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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  January 25, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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developing now-- president trump hasn't been in office for a week, but he is hitting the ground running. this morning he is scheduled to sign executive orders overhauling immigration-- and directing federal money to build a wall on the u-s/mexico border. this coming just hours after he restarted construction on two controversial oil pipelines. abc's stephanie ramos has more.
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developing right now in fairfax county-
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hit and run driver-- that left a pedestrian seriously injured. it happened along greenberry lane in annandale. police say a car struck a
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kept driving. the pedestrian remains in critical condition. we are following this story.. and will bring you any updates as they come in. developing now. federal investigators are reportedly working on a plea deal with the man who opened fire inside a district pizza shop. federal prosecutors say they have offered a plea deal to edgar welch. welch is charged with firing inside comet ping pong- after reading false news reports that it was a front for child sex trafficking. no one was hurt. the terms of the deal have not been released - and no word on whether welch is taking it. in maryland- a manhunt is underway this morning for the person who shot a woman a school bus stop - right in front of young children. it happened tuesday morning in oxon hill. the victim is still being treated at the hospital -but no word on her condition. police released this picture of the suspect. his name is roland simms. police are searching for him right now. he's considered armed and dangerous. investigators believe the shooting was tied to a domestic situation. frederick county public schools is updating its social media guidelines-- after a
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fired for correcting a student on twitter. earlier this month-- web coordinator katie nash was fired for correcting a student who mispelled the word "tomorrow". the system's guidelines now include a note that social media messages shouldn't be "mocking, disrespectful, rude, mean or dismissive." that phrase wasn't in an earlier copy of the guidelines given to nash. coming up. an expensive fire on the new jersey turnpike. how a tractor trail carrying several cars ended up in flames! plus, the man who stole explicit photos from dozens of celebrities.. learns his fate. but critics say he got off way too light! the details.. coming up.
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feeling mild near 60 - super nice for late january - cold front moves through early thursday - temps fall off & winds pick up again - back to winter this weekend today: mostly sunny and mild highs: 55-60 winds: west/southwest 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy to partly sunny, breezy highs: 52-57, feeling chilly with wind winds: west 10-20mph, gusts 30-35
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coming up. an amazing rescue--
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an amazing rescue-- right in the nick of time. now the man pulled out of a flaming car-- is now facing criminal charges. we'll tell you why.. coming up.
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congo police use violence to shut-down peaceful protesters. ethiopia's ruling party won all 547 parliamentary seats in the last election. opposition was denied. dissidents and political opposition are jailed in bangladesh and china. in burundi, they kill the opposition. cuba has slaughtered thousands of men, women and children trying to flee the socialist island. isis, government forces and tribal militias have created a cocktail of despair in iraq. women are denied the same rights as men in qatar. and in saudi arabia. migrant workers in the united arab emirates are often denied basic labor rights. rwanda has been the site of human rights violations for decades. ghana permits forced child labor. police are implicated in kenyan kidnappings. ethnic minorities often face violence in kyrgyzstan. government death squads kill indiscriminately
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philippines. and independent news outlets shut-down under venezuelan dictator hugo chavez remain shuttered four years after his death. all 16 are members of the newest united nation's human rights council. think about that. to comment, go to behind the headlines dot net. i'm mark hyman. two ohio police officers are being praised as heroes.. after rescuing a man from a burning car. sunday night's incident was captured on one of the officer's body cameras. police believe the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he drove into a ditch. the car burst into flames. officers arrived on the scene and pulled him out, just in time. after the officers
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got the driver away from the car.. a the car exploded again. the driver has been charged with driving under the influence. although he insists he was not under the influence-- the driver says he's grateful to the officers who saved his life. police are trying to find out what caused another vehicle fire.. this one on the new jersey turnpike. a tractor-trailer hauling several cars was on the shoulder in robbinsville last night.. when the vehicle burst into flames. just one person injured - a firefighter suffered a minor shoulder injury.. the tractor trailer was carrying 10 vehicles, and at least half of them were damaged in the fire. happening now.. parts of a major highway in california looks like a lake, after three consecutive storms. a section of the highway in novato has been closed since sunday morning, because of flooding. several cars are submerged and the road is expected to stay closed until the weekend. crews are pumping the water out, but it's quickly spilling back in from a flooded creek.
