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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2017 7:00am-7:44am EST

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of accidents. now a new major storm set to hit robbery case. taken into custod paris as the reality star breaks her silence about the
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incident for the first time. >> i thought they wouleet again. >> when the powerful use their position to bully this is my golden globe. we are happy for our friend tracee. good morning, america. what an exciting night, the golden globes kicking off award season. i was delighted to see "moonlight" pick up a win but it was "la la land," yes, a record-breaking seven awards. lara was smack dab there for it all. we'll ar
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>> turned out to be a big newsmaking night. it with jon karl. let me start with what streep had to say. >> it stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart. not because it was good, it was -- there's nothing good about it. but it was effective and it did its job. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> and jon karl, the president-elect up early on twitter. >> reporter: he sure is. taking -- going to war with hollywood's most celebrated actress. george, he went on a twitter firestorm here. take a look.
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the most overrated actresses in gro a 16-year-old story that he had written in order to make look bad. actually interviewed with "the new york times" a short interview making pretty much the exact same points that he never mocked a disabled reporter. he says and saying that hillary -- that meryl streep is basically just a hillary flunky. >> calling out saying it's an example of the dishonest media. we'll show one of those times donald trump engaged in this behavior and show you the speech right now. >> now the poor guy.
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don't remember. he's going like i don't appeare. trump from the start denied he was doing that. this all goes bac on september 11th. kovaleski had a story that trump said proved that point. kovaleski his story did no such thing. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. quite a moment. even though she never said his name you knew who she was talking about. we'll have more from the golden globes later. that deadly storm causing major flooding and mudslides. take a live look at this river in reno,
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right now, oh, 13 states from california to michigan areeeing advisories and warnings getting blasted with the rain earlier this morning. look at th moisture deep inhe p parts of northern california. those weather alerts stretch into the rockies and that storm actually making its way to the great lakes but right here in the bay area, in napa in the heart of the flood warning my partner in weather, rob marciano, good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, ginger, the rain finally stopped here but it's hard to describ
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how heavy the rain came down last 24 hours and how the kilf spilling over this dam and blasting down this hill. mudslides making highways like interstate 80 impassable. the storm bringing powerful wind gusts over 60 miles an hour toppling trees, littering highways along the coast. this giant sequoia hollowed out in 1880 historically known as pioneer cabin tree collapsed after weekend storms
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and in emergency. there. oregon state police troopers responding to more than 750 36h. back here in napa, a new park, actually designed to floodway. a $400 million project put in place since the devastating flood in 2005. so far, it is working. they hope that continues as we look for our next storm that arrives here tomorrow. george. >> it is going to have to be strong. thanks very much. more on the trump transition. just 11 days until the inauguration and pace picking up. trump's first cabinet nominees face confirmation hearings starting tomorrow. even though the office of government ethics haven't completed all their reviews and our correspondent mary bruce has all the details from capitol hill. >> reporter: with just 11 days to go, this morning, a dizzying sprint to get trump's cabinet in
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just this week alone, eight of trump's picks are headed for saying democrats need to get over it. >> all of these littleai having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that. >> reporter: but the senate republican leader has promised no confirmation votes until the vetting is complete. in the meantime, the flurry of hearings begins tuesday. first up, senator jeff sessions for attorney general. and general john kelly for secretary of homeland security. and on wednesday, more nominees will take the hot seat including rex tillerson, trump's controversial pick for secretary of state. now,em
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serious concerns about several of the nominees but trums deadly airport shooting in florida. this video obtained by tmz shows
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tmz coming into view from the leh had been taken away last november when he showed up at the fbi office in alaska to claim he was hearingay santiago actually been in contact with isis online and now after
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from an alaska pawnshop, fbi agents are inves buddies
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action but could not get help from the veterans administration the truck crashing into a crowd of young soldiers over here
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moment. a sunny sunday teua u.s./israel and three of the dead were women, 17 injured. moment of rising move the u.s. embassy here
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jerusalem. overturning decades of u.s. policy and some palestinisa se . he tried to get on a spirit airlines flight witho attacked agents. he's now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. a new threat from north korea. kim jong-un's regime is claiming it could conduct its first test of an intercontinental missile any time and anywhere. ash carter says any missile fired toward the u.s. or an ally will be shot down. fiat chrysler will create 2,000 new ons in the u.s. and plans to invest a billion to expand plants in ohio and michigan. insiders say the move is not related to president-elect trump's recent attacks on automakers. on sunday general
