in the emergency winter operation mode. that means there is a crew monitoring the pipes 24/7 ready to dispatch the crews in the area at a moments notice in case one of the pipes does break. the weather team has you covered in all severe weather. we will be on the air early with "good morning washington" at 4:24 a.m. maureen: now to the presidential transition. donald trump met with the head of amazon, microsoft, facebook and other tech companies. the executives from twitter were not invaded because they -- invited because they refused to allow the emoji version of the
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in the campaign. and evanka will use the white house office typically used for the first lady. jonathan: inauguration day a little over a month away. planners went through a minute-by-minute, second-by-second rehearsal of the inauguration. it had a giant 60 x 40-fat floor -- foot floor map of the entire city. breaking news from the tech world. where yahoo! users are in a hacking attack. billions could have been compromised. it may have compromisedded names, e-mail, addresses, phone number, birthday and the security questions and the passwords. this is separate from that hack. 500 million accounts hacked.
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users are told quickly change passwords as fast as you can. >> after signaling a rate increase the federal bank is following through to raise the bench mark rate from 0.5%. jonathan: a in arena could come to montgomery county. the mixed use project is considered for the heart of downtown near the transit center. amy aubert caught up with the county executive to see where the plans stand now. >> plans for a 5,000 seat araena rolling through silver spring. >> the need is there. we put out a bid for people to come and engage.
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garages as a potential site. area bustling. >> we have vibrancy to the commercial aspect of it. nay have looked into it for the past year. saying the residents eng press concerns about having to go outside of the county. >> this is in the early stages. they set a deadline for responses april 10. >> a good location. with the actives for everyone and every style and taste. >> the county pointed to the proximity of the transit center and the retail and the dining location. >> urban suburban setting with a variety of uses. >th
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league professional teams. commencements and festivals. in silver spring, amy aubert, abc7 news. >> for what happens to existing parking garages is still up in the air. they are looking for different plans. the cost will depend on the final plan. maureen: just ahead the mother of a fallen police officer fires up the kippen one last time and why she ending a 20-year tradition of feeding them for the holidays. jonathan: the rifle the eiffel tower -- the reason the eiffel tower went dark. we will explain. >> the virginia college that could do what no other college in nation has done. build a shooting range on the campus.
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♪ we won't go away ♪ we are here ♪ we aim to stay >> protesters garthering outside the headquarters of the national rifle association today calling for stricter gun control, something the n.r.a. opposes. this comes on the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. 26 people, including 20 children were killed when someone opened fire in the connecticut elementary school. liberty university in virginia is csi
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the idea would add n.r.a. pistol range, rifle range and competitive range. the campbell county leaders must approve the proposal first. if approvedded it would be the first college campus in country to have a gun range on campus. maureen: thick black smoke filled part of manhattan after a fire at the hospital construction site. it broke out at the medical center and a spokesman says it was in the construction area of a building set to open in 2018. one firefighter had maynor injuries and the cause is under investigation -- minor injuries and the cause sunday investigation. jonathan: still ahead for us at 6:00, why the mother of a fallen police officer is ending her long-standing tradition to serve christmas dinner to d.c. police officers. maureen: a storm watch 7 chief meteorologist doug hill tells us when it will feel like the single digits.
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different risks we are seeing the snowflakes. first, veronica johnson has a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks. tomorrow on "good morning washington" we are live across the d.m.v. with stormwatch7 with the winter blast and the impact on your commute. >> plus a specialist from the international spy museum is here with an inside lodge at russia and the current d.n. -- inside look at russia and the current d.n.c. hacking scandal. >> and weather and
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jonathan:ment to paris shut off the lights to the eiffel tower in a he is of solidarity with the people of aleppo, syria. fighting between rebels and the syrian backed government killed a half million people since 2011. remaining residents will be allowed to leave aleppo tomorrow in a new cease-fire but they have seen those and they don't usually hold. the original cease-fire collapsed less than a day after it began. jonathan: a 20-year tradition to honor the memory of a fallen dunk liver is -- fallen d.c.
