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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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search for the gunman by air and on the ground continues. this is playing out in oxon hill. just as a group of children were getting ready for school. jonathan: abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell is in oxon hill now. police believe this was not a random shooting. brad: absolutely not. this was a targeted domestic attack. and it happened right back here as you said, a group of children huddled against the cold, waiting for the school bus when a man opens fire. it happened right here where this afternoon this bus dropped children off from school. the same children who witnessed the terrible scene this morning at 7:00 a.m. that is when 15 students heading to forest heights elementary school watched in horror as a man appeared yelling at the mother of three of the shooting, fighting. >> i heard the gunshots coming out the house. brad: this woman said he
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the man fired two shots dropping the woman to the ground right in front of the school children. >> the man had jumped out of the bushes on the lady. i guess trying to grab one of the kids. then they got to scuffling and fighting. that is when the shots went off. brad: so back life you can see police maintaining a presence in the community this afternoon. they are not revealing the man they are looking for. not the victim either. they won't tul us her condition -- tell us her condition but say she is being treated at a hospital. we are still working this story. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you what the children did after the shooting happened. and how they managed to get through their day. in oxon hill, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: breaking moments ago police get a big break in a shooting investigation. we showed you this
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someone opening fire, piercing a police cruiser and barely missing the officer inside. abc7's bureau chief jeff goldberg is in fairfax with the update to the case. jeff? jeff: this case came together quickly. it appears that the suspect in this case was not at all hiding. as police telling us a few minutes ago that he was arrested last night in herndon for publicly showing a gun. this is all the while they were looking for the shooter in great falls 24 hours prior to looking for this man in herndon. this was the same man of herndon. this all happened in great falls just before midnight on sunday night when police say the man ran a red light, took off as an officer tried to make a traffic shot and then allegedly fired multiple shots at the officer's building hitting two separate areas but not stri
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landaverde got away and the police got a 911 call about a man in herndon waving autobahn around. another he was arrested and they connected the dots this was the same suspect in the great falls shooting. two juveniles were in the car and they jued out. they are in police custody and are being intersected by detectives. landaverde is being charged with attempted capital murder and they are still looking to see if any other suspects could be involved. a lot of communication coming together to make it happen not just between police departments be with help from the public. we'll explain that that to you and coming up at 5:00. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. also developing now, police swarm nats park after shots rang out.
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trail just past the park after being hit a number of times. it happened outside of a liquor store. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was at the park. this is as a job park was opening up so there were a lot of people there. sam: indeed. a lot of people were standing here who went home disappointed. on the one hand they had to run for their lives and they didn't get to continue with the job fair. more than a hundred people were outside the nats store for job fair next season. but then at 10:00, a man pulled a gun on another man and started shooting. eight shots the witnesses said. >> we heard gunshots and we seen a group of people running that way. it got crazy. >> somebody running from that direction down the street. he came and landed here and that was it. >> fe he down here? >> he fell down here. sam: the victim was conscious and
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taken to the hospital. >> i don't have any information that makes me believe it's related to the job fair. sam: probably not related but it disrupted the job fair. those holding it told them to come back next tuesday. some got their number for interviews and were begging the interviewers to sign them so they could produce a place in line. >> four hours standing inside. >> start walking that way. there is nothing we can do here now. sam: police ordered the job seekers to disburse to conduct the investigation. busy south capital street was closed down for two hours because of the shooting. police are looking for a black male, 5'3" tall wearing a tan buffy coat and a gray knit hat. reporting live, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have new developments tonight as we learn the name of a woman found murdered in a hill crest heights condo last week. family members identified the