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ceo said her company has no plans to change proct responded on twitter calling it a gold medal performance.indid. the ex golden globes. "la la land," the night's biggest winner taking home every
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lara was there for it all. gl >> and the golden globe goes feels like giving up sometimes, but finds it in themselves to get up and keep moving forward, i share this with you. >> reporter: while leading man ryan gosling dedicating his best actor honor to partner eva mendes' late
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>> my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our hea name called out? >> i
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>> reporter: jimmy fallon started off with a" inspired open. ♪beack in the
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the alleged triggerman behind that attempted hit on t they launched a massive manhunt for the mystery man. mexican special forces cornering the suspect sunday taking him into custody. that surveillance video showing the shooter in those, big
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you see him walking from behind that truck, there's something i unaware as he turns to walk out that his assailant is zafar exit waiting for ashcraft's car. when it pulls up he reaches into investigators say p pistol and fires only once then flees. the bullet hitting ashcraft in the shoulder. the shooter seemed to have planned for so much. that disguise, learning ashcraft's exact movements but seems he failed to plan for one thing, the surveillance cameras right at the scene of the crime. according to the mexican attorney general's office. ashcraft is now in stable condition and under protection at a local hospital. >> these typically fall into two categories obviously, that the
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official aspec u.sth. we move on to that news that came out
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arrest in ternight french media early morning raids in
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there's no way out. >> reporter: the robbers and as for what we know they can detain them for 96ou arrested as
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of cheatinutg loss and some say boat trip there is blame. we're
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fitted with these devices that allowed hem to fool emission tests andth leaves it's allegedly polluting into the air and the question was, who knew what? right? because initially the government was given a lot of false explanations, technical explanations for why this might be happening. now, volkswagen is admitting that there were 11 million cars that were fitted with this. now we're seeing, again, not a civil but a criminal
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of this person they believe defrauded the united states. bin
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dollar settlement but criminal charges is what's new. >> makes it totaledly d think t connection. i don't think there's any physical connection. to youet pes if you post a party
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up to a lot and emotional hangover. >> dangerous for a receiver hitting the wall with his fist. of before theout, steve sarkisian in calling plays and
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affect the offense for alabama. nick saban thoughtwo. it says so over your shoulder on the yo take advantage of all the man coverage alabama on defense likes to throw and for the tide, what about true freshman quarterback jalen hurts. 18 years old, the s.e.c. offensive player
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shown poise all season long but tonight playing in the fm clems. they met a year ago and they liked each other so much they trophy presented by dr. pepper. >> will you make your selection? you usually do that? are you going to make a pick? >> you're good at making me pick always in front of the mascots. big al, i love you. i picked you last year. this year i'm going though with the tigers. >> whoa! whoa! >> their defense is going to be a difference. first national championship for them since 1981. please do not sit on me. i'm sorry. >> way to go out on a limb, jesse. looking good. see for yourself the battle for the national title at:00 p.m. on espn. comi jimmy fallon's mariah carey moment at the golden globes. >> welcome to
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pow! it instantly opens your nose up talking this morning. >> hi, amy. the most buzzed about ah, ryan gosling. >> it started out as a winner's walk to the podium but as ryan gosling went up to the stage to accept his award. two of his fellow nominees had an unusual reaction. in the far left corner of the
7:45 am
media went wild. brandon garzs said, i just saw ry the hilton. jimmy fallon showed up with buddy justin timberlake but fallon almost had a mariah carey moment. >> already the teleprompter is down. this is a great way to start the show. >> reporter: but keeping his composure he got the last laugh. >> i just got off the phone with mariah carey. she thinks dick clark productions sabotaged my monologue and it's -- we have to
7:46 am
or a lot of funny moments from ont and in for the kiss and he wasn't going to know.he >> joe biden moment. >> we have's all been there. >> he had his priorities. >> yes, he did. >> she handled it well. overall what was the feeling there behind the scenes, lara, all night? >> everyone said it was a very warm,
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happy vibe last night from start to
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all coming up "gma." this segment brought to you by weight watchers. your local news and weather is@
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news conference is taking praise at 10:00 a.m. abc 7 wi t low to mid 60s on thursday, then another cold weekend headed our way. >> reporter: interstate 66 is problematicve sides, eastbound 66 on your approach to the fairfax county parkway. no issues to report on southbound i270. we're dealing with crash cleanup, a bus fire on west diamond avenue on the approach. also, actualis toll road with a fuel spill, lanes blocked on the
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>> anchor: thank you, you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning t back to good morning america. hope you everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. for less. my giant.
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under winter weather and flood alerts. interstate highways shut down, rirs see carpet to lara backstage with the bigl blockbuster fashion moments. justin and jessica.