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the so-called celeb-gate photo leak-- is heading to prison. prosecutors allege, edward majerczyk used a phishing scheme to gain access to steal explicit photos from dozens of celebrities, including jennifer lawrence and gabrielle union. those pictures ended up online. as part of a plea deal, will spend nine months in jail. he's also ordered to pay more than 5-thousand dollars to one of those celebrities to cover counseling costs. the widow of a marine killed in action is the recipient of a generous gift. erin vassselian's husband was killed in afghanistan three years ago. since then, she and her family have set up a memorial fund that helps military families. but she was also in need. an organization called "massachusetts fallen heroes" stepped forward recently, and gave her a suv. the group worked with metlife insurance to donate the suv, which
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recovered. workers at an auto shop volunteered to make the vehicle look brand new. erin says she's extremely grateful. right now.. a search is underway for a red panda who disappeared from her habitat at the virginia zoo in norfolk. the panda named sunny was last seen monday afternoon. crews are using a geothermal camera to search for her. sunny arrived at the virginia zoo last may from the smithsonian's conservation biology institute in front royal. she's 19-months-old. by the way, another red panda named rusty was reported missing from the national zoo back in 20-13. that panda turned up hours later in adams morgan. 01/virginia-zoo-red-panda- missing-habitat/ at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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feeling mild near 60 - super nice for late january - cold front moves through early thursday - temps fall off & winds pick up again - back to winter this weekend today: mostly sunny and mild highs: 55-60 winds: west/southwest 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy to partly sunny, breezy highs: 52-57, feeling chilly with wind winds: west 10-20mph, gusts 30-35
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coming up-- since his time in then white house is over-- a game company is offering president obama a new job. but it's definately not politically correct. we'll expain.. coming up.
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scam! hackers got into their system- and next thing they knew- there were charges for random calls to places like serbia and algeria. tim barber has the story you'll see only on 7. a judge has now delayed the retrial
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carolina police officer michael slager. slager's charged with the 20-15 shooting death of walter scott during a traffic stop. his first trial last year ended in a hung jury. slager's defense team requested the delay due to concerns over the
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witness. the retrial is now planned for august. this morning we are learning more about the sudden death of lee o'denat -- the founder of the popular website-- worldstar hip-hop. the l-a times is reporting that o'denat was inside a san diego business when he became unresponsive. according to the coroner's office-- the cause of death is heart disease. o'denat started his website in 2005, sharing hip-hop music, interviews, and sports highlights. it's now one of the most popular websites on the internet. look's like barack obama may not be out of a job for long. a craigslist chicago ad, by the party game "cards against humanity" - is reaching out to the former commander and chief. the company says it wants a c-e-o with experience passing healthcare reform and hunting terrorist masterminds. you also need 8-years prior experience as president. obama hasn't responded but may want to consider it. the ad says he can set his own salary and get health, dental, and vision insurance. of course while it's still available.
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at the top of the hour on good morning washington. john gonzalez.. what are you working on?
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trump taking action on a well-known campaign promise. how he plans to build that wall. plus - protecting the president. the service agent who says she would not take
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and a mid-week warm-up. the sunny skies and spring-like temperatures in store for us today. good morning washington. toss to vj - mid-october style air. feeling mild near 60 - super nice for late january - cold front moves through early thursday - temps fall off & winds pick up again - back to winter this weekend today: mostly sunny and mild highs: 55-60 winds: west/southwest 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy to partly sunny, breezy highs: 52-57, feeling chilly with wind winds: west 10-20mph, gusts 30-35


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