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hughes-coats. her family contacted the police after seeing a sketch of her on the news. they have not made arrests. surprise move of the case against a man who allegedly shot up the comet ping pong pizza. they have offered him a plea deal. police say in december, edgar welch drove from north carolina to the restaurant to investigate a fake news story and opened fire. jonathan: day five of the first 100 for president trump. the president announcing he will have a nominee for the supreme court as early as next week. paul ryan invited mr. trump to address the joint session of congress on february 28. that speech is essentially a state of the union but it won't be getting the official title. as for the official business today, the president using the executive powers again. he signed actions approving the
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access pipeline. both stalled in the obama administration. the e.p.a. has been halted from awarding new contracts and grants. you can call it detroit's day in d.c. key leaders from the auto industry were visiting the white house. the hope? come up with a way to bring jobs back here to the states. so coming up for us at 4:45. as d.c. prepares for the auto show the mark that the trump administration is already making on the industry. michelle: yesterday, the president signed an executive order freezing federal hiring. now we are learning more about the mechanics of it and how it will affect the operations a and why some say it is necessary. richard reeve is here to explain. rich? richard: michelle, these are day of uncertainty for the federal workers. we are in l'enfant plaza where thousands of the worker goes to work every day. virtually every agency we are told could be affected by the hiring freeze
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active duty military and public safety positions. but from there, well, it gets fuzzy. we know under the executive order there won't be layoffs, no job offers will be rescinded. if you have been officially hired but are waiting for security clearance your job is safe. but there are other areas that are part of the freeze. civilian positions at the pentagon. veteran affairs, n.i.h. the memorandum also says agency head can petition the office of personnel management for new petitions. critics say the freeze will slow down processing and social security and the veteran claims. federal workers say they are caught in the middle. >> it stops us from hiring good people as well as anybody else. it's hard to get new talent when there is a freeze around people look elsewhere. the hardest part of change is when leaders don't tell us what the ultimate goal is. you can't support them. it makes people
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richard: back live you can see the 412,000 federal employees making their way home after work. republican lawmakers some conservative think tanks, say look. this is a good time for review. let's see if there is duplication out there and take a more in-depth look at that at 5:00. also we will hear from the federal workers how they feel about being in the middle of all of this. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we should tell you abc7 news and david muir have been granted the first interview with president trump since he took office. you can see it here on abc7 tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. coming up next at 4:00 -- talk about tough. michelle: erin andrews opens up about her battle with cancer and explained why she never missed covering an nfl game. jonathan: also this. the nominees for lead actor are -- >> casey affleck got the nod but "la la land" leads the
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the record it tied coming up. doug: our word from the stormwatch7 weatherster clearing skies and chilly temperatures. we still have promise for early spring tomorrow. details abo
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the nominations for the 89th academy awards are out. michelle: a whopping 14 nominations. alison: only two other films ever got that many. >> it's a record for a musical. passing even the legendary mary poppins. kidd o'shea with nominations and the other oscar nods. kidd: oscar nominations came out today. as expected "la la land" leads the pack. with 14 nominations. they tie the most ever with "titanic" and "all about eve" and break the records by a musical which was "mary poppins." i spoke with emma stone before award season. let's fast forward to award season and you are on stage accepting millions of awards. it will be like one after another. you won't know what to
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who do you think, the process in all of this? >> we will see. if that happens i will let you know. >> it is going to happen. i won't see another movie if it doesn't. >> ever again? >> no. >> that is an intense boycott. i'm so glad you like the movie. >> i can't wait for people to see it. >> i can't wait for people to see it either. kidd: getting all the nominations. the other films "arrival" "hacksaw ridge" "hidden figures" "moonlight," "fences," and "hell or high water" and "manchester by the sea." i will be live from the red carpet to bring you the action. there is a full list of nominations at >> for a full list of the oscar nominations the website is a terrific resource.