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chartreuse and look who is e co championship and the golden globes. >> we got jesse down in tampa. lara isut photo bomb there, >> co-starred in loved what she denzel in her acceptance speech, so lovely. so much camaraderie and they always have a good time at the golden globes and a lot happens before it started. look at how some prepared. here's julia louis-dreyfus.
7:59 am
jessica biel. so libations before noon were t. first news and amy with the rundown. >> the big story wha four eddie. another storm vic was the giant sequoia known as the drive-through tree and toppled this weekend and abc's rob marciano was in napa with all of the latest conditions. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. that tells you something there. even the giant sequoias impacted and tells you how saturated the ground here is northern california. less than a year ago we were in
8:00 am
but the rivers in some cases continue decade. not usually here. a park designed as a floodway, and it's working but many rivers across california and nevada that are still riding as this main rain batch shifts down to the south and have had power outages because of the downed trees and a lot of mudslides across main highways they're dealing with, as well. drive for now, amy, but another storm coming tuesday and wednesday. that's it. >> thanks, we know you'll keep us posted. in the meantime, the suspect in the ft. lauderdale airport shooting that left five people dead is making his first court appearance today. surveillance video obtained by tmz shows esteban santiago opening fire at people run for cover. investigators are now going through his computer after he claimed to have been in contact with isis and an ex-girlfriend says santiago tried to get
8:01 am
after he returned from serving in iraq but the v.a. did nothing. his g evua drove into the crowd. he was shot when he reversed his president-elect trump is firing back at meryl streep after she slammed him at the golden globes awards without mentioning trump by name. streep said it broke her hart when he mocked a disabled reporter, a claim he continues to deny. in a tweet he called her one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and a hillary flunky. as for the award, "la la land" won big with seven awards including best comedy or musical. "moonlight" won best drama.
8:02 am
casey affleck earned best actor and the girltice ruth bader ginsburg. pretty good, right? turns out ginsberg was soaryl m thriving and keep learning and i just love she has a real-life superhero to look up to. >> supreme court justice. >> 83-year-old woman. >> her icon. >> notorious rbg. that's what she's known as. >> you're right. that's what she's known as. t.j. holmes for "pop news." >> look at that. >> wow! >> are you ready? leaning back. >> that's right. i hope they got seat belts on y'all chairs. >> come on. >> strap in.
8:03 am
time for "pop news." we're going to start with lady saying 30 days till super bowl halftime. we can't wait. >> s o put it out there. you just put it out in the universe and it'll come through but i won't see her. but i will be there. [ applause ] >> that was good. >> you had me. i believed it. >> like when you said janet jackson was live and i perked up and she wasn't here. just getting you back, robin. next up, good news for the royal family. queen elizabeth appeared in church with duchess kate
8:04 am
prince william chatting it up with the locals smiling and arrived fornd get a cold, people get nervous. seems to be in good health. happy birthday, kate middleton turns 35 today. 35th birthday. [ applause ] so happy birthday. finally there are a lot of people who would like to mute me when i talk, robot, keep it to yourself. who would like to but this is a legitimate reason for people at home to want to mute me right now. if you have this amazon echo. you know this thing, this alexa. >> right. >> all right, on friday let me tell you "gma" we spoke to a dallas family whose daughter accidentally ordered 100 -- >> accidentally on purpose. >> well, it looks like the device has struck again because
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a california newscast doing the story and the anchor onde house. >> so on the tv screen you say alexa do this. >> things and got complaints from people in -- >> i have an alexa at home. i'm putting parental changes on it. >> the default setting is do
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nice crowd here. now you see we're down to three right here, robin and have some fun. it was a star-studded show.oo. >> reporter: "black-ish's" tracee ellis ross making her fashion statement barefoot. >> i'll bring my golden globe. >> what. >> this is my golden globe. >> reporter: telling us her time on stage was directed to one woman. >> i feel extremely grateful so i can stand on tha
8:12 am
for his role in amazon's "goliath." where will it go? >> right next to the other one. >> i'll buy you shocks. you're looking dapper. nobody else is wearing brown velvet. >> i got to do something completely different. >> reporter: but the winner who really rocked his wardrobe, hugh lawrie of "the night manager." wool, it's plaid and it's really -- >> comes from really interesting designer. i don't know if you heard of
8:13 am
>> thank you. >> so on three, >> just life. getting up each >> reporter: and our trip to the golden globes wouldn't be complete without some of your viewer questions. >> what would you have for your last meal. >> my own home cooked spaghetti. secret ingredient. lots of red wine. >> in the mouth or -- >> as freely as you see fit. >> reporter: cheers to that.