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to an end. shirley gibson wrapped up the annual christmas dinner for law enforcement. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was there as she tooked up meals mes in hon -- cooked up meals in honor of her son one final time. >> this family came up from south carolina. >> in memory of her son. >> 's awesome. >> 20 years ago she missed cooking holiday dinner for her son so she cooked and invited the police department over. anybody. eat in. take out. i grew. last month on on tons of cops greeted her at costco when she went to buy food. today they were lined up retired officers, outside the house, inside the house. >> i miss my brian. some days it seems like yesterday when we lost them. some days it seems like 100 years since i hugged h
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february. 1997. the d.c. police cars look different now than they did then. they had a different scholarship. he was stopped at a late when a man walked up to him and started to shoot him for no reason. >> it was terrible. i can't imagine ma the family would do. shirley says this is the last dinner. she will miss them. go did you sea turnout today? it's unbelievable. jonathan: amazing. four months after the explosion in silver spring that destroyed the apartment complex there is a bright spot for families that lost everything. today they were allowed t
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donation shop with no charge. one family called the gift a godsend saying they likely wouldn't have had any gifts for their children otherwise. maureen: santa made an appearance today. he was on a harley motor bike in the annual santa ride. are those elf ever -- elves accompanying him? when he rivered they picked out presents to give to the mother and fathers this christmas. thank you for that. glad today and not tomorrow. doug: yeah. it's all changing. the air temperature between 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. from 4 to 27. then if you factor in the strong gusty
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it will knock the wind chill in the single numbers and the teens. the future cast has the timing pegged down for the front to arrive between 11:00 and midnight tonight. accompanied by the snowshowers that will quickly be whisked east by the stronger winds off the surface. it will blow off the cloudiness away. by 3:00 or 4:00 it's clear skies. same time the temperatures are falling and the winds are increasing. at times the winds will be at the northwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. and gusting between 30 to 40 miles per hour. that is how we get the extra low wind chills around the area. heading through the day tomorrow, the future cast gives an indication of the possible snowfall. that is what this is. simulation of what could happen in a couple of spots. one or .2 of snow east and south of the city. to the eastern shores. the system will come flying through. other than that we think it will have very little impact. at the bus stop the impact is the cold and the wind. single digit wind chill tomorrow morning. air temperatures inside the beltway at 27. the same at the recess time. by m
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the mid-afternoonit's 26. all the while the chills will be extremely low. looking ahead at the future wind chills as we get through midnight across a broader area. 30 in the city. 24 in frederick. 19 in cumberland. 26 at joint base andrews. look at midnight and 8:30 in the morning. the capitol hills to the single -- the chills in the single digits. i it will be 13 at reagan national airport. i won't change much because of the persistent wind and the cold air in place. extremely low wind chill friday morning. friday morning the winds wil diminish and then the wind chill won't be a factor. but it will still be very cold on friday. highs expected only around 27 degrees. friday night, the clouds roll in. another system pushes in. a warm front will make its way to the direction from the southwest. that is going to keep most precipitation friday night to the north. early saturday morning to the overnight hours, there could be a wintery mix. most of anything significant is way north. in the day the temperatures are rising to 50.
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most of the afternoon should be dry. we have another chance of rain on sunday with another system to make it warmer and breezy and give us a good chance of rain. some of that could be quite heavy. 26 and then 27. 50 on saturday. 58 on sunday. we turn colder monday, tuesday, wednesday. heading to christmas eve a warm-up. the temperatures are around 50 degrees. that is the outlook for christmas eve. partly cloudy and 50. the big 5-0. back to you. maureen: thank you. erin: a good number for christmas. jonathan: this is a big question. what do you do with kirk cousins? erin: i think you pay the man. jonathan: you think? erin: i'm not the g.m. kirk cousins has been too good not to pay him. i think. a list of the cousins supporters that grows by the
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erin: we are five days away from a monday night showdown between the redskins and panthers. when they met last november it didn't end well for washington. cam newton threw five touchdowns and the panthers improved to 10-0 on the season with a 44-16 win. kirk cousins and the offense struggled to get points on the board as the panthers defense forced five turnovers. things are different
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and gold. and cousins says he has already picked the former panther's brain for intel. >> it's worth talking through it. it's not like they think it will predict the future. it's worth it. if he is on your team and he is there and available, why not? at least ask. and i'm always looking for any opportunity to gain insight. erin: okay. so there is that. you can watch josh norman face his former team right here on abc7. we will carry the game monday night. our coverage starts at 7:30. one of kirk cousins's biggest fans is joe theismann. cousins is the first redskins q.b. ever to throw for 4,000 yards in multiple seasons. kirk is playing under the franchise tag earning $20 million this year. but joe theismann says it's time to pay the
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he as three games to go and the playoffs hopefully. he has proven his value to the football team. making the big throws on the fourth down. what do i want from a first class top flight quarterback? check every box off. erin: there you go. if the redskins don't pay him, someone will. after a tuss hos on the road to the heat the wizards will bounce back at home against the hornets tonight. jonathan: the joe theismann says that, you have to go with it. they have to pay him. doug: we have a late cold front. wind chills in the single digits and the teens. the air temperature in the 20's. steve has a busy evening tracking the wind chills and the weekend potential mix. he will present it for you at 11:00. maureen: looking forward to that. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us. see y
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tonight, breaking news. the heartwrenching audio just coming in from the courtroom. the bible study and the survivor, calling for help. and the chilling video tonight of the gunman in his backyard. also tonight, two officers shot, moments after they tell the suspect to pull his hand out of his pocket. attacks on american officers on the rise. also breaking, the massive e-mail breach tonight. authorities now saying 1 billion users had their personal information put at risk. names, addresses, e-mails and passwords. president-elect donald trump, huddling with tech titans today. many of whom publicly supported hillary clinton. what he told them today. new and stunning images from syria tonight. families trapped. the efforts to escape. the desperate calls for help. the arctic plunge. 100 million americans,


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