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new, a starting admission. erin andrews revealed she was diagnosed with cancer last year. lindsey mastis is here. she worked the entire time. lindsey: she did and now she is cancer free. she revealed the cancer story to the "monday morning quarterback." we learned she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. she did not need chemo or radiation. she was adamant she would be reporting on games and host "dancing with the stars." she missed two tapings but that was it. she went against the doctor recommendation to take it either and she told the colleagues what she was going through but her fans are just now learning she is a strong cancer survivor. i reached out to her father via e-mail as well. we used to work together in florida. he tells me the entire family is in awe of her strength. alison: glad she is
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jonathan: ikea have a recall. a popular beach chair because it can collapse. that is never good. the chair is called the messingo beach chair. you just have to bring it back to ikea be january 31. you don't need a receipt. alison: sales of existing homes surged last year to the highest level since precrisis days of 2006. that is good news. the bad, it means that the housing market has a supply shortage. fewer homes on market means higher prices and the number of listing in december was the lowest since 1999. let's get to traffic now. abc7 on traffic watch with jamie sullivan. hi, jamie. jamie: what we are seeing out there now is a lot of traffic starting to get heavy. but the one differenter is there is no rain. yesterday afternoon was rough and even
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but what you have now 95 is looking great through dale city. no problems whatsoever. all of the lanes are open. you can get through. let's talk about what we are seeing as far as the heavy traffic in d.c. kenilworth avenue heading outbound getting to eastern avenue is not too bad. but we are bumper to bumper heading southbound right now from the 11th street bridge. southbound d.c. 295. closer to the beltway. i will take you over an hour. almost an hour and a half. bumper-to-bumper traffic there. this is heading inbound and it's good but outbound you can see the slowing as you continue to the capital beltway. that is where you get a break. then you are slowing slowing fre vienna metro to centreville. 270 so far so good, northbound through gaithersburg up to germantown. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you. jonathan: turn the attention to the weather. we can't really tell what is going on. it's getting colder.
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rolled in. doug: that is why i am here. jonathan: it is winter. doug: it's been cloudy all day long. we knew it would stay that way. we get through the last hour or so, the skies will brighten and see the sunshine before the sun goes down. we are still on track for a beautiful day tomorrow. let me get started. the cloud cover, broken deck. looking live at national harbor. we have areas that are farther west to break out in sunshine before long. so if you don't see the sun before it goes down around 5:16, don't feel cheated out. the skies will clear and there will be sunshine tomorrow. 48 at reagan national -- winds have dried off the wet walks and the back deck and stuff. that is good. temperatures will go down. i don't think to freezing in the metro area. crisp night as we get closer to average thi
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wind gusts at 29 miles per hour at reagan. 33 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. this is a storm system. the winds lay down tonight. 10 to 15. gusts to 20 through the overnight hours. the temperatures drop to 40 at 9:00. the circulation is off the coast. the skies will clear and just a little slickening of the winds. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. the winds will go west/south worseerly. we head to the upper 50's. late tomorrow a cold front comes through. then we are back to sunshine through thursday afternoon. it will turn colder as we head to friday and in the upcoming weekend. the ten-day forecast, 58 tomorrow. 55 on thursday with an early morning shower. breezy conditions. turning colder on friday. the highs, the
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are only 45. the temperatures hold in the 40's. it looks like a dry stretch. system temperatures all the way through next friday. john? jonathan: thank you, doug. check this out. on left side, that is not the death star. it is a moon. on the right, that is the death star. nasa put out the picture on the saturn moon. it looks just like the death star. the giant circle is a crater. this is taken by the nasaca -- nasa casini spacecraft. thank you for the "star wars" music. if it had a "star wars" dish. alison: lanise did