8:14 am
bold choices. [ applause ] in the fashiondepartment. dot you agree. >> that was the w it. >> we were texting last night during the show,wo >> all right, lara, thank you. >> yeah, that's what we were doing. we already said that tease and i want amy to read the next one. she's excited about it. >> oh, really? coming up, "the bachelorett" is heating up. an exclusive look at the big group date. you don't want to miss it. ♪ well? i love it. this piece is so you. i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. state farm knows that every one those moments, there's one of these... well? i love it.
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to partly still cold. breezy.
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winds: s 10-15 mph going home. i'm kidding. >> reporter: tonight's episode his first group date. a photo shoot turned pool party. >> are you nervous for the date. >> no, i think we'll have a lot of fun. clearly i look good. >> reporter: i love the confidence as he's about to see the girls seem to have gone wild. >> i'm definitely the hottest bride. hi. i'm corin. >> already noticed by fans for her aggressive approach she snuck the first kiss of the season isn't taking any chances in her wedding bikini. >> i hope this gets nick's attention. if not i'll be like are you
8:20 am
a spark and had a good enemies in the house. >> multimillion dollar company . >> corin makes another moment with nick. going topless too in the pool. >> i'm here to find true love. if anyone gets in the way there will be a problem. don't meese me up. i'm cute but i can get scary. >> reporter: and she's the drama-free one. abbie
8:21 am
angeles. [ applause ] >> technology signed up twice.
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>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories confirmation hearings begin this week for donald trump's cabinet picks. already, controversy. democrats are skewing republicans of rushing the process. because several trump's cabinet nominees have not completed the standards ethics review process. 2 tomorrow and 5 more on wednesday. we're just 11 days away from president-elect donald trump's inauguration. later this morning the fbi is laying out its plans for the tactile response teams. that news conference is set for 10:00 a.m. abc 7 will after crew there and we'll update you on safety information. frigid air hanging around for your monday. here is veronica
8:24 am
>> reporter: dress properly on this monday. like yesterday, temperatures will be update freezing withty y tomorrow morning to see isolated freezing rain well north and west of dc but better chance of wednesday between 4 and >> reporter: traffic tied up in the tyson's area on the dulles toll road. continuing to block 2 travel lanes approaching virginia 7. fuel spill with accident cleanup there trying to get to that stretch on the capital beltway, a live look at the american legion bridge. we still have inner loop delays off and on from interstate 66. 2 lanes are employered eastbound. we continue to see outer loop delays on the capital beltway north side from
8:25 am
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over for the whole month? [ applause ] some say the whole month. all right. so here are the results. that's it. we need to end it. >> strictly. >> 63% say you should go through the whole week is okay.
8:28 am
>> but only 15% say you should go through >> i don't know. >> wishing them >> prolonging it. >> not an offensi does 2017 hav smell to it. >> yes. >> not to you. >> we might as well go forward. >> wow. >> ginger, do you take your christmas tree down on december 26th? >> i thought. >> very quickly. holiday is over, done. >> done. it's not done until college football national championship is over and that's tonight. jesse palmer down live in raymond james stadium in tampa and how is it going, jesse? >> it's going awesome. hyped for the national championship game and the energy is just electrifying. we'll send that back to you in
8:29 am
times square studio with a little life. three, two, one.>> okay. tom, great job. you so, jesse, take us inside the mind of these players right now. a lot of pressure. >> you know, i think it's really -- yeah, really special day for them, though. i think it's all about reflection and it's all about focus. i think so many of those players are thinking about the journeys, getting to this moment here tonight. all of the hard work, all of the workouts and sacrifices and finally the focus, it is every college players' dream to play in the national championship. they are goi t out on the field tonight. >> you have admirable focus. al
8:30 am
behind you. te supports momentum is such a big deal. i know whe i played at the university of florida i fedyou . it will be electric, it'll be a fun game to watch. >> you have mitch and jame manyson ritter. >> they're from ohio. i like football. you've seen 56 college football games this year so i know you guys really like it. why did you guys died to do that. >> we've always taken road trips as brothers every year and with the college football playoff growing larger and larger thought why not make this our biggest road trip ever and involve our favorite sport, college football. >> you've seen 22 of the top
8:31 am
teams play in person this year. :00 eastern on espn. and coming up from viola davis
8:34 am
tiger blood. >> okay. >> adonis dna. >> hey, this is the last thing i expect. >> charlie sheen, wednesday. >> this is happening, right? >> "gma." >> that just happened, okay. [ applause ] back here on "good morning america," talking to my friends. we all got up early. what time? >> 4:00. >> 4:00. that was
