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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  January 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i get into all of this stuff. i would like to come back and actually see it whenever the barricades are down. >> what resonates with you about donald trump. >> i don't think you want that on camera. >> i am all for helping out our union brothers and sisters and he has put a lot of work there. bradley got a lot of jobs coming . >> interestingly enough, you were saying that -- i
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with president-elect donald trump on multiple things. not any people have this opportunity. people around the world will neville see a peaceful transfer of power. so much has been made about the divisiveness of the election. here we have a couple of guys who don't ci to eye on politics but they are waiting to mark this occasion and get this experience. what is going to happen here in just about an hour and a half, these gates are going to go through bags. people have umbrellas packed in. let me wrap by saying that i parked on the other side of the city and i walked all the way around the capital to get over here. from there to here, this is a fortified city. on every single
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at one point, i was told i could walk up a street. he made me stop, he searched my bag. that is the kind of experience we are having. reporting live in south west washington, suzanne kennedy, good morning washington. it is dry so far. this is probably good news for later on today. we do have wet weather.
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it is pretty clear. upper 40s later today, those rain showers, here is what you can expect for your inauguration a few are heading downtown, make sure you are dressed warm and dry. so many of. a little bit foggy, your storm watch severin weather app, it continues now.
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the roads are affected by the inauguration. metro is open and will remain open. closed at mount vernon square, smithsonian, the archives and the pentagon. those stations are closed for the inauguration festivities. we are also hearing that the yellow line will only run between huntington and gallery place. you want to stick with a green belt bound train peered that is on the yellow line. only between huntington and gallery place. memorial bridge is closed only two pedestrian traffic. you've got to turn toward the rock creek parkway. peered that is scheduled to close off at 6:00 a.m.
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roads and the rail. >> a busy inauguration day i had for donald trump even before his swearing-in ceremony. the president-elect will attend a prayer breakfast at trump international hotel. at 830, a special service at st. from there, obama will welcome the trumps to a reception at the white house and the four of them will make their way together to capitol hill where the inauguration ceremony will begin . >> some are excited. others are taking to the streets to protest his presidency. >> 1 chapter of history closes today as a new one open for the donald trump era. >> a lot of people did not give us much of a chance.
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peered last night, he thanked those who fueled his outsider campaign. >> you are going to be cheering me on but i will be cheering you on. all over the world they are talking about what we have done. >> this is a bittersweet moment for us. words cannot describe the honor and the gratitude we feel. we are a divided nation. amid the celebration, protest. from washington, i need to be here and fight against that rhetoric and that mindset. >> i am not depressed, i am not sad and i am angry and there are other people who feel the same way.
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>> this is celebrating our values as americans. as conservatives and liberal american say separate prayers for the future of the united states. >> president obama and president-elect trump will ride together to the capital in a show of solidarity that honors american democracy. >> larry: cell phone providers are expecting a massive surge of activity on this inauguration day. this will be the first that can be live streamed on social media verizon says it has been preparing for years. installing new cell sites on the national mall. sprint, at&t and t-mobile have all enhanced their networks as well.
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>> this particular inauguration, we are expecting the works. we think there is good to be a lot of tweeting, facebook live, a lot of other things. that customers are going to want to show. this particular one is the biggest we have ever done. it is amazing that during his first inauguration, only about 10 percent of the us population had smart phones. it's impressive to see how far we have come. a few are going to today's augee your photos and videos with us. snap a picture or do a video and upload them at and we will show them peered the weather's going to impact today's inauguration events. several major road closures. we will break down the forecast hour by hour, give you an in-depth look at traffic so you can plan. it
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you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care >> julie: expect some shower starting at about
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10:00 a.m. let's start off with what kind of umbrella. you are not going to need the large golf size. you can't take that. we are only expecting about a tenth of an inch of rain. peered look on the sky cast, you can see. lunchtime today, temperatures topping out today at 48 to 50 degrees.
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peered noon to about 3:00. for the women's march tomorrow, much improved weather. 55, yes it is going to be cloudy but at least it is going to be dry. in a couple of minutes we are back. how this weekend will stack up against next weekend. we are talking about the inauguration festivities but we can't forget have a water main break that folks are dealing with. university westbound heading towards georgia avenue. back out to the inauguration events taking place until -- coming across the potomac, limited options on the access to constitution avenue. memorial bridge is only open until prevent -- pedestrian traffic. peered as far as the metro goes, it is open untilid
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the smithsonian archives, but also. breanne carter is live in vienna >> we arrived at the vienna metro station and small numbers of folks are showing up. just a heads up. we are getting some of the metrorail stations either and entrance or exit only. from union station, the first station, it also affects metro center
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make sure you know which one of those entrances you are able to use. they are making some of those entrance only. they are asking folks to steer clear of the doors. this could impact the escalators . crowd control, if you're going to use the metro it is open and running this moaning but certainly a lot to keep an eye on as you hit the rails.
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>> i am mark hyman. what is ahead for donald trump in the next three months? here is what is happening behind the headlines. it has become a cliché that a new administration has 100 days to roll out bold initiatives. this is the time when the, will the new president succeed? the press is been in total meltdown mode. barack obama had a honeymoon
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that lasted his entire presidency. obama care is already on the table peered this should rejuvenate small businesses. it is also welcome relief to the millions of americans who lost private coverage. 7 and a half million were shuffled into medicaid. peered start with the justice department, it abandoned its role as chief law enforcement agency. it includes the epa, irs and energy. it is time to drain the swamp. to comment, go to
4:50 am >> autria: we are now counting down the hours until president-elect donald trump is sworn in. the presidential inauguration means hundreds of thousands of potential. many don't care about their patrons politics. >> lincoln restaurant has the gettysburg address on the wall.
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no politics, they are tipping their hat to the inauguration by tapping a colonial ale. with spruce tips instead of hops . a lot of people aren't very happy. the lincoln restaurant has posted president barack obama and the late justice antonin scalia. >> just enjoy yourself. that's what we want everyone to do. >> reporting in northwest washington,. he was admitted saturday for acute
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she is being treated for bronchitis and she feels a thousand percent better. we always have an earlier wake-up call. peered worst traffic on the way, veronica johnson has the latest in our forecasts be one eileen taking over, it is the two of us today peered we have got you covered. we have been talking about the rain chances specifically between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. especially sunday into monday. we could be dealing with some flooding. let's focus on the rain today. you can see a few of those light spotty showers ahead of the main system
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it is all moving in our direction. you will be leaving with dry weather. it is going to be a little cooler today. still above our average. there will likely be showers for the swearing in ceremony for the parade as well. later this evening, for all of those inaugural balls, cloudy conditions but it will be foggy and misty. heading to next weekend, much cooler and more seasonable.
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. scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. in the pentagon,. for inaugural festivities, the following festivities. eleventh and g,. north part of the beltway.
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