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announcement came as a surprise to the honoree. abc7 puts the "spotlight on education." suzanne: she had no idea it was going to happen but this morning frederick douglass high school principal anita berger named the district's principal of the year. she was awarded the honor in front of students and staff after the school day got started. >> the principal of the year. [applause] >> the incoming chancellor antwan wilson made the pronouncement. berger started in 1992 as a physical education teacher and worked her way up to principal and scheduled with strong gains in standard idahoed test score, 100% -- standardized test scores and 100% graduation rate. she said how honors she was by given this award. >> this is why i do it. i don't want recognition for doing what i do. my recognition is when they come back after they graduate and say you know what? thank
4:25 pm
>> she knows all of our names and she tries to raise our grades. >> she twice hosted president obama at the school. she will be recognized at the ceremony at the kennedy center in march. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: she is so deserving. alison: fantastic. you love to know the student say she knows everybody's name. that takes a lot of work. just that. jonathan: congratulations to her. what was your name again? michelle: next for us at abc7 news at 4:30, it's not just the holidays. porch pirates can strike anytime. perfect example right here. a closer look at the heist and how much he got away with next. jonathan: still ahead the auto is coming to d.c. as the key industry leaders are meeting at the white house with the president. >> the
4:26 pm
fascination with the car industry. >> we look at the mark made by the new administration. >> you are what? >> i'm inside of a car. alison: new at 5:00, how the 911 dispatcher was able to help the woman even why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: "7 on your side" fighting back against crime and the porch pirates are back. someone stealing packages from an apartment lobby in d.c. q mccray is in the satellite center with the search for this man caughtson camera. q: we told our friends at home to be mindful about the porch pirates leading up to christmas so your gifts aren't stolen. this guy we are profiling could care less about what time of year it is. it takes the crook five seconds to get in building. he breaks the lock with a crowbar. immediately he makes sure the coast is clear and gets straight to work. there are ten packages we can see. he doesn't take them all. he carefully hand picks the ones he thinks are valuable. picking up one shipment and putting back on the bench. once his hands are full he finds a bag and heads out.
4:30 pm
cleans up a bit, putting an envelope on a box. he is gone in 40 seconds. this happened january 6, 5:00 a.m. the footage is clear but we never get a look at the crook's face. we hope you recognize the way he moves or maybe his outfit. anything to help him make an arrest. the metropolitan police department is offering $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. from the satellite center, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. this isn't the only porch pirate around time. we are showing you all the guys caught on camera. more than a few. go to and click on "porch pirates" under the "7 on your side" tab and maybe you can help the police catch the guys and get reward money. let's talk about weather. chilly but nice. doug: seasonal but it's mild. tomorrow is the warmest day in ten days. we are getting the patches of blue.
4:31 pm
that is a good sign that the skies will clear and be ready for a nicer day but the longer term will return to us typical late january and early february weather pattern. for this evening is fine. the skies will continue to clear. we see numbers drop through the 40's through midnight and the upper 30s. still breezy at times tonight. wind chills will be a factor. the wakeup temperatures in the western zone above freezing in most parts. mid-30's there. you get closer to the city it's more in upper 30's to the 40 degrees. 41 the computer says for downtown washington. 39 in potomac. 39 in annapolis. 37 in fairfax. so we are watching the big storm go away off the coast. that will eventually cause the winds to diminish. tomorrow will bring us warmer air and a lot of sunshine. 58 tomorrow. then early thursday morning a cold front will come through, chance of a few showers and it w
4:32 pm
breezy. 55 on thursday and then on friday, it's beautiful around here. more system, a crisp feel in the air. 45 degrees. we head through the weekend, everything we are seeing calls for sunshine, the temperatures are 40 to 44. again typical for late january across the viewing area. michelle? michelle: the phone at district sandwich shop will not stop ringing. because people they they are calling the white house. stephen tschida with the one digit causing all the confusion. stephen: 7-1/2, 8 blocks separate the delhi on m. street from the white house. but just one numeral separates the phone number from the white house. they pack people in for the lunch hour and through the afternoon for the sub sandwiches and the lunch items that it serves but in the past 24 hours they are getting
4:33 pm