8:35 am
goldfish. weaver launching the nationwide search for the nex cross the country to create stop motion animation videos starring goldfish contest. let's dig in. you want me toeantime, let'setk - have the umbrella wednesday - cooler & unsettled next weekend. rain/wintry mix possible today: mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. remaining cold. highs: 27-31 winds: w to sw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. continued cold. lows: 16-23 winds: s 5-10 mph tuesday: cloud
8:37 am
and say it's going to work but always and both gave sofia vergara the same name.ks . she wears it so well and, of course, zuhair murad and lily collins. >> i didn't love it. i thought it was theatrical. a lot did. tell us why. >> i loved the
8:38 am
clearly there's this princess erbe and i guess being r
8:39 am
had a ring on every single finger. and just down. i wouldt say it's a dress for everyone but she what we'll see at the oscars. >> i don't know. couture shows are coming up soon. a lot more bright colors and all ready to be much more joy and happiness in our lives. >> good stuff, joe zee, thank you. really fun show. glad we were there together. >> so nice to see you. >> amy, you out there. >> having so much fun listening because you named my two favorites, kristen bell who looked stunning and viola davis, i love that yellow. how about you, t.j.? >> zuhair murad, my favorite designer of all time. did i say that right?
8:40 am
coming up next on "gma" we are >
8:42 am
we are back now with clinton kelly from "the chew." he'll do a little cooking and a new book out tomorrow called "i hate everyone except you." so, clinton, start out by explaining that title. >> well, it's sort of goes to my life. i've been on tv for like 15 year, right? for the longest time i was playing it safe because i think i thought i wanted everybody to like me all the time then i woke up, why do i care if anybody likes me because i don't care if anybody likes me so i wanted to tell someone the stories in my life that might be -- >> pretty candid. >> i'm really candid and tell it like it is. 100% me, i wrote it myself and crazy things that happened to me and wonderfully romantic things
8:43 am
>> including something creepy about me on pageng you almost w lottery or almost touched the back of gtsac yes? [ cheers and applause ] mac and cheese can be caloric. there's a great way to add extra flavor and nutrition and cut down on the calories using butternut squash and make it in 25 minutes have this done so on top of the stove you do cubed butternut squash. chicken stock in there, some
8:44 am
of garlic to that.hat with some parmesan cheese, somees sauce ts like this. >> like a little pepper. >> there's a little spice. really not too much spice. >> there is a little kick of pepper. >> red pepper neighbors and mix that with in cavatapi and toss it up with italian bread crumbs and parsley and salt and pepper and i think that's what you're responding to. >> so good. >> that flavor, a little pepper goes a long way. >> you don't have to bake it again. >> if you wanted to you could pu i
8:45 am
don't have to. >> really good. >> thank you. then the crunch isulywiwhat? >> well, the serving you have i lightened mac and cheese
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tiger blood. adonis dna. does that guy still exist? did yo
8:49 am
what was i thinking? >> oh, yeah. >> hey. this is the last thing i expected. >> charlie sheen, wednesday. >> this is >> good morning, america. >> everyone wants to say. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> now, can't forget shaq. >> i'm not as beautiful♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. here to help life go right. >> we want to give another big thank you to clinton kelly. you can see him on "the chew" at 1:00 p.m. on abc. we have a special announcement. go on to our facebook page at 12:30 p.m. eastern with a lunch break wit
8:50 am
capon sharing some mexican . you'll be watching the college football national championship at 8:00 eastern on
8:51 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories frigid temperatures are delaying and crossing schools in
8:52 am
stafford county schools are on a two hour delay. in the di extra services available to help on wle living on the streets. northwest just 2 blocks from a u street metro station. the victim was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no word on that person's condition or a possible suspect. bundle up if you're headed outside. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: dress properly on this monday. like yesterday, temperatures will be update freezing with windchill values in the single digits, teens during the afternoon. a little bit of sunshine. clouds roll in late. there is a possibility for early tomorrow morning to see isolated freezing rain well north and west of dc but better chance of wednesday between 4 and 8:00 a.m. take a look at mid week, highs into the low to mid 60s on thursday, then another cold weekend headed our way.
8:53 am
>> reporter: we continue to see off le. merging to the beltway from 95 toward no majorssthe approaching the legion bridge. interstate 66, earlier accident activity continues to slow the eastbound lanes. melanie. >> anchor: you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. stay warm and have a great day!


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