phone calls. people calling in from across the country to complain about the new administration and donald trump. somebody tweeted the phone number for bub and pops if you wanted to call the white house to vent your anger at the 45th president. >> so i just answered a phone call and got cursed out by somebody in louisiana. they seem generally upset by everything going on in the country. i tried to explain she didn't call the white house. she called a busy sandwich shop. stephen: they won't go in great details because often the phone calls are quite brief. but essentially, you want people who are taking the calls, the callers are very angry, very expressive, do a lot of shouting and cursing. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: very frustrating. thank you. proposal for a
4:34 pm
around the white house has been approved. the new fence will be 11'11" tall, more than four and a half feet higher than the current one. the new fence will include detection technology to fight climbers and intruders. officials say the goal is to enhance security without taking away from the historical significance of the white house grounds. >> instead of making it military reservation fortress, hopefully they can keep it within good standards. michelle: the secret service hopes to break ground on the fence with the national park service next year. jonathan: a virginia mother and her two young children are missing and they believe that the family is in danger. elizabeth hur has the urgent plea to find them. elizabeth: the last time family and friends saw or heard from monica lamping and her two children was on friday. they know monica went out on a blind date w
4:35 pm
chad and they don't hear from her again. but on sunday the family learned monica's house is on fire. and no one was home. >> nobody ever thinks they are going to be sitting in this spot. nobody ever wants to be. but just want the baby sounds. >> monica's mother and her ex-husband are desperate for answers and turning to social media and the police for help. >> ly do everything i can to make sure they are safe. >> he is in the navy but he got special permission to leave the florida post early after he got a message there the 7-year-old son's school on monday he was a no show. >> you wonder if your child is truly in a bad place right now. >> we have to find the answers to what happened. >> they believe that it's suspicious. the investigators are now racing against time. >> you just don't k
4:36 pm
predicament they might be. they can't care for themselves. so each hour unfold, law enforcement are more and more desperate to locate them. >> the police are asking the public for help to identify and locating the man they only know at chad. at this time they have no information to prove a crime occurred and the work is continuing. in new york. i'm elizabeth hur, abc7 news. michelle: virginia governor terry mcauliffe is promising to veto legislation to punt the new revisions on the industry -- city broadband network to make sure the underserved communities are the focus of the expansion network not those with access the high speed private service. jonathan: how about this? the days of the one-size-fits-all wheelchair is numbered. they are pioneering the use of the 3d technology to make the customized wheelchairs like the one on the right. by a owe metric scans and 3d printing allow him to
4:37 pm
wheelchairs specific to a person's body shape, weight and disability. he says the goal is to remove the stigma associated with wheelchairs. jonathan: one of our goals here at "7 on your side" is to help you solve any consumer disputes that you might have that you can't solve yourself. now an exciting new way for us to get more results for you. we are confining our resources with ad vo cassy group call for action which has had decades of success to get resolution for the consumer complaints. just go online to or give us a call. 301-652-help. ahead at 4:00, some complain about the weather. others take advantage of it and go for a ride. we will take you there next. michelle: also next at 4:00, a big catch with the gift receipts. the simple ask to make sure you get cash
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jonathan: check this video out from southern california. michelle: it is incredible here. two people were stranded in a truck after getting stuck in high water. eventually an emergency helicopter saw the couple and dropped in to hoist them up from the situation. thankfully everyone is doing okay. jonathan: they are lucky. that is a re
4:41 pm
michelle: absolutely. some are making the most of a bad situation with the flooding. look at this guy. jonathan: this is southern county. dude! professional jet ski stunt man i'm not going to sit inside. i'm riding around in the street. that is what he did. he did this after the intense rain in orange county. the only problem is right there. you get a shallow spot. you damage your ski. michelle: he is in o.c. maybe he has another one. jonathan: he has many of them. dude. michelle: the one he is in the crazy about. jonathan: there you go. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- so cold a waterfall begins to freeze in south korea. the bone chilling sub zero temperatures that created this incredible sight ahead. >> is et finish for auto show are underway and industry leaders are talking about trump's ideas peri
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver internet speeds differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half the headroom, half a hallway, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads.
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but they think it's a little odd to pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. jonathan: protests in gaza over donald trump. this is against trump's supposed plan to
4:45 pm
u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. yesterday the white house said a decision has not been made of yet. the protest comes on the same day that israel announced plans to expand settlements in the west bank, a move the previous administration did not approve of. at home, it appears that the f.b.i. director james comey will stay on the job at president trump's request. his term runs through 2023. he received a source of controversy in the campaign for the public role in the e-mail investigation, reopening it. but now they are looking if he broke the policy reopening the investigation. michelle: president donald trump met with the big three american auto makers and asked them to build more cars in the u.s. a few blocks from the meeting, the washington auto show is getting set up for the pu
4:46 pm
cheryl conner spoke to the industry leaders about the president's plans for the inquiry. cheryl: kumar shows off the automated parts he created for the cadillac at carnegie mellon university. >> think of it as a super duper, cruisal cro button -- cruise control button. cheryl: he says that general motors will feature the invention in some of the vehicles this year. that is good gnaws for trump who met with the big three american auto makers this morning and asked them to make more cars in the u.s. the meeting was blocks away from where the washington auto show is getting set up to the public on friday. >> it's understandable that a president concerned about employment in the united states would look at the car business.
4:47 pm
made in america is your car? frank studies components of every car on the road and he is concerned about the president's plan. >> the consumer will pay more for the car because of the tariffs imposed on the vehicle coming from outside the u.s. >> it is understandable to look at it on a macro basis and say there are opportunities here to increase employment. >> a new president is driving the conversation at the washington auto show this year. >> in northwest west, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: tragedy strikes again in italy. a helicopter carrying an injured skiers off the slope crashed killing all six people on board. poor visibility in area slowed the rescue and the recovery efforts and took place in the same mountain range as last week's avalanche that killed 15 people in a hotel buried. michelle: a big scare as minnesota governor mark da
4:48 pm
address last night. he collapses. look at the video. you can see the reaction in the chamber. lawmakers scrambled to help him. 45 minutes in the speech, dayton collapses there. it was just announced today that he has prostate cancer. dayton will discuss treatment options with his doctors next week. jonathan: wow! they caught him quick. we wish him well. the japanese military launched the military communication satellite to orbit and the point is to upgrade the network as china is increasing the presence of the waters between the countries. it could track north korea's missile threats. this is just the fist of three satellites that will replace older ones that are orbiting. check this out. discovery from china. look closely and use your imagination. this
4:49 pm
cute otters. they don't believe it was cute or cuddly. the 6 million an sessor probably looked more like a wolf with a strong jaw, huge teeth. this was twice the size of an otter. it was six feet big. the otter family goes back 18 million years. the otter is cute. this one not so much. michelle: no. don't want to cozy up with that one. stormwatch7 is tracking nor'easter as it moves through new england. the system is the same one that spawned deadly tornadoes in the southeast over the weekend. people along the jersey shore woke up to flooding. in pennsylvania, high winds uprooted trees and smashed them into homes. >> three houses in a row. one came down at 50:00 a.m. we heard it and woke us up. another came down at 9:00 a.m. i thought that isn't it. and then another came down.
4:50 pm
inches inland. so on the coast, they are okay. jonathan: you want to know where it's cold? south korea. that was a waterfall. some 06 the water still coming off. the rest is frozen. so cold it is transforming to an icy cliff. the temperatures there are 4 below zero. if you are hunting ice in our area, you have to go to the freezer. michelle: yeah. jonathan: watch the caps play. michelle: it is getting chillier. the winds pickk up. icicles are nice to look at. jonathan: pretty. ja but here nace for january -- but here it's nice for january. doug: tomorrow is the nicest day. it's close to 60 tomorrow. what is happening here is it's comfortable. the average high is 43. almost all the values are above average. tomorrow is way above average. over the next few day
4:51 pm
then we have sunshine throughout the day. it's 5 5 tomorrow. thursday there is a possibility of a scatter shower or two. it's mild in the afternoon. breezy. friday is quite breezy. seasonably cold. 45 degrees. 43 on saturday. sunday is only near 40. that is cold but it's not bitterly cold by a long shot. this saturday north of the by a bridge on the shore of the park is the polar bear plunge. once in my life i have done this. i will never forget it. god bless you for going. it's for a great cause. the closest to see the temperature at the thomas point light is 40 degrees. that is cold. wind chills, too. bunding up and have a good time. the temperatures will slowly climb. there will be sunshine. stand in the sun and it will make it feel warm. no, it won't. the next t
4:52 pm
up to 58 tomorrow. 55 on thursday. 45 on friday. the weekend is seasonably cold. that is the story for most of next week. a fair amount of sunshine. seasonably cold temperatures. the coldest day of the next ten is monday at 39. the warmest is tomorrow and 58 degrees. jamie sullivan? jamie: this afternoon we have seen the slow spots. we are not seeing what we saw yesterday with how wet it was for the morning, the midday and the afternoon commute. this is what we are used to. no crashes, just congestion. on the inner loop and the outer loop. the stretch is averaging 17 minutes. big picture look through prince george's county we look good. no issues on 50. so far, so good on the baltimore washington parkway. d.c. has a lot of slowing. an earlier crash just before you got to the beltway. 24 minutes is the average. near the 11th street bridge.
4:53 pm
you can get a good idea. passing by nutley street. that is the solum we had. sun glare, too. but nothing as far the crashes you have to worry about. we look good on metro. jonathan: coming up, if you are thinking of returning a gift you got recently the five big stores that won't offer a cash refund and how you make the most of the unwanted gifts. michelle: here is autria godfrey with a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thank you, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington," skin scare, and detergent. how to detox your home. >> seech your child how to save and spend money. >> stay with us for weather and traffic every ten mi
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michelle: are you still returning holiday gifts this month? we have a caution before using the gift receipt that came with it. consumer reporter john matarese shows the catch that could be costly. john: this is the busiest month of the year for store returns. but we have an important reletter. many come with a secret m
4:57 pm
barbara thornton like many parents bought christmas gifts for the kids that weren't quite right. >> my daughter wanted to return a gift i got for her, she didn't neat it. john: but all she had was a gift receipt. >> i was a little less careful with my original receipt and it got lost in the wrapping. john: her daughter tries to get a $40 refund. >> they didn't give her, her money back. >> she didn't realize it was good for merchandise credit only. >> we checked with bed, bath and beyond. it says on the website a gift receipt will only give you store credit. >> return policy of the major retailers and found it's widespread. sears, best buy, gamestop, burlington coat factory and bed, bath and beyond will
4:58 pm
for return with a gift receipt. barbara has message for other shoppers. >> be more careful with the original receipt. >> plus, that way you know what the selling price was. with a gift receipt you may not be sure for the original price paid or a lower sales price. if you are returning something given to you by the mom or daughter, ask for the original receipt. so you know what they paid for and you will get the exact money back. you don't waste your money. alison: scare at the bus stop. a woman is shot in front of children. now the search is on for the shooter. plus the 911 operator one move to help find the woman trapped in a trunk. and a d.c. deli's phone is ringing off the hook. but they're not calling for pastrami. they're calling for the president. announcer: now "abc7 news at
4:59 pm
larry: the search is on for a man that shot a woman at a bus stop from front of kids. that is where brad bell is live with the latest in the investigation. brad: another outburst of domestic violence. a man allegedly attacking a woman. all day long people are coming by saying it makes no sense. a terrible crime of domestic violence committed in front of a dozen school children. this woman's child among them. >> thigh were scored and crying. >> 15 students waiting for bus saw a man appear. argue with the mother of three of those kids, pull a gun and open fire. the victim falling to the ground. >> one other little boy wa
5:00 pm
>> the children scattered running for safety and help. most making it to school despite what they had seen. >> they were shaken up, which is understandable. they are all doing well. the counselors have been with them all day to talk about the fears or concerns they have. >> the police know who the shooter is and are actively looking for him. they are not releasing his or the victim's name or the condition yet. we are told she is being treated at a hospital. after school the parents hurry to get the kids home. >> this traumatized the kids. it's a nice neighborhood. the kids have to deal with that and sad they are dealing with it. running everywhere. >> joining you back lie, you can see the prince george's county police are maintaining a presence in the community.


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